And You Will Pay for What You Done

The tale of Betty Leise

There are those who are simply unlikable, the kinds of people who without fail will irritate those around them in some fashion. It happens. Betty Leise was one of them. She had a nasty temperament, and was not ashamed of it. From since she was a young child, she was rude, nasty and sometimes downright cruel. It was not long until people figured for their sake, it was better to leave Betty...Read On


Lucy's Violin

The devil lends Jacob his violin

Jacob Neilheimer was a gifted musician. Even as a young child, before he could walk, he could play songs on his grandmother's piano. His family, a family of means was elated and proud of Jacob. They brought the best tutors, they place him in the best schools and provided him the best kind of instructions that money could buy. Their investment proved worthy, Jacob in his young age, was...Read On



The demon of Anderson Ranch meets his match

I have no name. I have never concerned myself with names. I been living in the Anderson Ranch for the past...I do not even know. I been through so many families, they all look the same to me. Every so often, a family moves in, and I chase them away from the Ranch. Sometimes, if I am lucky, I take a soul with me. I enjoy terrorizing the families. I love the fear and the screams that the...Read On


The Box on Riverdale Street

A tale of three men

This is a tale of three men, an educated man, a glutton and a greedy man. Unfortunately for you, this happens more than you would like to believe. There is nothing remarkable about Riverdale Street, except for the town’s yearly parade that would march down that street. Besides that day, it was an ordinary street, a road for people to travel to get home and get to work. One evening, there...Read On


The Boy in the Well

Beware the Well on Old Jerry's field

Not long ago, in a small town in the United States, schoolchildren often had to walk past Old Man Jerry's field. Cautiously, they walked by the field every day before and after school. The children walked slowly, taking in the dark magic of the field. Old Man Jerry's field was an old grass field that caught all the townsfolk’s attention. Once a month, Jerry would trim the grass on the...Read On



15 appeals from the Mix blood: We Leave the Fallen Behind

We leave the fallen behind

Onward we march because we must go on.  Onward we go because our destiny remains just on the other side.  Who has fallen?  Who falls behind?  Leave them, we must move on. Mourn on the path, if you must object,  Battle is just ahead and we must continue on.  Sweet voices from the past cannot keep us in chains.  Vengeful ghost of yesterday cannot keep us on the...Read On



Adorn me with something sweet Love so strong, it leaves impressions  Impressions that even Heaven can not deny. Bless me with something that will make the angels envious So envious, their white, light fluttering wings pause in the air so jealous of what me and you have so envious that two souls intertwine in ways none can understand He gives me Something that catches my very soul ...Read On



A poem of grief

There is no autonomy I have little autonomy Beat me shatter me tell me what I am to do There is no autonomy Be silent for you do not know what you speak. Wait listlessly patiently namelessly without words without sounds Am I something? Can I be something? I am nothing. How surreal it must be to be free Actually free?  Fool. How foolish it must be to think we could be free ...Read On


Cries from the Angry Mix Blood

excerpts from a short poetry book I wrote

I do not know where God is sometimes. Olympus above sends no lightening good or bad to any of my cries. What is this heaven that people speak of? A paradise of bliss sent to bandage old warrior wounds. Souls and energy pressed into the wine press to pour out old bitter poison. Disappointment. Confessional organs swell holding back angry tsunami flood of discontent. What am...Read On


Fleeting Time

The days are never long enough for my lover and I. The minutes go too fast and the hours disappears. The rest of the foolish world thinks time moves too slow But in each other arms, wicked time moves too fast. When apart, time moves too slow When together, it is quick, fleeting and we are force to bow to time once again. Our days together, our time together is never enough. The days...Read On


Fried Whipped Sun. Concrete Moon.

Its is just one of those days

May all your dreams come true. stand upon giant mountains and scream  happiness unbound and wings now grow. Who can hold me down?  The chains of earth and hell broken.  The calls of annoyance from un-required obligations of others. None of those are important.  I am on wings and eating freedom as though a cake.  love runs through my veins now. Respect my new cap  may all...Read On


My Boy

My boy lives in my pond The pond behind my house He whispers Whispers Whispers Sweet things to me My boy My boy My sweet dear boy Lives in my pond And tells me great tales Of his world beneath He is ghastly pale With dead hollow eyes Flesh decaying but I love him just fine My boy My boy My sweet dear boy Lives in my pond Behind my house ...Read On


The Tree in my backyard is on top of me

A poem of woe and horror

The tree in my backyard is on top of me. I know! I know! No one will believe me but trust me, trust me! The tree in my backyard is on top of me! It stands there, its large roots placed on top of me. It mocks me and teases me, telling me that my days are numbered before the world forgets about me. It inevitable, isn't it? The world forgetting about me. Oh, why me! Oh, why me! ...Read On