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Bio: I wanted to write some short stories, mostly about a group of characters in the Forgotten Realms setting. Hope you guys enjoy them, feedback is always great. I like to hear about what you did or didn'...
12 Jun 2015 Fantasy
2 5.00 928

03 Apr 2011 Flash Fiction
16 4.92 15121

Bio: I came here via the "other" site first. On there I enjoy reading the stories but my main reason for logging on is to chat to the friends I have made there. I'm not a prolific writer by any means but r...
26 Dec 2016 Musings
4 5.00 1816

Bio: Bruce Spohn was born March 5th 1947 in Lancaster, California near Los Angeles. His parents moved north to the Bay Area and he attended K-12 in a number of schools in different cities around the Bay. T...
26 Nov 2012 Drama
10 3.17 10464

Bio: I'm 6'2". I'm widowed and have a small dog who looks after me. I work and am contemplating a change. I think I'm just a vert as I'm neither an extra or intra.
21 Jun 2011 Drama
5 4.88 7747

Bio: I am a well rounded person who loves to learn and also has a weirdly shallow side (I watch Bravo). I am about to be published in "Chicken Soup for the Cat's Soul"....actually, a story I sent in a who...
14 Jun 2011 Drama
Flash Fiction
Young Adult
7 4.70 6969

01 Sep 2014 Flash Fiction
1 5.00 1007
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