A Winter's Day

But I'll always cherish this cold winters day.

A Winter's Day That winter's day was pure and white, The nip of cold in morning’s light. A chimney’s smoke was twisting high, Reaching up in the grey blue sky. It took me back to my faded youth, A less complex time of trust and truth. The days were long and filled with joy, Our love was fresh, not brash and coy. The still air was broken by icy chill, Snowflakes falling on the...Read On


A World of Love

A World of Love Gazing into your eyes so blue  I am caught in a world of love  Your soul is strong and true  Like an angel from above As I hold your hand in mine  My life seems safe and calm  Your touch is so sublime  My heart within your palm When I press my lips to yours  There's tenderness in your touch  My joy flows like rain that pours  For I adore you so very much When I feel your...Read On


Long Distance Love

I remember how your soulful love renewed my soul andt me free.

I long for your smile, to see your pretty face. I crave to feel your touch, tenderness of your embrace. I desire to hear your laughter for it’s music in my ears. Your voice softly whispers, and wipes away all my fears. My vision of you is right here with me. This is the only place you were meant to be. You've made your home here within my heart, but fate has been unkind, distance has kept...Read On


My Valentine

It's on thust alone we've built our home

My Valentine I think of desire, And when I do, I can only think of you, How you smile with your eyes, Making me joyful to be alive. I think of adventure, As we walk this twisting path, On uncertain roads from our past. Our journey filled with the unknown, It's on trust alone we've built our home. I think of beauty, When we see the dawn, Bursting forth its new song, The birds...Read On


Questions of love

Is love but a fleeting feeling? Or something that is true? Is it just a passing emotion? Why is it drawing me to you? Is love about finding beauty? Why is there so much pain? Can it truly mend a broken heart? Can it make me whole again? Is it love that bonds us together? Or desire that controls our minds? Can my love be a soulful promise? Or did I just simply waste your time? Is love like...Read On


The Fight

You have the power to open what I've shut.

The Fight As you step from your long hot shower, I feel a tightness in my lower gut.  It frustrates me you have this power, To always open what I have shut. One moment, I'll be filled with anger. Then I see your body dripping wet.  You seem to do this when I am mad. Your nakedness makes me to forget.  Water runs from your breasts, And puddles upon the floor.  What was that fight about? I...Read On


The Illision

What seems so real is but an illusion

The Illusion Life is caught between light and darkness Caught between reality and desire A beautiful rose in bloom Is gone far too soon That child that was playing Becomes an old man praying The events we so carefully plan In time will turn into sand Power, money, and fame Can't endure the flames Let there be no confusion What seems so real is but an illusion Life seduces us...Read On


The Reunion

I was restless all night in anticipation. Thinking of our long awaited reunion. Was it possible to try and recapture  the very first love of my faded youth? My memories were flooded with our  glorious but tumultuous relationship. How I would sit in class daydreaming  of your inviting enticing, captivating form. Now we finally meet at the break of dawn,  Just like we have so...Read On


Unspoken Love

Only you can fill my glass

I am captivated by your gaze I confess I sense there's desire unexpressed Your silence is speaking to my heart Gives assurance we shall never part Our souls are reaching out to express The bond we share can't be suppressed Your love takes away my doubts and fears And it wipes away all my tears Our thoughts cry out in quiet refrain A magical touch that can't be contained Our...Read On



Our story was written from above and consecrated in our love

Your Your eyes Are like deep blue pools Captivating and consuming  Drawing me in to you Your smile Glimmering with joy Brillant as the sun. Brightening my day Your lips So softly touch to mine  Stirring a fire from within A kiss that is sealed in love Your voice Is like a concerto to my soul A melody sung just for me That streams into my heart Your walk Is gracefully swaying...Read On