Boss: Finally Home

This is one kinda from Boss' POV when she first got home from the war... Iraq/Afgan, fyi

(All of the "If You're Reading This"s comes from the song titled "If You're Reading This" by Tim McGraw. The letter was inspired by that song and "Letters From Home" by John Michael Montgomery as well as "I'm Already There" by Lonestar and "A Soldier's Memoir" by Joe Bachman). The plane touches down and Jennifer stands when the other passengers do. Within this plane, at least, she seemed to...Read On


Philena: Nobody Cares

"Every day is one more inch of a slow blade sinking in. Vision fading, suffocating inside my own skin... And I'm fighting the stranger in my eyes, and I know that only one of us will survive. If I can't save us, I've got to save myself. I can't stay here in this place... I'm slowly freaking out, I'm slowly freaking out and out and out again." - Skylar Grey, Slowly Freaking Out. Eight...Read On

Flash Fiction(63)


A Shot Heard 'Round the School

I have awesome dreams, don't I? Oh well... story inspiration...

An intruder alert comes over the intercom, and the other students hide under their desks. She was talking to the teacher and his sort-of teacher's aid, so she's now heading under her desk. The door slams open and a man with a gun walks in before the teacher has time to lock the door or even react fast enough. The shooter is familiar to her, but she has no time to register anything- the gun...Read On


Alphabet Soup

Another from Creative Writing class... hope you enjoy

You've been playing outside in the snow for the past half hour, and even with the gloves on your hands, they are frozen, and so's the rest of you. Your dad opens the door and you rush inside to find a slightly steaming bowl of Alphabet soup! Your mother smiles as you giggle, looking through the letters, trying to make your name, Laura. You finally do so and point to it for everyone to see-...Read On


Blocks in the Pottery Room

Creative Writing piece in third person

He'd been swimming fine at first- perfectly fine- but there was a current and nobody was watching. He tried and tried to swim to the surface, desperate to get out, his lungs burning. He couldn't hold his breath much longer, he struggled, he could see the sunlight, but he couldn't reach it and his mouth opened and he felt the water clog his lungs and run down his throat. He was choking and...Read On


Blue Eyes

It's never happened to me... flash fiction, y'all... but figured it should be written about...

Her hands tremble, running through her hair in an anxious gesture. The alien four walls around her seem to be pressing closer the longer she stays here; compressing all of the echos of words, all of her stray thoughts, all of her fear into her tiny little bubble. Her icy calm exterior begins to crack where the warmth of little fingertips traces. The signs of it melting trickle down her face...Read On


Boss: I Found A Letter

Boss finds a letter to Santa written by her kids while she was over seas...

"Bring [them] home Santa, Bring [them] home to Jon and me. Let us wake up Christmas morning and find [them] standing by our tree." ~Bring Him Home Santa... with some edits. I open the shed to get out the Christmas decorations. It's the first time in a while that I've actually done so. It just hasn't felt like Christmas the past few years. When I reach for the box that holds the...Read On


Chapter One: Arrival

The first chapter to an untitled story based off my dream... (or... nightmare)

Before you get all excited like I'm going to tell you juicy details of a cruise gone wrong — chill. It was not a cruise ship, it was a ferry. We were actually heading to an island a few miles out from that one — a normal island. The ferry driver decided to check out what was in the mist, so instead of continuing straight forward he shifted left a touch. (I suspect he was new and naive and...Read On


Chapter Two: Settling In (Well, Sort Of)

The second chapter to an untitled story based off my dream... (or... nightmare)

When we landed it was about noon- though we didn't care much about time, we cared about the light in the sky- and at the point that I started realizing what was happening (the moment when I start remembering), I'd say it was about two o'clock. Some guys (of about eighteen to twenty-one in age) start shouting about swimming out. I think it's a good idea- what's the worst that could happen?...Read On


Character Description: Kiara

I'll be deleting all the Nymia/Mistyria stuff... writing Kiara's story instead. Get to know her.

Full name: Kiara Alma Aurora Age: 17 Hair: Hazelnut Eyes: Alexandrite Skin: creamy, porcelain Height: 5'6" Weight: 127lbs Gender: Female Sexual Orientation: Straight Favorite Drink: V8 Vfusion or Cherries Jubilee glass bottle soda Favorite Frozen Treat: orange popsicles Favorite Food: strawberries/cucumbers/salmon Hobbies: piano, caring for her kitten (Midnight) ...Read On


Character Description: Rory

Writing Kiara's story.. Get to know Rory... he's part of it too.

Full Name: Rory Joel Calhoun Age: 18 Hair: dark brown, almost black Eyes: dark peridot Skin: freckled, fair Height: 6'0" Weight: 185lbs Gender: Male Sexual Orientation: Straight Favorite Drink: Rockstar Juiced energy drinks Favorite Frozen Treat: Twix ice cream bars Favorite Food: his grandmother's gumbo Hobbies: running, reading, researching Fears: death, crossing...Read On


Crazy Calm

I have this playlist on YouTube titled Awareness, it contributed greatly to this piece.

This is a compilation of 4 micro fictions... making it a short flash fiction. Hope you enjoy.  *** She walks slowly down the stairs from their little bathroom. Her stomach is sick, and she feels weak, but at least she'll be skinny- she'll look like all those beautiful girls in those magazines. She picks her backpack up, which feels like it weighs a ton, and walks out the door and to...Read On


Don't Scream

I've been having some very freaky dreams...

She rides down the street on her bike, an average pace set to get to the Bed & Breakfast by nine, but not too fast to wear herself out too much. This was, after all, her last mile of twenty-five that day. Her ears pick up on a sound to her back and she looks into her bike's rear view mirror to see a dark figure following her, matching her pace. Instead of speeding up and giving away that...Read On


Friends With Benefits?

I want to kiss you...

