Everything Is Rosie

For my love

Everything Is Rosie I knew the day was coming. But still it seems unreal. No sense, no rhyme nor reason why. No justice.  No appeal. I want to lash out. Hate the world. To deny, to disbelieve. To scream despair.  To cry and curse. But, no. I will not grieve. I'll thank the blessing I received That day when first we met, And even though I seem alone I know our time is not done yet. For...Read On



Ghosts of the past are everywhere

The harsh cry of the alarm ringing in my ears I rise through currents of uneasy slumber. Pushing through sheets tossed in restless waves To drag myself from the empty ocean of my bed Onto the bleak shore of the lonely day. Move on. Cold tiles underfoot, I reach the shower... Visions of glowing skin through steam, Hungry lips and fingers in the wet heat. Soaped bodies locked in...Read On


Queen Of Emptiness

She does exist...

Squatting in the shadows Bloated and seething With bile and ancient hate She sits as cold as stone Weaving webs of malice From strands of her misery Hidden fangs dripping despair She waits patient as Death While twisted minions held in thrall Spun about with spells of glamour Entice the next unwary soul With whisperings and promises Smiles sweet as poison ...Read On


The Fool In The Rain

I followed you...I had to know

Restaurant windows blazing light Over rain slicked pavement. Warm glow embracing you as you enter. I remain in the limbo of the night, Watching you from across the green. The silent watcher in the park Staring through the drizzling dark, Concealed in dripping shadows. A figure rises, moves to greet you, Auburn tresses haloed in light. I see her hand take yours, Your arm pulling her close....Read On