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Happy Birthday from the team at Stories Space.
01 Feb 2011 16:02
Wishing you a very happy birthday, Ashleigh. Hope your day is a wonderful one!
01 Feb 2011 13:20
Happy birthday Ashleigh...I hope you get loads of free lovely martinis and have a fab day!
01 Feb 2011 07:09
Congrats on the Editor Pick just have awards all over the place...we have to have a drink to celebrate...heck, let's just drink anyway...
14 Jan 2011 16:18
I enjoyed reading the entire thing. I was captivated and drawn into it. My only complaint, the next part isn't posted yet! haha Anyways, reading it helped my day go by. I'm gonna post some of my other stuff that no one has read before pretty soon I'm hoping.
22 Dec 2010 20:12
You're doing great.

04 Nov 2010 15:16

just what the doctor ordered
23 Oct 2010 19:28
Lucky day I got 2 for 1. Thx.
20 Oct 2010 18:02
chapter 3! got my morning ready all set now! <--- for your story AND you!
19 Oct 2010 22:11
Btw, thanks for the add...brought you a present...hope it's dirty enough...
18 Oct 2010 11:25
hey! you stole the idea from me that i stole from Xuani! theif! Giggles omg, American Lullaby... just perfect - hurry up and post more, wouldja?
17 Oct 2010 22:33
No worries! I enjoyed your first chapter. It's off to a great start.
17 Oct 2010 18:18
hugs thanx! and yeah, Kitty is, sadly, water-phobic - that said, she DOES look amazing in a bikini!
17 Oct 2010 17:20
Just so you know, Kitty's hate the water. we don't swim. instead, we lounge on the beach watching the pretty girls in bikinis as they frolic in the water.
17 Oct 2010 12:38
Thanks for the add
16 Oct 2010 15:26
what about a late night glass of wine whilst star gazing, the sound of unseen waves like a sirens call, a walk along the beach? really, until now, i wasn't sold on the beach house thing, but now, i'm kind of looking forward to it.
16 Oct 2010 09:51
hey, come on over to my beach house anytime you feel like it. i'll make sure to have all the fixings for dry martinis at hand.
16 Oct 2010 09:30
15 Oct 2010 08:18
Thanks for the add. I look forward to seeing your work.
13 Oct 2010 18:22