She hugs him, holds him, as he holds her- kisses her, on the lips and down her neck. Nibbles a little, comments on something, causing her to giggle. He says something else... she looks down, "Very few guys, past family members, have called me pretty..." She says it, regrets it, feels pathetic for letting him know that, for showing it means so much. "Are they blind? You are very pretty."...Read On


Getting to Know You

She's sitting at her computer desk when it blinks, alerting her of a new email. She crosses her fingers, hoping it's a college acceptance message or something of the kind, but instead finds one from her email-stalker, MGlass. Most of them from the past couple months had been just the normal: Hey, baby... wanna meet up ? and I love your videos and music, please reply, won't you darling? I...Read On


Harper: Slow

Inspired by: Slow by TheSarahJade on YouTube

" I miss you so much. " I kneel on the grass and stare into the darkening horizon for a long period of time, my mind whirling, the compulsively organized file cabinets in my brain spewing memories onto the floor. I am forced to sift through them in order to find their dwelling place. I run into the memory of standing up for you to Dad. His voice pierces my heart, driving as deep as it did...Read On


Have To Be... Pretty

The first line of this one, the beginning quote = Evanescence's. End quote=Superchick's. Not mine.

"You won't cry for my absence I know, you forgot me long ago. Am I that unimportant? Am I so insignificant? Isn't something missing?" "Isn't someone missing me?" He chuckles at the young girl's silly question, "You think someone's missing you ? You pathetic, weak, ugly little girl? Don't hope for that! Hope I'll let you live." The girl whimpers in fear and looks down at herself. How...Read On


Hold Me?

Another from a different account..

Raven stands at the end of the bed, looking at him as he sleeps, wondering what he's dreaming about. Was it the same as her? Was it the wish to talk for hours on end at night like they did at first? Wishing for more time together? Wishing to just be  held , be loved? "John?" she whispers, standing next to him.  He mumbles nonsense for a second, then looks up at her face- something was...Read On


How Could She Have Thought?

Her hands shake by her sides, clenched into fists as she holds back a scream... or a punch. They just keep taunting her, laughing and labeling like she's a piece of meat to be packaged, or a can of soup waiting for the label that will be there for the customer's convenience. "Emo whore," one shouts. "Cutterslut," another says. "Hey, if I give you a buck, how much'll you do for me?!" ...Read On


How Do I Save You?

In the voice of Philena, one of my characters.

I don’t know how all this started- he saw my bruises, he heard my words, he helped me, he questioned me, and he somehow got me to tell him, but I shouldn’t have. I should have just told him “it’s nothing” and left and never turned back, but I was so tired and he got to me. He doesn’t even know the depth of the hurt and pain, I won’t tell him and he will never know. But what if he...Read On

Into the Light

Inspired by To Write Love On Her Arms by Helio.

Her hand comes up, the blade there, dripping red onto the white counter top. A single line of blood seeps from the wound she's created, starting to drip off, into the sink, staining the porcelain permanently with the darkest of thoughts. I want to die . No, not even that. She was numb to it all, even the cuts- these reminders of her anger at herself and the pain that was just Too Much -...Read On


Jennifer: Childish Dreams

Jennifer (Boss) muses about her childish dreams... and what she thinks of them now.

I always wanted to be a cop when I was young. To hold a gun and shoot down the bad guys. I never imagined I'd shoot down some good guys as well. I never imagined I'd fall head over heels in love with the bravest, most amazing man in the world, have two beautiful children with him... and then lose him so soon. Never imagined such evils as a war that began with valid reasoning behind it and...Read On


Jennifer: Trapped

Jennifer (Boss) 's POV

I'm back at work now... working as a waitress at Applebee's. Taking down orders from customers, taking orders from the managers and the cooks. They don't yell much, but any loud or unfamiliar noises send fear and adrenaline skittering all the way through my body and flashbacks through my mind. Nobody really ever notices unless I stay there for too long and don't come back to the restaurant...Read On


Kiara to Rory: Demons

Eyes are the windows to the soul... Inspired, obviously, by Demons by Imagine Dragons...

"...look into my eyes, it's where my demons hide, it's where my demons hide... Don't get too close, it's dark inside, it's where my demons hide, it's where my demons hide... your eyes they shine so bright, I wanna save that light..." -Demons by Imagine Dragons. your eyes, dark as they are,  are so bright, they blind mine. mine, light as they are, are hiding dark secrets. *** ...Read On


Little Girl

And this marks when it's time for me to shut up... and go to bed.

"There's probably not a lot you can do." "Stop worrying, you're doing all you can." "She's not going to listen to you."  "She's going to hate you for this." "She's never going to trust you again." "You aren't going to get that friendship back." "Why'd you do that? Just leave her alone." "Walk away, just walk away." "It's too much, walk away." "Just walk away." "Walk away." ...Read On



Italicized Quotes are Because Of You by Kelly Clarkson. Listen to it with new ears.

"Because of you I try my hardest just to forget everything, Because of you I don't know how to let anyone else in, Because of you I'm ashamed of my life because it's empty, Because of you..." She opens her new closet door and runs right into herself. The owners before them must have forgotten the mirror. Her eyes are distant and sad, her movements both curious and anxious. She bites her...Read On


Love You Through It

Quotes at end are I'm Gonna Love You Through It by Martina McBride... from another account of mine..

She stares at the phone for a minute, wondering for a second if she heard him wrong. Maybe there was a mistake? Could there have been a small mistake and it effected her results by a lot? "Hello? Miss? Are you still there?" She forces herself to put the phone back to her ear, and then forces out a choked, "Yes. I'm here." Luna comes running in, only six, and she pastes on a smile,...Read On


Mandy's Failed Escape

The beginning can almost be sung to the tune of Leaving On a Jet Plane...

Her bags are packed, she's ready to go, so she wonders out the door and into the snow. *** The frosty air hits first, and almost instantly she can feel her face is pink with cold, but her feet won't stop moving towards the bus stop--not that she'd stop them; not that she wants to stop them. The bus doors open and she smiles a small smile until she realizes she doesn't have enough...Read On


Meghan- .:Bed Time:.

Meghan as she wonders and fears about her diagnosis... isn't the best, but I thought I'd try...

