Cieren Of Glaslyn Wood

Cieren has to reach Glaslyn Wood.

Cieren Of Glaslyn Wood Cieren had to cross the deep ditch to reach the safety of Glaslyn Wood. Cieren felt very tired and hungry. Luckily it had been raining and the worms were not far from the surface of the ground. Cieren could smell them. His mouth watered , just thinking about a nice juicy worm! So first things first, he decided to dig. He had not dug far when he came across his...Read On


Gabriel, the Church Mouse

Gabriel ... A mouse who lives in a church.

Gabriel was a church mouse. He lived in the old church of St. Mark's in a village in England. His parents had died two years ago. It was tragic for Gabriel. He had been made an orphan by the church cat! Whiskers belonged to the vicar's wife. She had left the church door open one afternoon after she had been arranging the flowers on the altar. Most days she remembered to close it. She...Read On


Fly Meets Spider

Never trust people you don't know.

Fly, feeling very lonely, flew around the empty office and landed on the open lap - top. She sat preening her wings , humming a little tune to herself , always keeping a look -out for her relatives , who just might be flying past. Suddenly! She saw a spider crawling from underneath the QWERTY keyboard. "Hello," said the spider. "Hello," replied fly. "Can we be friends?" said the...Read On

Flash Fiction(1)


The Face Behind The Net Curtain

Behind her faded net curtains, she indulges herself by watching her neighbors pass by. The lineaments of her face are partially hidden. She stands in her "slightly untidy" living room, which affords her a better view of the street. Faded family photographs, placed in a neat row, smile at her from their ornate frames. She dusts them dutifully every morning, "Just in case someone visits." ...Read On



Jenny's Story

Jenny tells the story of her husband`s mental cruelty.

I feel sick waiting for him to return. The house is spotless, the dinner in the oven, he is bound to find some fault with me. I try so hard to please him. He once said to me, "Perhaps you try too hard!" He knows I try hard, so why does he delight in being cruel to me?  I hear the front door slam. He`s here. My stomach is churning. I turn from the kitchen sink. "Did you enjoy yourself?"...Read On




A chance meeting on a train station.

My nursing career began at the tender age of 17. It was inevitable I suppose. As a child I looked after my siblings when they became ill. Placing cold flannels on their hot foreheads, fetching hot water bottles and applying bandages. Caring for the sick did not stop there. I nursed hedgehogs , birds, anything that needed help. Many brave souls have touched my heart with their bravery,...Read On



A modern-day Cinderella

Slight in build, half-starved. "She" ordered me to wash the dishes. If I answered back, "She" would pull my hair and yell at me. I fetched the kitchen chair so that I would be able to reach the old enamel, chipped sink. I remember feeling sad, feeling afraid. "She" scared me, made me shrink, small.  I was only ten. The soapy water felt warm, soothing, comforting. I started to daydream....Read On


Jenny's Story... Part Two

Jenny tells the story of her mentally abusive husband

I am alone and when alone I think... Why does he treat me so cruelly? He never compliments me...He puts me down. We went to his friend's wedding four years ago now, and we found ourselves seated at a round table with strangers. He leaned across the table and asked me if I was going to wear the same dress to my sister-in-laws wedding. I felt confused at such an odd question. I had...Read On

Micro Fiction(2)


Cieren The Badger

Cieren needs to find a new home.

Cieren is a badger his name is Welsh and is pronounced Keeran. He was born in the Brecon Beacons in South Wales. He had been very happy living with his family there, until one day the badgers heard farmer Jones tell his son that the badgers carried a disease and would have to be driven off the land. Cieren`s family shared the fields with the cows; they ate the same grass and snuffled around...Read On


The Clock


Time passes like a gentle breeze. The hands move slowly to caress the seconds like a deceitful lover. The clock's face, benign and handsome, looks on. As the days, months and years pass, the clock ticks a rhythm. Beguiling, giving a false sense of security. Time passes, waiting for a birth, a death. The deceitful hands move on. We are born, we die. The clocks face, serene, shows no mercy....Read On



The Little Bed Bug

The life of a bed bug.

I am a bed bug, named Tilly. Sometimes I crawl on your Willy. No I`m not being rude... You have all misconstrued! You share your bed... With a bug named Willy. Okay... So you think I am silly? I hope to marry your Willy. Do you hear what I say? We will marry one day! Tilly Will, marry your Willy. A honeymoon will be spent on your cover. And if Willy`s an excellent lover....Read On


Oh Dear! I've Caught The Writing Bug

The writing bug.

