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Stories of the Fuel Speedway VOLUME 1: PART II
The adventure continues as the season comes to an epic conclusion...

So while I was writing Season 2 of this series, I realized that due to the high number of episodes in the series, my stories were taking up a lot of the page in the Action category which I personally felt was unfair to the other writers of the genre as any readers would be overwhelmed by my work. So I decided that I would delete the episodes (keeping only the PPVs) and turn the previous season into an eBook while continuing with the current season.

And when the current season is over, I'll turn that into an eBook and delete those episodes. I feel that this will keep my work fresh and unclutter the category pages.

07 Jan 2021 01:46

Stories of the Fuel Speedway Season 1 is now an eBook!!!

Taking my leads from all those YA novels that were broken into two parts about a decade ago I decided to break up the season into Part 1 that chronicles everything from the beginning of the season in September to the mid-season in December.

My reasoning for breaking up the season into 2 parts was so that it was easier to swallow as just Part 1 is already 39,000 words in length. While Part 1 is already available on Smashwords, I will be uploading Vol. 1, Part 2 as soon as possible followed by an exclusive post right here on Storiesspace including why I decided to remove the season off the website in lieu of an eBook.

06 Jan 2021 22:31

Is it reality or is it fantasy?

So, if you've read any of my previous blog posts, you would know that my Fuel series is a sports opera (a blend of sports drama and soap opera), but what you might not know is that the racing in the series - including how often racers compete; what racers do between races and how the vehicles are kept - is all fictional (or as writers would say, "making use of artistic license").

Lucky for me, I have always preferred to write sci-fi and fantasy as making things up has always been easier for me than keeping this realistic. Stories are meant to provide escapism according to me. As such, any time I invoke my artistic license in Fuel, I am, in fact, making use of my preference for writing sci-fi and fantasy and look at it as sci-fi realism instead.

29 Apr 2020 01:43

How do you develop a new genre?
This is a genuine question as I believe that my current work isn't a sports drama but has the makings of a whole new genre that I'm calling a sports opera. The idea is simple: a sports opera is to sports drama, what space opera is to science fiction... I know, sounds weird. But I think that I'm on to something here.

Unlike a sports drama which can simply be defined as a story where the plot revolves around a sport or sportsman. A sports opera on the other hand is similar in that it also revolves around a sport or a sportsman but it also emphasises melodrama. So much so, that I could describe it as soap opera meets sports drama. That brings me back to space opera which can also simply be described as science fiction meets soap opera.

Now my story, I believe, is not confined to the genre of sports drama because I place emphasis on melodrama as much as sport. The story involves good vs. evil; action, romance, suspense, betrayal, class war and blackmail.

26 Apr 2020 04:06

So I recently got a call from one of the book stores I contacted to sell my books and he told me that he'd sold a couple of my books. While I have yet to share this news on my Facebook page because I feel it might be too small a victory, I do feel like sharing it here because the way I see it, in a world where being a self-published author is hard and even one book sold is a hard fought victory, it's important to display your victories. At the end of the day, major successes are born of small successes so you can consider me a very proud man.

Here's a picture of the place where my books were sold. (One of a few locations)

04 Apr 2020 05:30

So, in case anyone hasn't noticed, I have been posting episodes of Fuel as fast as humanly possible (not waiting a the week that occurs in-universe) and the reason for that is because I'm also posting these stories on my Facebook page. On Facebook, the series is 7 episodes ahead (an improvement over 12 episodes ahead as was the case at the beginning of the year) and I'm trying to close the gap.

My main reason for trying to close the gap is because my blog site: (which stands as the official Fuel website in-universe) is up to date with the Facebook series which means anyone reading from here will have future episodes spoiled by the website.

Anyway, I'm still happy with the pace I'm able to publish here because it's at a steady pace of 2 episodes a week which means by the time I reach the season finale on Facebook, we'll be all caught up over here.

18 Mar 2020 23:41

So, I was relooking one of my Fuel stories and I noticed something fascinating now that I've changed my avatar to a race car... It actually adds to the stories. Now, when you're reading a story in the Fuel series, there's a nice big race car next to the title of the story which I feel lends a nice psychological air to the story, as if it's further engrossing you in this world of racing. Of course, this doesn't really work for any of my other stories๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…

26 Feb 2020 05:12

The current series of short stories I'm writing are actually connected to the book I'm writing about an underground racing ring in the 10th (fictional) Province of South Africa. What started out as me writing some backstory to fill out a time jump between this book and the next ended up being so well developed that I had to make them into short stories and post them. But rest assured that a full blown novel is coming.

21 Feb 2020 05:06

So, it's been a while since I posted anything on Story Space... years in fact. But what can I say, I've been busy. But while I'm still busy, I've had this dying urge to nurture my talent of writing and hence I'm back. You might be happy to know though that part of that "busyness" was me finally publishing my first book: The Bowman's Apprentice and Other Stories. If you want to know more, read all about it on the website on my profile.

21 Feb 2020 05:05

So after reading some other stories on Storiesspace I realized that the episodes in my series were just a bit too long. As such I've decided to go full Degrassi on my episodes and post each of them in two parts, neatly labelled A and B.
Here's to hoping this will welcome anyone whose been intimidated by the word count before.

01 Sep 2016 07:45