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Posted 20 Jan 2016 19:41

Spore - Pours


Topic Last 2 Letters
Posted 20 Jan 2016 19:39



Hi Brianhello2

Topic Music Chain. Connected music that has a link... however tenuous!
Posted 20 Jan 2016 11:18

Year of the Cat - Al Stewart


Topic End of the Line
Posted 20 Jan 2016 11:12


Topic Last 2 Letters
Posted 20 Jan 2016 11:09



Topic Match the Name Game
Posted 20 Jan 2016 11:06

Thomas More
Thomas รก Becket

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Posted 20 Jan 2016 11:03

Sobre - Brews

Topic Actors and their movies
Posted 20 Jan 2016 11:00

Ice Station Zebra

Patrick McGoohan

Hi Ginger. hello2

Topic Change One Letter
Posted 20 Jan 2016 10:56

Derby - Bread

Topic The Last Post
Posted 19 Jan 2016 18:02


Topic Things that aren't any more and should be
Posted 19 Jan 2016 17:52

When I was ten and lived deep in the city. There was a coffee shop right across from my parents apartment. It was an old run down place but they had the most sweetest and fine sweets you can ever imagine. It was a bit unpopular but the place had regulars alot. Sadly over the years they shut down becuase barely anyone came to the shop. They closed when I was sixteen I believe. Oh how I wish for that place to still be there. Such a great place it was.

This reminds me of the Bakery where my Aunt used to buy her bread when she lived in London and we were children. She would say:
"Would you get me a loaf please?" and I'd trot over the busy (by late 1960's standards) road and wait patiently in line until being served with a wonderful crusty white loaf which the baker would wrap in a sheet of tissue paper. Sometimes the bread would still be warm from the oven.
Now we buy our bread from the supermarket, pre-wrapped and sliced and tasting... well, not like those wonderful crusty, fresh loaves did...

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Posted 19 Jan 2016 17:44

Raids - Dares

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Posted 19 Jan 2016 10:48

Plant - Plank

(You know who I mean!)

And it isn't a Tornado, it's a Phantom! angel7

Topic Places Around the World
Posted 19 Jan 2016 10:47

Otterington, North Yorkshire.

Topic Alphabet Movies - A to Z
Posted 19 Jan 2016 10:44

Blues brothers


Hi Brian hello2
Hi Ginger hello2
Hi Norm hello2

hello1 hello1 hello1

Topic Unfortunately/Fortunately
Posted 19 Jan 2016 10:37

Fortunately, neither can I.


Topic End of the Line
Posted 19 Jan 2016 10:35

Anna Second? That can never be
Anna gets no medals, Don't you see?
Gold, Silver or bronze to me are never passed
For everyone knows that Anna's always last!


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Topic The Last Post
Posted 18 Jan 2016 19:31

Do you have a sore throat, Gillian.
You better go and lie down as you seem...
A Little Horse! icon_smile


Topic The Last Post
Posted 18 Jan 2016 12:41

Hello, Friend! hello2
Oh no, wait, I mean...
Goodbye, Friend! kickbutt

Topic End of the Line
Posted 18 Jan 2016 12:36

Wait, What is this? Someone Snooping here.
Be off with you and leave this place, a place that you should fear!
For only one can hold this spot, a spot that we hold dear,
And only I can hold it, you others must wait near!


Topic Black and White Photos
Posted 18 Jan 2016 12:30


Topic Unfortunately/Fortunately
Posted 18 Jan 2016 12:28

Unfortunately, Brian didn't understand this but he will learn.

Hi Brian hello2

Topic Alphabet Movies - A to Z
Posted 18 Jan 2016 12:23



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Posted 18 Jan 2016 12:21

Plain - Plane


Topic Alphabet Movies - A to Z
Posted 17 Jan 2016 18:20

Race with the Devil (1975)


Topic Unfortunately/Fortunately
Posted 17 Jan 2016 18:13

Fortunately, that doesn't matter as we like her anyway.

Hi AriesDragon. hello2


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Posted 17 Jan 2016 18:10

Score - Scare


Topic Name a movie that you have watched at least 5 times and are still entertained by.
Posted 17 Jan 2016 10:52

A Fistful of Dollars
For a Few Dollars More
The good, the Bad and the Ugly
but especially

Once upon a time in the West.


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Posted 17 Jan 2016 10:41

Ah, excuse me, but did I not make a post BEFORE Anna's?

Maybe I imagined it... You did. Don't be sad, it happens to everyone...

Raged - Drags

It's rude and ill-mannered, whoever it is doing it...

Drags - Sugar

And maybe sometimes posts don't immediately appear whilst one is writing? No need to get upset.

Argue (not me

A fifteen minute delay???

I don't think so...

As I said, rude and ill-mannered... but, you know what? As it's becoming the norm around here you guys get on with it. I've had enough.

I am not going to continue this. All I will say is that I was called to the phone as I wrote the post and when I returned I hit 'post' Sadly, in that time you also had posted. It was not ill mannered and the only person being offensive here and totally unnecessarily, I might add, is you.
Why are you so angry?

Talon - Baton