Halloween or not Halloween

my true experiences I want to share

There were times when stories were told Wide eyed..open mouths We listened earnestly Believed totally. Ghosts were everywhere  Invisible Follows us in the dark Waits for the opportunity  To appear and attack! Look at your shadow.. See if there's more than one If the head is still there! An empty pillow on the bed.. Invites spirits to sleep beside you Always pause...Read On


An Education

What I had for you was admiration What I gave you was respect What I made you was my mentor What I felt for you were the best of feelings What I got back was the worst insult of my lifetime Too painful to hear Too bitter to swallow Poisoning my good heart The biggest regret to be optimistic And trust easily not able to accept An education only a person like you can give RR. Srimanchantha ...Read On


Poems for you

In the early hours of the day When mind is pure Ego asleep Soul intact to the heart Repose and tranquil When dreams begin to dissolve Words overflow Devoid of doubt and fear Direct from the heart Into poems from me to you RR. Srimanchantha ...Read On



A fable of a fain fat fairy with fair feak in fine foulard follows the fad for fandango. Her flair for fabulous fashionable finds, enhances her feminine flame that flares ferociously. A soul fair enough to forgive forget for fabulous fun and forthcoming future friendship. RR. Srimanchantha ...Read On


Friends Forever

Being two birds from different nests Entwined and entangled, became the dearest A strange affair that grew with enigma So intense, one flew to meet with charisma Distance seemed inevitable but invalid Space covered as both were candid With some wonderful moments together Memories locked and sealed forever Satisfaction leaves none for imagination Neither for phantasy nor for ecstasy ...Read On

Memorable Devalsari

Trekking during high school days.

A memorable trek to Devalsari Stop on the way for free chapatti At a gurdwara we clambered no soon Were Served on leaves with no spoon Running, hopping, staggering and limping Singing, laughing, squabbling and complaining Toilets anywhere there behind the bushes Rocks all over served as natures couches Quenching from waterfalls along our way A hamlet, a beautiful stream invites to stay...Read On


God Must Have Been Crazy

When turning fifty becomes a dream When growing old becomes a wish When there is no chance for goodbyes When regrets and last encounters are sighs When there is no tomorrow nor nigh When mortality of human kind is forced upon When destiny believed to be responsible, dawns When the sole bread-winner is snatched away When all behind are left in shock and dismay When young children are left...Read On


Your Riva Diva

Somewhere beyond your reach A diva to fill every heart and soul The grass is always greener on the other side With you, a slog dreaming to touch the moon.   She has stunned all with her picture perfect form What to make of her drive to be beyond her best   My dream of being your candy and jam vanishes I don't have the body nor the looks I'm not amazing nor perfect But beyond her opulence all...Read On


My Eternal Twin

I hate this woman! She puts me in such situation That I'm taken advantage of Used and abused, thereof It extends my limits  No matter how much I commit Nothing is ever enough! It's always been rough Compared to this, compared to that Ever ready to give me the spat She gives others too many chances To repeatedly hurt me with no stances Why can't I just be me? Why can't I stop the struggle?...Read On