Flash Fiction(5)


Cold Feet

My feet are cold. I wiggle my toes in my new brown boots and realize they are very cold. I wish I could take them off and warm them under my blanket. That is all I want right now, to crawl in under my blanket and not move for a long time. Not until this is all over and done with. “Are you okay?” My attention is brought back to the doctor in front of me. His dark brown eyes are looking at...Read On

Recommended Read

Killer's Bliss

She heard whispers. Quiet and menacing, they coursed through the darkness like little scratching claws on worn, wooden floorboards. She stood still with her eyes closed shut, waiting for the silence to ensue again. But it never came. Those whispers intensified as the dark years crept on. Quiet and menacing whispers were no more. Now, terrifying and chilling screams inhabited her...Read On



I stood and watched him. He couldn't see me, but I could see him clearly. He was not paying attention to anyone around him, just to whomever he was texting on his phone. I saw him look up several times and apologize to strangers he was accidentally bumping into. It made me smile. I wondered who he was talking to. I found myself wanting to know who this person was, who had him so...Read On


The Notice

To this day, I can still remember the feeling inside me when she showed me that piece of paper. I knew that things would never be quite the same after that. This was the first time I remember my soul go cold, and I could feel something inside me shut down. I suppose it was my mind and body's way of protecting itself, since it became clear to me that no one else ever would. I was sitting...Read On



She looked up towards the bright blue sky, and then closed her eyes as she felt the sun warm her skin. She was finally home. It had been years since she had come back here. Even though she had made a home for herself in Canada, Sweden was still where she was born and raised. It was in her blood, as much as she liked to deny it. It was still part of her. It even smelled different here. ...Read On

Micro Fiction(2)



She closed her eyes and absorbed the distinctive smell drifting through the air. Every nerve ending in her aching body started waking up. She couldn’t explain it, but it was like an inner pull deep inside of her that made her come alive. The sun was trickling through the window, but it was the intoxicating smell that made her smile. She heard the calming sound as it echoed softly though...Read On


Night Terrors

The high-pitched shriek woke her from the deep slumber. Her heart was pounding as she searched for the light switch with cold, trembling fingers. The familiar chill of fear coursed through her body as the room flooded with muted light from the single bulb next to her warm bed. Her weary eyes searched the quiet room for the source of the petrifying noise that had abruptly roused her....Read On




I stare at the page.  There are words, but I no longer feel them or grasp their meaning. The frustration grips at me and I wonder what is the point anyway? Why do I put myself though this every time? It hurts and I struggle. I lose sleep and forget what time it is. I neglect things that need to get done. For what?  Words on a page? I step away and go and do something else, but in the back...Read On



Broken Shadows

In the darkness I stand, With a ruptured soul And an unclaimed heart. I feel it wash over me; The need and the wistful longing To find solace for my pain. I feel my heart beat against yours,  As my hot tears caress my skin. With silent whispers, My lips seeks yours. Your tortured kiss soothes me. I ache to embrace you And feed on your strength. But I know it won't last. I can feel...Read On


Chasing Shadows

I am chasing shadows Of an unwanted past. It leaves me shattered  And wandering, Alone In the dark. I am afraid to fill The deep void, Burning Inside my aching soul. I have shielded  My dented heart For so long, And left it Withering away, In darkness. I am searching  For something. Forever wishing  For more  Than this. I have felt the heat  Of unbridled lust And ferocious need. But it...Read On


Deafening Silence

The silence is deafening, It’s breaking my soul, Shattering whatever lies left Of this broken heart of mine. You took my love, You took my desire, You used me, And what I felt. You twisted me, You turned me, You made me doubt What I really want. How can I ever trust? How can I ever love? Whatever I felt Has been ripped apart. Never again will I share what is in my...Read On


Dishevelled Silence

I stumbled Through the cobwebs Of unforgiving darkness. Writhing Under the full moon, I slowly awoke From a deep slumber, Finally alive under your Searching hands. With you, I soared on Heated breaths And whispered words. Feathering kisses Lit my hunger, As your voice Lured out My dark secrets And forgotten desires. You shattered me With understanding And made me accept My faults And...Read On



