Science Fiction(1)


Waypoint Five

Fleeing a devastating war a woman arrives at a distant colony with a mysterious cargo.

08/12/214 (Adjusted Calendar) You're not supposed to dream in frozen suspension. Certainly not a dream of a small child with your ship's engineer's eyes. The image flickered for an instant behind Mana's closed eyelids as the transparent cover of her tank spat open, simultaneously draining the freezing suspension fluid into a reservoir underneath her, the whirr of the pump motors more felt...Read On

Young Adult(1)


Information Gathering

Two teenagers investigate the site of a meteorite strike and find more than they expected

Rebekah had never really noticed how quiet Alex Wolfe was before. But then again, she found herself thinking, if he had been less quiet she would probably have noticed him more before now. And then there would have been no reason to think he was so quiet, because he wouldn't be. There was probably a name for things which looped back around like that. She'd have to get online when she got home...Read On