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Bio: Hi, I’m ABG. I’m a writer, poet, mother, friend, daughter, sister, enemy, teacher, student, fighter, defender, and lover of everything that is beautiful and feeds the senses. If you can relate to any ...
17 Feb 2014 Drama
28 4.98 31767

Bio: Here to check out stories. maybe write a few.
01 Jan 2017 Poetry
1 5.00 325

Bio: I am a retired teacher. I am married with a darling husband, no children but we do hava a dumb dog. LOL Dumb as a rock but oh she is a sweetheart.
13 Dec 2013 Memoirs
1 5.00 1080

Bio: See for yourself!
07 Dec 2014 General
Micro Fiction
8 4.87 6450
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