Tears trickle down her cheeks, her face to the wall, curled in the corner of her bed. She'd said goodnight, not because she was tired, but because she had to think. Leukemia... acute myeloid leukemia... cancer  of the blood... treatment... chemotherapy...  She was twelve, she wasn't ready to die. She wanted to be a teacher, she wanted to graduate high school and go to college and be a...Read On


Melanie's New Muse

Melanie, Sophie's sister, is now an author...

The trees are so beautiful this time of year- frosted with snow like a sprinkling of powdered sugar. "Too bad it is too cold to go out," Melanie whispers to herself, backing her chair away from the window and her computer desk to instead sit, uncluttered, at the center of the room. There's a crash somewhere outside and she is taken back to the crash and crunch the day Sophie fell... But...Read On


Miss Christie

It just isn't the same...

"They look like ants, bustling around out there," she mutters to herself as she looks out the window, down to the city below. Turning away, she finishes getting ready for her show, the final touch will come right before entering on stage right. There's a knock at the door, "Miss Christie, you have two minutes," and I remember my first performance at age twelve. I was shaking, my face...Read On


Mistyria - Let Go

Because of you, I'm running away...

**This is a work of fiction from the point of view of one of my poor, poor characters. I didn't know where to put it, so it is in flash fiction.**  "Don't look back... You'll never know the way your words have haunted me..." Evanescence, Snow White Queen. I know you know what you did to me. You weren't drunk, there was no excuse for you to treat me, your only...Read On


No Bigger Than My Hand

Getting my kitty-cat...

Ten minutes before eight o'clock and I was out the door, rushing around the corner to the house owned by the woman who'd promised me my kitten at eight sharp. I knocked at the door even though I didn't see any extra cars in the driveway, figuring they'd just dropped him off or something and she had him inside. She opened the door and said I had to wait another day, the younger daughter...Read On


Not A Stranger

From Philena's POV, the prologue to her story, Tomorrow.

This work within its first few lines contains language or other material which some readers may find offensive. In consideration, Stories Space has hidden the preview of this selection. By choosing to view the piece in its entirety, you agree that you are 18 or older and do not object to such content.  His fists came down on me again as his words cut...Read On


Nymia- Female Crap

Inspired by the original music video for Alyssa Lies by Jason Michael Carroll...

They lay there, comfortable together- he was in a good mood, chatting about football and his truck. Missy (Nymia) nods in all the right places and smiles at him, and kisses him when he leans in for one, but for whatever reason tonight, when he wants more, she backs away, shaking her head. He looks at her and she can see the anger behind the sweet expression on his face- eyes don't lie- as...Read On


Part One: Zana- Letter to Mom and Dad

Dear Mom and Dad... You probably don't understand why I'd do such a thing, do you? I'm perfect- getting straight A's and going to church every Sunday, volunteering at a soup kitchen on the weekends... Do you even know me? Wait- don't answer that.  No, you don't know me. My friends know me, the school knows me... hell, complete strangers on the internet know me, but you...Read On


Philena- .:I'm Sorry:.

I'm so mean to my characters...

About 2 months after getting away... I didn't mean to do it, I swear. I swear I didn't. The car came out of nowhere and... and I... I couldn't move fast enough... and... please don't hurt me. "Why would I hurt you? It wasn't your fault, I'm just glad you're okay." Arms around me, pulling me close to him. It's still all new, Adam, completely new. ...if I was still there... ...Read On


Philena- .:Prison:.

Inspired by Hell is for children - Pat Benatar..

Maybe you don't know what you're doing to me, maybe you don't realize because of all the alcohol  and drugs  and the sensations  you get from doing something so wrong- so twisted. Maybe Mom wouldn't care if she knew, maybe you should try while she's home and awake and see if she gives a fuck. Have fun with that, underneath all the cigarette smoke and various powders, she cares you son of...Read On


Philena- Valentine's Day

A happy Valentine's Day story...

Her heart flutters in her chest- this year she wasn't there, this year Adam was here. This year would be different- would be happier. He had something planned- she didn't know what, but the way he was it was something romantic. She walks to her locker to find it open with flowers- five white roses, her favorites, and one red one at the center- a heart-shaped box of chocolates, and an...Read On


Philena: Bottles

At age five, I had already experienced the loss of a parent. My biological father died of lung cancer. At age six, I had already experienced alcoholism, though not personally. My mom was glued to her wine. That was how I found her one day, walking into the house. I had just gotten home from school and she was already drunk off her ass. "Mommy? Mommy, I know you miss Daddy... but I...Read On


Philena: Coffee

Goodbye. (This is not canon)

"Let me out. Let me out. Let me out." -Video of Alyssa Lies by Jason Michael Carroll. *** "Hello?" I jump at the voice behind me, and try to smile, but it's a grimace and he knows it. "How are you, Philena? I haven't seen you in school for a week." Adam is too curious for his own good. Someday he'll learn to leave some secrets... just be. "Oh, I'm fine. Taking a little bit for...Read On


Philena: Dear Diary

Why can she not tell Boss (or anyone for that matter) about Stepmonster? About Chase?

9. May Dear Diary, I feel so stupid . Why can't I just tell them? Why can't I open my mouth and say it out loud? I can write it here--it's easy. I don't even care if somebody finds it written here. Why can't I report it? Why couldn't I just tell Boss today? Why couldn't I open my mouth and tell Adam? Why can't I say it ? I've been abused for almost ten years. Ten years. See? Easy. I...Read On


Philena: Evangeline

pouty lips twinkling eyes years ago you gave me butterflies... You walked up to me at out middle school. I'd had quite a crush on you since a couple years before. Your lips were peachy pink, moist because you'd just licked them nervously. Your eyes were smiling at me even if your teeth were biting your bottom lip. You open your mouth, with those perfect teeth, and spoke to me- me ....Read On


Philena: Evangeline 2

A little more detail... from where the other one left off 'til the present... Philena's POV

You joined Alexa for a while. I saw you in the halls with the Pinheaded football players we used to laugh about. You mostly ignored me the first half of sophomore year, and, surprisingly, so did the Blonde Squad. That all changed right around finals time though. I was absent for two days and when I came back, I was ghost-like and shaky. I was the frail girl we used to joke about - the one I...Read On


Philena: Mean It

Inspired by Losing Grip by Avril Lavigne

"Everything wasn't okay..." -Losing Grip by Avril Lavigne I walked into the room and you walked out. I hugged you and you stiffened, I kissed you and your lips were frozen. It was like when you were on that one assignment for months and we couldn't be seen together, only worse because I know your assignment now is nothing like that. Why won't you hold me? Why won't you talk to me? Why...Read On

Audio version available

Philena: Questions

A Philena short...

