Once there was a little girl. This particular little girl was always curious. She was brimming with questions that spilled over in a constant babble of queries.  But with each answer she was provided, her curiosity grew. When she was small, her mother seemed to have all the answers. And as endless as the little girl's curiosity was so too was her mother's patience. Whenever she asked her...Read On


The Great Big Flower

The flower who grows a family

Once upon a time, there was a great big flower, she had survived terrible droughts and floods. But now, wanted to plant her own seeds in the planting season. She planted her first seed. She kept it close so she could shade it and shelter it as it grew. The seed grew to be a beautiful flower. She was dainty and very close with the great big flower. The dainty flower became a great...Read On



Seal of Time

I sit alone on the hilltop in the lush green grass. I always come here when I need to think. Looking out, I see the vast valley dotted with homes nestled in among fields of corn and wheat. The golden crops sway in the wind. Not far from my perch, the trail snakes up from a near dirt road below. The quiet lulls me into a calm state. I feel the sun warm my face, and the wind tousles my honey...Read On



I Am Sorry

I lift the pen, it feels leaden in my hand. I curl my fingers around the grip, my words feel heavy and hard to grasp. I heave a sigh and smooth back my raven black hair. How can I write what needs to be said? How can I show how much I care? How can I apologize for the past? What can I say to wash out the pain? What can I do to earn trust again? I open the drawer, and the scent of paper wafts...Read On


The Darkness

Time passes like it always does. But, this time here is different. This time I am alone. Alone, I have never been this alone before. It is not that sense of loneliness one gets when surrounded by people but no one who knows you. This is the loneliness that aches to one's inner soul. The kind one feels when their heart has been ripped away by a sudden loss. The loss an orphan, a widow, or...Read On


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A Friend

I try so hard I give it my best I try to please you I give you all you request But you are so loud  And so very self focused You are easily offended You think I talk to much You feel I don't act right You hold it over me Day and night My every action is observed I try to be perfect But you always seem perturbed I want you to love me Or like me at least But...Read On


All Yours

Be happy You command I try to smile I play pretend Be normal You order  I try to do it But it's not easy You want pretty I don make up You want funny I learn jokes You want support I lend an ear You want time I give all of mine You want aid I rush to your side But you want  And you want But I am just me I am not perfect  As you want me You accuse  ...Read On



So many words are within me Yet the silence is strangling I hold my tongue, keeping my peace Watching lies spread like a disease...Read On


Entirely Forgot

Ashes fall upon glazed eyes, long stilled Concealing blood and bones, a carnage landfill Right and wrong, causes and convictions all dead and gone Warriors from opposing sides, together rot, entirely forgot The past is covered, a carpet thick in grey Entombing all morals as it may Time births a fresh foundation, An unsuspecting generation Truth and...Read On



I’m falling down I know I’m gonna drown I’m fighting hard But the truth is I am scarred I have tried to run But this can not be won I know I will fail But I will not bail  I will fight till the end Even as I descend  Though I grow bleary There is comfort in expiry This shall be my final feat Holding on till my defeat...Read On


Flower in a Field

One seed blooming bright Two petals opening wide Three raindrops watering down Four sun rays shining warmly Five roots growing deep Six feet running by Seven giggles floating near Eight steps closing in Nine breaths sniffing close Ten fingers breaking stems Zero seconds wilting dead...Read On


I Know

Battling the inner demons

I know how dark the night can get I know how tight my skin can fit I know how deep the cut can go I know how much the hate can grow I know how heavy my chest can seem I know how loudly I can scream I know how thick my blood can drip I know how quick the coin can flip I know it waits 'til I'm alone I know it waits to cast a stone I know it wants to come back in ...Read On



Freedom? Unguarded dumb Fair? Intent stare Trust? Sinful lust Innocent? Clothes rent Prayer? Only failure Justice? Closed fist Truth? Broken tooth Equality? Harsh reality Savior? Constant danger Hope? Noose rope Friend? Lonely end Closure? Lying Poser Wisdom? New victim...Read On



The tears are drowning me, uncried While silent screams are suffocating me inside I am dying. Missing you, the message is underlying. My chest is heavy, who knew how much empty space could weigh my body is losing its pulse with its heart so far away.... My vision is growing slowly black I say I love you, but it just echoes back I am beginning to go numb Dark and hollow,...Read On


Love at First Sight

I stopped on the walk  Frozen right where I stood Before me I saw a beauty A one of kind treasure The one and only you Your ever changing eyes  Sparkle green, grey, and blue Your dazzling smile  With slightly pointed teeth Is framed by soft plump lips Of the gentlest pink Your dark brown red curls Fall round your pale face You are a true beauty Full of intrigue...Read On


