Synopsis and Chapter One: Part One. *First Life*

Synopsis Ever want to switch lives with someone else? Look to covet something someone else has on their side of the fence? More money. Better job. Bigger house. Love. Kurt Eakles does, and soon, will have the chance to do just that. But not every life is perfect and with every pro, there’s a con to follow. There’s no such thing as Fairytales. With limited times to switch between lives,...Read On


Hidden Inside - Prologue

Trevor lay beside me in the tall grass. The gentle, summer, breeze was swaying the thin blades enough to brush the bare skin of our legs. My shoulders shook with laughter, from a joke he'd just told. Warmth filled my bones, from both the burning sun above and the steady calm from our friendly banter. The humor melted away in an instant, stolen from my chest as I noticed the plume of...Read On



Customer Service

When a phone call is more like torture.

  1   It was the light percussion of a triangle that did it. The soft ting of it incorporated with what would be a rather drab tune, that roused him from slumber. Head pounding, eyes swimming in a sea of their own fluid, he blinked away sleep to the real nightmare (not that he remembered if he had been dreaming, or what it would be about anyway). The old-fashioned style corded...Read On


Story to tell

Which one do you think it was, God, or Fate?

Everyone has a story to tell, about who they are, where they came from, what their names mean. Not to boast (okay, I’m boasting a tad) I happen to believe there’s something extra magical about mine. While I don’t believe in organized religion, you might even say it was God’s doing; I happen to believe it’s fate. In order to know my story, you first have to look before me, even before my...Read On




For someone I used to love.

Sprinkling softly, the rain falls down to earth, like tears from the heavens. Ironic in this moment, as my own eyes start to well. I close my eyes and bite my lip, pushing back my feelings as a clap of thunder shakes the ground. My once-treasured thunderstorms are leaving me empty, broken. Thanks to you. Bittersweet I suppose, I always knew deep down I was never good enough. Oh so painfully...Read On


The Scar I chose

An extremely personal tale of my scars.

Life has a funny way of knocking us all down, making it seem impossible to get back up. Luckily, the human spirit is stronger than disaster, able to withstand things we thought we weren’t capable of. For some of us, life marks its territory in our lives through physical scars. All with names. Dates. Places. Stories. A constant reminder of what’s happened to us through old, puckered skin. ...Read On



Hard to stand here? You bet ya.

You know what's funny? How easy it is to give up on something you cared so much about. You constantly tell yourself that you could never give up that something, whether it be a hobby, a loved one, or even yourself. The last is surprisingly easy though, a few blows to your ego and...                                                                                               ...Read On



Waking Up

Oh how life goes by.

One day you wake up And you're three years old At three, there are no worries You go with the flow so to speak Then you go to sleep When you wake, you're thirteen Life seems difficult, but it's not You worry about petty things, what people think of you Your parents tell you not to worry, but you do anyway So you go to sleep Now you're thirty-three when you awaken You have a house, kids, and...Read On


Caged Bird

A caged bird Destined for greatness Held back from the world Feeling quite anxious These walls closing fast Nowhere to turn This sad, lonely soul About to crash and burn Cries of sorrow Fill the air Longing to break free Full of despair Been here awhile Sitting tight Been waiting forever To finally take flight The caged bird Destined for something great How it pains me to tell you I'm...Read On



We are but lanterns burning with limited fuel amidst  the darkness   To burn illuminate  slowly fade and die   Leaving nothing  but darkness in our wake once more ...Read On