You were the sweetness in her heart, the pure and untainted. The moment it changed, it tore at her soul. You left scars, deep, raw and unyielding. She trusted, she believed, That maybe she deserved this, That maybe happiness was finally hers. It did not last. Moments of doubt, Hours of tears. She was shattered and bruised. With the screaming on the inside, She...Read On



I dig my fingers into the umber earth, letting the ancient soil embrace me with heat and power of ancestors past. I lift my tear-streaked face to the sky and let the sun caress my skin as the air wafts through me and blows way the crippling fear etched into my heart. The simmering fire flickers, casting shadows over my naked flesh as I absorb the power of my ...Read On



There are people that will love you for you, no matter what. You are enough!

I wish I could take away your pain, To soothe the burning hurt, To erase the past, And create a new future. I hate to see what is happening, And be powerless to stop it. I can see the blinding pain, Hear it in every word. As you stand before me, I can see the new scars on your soul. You try to hide them and be strong, But you are no longer able to fight it. You...Read On



In the mist she is hidden from the world; She is surrounded by its glorious wonder. It is a fog so thick she can hold it in her hands,  And feel it caress and drift through her fingers. She stands on a pier, lost in her thoughts. In the silence she can feel the calm wash over her, Enveloping her senses as she closes her eyes. Her heart is aching for what she cannot see,  A future that is...Read On


Northern Light

Your soft breath Caresses my skin. A tender kiss, Ignites a slumbering desire That burned out long ago. You take time To find my soul, And search my deepest thoughts, Consuming every hidden place In my trembling heart. You touch me Like I am your most prized possession, Like I am yours To keep. Our desire is raw and pure. It shatters me. It fills me ...Read On


Not Letting You Go

As I close my eyes, I can feel everything. Every part of you is now every part of me. This dark desire is so intense and pure, And I know it is wrong, but I need you so. I don’t want to stop, nor will I ever, Until you walk away, I will be forever yours. The things we share, are our true selves, Nothing hidden and no lies told. You whisper what you want from me; I moan...Read On



The silence is deafening As she listens for a Heartbeat of Hope In the cold Dark night. She remembers your touch Like it's Seared Into her soul, And your warm Kisses That you whispered Into her heart... You are mine.  Now, she is no more than A forgotten thought, Or just a sweet Memory Of desires past. Now, her words Ricochet into the Empty room, Onto blank pages Left abandoned On...Read On


The Abyss

It slays my heart And rips at my torn soul, This dark abyss of nothingness. It takes hold, But I fight it. I feel it following me Like a shadow I cannot escape. Sometimes I can fight it off, Prevent it from consuming me And turning my mind dark. Then there are times, Where my strength fails me And leaves me unprotected. In those times, I have no defense. ...Read On



The sweet memory of your tempting lips still lingers on my skin. I will always remember how I embraced your body and held it to mine as I worshiped everything that you were. My stilled heart came alive under your ardent touch and you beckoned me like a lighthouse in the dark, raging sea. I surrendered willingly as your soft words echoed inside ...Read On



Has your love for me faded? Is the darkened desire No longer burning hot Within your heart? I can still feel you, But you have drifted Just out of my reach. My fingertips keep searching To feel your burning hot skin, But all I find is cold, empty space. I hear your words of love and devotion, But why do those tender thoughts Not reach my soul like they used to? I remember how you used...Read On


Winter's Rose

My heart Was like a rose, Wilting In the cold winter's night. Its icy petals, Fragile and cracked... Waiting to shatter. Your warm embrace Was like the midnight sun That warmed And thawed Me out, From within. Your voice Was the steady Rhythm That caressed My senses In tune With your smile. Your touch Ignited A dormant need For more, An...Read On


Your Love

Distance does not matter where the heart is concerned.

I see the love you have for her, so honest and true; Your undying devotion is clear in the gentle words you say. Your heart and soul hold so much tender love, And your need to express it is genuine and pure. You love every part of her, for everything that she is, So beautiful, so wonderful and so caring. She brings out the very best in you, And shows you the meaning of soul mates. ...Read On