Oh dear! I've caught the writing bug. It seems a bad disease.  But, it doesn't make me cough and it doesn't make me sneeze!  I do not have a fever; it seems there's no injection . My throat it isn't sore; there isn't an infection. I didn't catch it from from a cup, or even from a kiss. It seems the bug is here to stay, there is no end to this! I try to get some sleep, but words...Read On


Spotty Socks

Socks are always going missing

The Spotty socks started off as a pair. They would travel everywhere.  They went to parties and had fun. But one sad day...There was only one! Spotty sock 1 searched everywhere. In the cupboard, under the stair. But Spotty sock 2 could not be found. She`d crept away without a sound. Spotty sock 1 searched the whole house. He even asked the resident mouse. "I`m certain I...Read On


The Cat Relaxed

Cats know how to relax.

The cat purred and scratched. The cat yawned and stretched. The cat relaxed! The cat twitched his ear - something was very near. Something in the house, perhaps it was a mouse? The cat opened up one eye. He gave a little sigh. Something scuttled by. The cat licked his paw. Looked at his claw.  Slowly washed his face. Which wasn`t a disgrace! Stretched a leg and licked...Read On


The Guiding Light

A vessel caught in a storm.

The moon called to the stars one night. He had something to say. "I need your light to aid me, a storm is on its way." There is a lighthouse far beyond but ships have perished here. The rocks abound this way around and danger`s very near.  Gathering close, the stars shone bright , twinkling with all their light. The moon rose high, as high as he could be. Creating a guiding light for those...Read On


The Frog With The Silly Grin

A warm heart, wins true love.

Goronwy was a handsome frog, but wore a silly grin. I do know how he came by it, but where shall I begin?  I think I should begin, with, the story from the start.  To start at the beginning, perhaps, would break your heart.  Goronwy loved to frolic, in the Lilly pond, but one day, he was curious, and ventured far beyond. He`d heard a female calling, many miles away. Her voice was...Read On


It Would Be Fun To Be A Flea

I want to be a flea

I wish I was a little flea. I'd bite you every minute. I'd have a nibble, here and there, and take such pleasure from it. Perhaps, I'd nibble on your ear...crawl in and out the drum. Perhaps, I might get tired of that, and nibble on your bum! I would sleep upon the hairs, growing on your chest. Oh, lovely to be snug and warm...Underneath your vest.! I would sit upon your lips....Read On


When Did I Grow Old?

"When did I grow old, did it happen in one day?" One moment my hair was chestnut brown, now it's turning gray. "When did I grow old, did it suddenly creep, when I was in my bed, as I was sound asleep?" "When did I grow old, did it happen this very hour, or did it slip in through the door as I was in the shower?" "When did I grow old, did I climb the steps of time, never stepping back to...Read On


Why Does the Sun Go to Bed?

A good answer to a difficult question?

"Why does the sun go to bed and then the moon comes instead. Then in the light of day, the sun chases the moon away?" I have a secret that I shall tell, if I can be sure you would keep it well. The sun NEVER goes to bed. She travels around the world instead. So in the place she used to be, she sends the moon so we can see. So that is why in the light of day, the sun chases the moon away....Read On


The Brown Caterpillar

Nature is wonderful.

A caterpillar, brown and furry, passed a ladybird in a hurry. "Where are you off to in your coat of red?" "I'm off to the ball," the ladybird said. "A ball? The caterpillar replied. "Yes, the Peacock wants a bride." "I need a dress," said the caterpillar, brown. "I believe I can buy one in the town." The ladybird laughed, until she turned blue. "Do you think the Peacock will look...Read On


Lord Winter And The Coming Of Spring

The long wait for Spring.

The waterfall, frozen in time, has formed icicles. Kissed by Lord Winter's breath. They glisten like chandeliers in the moonlight. It is silent now. Frozen in its swift advance. Spring called for Lord Winter to relent! "Be still, be patient, Spring awakes," heralds a solitary daffodil beneath a cold March sky. I saw the branches of the trees bend down to kiss her feet. A pretty...Read On


The Coming Of Dawn

Watching the dawn.

Dawn skims the sea with wings of gold, spreading tapered rays of light, toward the white manes of the water horses. Surrounding each mane in an arc of rainbow colors. Each white horse pursues the others, in a labored race to reach the shore. Reaching its destination, each water horse spews foam upon the shore. Retreating in a rush, dragging seaweed and pebbles back to the ocean. Being...Read On


The haunted chamber

Feeling pain

My heart is like a haunted chamber. Filled with phantoms of the past. Each chamber holds a woman crying. Each alone in moonlight cast. Chamber one, holds a woman grieving, for the child she lost-unborn. Struck down by her husband's hatred, she sits alone, lost, forlorn. Chamber two, holds a woman weeping on bent knees by candlelight. Praying for divine protection, from cancer of the womb...Read On



Lost love.

Gulls scream at her from above. She stands forlorn beside the sea. Unseen hands tear at her clothes. She wears a cloak of misery. Her heart aches with a pain. Phantoms whisper in her ears. He used her, he stole her heart. She breaks down in tears.  White waves lash the rocks. The buoy tolls its knell. "Betrayed, betrayed." Rings its lonely bell. She walks a labyrinth of pain,...Read On