Into The Garbled

A short story.

I could smell the peculiar saltiness of the sea and the waves were audible to me. My eyes fluttered open to the bright blue sky and I had to shut them back quickly due to the scorching sunlight. After a few seconds, I managed to open them again and sat up. While I was feeling the sand beneath me, my eyes adjusted to the surroundings. I was on a seashore, which was unfamiliar to me. Clear...Read On

Micro Fiction(1)

Just For Your Smile

Distance makes the heart grow fonder

She woke up ecstatic to complete the scrapbook she was making for Angel, her boyfriend. She had painted the pages, pasted pictures, the only thing left was to fill in words. Her mind was blank as she sat looking at the scrapbook. She missed him. He was away, in Spain. It had been too long. She knew time would stretch longer. She let her emotions flow and wrote with all her heart....Read On



Heart-Mind Perils

Mind-Heart-Heart-Mind- MInd- Urghh.

Understanding the human mind isn't difficult as compared to understanding the human heart. The heart is crazier than the mind. Mind is black and white, but the heart is gray. You apply your mind to definite things, to decision making, where logic is necessary, but I fail to apply my mind in the matters of relationships. For instance, you're ready to help your friend at any cost, even when...Read On




Comfortable. At peace, Contemplating. Not a conversation- -but things privy shared already, And yet, Like strangers we...Read On


Can I Be Myself Please?

Unconditional love or nothing

Is it the same old me? I fear not. Change is good, but for what? Confusion, indecision cloud my thoughts, I just wonder.. Can good be a loss? Pretentious I was before, Given up that side. I know this is better, but- -others now sigh The ones supposed closest- complain day and night; With their cemented expectations, unable to accept me in new light. ...Read On


On a Winter Eve

Darkness. Embedded in the shadow. Shadow. Comes with the light. Its cold outside Even though the sun shines. Its colder inside I'm suffocating with my plight. No one knows How much they can endure, Until you go Through and through the blows. Ups and downs Things keep going around; Moving on That's the real job. Just a ray Gives hope like May, Just a thought Makes me head strong. One smile...Read On


That Night

There is only one existence

The night that I was by the sea, I heard the sea speak to me. The night that I sat by the waves Watching the moon rise red, The night that the waters were splashing Making me listen to them, The night that sea tried to wake me Washing away my impurity, The night that I witnessed so red Calling me to rise after sunset The night that had the half moon Rising from the sea deep...Read On


The Indian Cry

Set me free!

I wake up every morning- incomplete look around, searching- my only need then sudden realization reminds me the social limitations decreed The years I’ve lived- matter the sex I belong to- considered the lineage, the ancestry- liable the character of she- questioned You are not yet of age- confirmed loving a...Read On