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If you really wanna cry and cry and cry and smile and learn about a rare genetic disorder called xeroderma pigmentosum... you should watch Midnight Sun

2 days ago

Website went live last month and this month's release is scheduled for the 20th!

Citrus Burst wax melts, After Dark cocoa butter lotion, various nail polishes and Rainbow Magick bath salts will be available! 💜

4 days ago

It's on vacay mode right now since I sprained my wrist at work, but this is my shop's new website!

12 Apr 2019 16:53

"Most girls are smart and strong and beautiful. Most girls work hard, go far, we are unstoppable..."

Workin' hard to be like 'most girls' and workin' hard to keep my shop afloat in a world of sinkin' ships. I'm very lucky to have the fiance I do, for so many reasons! ONE is that he has gotten me a soaping kit, so within the next month I should be adding homemade soap to my list of products! Keep a lookout for that AND as soon as I have it set up, I'll have my website posted here too - for The Wandering Squirrel! <3 I'm gonna stick some links in my 'signature' and my bio for those of you that want to stay more updated with all the other things I'm doing besides writing, haha. Love ya!

20 Jan 2019 22:22

Well, I don't know when my last status was posted, but it was definitely more than a month ago! I am still working on improving my Etsy shop, but you can find it here: and you can help support it here, if you wish:

If you help me reach my goal of $300, you will receive either a one-time code for 25% off your first order or one of the products that you'll have helped me add to my line. I'm working on getting better labels as well as a light box for photos & supplies for cold process bar & liquid soap and nail polish.

My current list of products isn't too bad either, if I do say so myself. I've added a few things since last I posted, so figure I may as well update you. If you're not interested... you don't have to read, I suppose.

I currently offer roll-on fragrances in many scents, wax tarts, simple soap bars, beard oils, shave soap, lotion, incense, lip gloss, lip balms, pamper baskets & more.

26 Nov 2018 05:55

Opened my Etsy shop! Currently selling wax tarts, incense, unisex fragrances, soap (using melt and pour bases), shower gels, bath fizzies & truffles and lip balms. Working on adding lotions and soap (using my own recipes) as well as some more lip balm flavors and improving my bath fizzy recipe. You can find my shop here: and follow me on Instagram @arias_emporium. :)

Also, went to look at my DeviantART account and realized I have over 700 deviations over there, so if you think my few pieces here are a lot... go check that out. Don't hold any of them against me though. For the most part I was fifteen when I wrote them and we all know how ridiculous some of the things in a fifteen year old's mind can be.

Miss you guys. Just been busy with the shop/work/debt/more writing, so haven't been on a lot, but I'm trying to at least pop in once a month!

23 Jul 2018 22:10

05 Sep 2017 01:03

10 Aug 2017 03:52

09 Jul 2017 00:17

07 Mar 2016 16:37

"Here it comes again
Second month again
It's time.
Paper hearts again
Reds and pinks ascend
Don't tell me plans for your date
Your romance doesn't play on my mp3 player
Don't wanna see PDA
Or the gifts that you made
'Cause she's so far away.

And I
wish you were here by my side
And I
Can't seem to understand
Why we have to be so pixelated, so pixelated
Don't understand why
Why we have to be so pixelated, so pixelated,

Call me lonely
Call me bitter
You're probably right
I only see her on twitter,
and webcam, facebook, the phone, and on skype.
Love and long distance ain't easy
for me and clairici
But love finds its way
Hearts full of affection
Through lag disconnections
We're here to stay.

But I
wish you were here by my side
And I
Can't seem to understand why
Why we have to be so pixelated, so pixelated
Don't understand why
Why we have to be so pixelated, so pixelated,
Don't understand why
Why we have to be so pixelated, so pixelated..."

18 Dec 2015 00:22

"I don't care the miles that stand between us, Don't care if time starts pushin' through, Don't care what the people think about us, I'm gonna find my way to you." -I don't care, Jeremy Passion.

18 Dec 2015 00:15

17 Dec 2015 01:36

"I'm so sick of it all, I just don't wanna die without knowing why something's got a grip on me, oh why something's got a grip on me! ... I wanted to be somebody else..." -Anxiety, Stilrize.

04 Dec 2015 22:55

19 Oct 2015 01:10

The new cover photo for Chapter 21 of Tomorrow:

12 Oct 2015 00:02

Currently obsessed:

Currently WANTS:

09 Aug 2015 00:48

Currently obsessed:

Currently WANTS:

09 Aug 2015 00:48

26 Jul 2015 02:14

Aha. Oh joy.

11 Jun 2015 02:13

Well that plan failed. We're still looking for a place that's open and affordable enough. Thought we had one and then they took the stupid frickin ad down. So. Wish me luck!

11 Jun 2015 00:56

Getting my permit Friday, getting my license ASAP, getting a car, and getting moved out by June. So I'm busy. If I'm not on here for the next two months, y'all know why now.

22 Apr 2015 23:13

The latest and final chapter of Tomorrow is up y'all! You can find it here:

And if you haven't read the novella-to-be yet, chapter one is here:

10 Jan 2015 00:51

30 Dec 2014 22:47

Veteran's Day is comin' up, so to all y'all who fought or are fighting, all y'all who are related to those who fought or are fighting, and, though y'all can't read this, all y'all who lost your lives fighting for us, Thank you.

06 Nov 2014 01:51