Stories by billybroadband



He woke up ecstatic and it surprised him. He vaguely recognized the feeling as one that sometimes came to him while he was walking the pup in the early morning as the sun was rising. He was supposed to have died seven years ago. The surgeon had screwed up big time and it was a nurse who saved his life. Since then each morning held that feeling of a second chance. The current year had taken a...Read On


Pillow Time

I do so love the storm of you. The wild wet winds of your passion Unleashed Ubound Untamed. But it is after the storm, when the calm sets back in and we lie entwined together, those are the moments I most crave. “Pillow time” you called it once. Those long quiet moments No words No sounds No urgency. That is when I seek your eyes with my eyes and...Read On



Most of the time they come early in the morning when I just can't sleep. When I realize that I am alone in our bed now made up of memories and dust. Out of nowhere they are there again the damn questions with no answers. Why her? Why me? Why so young? Why? Of course the only answer I ever get is cloaked in silence. The answers are obvious of course, and really are the only...Read On


The Balloon

I was six years old at a county fair in the autumn of nineteen fifty-eight. My dad won for me a big blue balloon with his skill at pitching straight. That balloon was my pride and joy for the rest of that cotton candy night. As we departed, that big blue balloon slipped my grip and rose out of sight. It rose to the stars, the sky swallowed it up, and my mother comforted me as...Read On


The Mountain

It was her idea  to walk the mountain together The wind from the sea changed the weather fast on us as we walked She wanted to arrive first  to the top where we would share some wine The clouds were heavy and low  and I tried but failed to keep up with her pace I saw her walk into the edge of a cloud  until I could no longer see her through the mist I stopped and called after her ...Read On



I am the beast that you feel in the night  bold girl walking alone in the dark  self assurance in your every stride  when you return to your home I watch for you I am the whisper you thought that you heard  the word that did not quite register at first  your name, whispered softly, silent as spring wind the name I cannot resist using as a form of worship I am quiet and motionless as...Read On



Hello, honey. It was really nice  to see you again last night.  You’ve been coming to visit more often (Not that I’m complaining, mind you.) The image of you that remained when I woke was that smile you had that stole my heart  so many years ago now. I think you were at a beach,  maybe Puerto Rico,  after we were out of the rough patch and falling in love again. Remember? ...Read On


In Your Arms

The world had become an awful place  kicking me in the gut, day after day  more bad news was the daily routine  Doctors and nurses had little to say Bitter and broken when it was done  I thought sadness was my new way of life  My status quo an empty existence  a future without my dear wife The day you and I shared our first embrace  comfort flowed to me easy and pleasing  Your...Read On



Life will really kill you sometimes.  You think you have it all lined up in your nice little plan,  then the kind faced doctor looks at you  and whispers his harsh truth in a voice of pained empathy. Everyone says you handle it well,  and that it will get better with time and with healing. And I suppose that’s true to some extent,  Wounds can’t bleed forever.  The scab will form on...Read On