Flash Fiction(1)


my friend paul

a visit from an old friend

Within my family there has always been a constant tie on my mother’s side. Since as far back as we can recall we have been very in tune with spirits and could sense and sometimes see the spirit world. It is because of this that we all have had our share of negative and positive experiences. From my earliest days I have memories of spirits, of creatures, and of the air around me growing...Read On



Deus Ex Machina~

A story about a certain train that brought with it the spirits of an old town's past.

Deus Ex Machina is a phrase that made itself ever evident on a cold November night. It was in the late 1960's in a small Arizonan town and was one of the few towns that still ran early model locomotives. It often made for good and quick travel between destinations, however on this night it brought something else. On this night it was accompanied by something old yet familiar, you see...Read On


Empathetic Eyes

A story about a boy and his spirit guide

Empathetic Eyes Not too long ago, in a city very like your own there lived a boy. One who possessed a very special gift. He was able to see the world around him and all manner of spirits which lived in it. Because of this he also had a close relationship with his spirit guide who took the form of black cat with both a blue eye and a green one. Always at his side she stayed guiding him...Read On