A Kiss

A three versed Haiku love poem.

I caress your face, a gentle breeze blows your hair, the sun in your eyes. Your lips form a smile, I feel your eyes warm my soul, the heart’s tender touch. I pull you to me, you tenderly kiss my lips, I know it is love. Copyright ©2014 Buz Bono. All Rights Reserved. No part of this story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical,...Read On


American Cinderella aka Route 66 Heartbreak

You're not a true cowboy until your heart gets tossed into the desert.

Cinderella, oh Cinderella,  I heard you went to the ball.  You pranced and danced,  twisted and shook your booty.  In grand fashion, my Cinderella,  you tripped the light fantastic.  Dolled up, long legs and juicy red lips,  you went grinding on the prince,  twirling and parading in the spotlight.  I saw you driving down Route 66  in an old Chevy, top down, wind in your hair,  with a...Read On


Brown Eyes

Seduced by mystery.

Dark brown eyes of mystery, what hides in your soul? Do you hold joy or pain? Does a heart of love hide there? Dark brown eyes of mystery, why do you stare at me? What do you want with me? Will you steal away my soul? Dark brown eyes of mystery, why do you mesmerize me? What is your temptation? Will you hypnotize my heart? Dark brown eyes of mystery, what feelings...Read On


Conquest Of Love

The bitter conflict of love, loss, betrayal, and love fought for.

I have been laid open, Exposed for all to see The scar tissue of my heart That forms your name. For only you could penetrate My impregnable defense, And rip from my soul The burning forever flame. Your wiles, your smiles, Your lustful kisses, your whispers That called my name were Cruelly dealt by your conspires. You owned my heart And conquered my spirit. My...Read On


Goodbye Dixie

A poem of what was and will never be.

You were the prettiest face, had the voice of an angel. Your laugh lit up the day,  your smile owned my heart. When first I saw you,  hypnotized in your grace,  lost in your big blue eyes,  I knew it would be you. Was it your innocent charm?  Dressed for church all fine  with a magnolia in your hair,  all I could do was stare. Your sweet precious voice  that mesmerized the boys,  set my...Read On


Love’s Pleading Salvation

A poem of love and passion.

The labyrinth of the heart  is full of hopes and dreams, entrapments and schemes, and dances to a blues harmony. The heart bleeds and scars, it writes the novel of life of defeats and victories, and sings an ode to the soul. I feel a hot breeze burning, conflict of power and submission, blood sizzling through my veins, conquer and be conquered. Lost under a black moon, ...Read On



A poem about love

The heart forlorn, merciless Tender desires ravaged by time, dispirited Yet in solitude a glimmer of hope, glinting Held wretched in a sad melody Time’s passing, meaningless A dream beheld in despair, sorrowful Ascending into dejection, melancholy The future pensively dreadful A spirit disconsolate, regretful Cherished memories withering, vanishing Their decaying images...Read On

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Sometimes To Write Of Love

A poem about love.

Sometimes to write of love, tender feelings, longing and desire. But is that love? Sometimes sweet but often bitter. Or is it passion, a battle fought, a war of attrition? Love? Is it surrender or victory complete or mutual annihilation? Does love possess the soul or auction the heart? Is there fair exchange? It is torment and exhilaration, being one, ...Read On


Spanish Moss

A poem

I feel the summer’s warm gentle breeze as it blows back the curtains the birds chirp and sing I listen for your soft footsteps on the stairs the sweet sound of your voice no voice do I hear downstairs the piano plays a melancholy tune the air smells of old oak and cedar no fragrant perfume the humid air ever damp on my face the sweat stings my eyes or is that...Read On


The World In Your Smile

A poem to the love of my life...

I can taste the love on your lips you feel the love in my soul you show me the sunshine make me feel the moon I can touch the love in your heart feel your comforting spirit you make me grasp the stars and hold them forever you reach deep into my soul touch my very essence I can touch heaven in your eyes I see the world in your smile *** I feel the warmth in...Read On

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There Is No Love Without Pain

A poem about love.

Love is life’s cruel mistress, And life’s crowning triumph. Love embitters the soul, yet conquers the heart. Love is never easy, And will die without toils. It is languor and sweat, the power and rejuvenation. Love brings this man to his knees, pushes his face into the dirt. It gives light into his darkness, and delivers joy to his world. Love grows in the wound...Read On