---------------------- Please be advised that this work contains language which some readers may find offensive. In consideration, Stories Space has hidden the preview of this selection. By choosing to view the piece in its entirety, you agree that you are 18 or older and do not object to such content.  ---------------------- People ask why I didn't leave sooner. Why I didn't tell...Read On


Philena: So Tired

"Leave me alone, leave me alone, leave me alone..." -Otep, Jonestown Tea. Philena's POV

"Come here, 'Lena. Come over to your stepfather."  He beckons to me and I walk over, thinking maybe, just maybe, that day at the Zoo was a one-time thing. Maybe... maybe he wouldn't hurt me any more. Maybe he'd be a new Dad- not so much a replacement for Daddy, but a new one. Someone to keep his spot warm. "That's a good little girl. Come on."  He removes my pants and holds me...Read On


Philena: The Bathroom Floor

Inspired by Cemetery Drive by My Chemical Romance... yes, there are parts similar to Philena: Prison

"Way down... way down... way down. ...They found you on the bathroom floor..." -Cemetery Drive by MCR. "'Lena!" His voice, rough from cigarettes and powders, sloppy, stomach-twisting from the slur of the alcoholic life. His breath sour - bitter - to my nose and broken-glass ragged in my ear. He staggers toward me, about as balanced as a cat on its front two legs. Snap out of it! ...Read On


Philena: The Dining Room

A couple memories of Philena's, told from her point of view...

I've walked past this dining room many times. When I was seven, I walked past it, out the door and to the car. We were headed to the hospital to see my Daddy. Mother didn't say at the time, but I know now that he was dying and I was leaving to say goodbye. I remember the passage through the room being a happy one, because we were visiting Daddy, but now, looking back, it has a very...Read On


Philena: Thoughts and Words and Sharp Objects

May trigger... and the book: Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn is a real book,focused more on mystery..

I read once about a girl who cut stinging words into her flesh, some flowery, a few dirty, many harsh and emotional. The book was really very good. It was titled Sharp Objects and written by a now favorite author by the name of Gillian Flynn, called so because the woman within would use any object to slice herself to safety so long as it was sharp enough. Reading the book of murders and...Read On


Probably Not

I had to write about it or it'd drive me crazy... we've been talking about it in Civics...

Dear my love, I know you'll be the one to find me. I'm not sorry for doing this, though perhaps for not telling you. But I knew you would not approve. My love, I'm tired... I'm dying anyway... or I was... I had six months to live, sweetie, I was bedridden. I didn't want to be a burden. I didn't want to lose all my dignity. I didn't want you to see me suffering. I was tired, my special one....Read On


Programmed Response/Patterns

"Sick of all the fear, I'm screaming..." -Anxiety, Stilrize.

"Hello! How are you?" She says it enthusiastically, speaking to the customer placing their items on the belt, smiling a friendly smile and trying desperately to focus only on that one person and not on the line building behind them. The items finally reach her and she signs on to the register in front of her and begins scanning and bagging. Scan. Bag. Scan. Bag. Repeat. "I'm okay. How...Read On



I decided to try my hand at a mostly-dialogue story... lemme know how it sounds...

"Follow me, follow me, I've more rooms to show you still! Follow me, follow me, you buzzards!" "Buzzards? Why, pardon me, but you offered!" "Yes, well. I didn't think you'd actually want to see." You never have before... Idiot, you're an idiot, never offer if you aren't ready to show. "Why would we ignore an offer? That's stupidity, that is!" Well, hell, I don't know, why did...Read On


Prologue: A Warning

The prologue to an untitled story based off my dream... (or... nightmare)

An island, small enough to travel by foot at day, and dangerous enough that if you are on the ground after the sun starts setting, you will be killed. An island of nocturnal creatures specifically created to kill humans... acidic water for fifteen feet out on all sides... then mist that gives away nothing and stops everything within from escaping. This is the story of how I survived all...Read On


Run: Prologue: Mistyria- The Decision

Missy makes the decision to become, not Raven, but Nymia, and finally escape the Kenzies...

She lays in bed looking up at the ceiling. Her mind whirls with words said by her " amazing " boyfriend who she's so " perfect " with and the normal events of the day. He was so abusive, verbally and at times physically or sexually. She really just wanted to leave, but what if she never found someone that wanted to be with her again? Of course, being in Psychology, she realizes that...Read On


Sapphire: Hey Guys...

It's an illness... not a horror movie

Hey guys. My name's Sapphire. Yes, like the gemstone. I know, original, right? What were my parents thinking? Well, my eyes are sapphire blue. Gorgeous image, right? Jealous? Don't be. Have any of you ever heard of schizophrenia? Do you know what it really is? Or is all of your knowledge from one source: movies? Thought so. Not many people actually know what all it entails. Hell, even I...Read On



February is eating disorder awareness month... plus I thought I'd do more...

Doesn't come to school, stays home sick. I'm there, sitting in the seat, next to the one she would usually be in. Don't think about it  I tell myself, but how do you not think and wonder and worry about a friend who is getting herself too deep into a deadly situation? She is quite literally skin and bones  and the best I can do is offer a stupid piece of pizza. What the hell kind of good...Read On



Inspired by Sophie by Eleanor McEvoy

"Sophie cannot finish her dinner, she says she's had enough... Sophie's trying to make herself thinner, says she's eaten too much..." -Sophie by Eleanor McEvoy. It's three in the morning and she's still exercising, downstairs in the home gym. She becomes dizzy and stops, slowly stepping from the machine. She takes a sip from her water bottle, a bite of lettuce, and gets back on for...Read On


The Wait

An Assigned Write from Creative Writing, written today, eleven sentences, piece by piece...

