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đŸŒșI LOVE LOVE LOVE poetry and how you can express yourself through words in a beautiful rhythm... I am nowhere near as talented as most here but I still find pleasure in trying and it's my favorite type of releaseđŸŒș
đŸŒș💜 I am married to my best friend and we have a daughter who is truly a little princess with a solid dab of country girl added in ... She is my mini dork and we both agree it's awesome to be dorks hahaha!!!đŸŒș💜

đŸŒșLet's all have a great time making memories while sharing laughs and just enjoying life đŸŒș

With my new job I am rarely around anymore but I still enjoy stopping by to talk with my sweet friends

“Healing comes from taking responsibility: to realize that it is you - and no one else - that creates your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions.” —Peter Shepherd

“Life is a journey and if you fall in love with the journey you will be in love forever.” —Peter Hagerty

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WHEN I DO WATCH TV it's MAINLY reruns from shows I watched when I was YOUNGER
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The Rabbit Hole

She climbs out of her dark chamber  Searching for warmth and light Tired of the cold and darkness  Ready for a brand new sight    Inching her way onwards Determined to find freedom  She sheds her old skins  Yet remembers where she’s from    Facing the days and nights alone  Fearing only herself again  Will she continue to conquer her mountains  Or has she finally reached hell’s...

Added 16 Apr 2018 | Category Poetry | Views 63 | 4 Comments

Reaching The End

How does one know when it’s time to face eternity.  Do you feel a tug deep within your soul. Is there a feeling that reaches beyond sensitivity. That tells you, that you’ve reach the end of the road.   Will the angels sing your heartbeats song.  Tugging at every nerve within. Brightly letting your soul shine past the fog. As your heart  feels it’s own end.   Do you see the world...

Added 11 Apr 2018 | Category Poetry | Views 59 | 6 Comments

His princess

Heat rushing to my face He said yes My dear god  He actually said yes   After so many years No being repeatedly  Sent my way  But now I am entranced   I can’t move  I can’t breathe  My knees begin to shake  My heart in a rhythmless dance   Tears of joy flowing  Down my face  Onto my neck  Beyond my breast    Yes ... he answered Am I dreaming  Have I finally awaken  ...

Added 31 Mar 2018 | Category Poetry | Views 83 | 2 Comments


My love is over pouring  Into my hands  Like oil  From an alabaster box   Knees so weak  From traveling  Long, rocky roads  To this point in our lives   My feet are scarred From jagged edges  Broken pieces  From trials and failures   But we held on  Never giving up A love so strong  We couldn’t let go   I am so full of your love Drowning in bliss Thankful of the years ...

Added 30 Mar 2018 | Category Poetry | Views 60 | 2 Comments

No Sleep for Me

Sleep hides from me Never coming to rest  Staying out of reach  Leaving me in distress    Fear around the corner  Dark mysterious mist  Haunting green eyes  Followed by a hiss    Tiptoeing forward  Not looking back  Oh how I hate this  Feeling like crap   Why did I do it  I must be insane  Feeling so foolish  Only myself to blame    One too many movies  Surrounding...

Added 24 Apr 2017 | Category Poetry | Views 237 | 4 Comments

Loving a Soldier

Soft musky scent  Clouding my mind Dirt stained hands Pulling  Pulling  Pulling me down You're taking control Binding my force Holding me captive Against my choice I'm screaming  Without my voice You're holding me Tighter Tighter Tighter with only words How do you do this Take without touching Holding me prisoner From across the sea You left me standing In our dark room My love so...

Added 10 Feb 2017 | Category Poetry | Views 242 | 3 Comments

My Baby

Where has the time gone  You seem to change daily Growing faster each year My forever baby My precious little girl Who no longer wears bows It's time for pink or red lipstick With matching toes Dresses and leggings Frilly little tees Polka dots are a maybe In purple or pink Boyfriend letters  Cute little rhymes  Kissings still gross But will change in time I wish I could stop  And...

Added 09 Feb 2017 | Category Poetry | Views 260 | 7 Comments


I've loved you before I knew you Our souls cross the boundaries of time No barrier in our path could stop us For an eternity you are mine Reincarnated beings of love Finding ourselves drawn without hesitation No magician could cast a stronger spell Nor could time set limitations I am your heartbeat within your chest The life source of your strength Without you my true destiny I...

Added 25 Nov 2016 | Category Poetry | Views 395 | 4 Comments

My Words

When I had you My mind spoke in poetry Now I am quiet Feeling the irony When I am so pissed My anger releases rhythm Lately, I'm so mellow With an ink filled pen Lost imagination Dull, boring world Where's the passion I found in words I smile and laugh Feeling love galore Yet I can't write There's simply no more Am I broken Or just in a rut Will my words come back Or have I no...

Added 22 Nov 2016 | Category Poetry | Views 295 | 4 Comments

The Queens Ladybugs

Ladybugs flying about Chasing the queen butterfly Giggles pours from their mouth While soaring through the sky Dodging the colonel dragonfly Seeing him storming around He likes order in his house No playing for the proud Loving the air and feeling free Knowing no pains or heartache Wanting to talk to the queen To find a spot in her domain Little princesses in training Showing off...

Added 14 Nov 2016 | Category Poetry | Views 287 | 5 Comments

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