Rob - The meaning behind family.

This is a story I wrote that is true and I had it published in my school magazine.

I woke up to the sound of music as I do every morning when I have school. It was March 23, 2007 and it was a Friday. Fridays were gods to me because it was the last day in a school week. I have the same thoughts every morning. “What day is it? Do I have to do anything today? What’s going on today?” Well to say sadly I got my answer to the last one as the phone rang. I can remember that...Read On



A Fact Of Me

Life is a wreck....

Call me some sort of human or animal if you please I crawl in the depth of depression While you're in the happiness of your own home But don't get distracted by this fact Everything means something and something means everything You don't see this; you only see this little part One time you need to step back and look at the big picture, right? But don't get distracted by this little fact ...Read On



That is true depression and anxiety...

It's like the world is crashing around me I'm drowning and suffocating under my own breath Like reaching for a branch that isn't there Only to be plunged back under the water Swirling around in circles All the while telling myself everything will be okay But I never felt comfort in saying that Just as I think the storm has settled down I hear a clap of thunder behind me ...Read On


I'm there for you

You tear me down You build me up Can anything make sense again? I try to scream Scream for help I got nowhere Your hand doesn't reach I curl to a ball Then an arm comes around me I become whole again All I needed was someone to say I'm There For You...Read On

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Invisible Girl

For those who have hated me.

I’m the girl nobody knows, Can you tell? If I disappeared, could you tell? I feel as though I’m dead sometimes, As if nobody cares about me. I may be just one simple girl, But I could change someone’s life. If only they would see that, But if I died, would you cry? Would you even notice? Would you even care? But I’ll just sit here and watch, Like always, waiting and sighing, Can I even get a...Read On


Life in Pain

A blank verse poem I wrote from pain

When I think of life I hope that it will get better I think of my friends and I hold tight Love is hard to find and I hope I will find mine The pain inside is what I find to be the calm The calm that makes me whole As you take my hand I may not follow but you can rescue me Rescue me from myself I crumble under the pressure My throat hurts and my eyes water You may have other things to keep...Read On



You just stand, watching, waiting…

Falling from the sky Floating slowly down So white, so light Cold like ice Making us warm inside Gracefully falling Falling on your face Melting fast on your skin Like ice on a warm summer day Knowing only one thing Standing there looking up in the sky Slowly wondering, where you’ll go How will it come again? When? Why? So many questions about one simple thing that has no answers Know only...Read On