The bus rolled up and opened its doors like a slug sliming up a leaf. I could walk 25 miles to Seattle before the driver even put on his blinker to alert car drivers he was parking there. There are other days I would complain about this, ranting without end, but today I am in no hurry and today there is a puddle of squishy, green, glittering goo all along the side of the road--at least with...Read On


Tiger's Tears

This is a work of fiction from my other site...

She feels her heart drop through her stomach and out the other end. It has crashed to the floor and popped and now the blood gushes around her in a big lake of cherry kool-aid. Her eyes feel as if they roll back into her head and will never come back to the front- there is only pitch black in her vision. Her arms and legs shake, causing her to lean on the wall in order to not fall into her...Read On


Under the Full Moon

From leaf to beautiful flower...

The brilliance of it shines pale grey-white like a seagull's feathers in the sea of black inky oil, giving her the only light there was. The leaves in hues of red and shades of brown, yellows and oranges as vibrant as a stoplight and as dim as the mucky slime that they call baby food. They fall, floating gracefully down to the ground from their uppermost perch in the city's version of a...Read On


Wait up, miss!

I suck at endings... but here's an interesting one.

The view of her was marvelous- even from across the room, he saw the glimmer of red in her mostly brown hair, and the creaminess of her fair skin. She was like a real life porcelain doll from the Victorian era- somehow fit into a corset to make her waist as invisible as possible, then buried under finest-silk dress and otherwise. To him, she'd be perfect as his bride. He excused...Read On



February is eating disorder awareness month... plus I thought I'd do more...

She comes to school, Sits next to me, I've seen the pictures...  I know what's under those layers, You can see every single little bone. She thinks that because she's not losing in her problem areas, it makes sense- Sense to do what? To starve yourself? To kill  yourself? This is going to kill you,  and you don't seem to care . Any normal parents would do something, and I guess...Read On


You Shouldn't Be Here

In a post WW3 world where you are forbidden to go near anyone outside of your own age...

Sabrina walks out of the dining hall after finishing eating quickly, and follows Chad down the hall. As far as everybody else knows, they're both going to their buildings- that would be expected of them- but as far as they both know, they're headed to a club to drink it up and spend time together. Or, well, as far as Sabrina knew that was what they were doing. Chad had no clue. She...Read On


Zombies and Nevers: Part One

It's set right before the dividing line of apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic...

***Setting: Right before the dividing line of apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic, meaning that the creatures that were killing during the apocalypse aren't quite dead yet and any other changes that happened haven't yet been fixed or undone, but the human race, what's left of it, is starting to come out of hiding in slow trickles. Testing the waters, if you please, to see if Earth is still able...Read On



Book Journal on Denial by Jessica Stern

a book journal... essay-like thing that I had to do for psychology... beware: disturbing.

Denial: a memoir of terror, written by Jessica Stern- experienced by Jessica Stern- talks mostly of Concord, Massachusetts and areas around it. It starts in the first couple chapters at the night that changed everything for her and her younger sister. They were then 15 and 14. It was October of ’73 and in Concord nobody thought anything like this could happen. Afterwards, speaking with...Read On


Jennifer: Veteran's Day

Boss and Jennifer are the same person, but this is the 1st story before the Boss Spin-Off.

A year after coming home... "Mommy! Mommy, my girl scout troop is walking in the parade tomorrow, do you wanna walk with us?" Kristi, 7, runs up and tugs on my shirt sleeve. Her smile is so wide and hopeful, I am conflicted in how to answer her. I know what I should say, to be a good mother, but I heard the parade here at home last year. They set it up so it's at the center of town, a...Read On


Today: Chapter One

"Leave me alone, leave me alone, leave me alone..." -Otep, Jonestown Tea.




Funny Moments

Just some random funny moments with my family...

When I was younger, my family and I would go camping almost every year- and I don't mean just me, my brother and my parents either. We brought two of my four cousins along with us when they could make it over from Wyoming. One year, we took a different vehicle than every other time, so we didn't have room for my eldest cousin in any of the seats. He ended up in the trunk. At first, he was...Read On

Micro Fiction(24)


A (Perfect) Date Gone Wrong

Lips. They open and say nothing, giggling instead. Then a brain fuzziness. Then nothing. Then a bed and her brain is foggy and she has a migraine. His breath smells of alcohol, wafting into her face from the right. Then she notices a bit of dry blood on the sheet below her and between her thighs. Then running. Then chasing. Then screaming. Then police. Finally, crying....Read On


A Splash of Color

***This is just here so not  all  of my story will be shown in the preview, because it is only... thirty-eight words long. I hope you all enjoy it. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~...Read On


Beneath the Surface

Inspired by Damaged by Melody Carlson, the book I just finished.

She was new, how could she have known? (Break up with her, have a fling, do something, back together again) The star quarterback. Handsome. Gentlemanly. Kind. Humorous. (The star quarterback. Monster. Acting. Angry. Dangerous.) The cause of the bill every month for PTSD counseling and her purity pledge being broken. (The cause of her pain, nightmares, and shame) She should...Read On


Boss: White Flag

[S]He collapsed with a flag in [his] hand. A flag white as snow... ~Hero of War, Rise Against.

Boss falls asleep staring at a picture of her husband. Today would be their 16-year anniversary if he were still around. No matter how many happy thoughts she fills her mind with before closing her eyes, the memories return. They were walking through a small town, guard up. Her feelings are safely tucked away in a hidden place, a dark place at the back of her mind. She told herself she...Read On



some more words...from the voice of Philena...

