Hot, loud and cantankerous

Gus stumbles into the day and starts his weekend with a bang

When I finally roll out of bed it's late on Saturday morning. The daylight seeps in, past the shitty layers of sheets strung up over the large window. It reigns dirty yellow light over my squalid kingdom. I attempt to get up, tipping and swaying; my body an unwilling vessel on the high seas of my hang over. Outside the corridor is much darker. The hallway carpet deadens my footfalls as I...Read On

Flash Fiction(2)



Anita leaves a lasting impression.

In the abandoned building, amid the rubble, Abraham disrobes. His pale skin glows in the sun, his dark chest hairs protrude, accentuated by the shocking milkiness of his torso. He holds his hands high, grinning. Maggie unpacks their meager picnic scrounged from a recent dumpster dive. She arranges the slices of stale fruit bread using a plastic bag as a plate. As Abraham proudly displays his...Read On


I'm going to Cairns. I love you.

I find my itchy feet leading me towards adventure, once more.

Life, she laughs at me, especially tonight as I sit at my computer. The machine is a heap of shit. The keys are sticky with age; the keyboard is stained and the space button is missing. Instead of a large friendly space bar, all I have is a small plastic sensor. I've been training my fingers to touch with fair accuracy. I believe that if you don’t make your decisions then nobody will...Read On



Almost finished

an ode to a dog I loved

I always remember you’re not here. Such a smiling countenance,  so much orangeness so very gone I hear you in the silence of the passageway the silence of the house and the silence of the yard (I didn’t even know I was chatting, shuffling around in our island of a house and now I’m just talking to myself) I’m aching for the feel of my dingo friend not lost not alone. Patient Hairy ...Read On