A Christmas Day

Her eyes opened to a new day. Anita rolled over in her twin bed and shut the loud, buzzing from her alarm clock off; knocking on the floor her notebook and pen. She reached down and picked it up, reading the words she had wrote the night before: Alone, there is nothing I can do. Is this normal, it is all too formal. Alone, for way too long. The past hurts too much, love is lost. ...Read On



A Gift

Misty was a writer; and she wrote horror. She was an expert on the subject, even though Misty never wrote a ghost story, surprisingly. One day she decided to write one, but could not think of anything to write about. Misty decided to write about one of the ghosts that she personally had seen. She was going to write about Suntree Apartments, but Misty needed a little background on the area....Read On


The Ancient One

The creature had lived in Maple Rapids all his life, even though he did not know where he came from, did not know how he came to be. He lived in the roots of a large tree. The tree sat next to the Maple River, the roots were partly underwater. What no one knew, there was a small cave under the tree in which he resided. Nobody knew he existed, nobody even gave him a second thought; the tricks...Read On


The Cabin

Devils Island is off thecoast of Michigan, on Lake Superior. There were cabins scattered around the island. Most of the island was unpopulated, except for the park ranger’s office and twenty cabins. Today was Kaitlin’s thirteenth birthday; and as a treat, her parents took her to Devils Island. Since Kaitlin was now a teenager, her parents let her stay in a cabin by herself. The cabin was...Read On


The House of Death

This urban legend had come true!

“This is it, Aaron,” Joel said as he pulled into the graveled driveway. Aaron noticed that the overgrown weeds that filled the yard had begun to fill the driveway too. The house was two stories high. The paint was chipped and it looked like at one time it was white. “I think I saw this house in a Stephen King movie,” Joel said. Aaron looked at his friend and smiled. “Let's go...Read On


The Virginia Witch

A psychic must use her abilities to help capture a serial killer.

Being a writer has its perks, like helping the police to solve a murder. It is not a good thing when you are a writer with an ability to talk to ghosts. From what Jenna heard, from a spirit no less, that it was her destiny to help the Tazewell County Sheriff with their case. It was an unusually hot day in October, even for Virginia standards. Jenna sat on the porch swing, enjoying her...Read On



A New Dawn

All has been foretold those days of long ago, A new power will come forth to spread the flames and decay  unto the earth. The time of innocence is lost, now darkness engulfs us The time of his reign has come now we all will perish. The fiends of hell will sacrifice all for the new master to be set free. Many lives will have to end so the new illumination can begin. All may...Read On



The Preacher Man

The heat of the fire burned and sweat began to drip down Jenna’s face as she stared in horror at the chaos that surrounded her. People ran around Jenna; men, women and children screamed and cried. They were dressed in animal skins and feathers. Their long black hair blew out behind them as they ran around for their lives. Jenna watched as pale men took tomahawks and plunged it deep into...Read On

Young Adult(1)


The Old Plantation

Two teenagers try to find lost treasure using an old treasure map

The big house on the hill sat empty, it had been that way since the civil war. We live in Virginia; my stepfather’s family owns many acres of land. Our little house sits in the holler, and I mean tiny compared to the mansion that sits in view of our front porch; we own both houses. I asked Troy, my stepfather, why we live in this small house when we could live in the huge one overlooking...Read On