Please don't touch me...Read On


Dreams Flying Away

"Mommy, I wanna be a princess when I grow up!" Her mom smiles, "You're already a princess, sweetie." "Really, Mommy? I'm a princess?" "Of course, honey, you're my little princess." ***** Ten years later... "You know, Mom, growing up sucks." Her mom raises her eyebrows, "Really? Why's that?" "All of my dreams are flying away. Leaving me all alone, dreamless." "..." ***** ...Read On



What happened after a particularly horrible nightmare...

To-the-bone cold overtakes me. * * * Administrative Note: This piece was approved before the 20-word minimum rule went into effect. ...Read On


Her Own Hero

A six-word story

And she laid down...Read On


I Missed You...

I missed you, sweetheart...

I missed you, sweetie , the message said. And before she could turn around, she was dead. "I missed you, sweetheart," said the killer to her severed head....Read On


I've Forgotten

There will be audio up later...

"Tell me something, why do you look so empty?" "Who, me?" "Yeah, you." "No reason." "Doesn't look that way." "Okay, let me rephrase that: No good reason." "So what's your reason?" "It's no big deal, okay? Just drop it." "I'm not dropping it until you tell me the truth." " Fine. My teeny-tiny little reason is that I've been helping others for so long and..." "And what?" "And...Read On


Kiara and Rory in Alma, Nebraska

Rory speaks first... wrote this for creative writing... studying dialogue.

"Are you okay?" "Of course, why wouldn't I be?" "Well... your expression... and you're a ways from home." "Port Angeles wasn't home." "Okay... so why are you sad?" "This town reminds me of Rhode Island." "Your home?" "Yeah..." "What reminds you of it?" "The library... the smallness of it all." "Oh." "It makes me think of my parents..." "I'm sorry." "...and my...Read On


Light Sleeper

Her body lays on his bed, listening to him play his game, and she shuts her eyes against it, slipping into a dream. In the dream, it's her and him. Only her and him. And then the bed bounces, and it's back to her, him, and his game... She hates being a...Read On


Like Nothing Happened

Heart beating, slowly, in her chest. She can hear it- like the pounding of a drum. It aches, physically, because of the pain emotionally. What happened? What set her off? The pain radiates in electric waves through her whole body. She does not know what to do- it kind of scares her. She curls in a ball, facing the wall, corner of her bed. She tries to cry- relieve some of the pain-...Read On


Locked Doors (Forced Open)

---------------------------- This work contains subject matter that some readers may find disturbing. In consideration for our readers who do not wish to encounter this sort of material, Stories Space has hidden the preview of this selection. By choosing to view the piece in its entirety, you agree that you are 18 or older and do not object to such content. ---------------------------- * * * ...Read On


Lung Cancer

I wish I could save you. * * * Administrative Note: This piece was approved before the 20-word minimum rule went into effect. ...Read On


Never Forget

Here, it is edited. Is it still a micro fic? Or something else?

He beat her, He cursed her, He made her submit, and now... She won't ever forget his face. The face of a monster as he raises his fist to pound me into the dirt. The face of twisted love and sadistic hatred. The face from my past, the face from my nightmares. I will never forget. ...Read On


Permanent Hiatus

Ignorance kills.

No one had known and no one had seen. She was covered only in sterilized, cauterized wounds and somehow that made them less guilty, less damned, than she was for leaving a world that she wasn't needed in. Hated. Ignored. Alone. Terrified. Used. a Sacrifice. ...Read On


Philena- Reality

Just a short whatever kinda from her POV, kinda not, about dreams and reality.

She held her covers over herself in an attempt to hide from her nightmares. Curled in a ball, she felt protected and safe- much like a cat does when it sleeps that way. But if she had only known then what she knew now, she'd escape to dreams- no matter how terrifying- instead of reality. She would soon learn- there are scarier things out there than heights and falling, and scarier men than...Read On


Physical Pain is Better

A music player in the corner of the room plays nonstop drums, guitars, basses and keyboards. She does that to cover her cries before the knife slides across her thighs....Read On


Raven- .:I Need You:.

I don't deserve you... but I need you to love me - Barlow Girl, I Need You To Love Me

She steps towards him, arms crossed over herself, head down in shame, but eyes up, looking at him. "What's wrong, hun?" A few tears slip down her cheeks and she bites her lip, shaking. "I know I'm soiled... but... please don't leave me. I need you." His arms open up, and he holds her, shushing her. "What that creep did wasn't your fault. I love you, I won't leave you. I need...Read On



a dream

I walk down the hall. There's a hutch with trophies in it, all of them made of gold or silver. The floor is wooden, stained oak. Stairs are ahead of me and my friend stands at the bottom. I try to smile, but my lips get stuck at a grimace. She looks up at me, her green eyes wide, and shakes her head, eyelids falling to half down her eyes. The disappointment slaps me in the face and even as...Read On


Starving For Attention

Those (idiotic, ignorant) people that think people starve themselves for attention...

She weighs herself in the morning. It is part of her routine: wake up at 5am, weigh yourself, look in the mirror, shower and get dressed. The scale says 90lbs. "No way! I haven't eaten more than lettuce and water all week, how can I still be so fat ?!" She looks in the mirror and it's even worse than she thought. All she sees is globs of fat hanging off of her, jiggling when she pokes it,...Read On


The Boot

------------------------------------- This work contains subject matter that some readers may find disturbing. In consideration for our readers who do not wish to encounter this sort of material, Stories Space has hidden the preview of this selection. By choosing to view the piece in its entirety, you agree that you do not object to such content. ------------------------------------- * * * ...Read On


War Demons and a Drunk

Just because you're drunk, doesn't mean you aren't to blame.

***Another extremely short micro... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ....Read On



A Frustrated Writer's Rant -1

Oh, a rant of frustration... not anything special...

------------------------------------- This work, within its first few lines, contains language or other material which some readers may find offensive. In consideration, Stories Space has hidden the preview of this selection. By choosing to view the piece in its entirety, you agree that you are 18 or older and do not object to such content. ------------------------------------- I'm so sick...Read On


Aria: Every Single Day

...I am afraid... -Because of you by Kelly Clarkson.