Mushy Children

Fire sparks a candle bright Small it shines against the night Cheerfully dancing in sweet innocence Leaving it completely exposed and defenseless Soon wind and rain pressure it to fade Causing it to flicker, cold and afraid Ashes drop from the shortening wick Hot wax pools and falls thick Darkness surrounds the little white light Ready to swallow it into the night...Read On


Never The Same

Through silence, we drift apart Nothing to grow the connection of our hearts Though we were once intimate I fear the gap between us can never be met I hesitate to cut all ties, to finally say goodbye Though I search the depths of my soul The answers I seek I still don't know My thoughts drift back to long ago To times, I cherish within my soul But that was yesterday, the past A...Read On


Now We Walk

We all are just trying.

The path was clear The way well lit No surprises no unexpected twists The choices were clean Simply black and white I dutifully followed Stepped well within the lines Then came turns bends and bumps The choices got harder The way seemed lost I found myself muddling through I could not see the light I did not know what was right Every choice affects the next...Read On


One Dark Night

Small against the black night Eyes wide reflecting the moonlight Their copper color wet with fear Contorting in the shape of a tear Danger silences the thick dark wood Menace and ill will is understood Fear pinched on a face soft and round She runs her fingers through curls red brown This little sprite with tail plump and white Takes off in a sprint afraid to fight As she tears off...Read On



Poem, poetry, pastor, preacher, Reverend, church, faith, sin, religion, reality

What lies within the darkest depths Is brought to life in his steps The filth looked down on with disgust Is wallowed in from dawn to dusk The righteousness of spoken words Cannot outshine the dark that stirs Though mouths are full of prayers and praise The heart and soul are empty graves No matter what fiction is written In the end, no truth stays hidden...Read On


Perfect Light Broken Dark

A poem about inner pain

Smile and breathe easy Giggle and laugh softly Hug and pat gently Speak and agree politely Fake and pretend believably Act and behave perfectly Sob and cry privately Hurt and break secretly Crack and crumble silently Fall and fail inwardly Deny and joke lightly Lie and convince consistently Distance and detach safely Guard and protect fiercely Sleep and die nightly ...Read On


Pretty Dress

Pretty dress dazzle and swish Long hair flow and twist Clean hands fold and hold Dark book worn and old Quiet voice repeat and plead Stale air silent and breathed Curly lashes flutter and close Black hearts cold and froze Thick doors locked and shut Smiling mouths bite and cut Sacred ritual comes to a close Pretty dress over broken soul Clean hands stained with sin ...Read On


Sorry Mommy

Mommy, I am so very sorry Please don't be mad when he wakes next to me I know you see the way he looks at me I know it makes you so very angry I know I deserve it when you punish me  You told me he's weak when it comes to me I tried to say no like you told me I tried to be strong, but he got mean I know you pretend not to see When he sneaks back to your room when you're asleep ...Read On


The Mind Wanders

As I sit and, think I try not to blink Tears well up inside Never to be cried Waiting, wondering Memories skipping Sticking, spinning round A film without sound I turn, spin, twist, twirl, I trip, fall, unfurl Stand, stagger, crumble Unbalanced stumble Collapse, giving way Show hidden decay The festering past Bursts through at long last One eye looks wary Sees the dark scary ...Read On


Through the Sand

I run my finger through the sand Sending a message to whom I can Squiggles and curves make letters and words My thoughts form sentences to be read and heard I take my time to ensure I am clear Try as I might I can’t shake this fear I pour myself into what I have wrote Now that I have finished I dare to hope I know better of course I do For no one will see who I wrote this to ...Read On


Too Good To Be

I open my mouth Sounds spill out Thoughts form words But my feelings are not heard You yell and scream I try to explain but face defeat You cannot see what I see Refuse to stop and hear me You point accusingly And hurl accusations at me I try to find ways to make you see But it just gets ugly You are mad, you are done  I feel the sting as my tears come But you...Read On


Trust Me

Hello little one Your timid I see Do not fear me Wait, stay and see My slow movements As I crouch before you Show my intention Is not to hurt you Big brown eyes wide Take in every detail Little wet nose sniffs  As soft white paws  Inch closer slowly Trust me, I say I promise it will be OK I know you are small And the world is big But I am here for you ...Read On


Wish for Love

It was a mistake she tries to say She tries to hide her face away Shrinking and cowering so afraid Crying and pleading, attempts to dissuade But a boot does not hear as it swiftly kicks Justice is dealt with large hard fists Hands grow heavy as punishment is done Little spirit broken fight is gone Watching her crumble satisfied With one last jab, he turns aside  Alone in the dark,...Read On