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This list shows all members that have published stories, with a username beginning with the letter B.

Author Joined Categories # Stories Avg Score # Views

08 Jan 2012 Horror
1 3.50 1369

22 Nov 2012 Flash Fiction
1 4.00 800

04 Feb 2013 Thriller
1 0.00 1355

08 Mar 2016 Childrens
28 3.75 13711

Bio: I am a 67-year-old Vietnam combat veteran with PTSD. I have been divorced twice. I live alone with my cat, Morticia. Surprising to me, I find I enjoy writing romance short stories and poetry. I have s...
22 Jun 2012 Memoirs
5 4.61 4787

Bio: I'm just a young, desperate–to–be–interesting person. I'm convinced everyone hates me, but hopefully some of you will like my writing. It's not great but hey, cut me some slack. I'm only seventeen, an...
28 Oct 2017 Young Adult
2 5.00 908

Bio: I am a young man from South Africa, in the field of construction. I started writing my first novel in Matric (12th grade) which I have yet to publish. I attended Wits University.
26 Jul 2016 Science Fiction
12 3.71 5936

Bio: I am me. Nuff said. I'd also like to thank my arms for always being by my side, my legs for always suppourting me, my fingers for letting me count on them, and my hips for never lying.

Also ...
12 May 2015 Supernatural
1 4.50 625

Bio:  It has been a long while since I have been on here, and much has changed in my life. I now create artistic graphics for a graphics memorial group and many of my designs feature my writing. This is a ...
10 May 2014 Flash Fiction
82 4.94 46752

Bio: I write poetry but I'm not as good as I'd like to be. :)
10 Aug 2010 Poetry
2 4.32 2369

Bio: Writing... writing. I want to write and write well. I hope through experience, heart and some divine inspiration I can live up to my own expectations. I love to write about characters. Everything I w...
18 Feb 2012 Drama
2 4.67 1809

Bio: I hate this part. sigh I'm in college, studying zoology. Animal psychology/behavior, specifically. I'm here to read stories and maybe write some of my own. I'm kind of a nerd. ...Okay, I'm a to...
28 Aug 2013 Poetry
3 4.52 2742

28 Feb 2015 Science Fiction
Young Adult
2 5.00 1847

Bio: Hi I am BestAbsolutePerfect and I am here to blow and confuse your minds with my stories....If thats what you wanna call them....Yes sir I'm one of a kind....also look out for the kpop refrences....
12 Feb 2013 Flash Fiction
Micro Fiction
Science Fiction
Young Adult
14 4.57 13388

Bio: I enjoy writing, but have only ever written for myself before. I'm still learning, so be gentle!
25 Aug 2016 Musings
1 5.00 383

07 Jan 2015 Flash Fiction
1 5.00 916

Bio: Miserable old tyrant in the middle of the road. Hates winter. Loves carrots. Writing is my day job yet I still manage to keep the lights on. I haven't written just for giggles in a very long time but...
25 Jan 2012 Poetry
1 5.00 1063

Bio: I don't think there's anything special about me. I'm mostly happy but sometimes sad, which feels weird some days and normal on other days. Who doesn't have days like that? I'm not much of a writer ...
06 Jan 2014 Micro Fiction
9 4.93 8664

04 Apr 2015 Supernatural
1 5.00 622

25 Sep 2014 Poetry
21 4.40 13988
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