I have things to do, people to talk to, places to call in order to live my life. My mom reminds me of this every single day. So does my dad, though in a more harsh and sarcastic manner. I need to call so the bill doesn't go to collection, but don't they understand? Every time I pick up a phone to call someone or to answer it, my heart races and my mind makes up all kinds of situations...Read On


Being Strong, Being Controlled, Being There

Be strong... be controlled... be there... that's all that matters right now.

Walk in, slowly- painfully slowly, so it takes as long to get back to that seat as possible. Breathe in, breathe out, unnoticed breathing, but calming breathing. Swallow those feelings, you had to be strong, strong and patient. Willing to be that, and to shove some of your feelings aside, so you could be that way. Sit down, finally sit down next to her, look at the teacher as the bell rings,...Read On


Call Me Beautiful

Inspired by a couple lines in Megan Nicole's B-e-a-utiful

I hear it all the time, the guys walking down the hall. All these vulgar sayings and words for the girls. We aren't called gorgeous or pretty or even cute. Half the sayings I won't even type, because it's insulting- granted, if I liked the guy, if we were together, I might think differently about some of them- but maybe not. Most likely not. They aren't ever directed at me, thank goodness,...Read On


Chicken Hearts, Mashed Potatoes and Disrespect: A Rant of Epic Proportions

Just because it's different...

...doesn't make it wrong. So as you all know (or should, I've been on here long enough for you to realize this), I am Pagan. I am not Catholic or Christian or Jewish or whatever, but Pagan and quite proud of it like many others are of their chosen religion. Now, I've never been all that open about it elsewhere in my life- especially not at work or home- but as I become more comfortable...Read On


Child Abuse: a musing

Just me getting my frustration and anger out about child abuse,asking tons of unanswerable questions

This whole entire week has had me ranting about one thing or another, but the issue with the largest presence in my mind is Child Abuse... or abuse of any sort, really. How can a person look at a child of any age, whether it is their child or grandchild or a friend's child or whatever  and hurt them? How do you look into wide, loving, trusting, innocent eyes and suck all that out of them,...Read On


Confessions of an Average Teenage Girl

This was very difficult to write and is even more so to post... please be gentle... no harshness...

Sometimes I wanted to cut. I wanted to cut so deep I felt no more and needed no more. And sometimes I wanted to cut so deep I lived no more, but I didn't. I know now that's because I was strong- not saying others are weak, because they aren't- but at the the time I thought I was being weak. I thought because I wanted to numb the pain with physical pain and I couldn't that I was idiotic and...Read On


Fighting, Futures, and Fear: A Musing About Cancer

Cancer is a bitch and I wish I could just put it down.

So I'm finally writing again and so I'm on the computer until 1:30 in the morning when I should be in bed and on skype, but I needed to write this one while it was still.. on my mind, because if I leave it til tomorrow, then I won't do it and I'll just ignore it because I'm really good at ignoring (or trying to ignore) the bad things in life. I try to block them out, and I know you all...Read On



A venting kinda thing from my dA...

Ever gotten on here with the full intent to write something down? To write everything down, to write all of your thoughts, your feelings, everything that's happening right now, to write it all down in a poem, but you can't seem to get it out onto the screen. You just can't write down everything in words because there's no equivalent to what you're feeling in poetry or words. There's no way...Read On


How Do YOU Think He Should Die?

It's a musing,in the form of a poem.inspired by It's Not Supposed to go Like That by Rascal Flatts.

She broke her boyfriend's heart, that's all she did, said, "This isn't working, can we still be friends?" Then he disappeared for a bit, A psychiatric ward is in his past now, as well as a kidnapping and a murder. The boy was 13, wasn't doing anything but helping his sister. He was alerting his older sister to danger. He was being a hero- He saved her life- Even though she was...Read On


I Hate Phones (And Other Crap)

Anxiety on the phone and elsewhere portrayed in short stories.

We're reading To Kill A Mockingbird in class and I've been called on to read and while I can read it aloud perfectly fine all by myself in my room, I bite my lip. I pause and I swallow a couple times and my hands get all hot and sweaty. My nickname Streetlight comes in handy here and my cheeks flush bright red and my breath comes a lot less easily. I put it off for as long as I can, but I...Read On


I Need A Vacation (From Myself)

Just something I wrote up last night. Well, this morning. Like, 2 am, literally.

"2am and I'm still awake, writing a song. If I get it all down on paper it's no longer inside of me, threatening the life it belongs to." -Anna Nalick, Just Breathe. They say I'm out of my head , but oh how they are wrong . I'm so stuck inside my head, over-thinking and over-anxious and over-exaggerating every emotion until I've over done myself and I fry my emotions and then I'm...Read On


Musing: Eating Disorders

People don't seem to get it... so I'll explain.

No one seems to understand eating disorders. If I'm being honest, I still have a lot to learn about them too, but I know enough to tell you what for if you tell someone who has Anorexia "just eat" or someone with Binge Eating Disorder that it's "just willpower" and to "just tell yourself no" because it is not  that fucking easy. Now you can joke and laugh all you like about how I'm "too...Read On


My Dear Friend

Inspired by Dear Friend by Stacie Orrico (in my video gallery). For my dear friend...

Dear friend... If you only knew how important you are... Dear friend... You have a purpose in this world all your own Dear friend... No one can take it 'way from you Dear friend... Don't take it from yourself. Dear friend... If only you knew how much I care Dear friend... If only you knew how I am there Dear friend... You aren't alone in your fight Dear friend... If only you let me in, Let...Read On


Permit. License. Car. (Repeat).

My current mantra... because I need to be able to drive my own car by May..

"Permit. License. Car. Permit. License. Car. Permit. License. Car." Almost everyone else gets their permit as soon as they turn 16. That's the big milestone halfway through high school for most kids... but I didn't want to drive back then, and because of that, I am now almost twenty and I have no license and no car and I still rely on my friends and my parents and buses to take me...Read On


Rock Bottom, Sis, Rock Bottom

We've been friends so long we're family... why? Directed to a friend who will never see it...

