I Barely Know Her

I Barely Know Her I barely know her I’d never seen her face I barely know her But my tears are for her She’s a friend of a friend Drinks and laughs one night out Later a facebook friend For future wild nights out A facebook status update Announces the worst news She’s got Leukaemia And suddenly she’s my world I read her statuses daily To see how she is A harrowing account...Read On


What Hurts The Most

It hurts growing up, but at least I had the chance

We are all born into this world Free from preconception A simple blank canvas To sketch life’s future upon Progression through childhood And into your teens These extraordinary moments Add colour to the canvas That instance when your so-called best friend Stabs you in the back for the first time Saving face, she calls it Cuts deep like a knife Your first love, the secrets you share...Read On