Cigarette butts littering the bedroom and yard, I can see in your eyes the alcohol and drugs. No, I don't mean the legal stuff... I mean the stuff that will get you locked up for possession as soon as you turn eighteen. I mean the dangerous stuff. Those highs you love so much? The escape from reality? I hope you love them as much or more than your life, because they shorten, and sometimes...Read On


Save Their Innocence: A Musing

A musing about the violent events of 2018 in America...



Something You Just Don't Joke About

You just don't joke about it... one person and I was irritable the rest of the week...

The day was good. I think it was Friday, or perhaps Thursday, but either way, the whole day was amazing... Until the very end. The bell had rung and I was walking to the stairs when I heard a guy from my grade (he was on the bench in the Senior section upstairs) exclaim, "I'm gonna jump!" Now, that bit freaked me out and I turned, but he got down off that bench and he laughed. That...Read On


The Ways of Depression and Self-Image

When depression and self loathing take over...

This is not a happy one, or even a thoughtful one, this is me opening up and exposing the truth and the pain and I am not going to be thinking at all while writing this... if I do, I will not be able to write it. It is all from the heart. *** I don't even remember most of seventh or eighth grade. Supposedly, my middle school was hell anyway so I wouldn't want to, but I don't remember...Read On


The Ways of Friendship

As I spoke about in The Ways of Religion and Belief , I did not keep many friends in my transition between elementary school and middle school. In this one, you will learn of that part of my life, and how it shapes me today. I was quite a bit more shy when I was younger, and even just a couple years ago. Since then... I've attempted to come out of the shell a bit, and I have... a...Read On


The Ways of Religion and Belief

The greatest pain is being so different, you'd be hated...

Talk to me, You'll get to know me, You'd never know, That what I'm about to say, is true. "Don't feel like Satan, but I am to them, so I try and forget it any way I can." Neil Young. I believe in... ...love ...happiness ...realization ...uniqueness ...helping ...and acceptance. Now, I will tell you about what I was thinking about last night, and what I thought...Read On


These Random Thoughts -At Night-

Kind of goes with Confessions... doesn't it? Ugh, I said I wouldn't submit it...

It's that moment where everything is still and silent in your house. It should be pitch black in your room, but it isn't because of the light you keep on in case of bad nightmares. You look up at the ceiling and wonder if you'll fall asleep tonight. It's 2 am, you're in bed, you're comfortable, but your eyes will not shut. Your thoughts take over instead, you think of that musing you posted,...Read On



"I can feel it coming soon,scared to even leave this room...now I'm panicking inside.." Stilrize.

"Mayday! Mayday! The ship is slowly sinking They think I'm crazy but they don't know the feeling ." -My Demons, Starset. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I don't know if I can do it. I work at Walmart- you don't understand. It's their biggest sale night and everyone mobs there to get the best deals of the year. It's worse than Black Friday. Actually, Black Friday at Walmart was...Read On


What is Love?

This was written at about 4 or 5 in the morning... sorry if it sucks.

You can't be a writer without at least asking once - what is love? Philosophers and Scientists- and hell, even Psychologists!- have been at it for years. Philosophers, well, who ever knows what they think, scientists figure it ties with our instinct to mate and psychologists kind of go with scientists and their own psycho-mumbo-jumbo. (I'm allowed, I was in psychology... it's not...Read On



Out of Time



A Girl and Her Piano

The feel of them under musical hands... and the heavenly sounds they make when played just right...

The keys give. Under the weight of her fingers,  they fold and make one sound,  then one more,  and as she moves down the line,  getting a feel for the beautiful instrument,  many more notes fill the air. They permeate it with their soft tones  of love and friendship,  and then the darker, more sinister tones  of betrayal and deceit...  hate and anger and bitter sadness, ...Read On


A Girl's Illness? No.

The stigma is that it's a girl's illness... but 1 in 10 boys have it as well.

I just want to be like the image in my head. bullied at school because of weight- it's no different whether male or female. I'll just lose a few pounds. guilt washes over while eating- the voice whispers you're fat . (doesn't matter if you're male or female). It's like... a voice. A voice that tells you you're fat; you're worthless. panicking with every forkful...Read On


A Lie

Standing on her doorstep, an armed man with blood on his hands,  he whispers he needs a place to stay- he didn't do it, but the police are on their way. She looks out, looking for neighbors, when there are none, she pulls him in,  he flashes a smile, then slices a knife, he sees the red on white, staining her porcelain skin. Her eyes dull, dying as she does, floating above...Read On


A Lock That's Lost Its Key

It's Creative Writing homework... but I thought I'd share it with u. I love this class, hope u enjoy

A whole different world- a world with layers and chambers. Things swirl around- blue and purple smoke, pink and red sweetness, yellow and green tartness rainbows of confusion and blackness deeper than space. There is no key to this world, you have been locked out- for fear you will destroy it, and release the blackness into all of it- all the layers, all the chambers. If you want in, you...Read On


According to You...

How 'bout a metaphor...

The gun slides down, I can feel it at the crown of my head Ready to shoot me dead... Now he has aimed At my heart I'm waiting for the bullet To do its part... Kill me in the dirt, Treat me like a stone, To be thrown Not able to be hurt... According to you, I'm not human, But to say what's true, I'm more so...Read On


Afraid of Being Alone


Depression is the fear of never being good enough. Depression is curling into a ball against the wall and not being able to breathe while you don't sob . Depression is being afraid to ever be single, because you don't believe you'll ever find someone else. Depression is needing just someone to care enough to be the person who makes you not-single. Depression is self-hatred. ...Read On



I think this one's more from a character's perspective than mine... stream-of-consciousness again...



All I Want

"If I could fall into the sky, do you think time would pass me by?... 'Cause you know I'd walk a thousand miles if I could just see you...   tonight." -from Dear John , A Thousand Miles. Wrap your arms around me, Hold me close, That's all I want As we lay together And my heart slows To match yours As we sleep next to each other. Body to body, Heart to heart, ...Read On


Anasazi- Manic Depression

How manic depression (now known as bipolar disorder) and drinking affects a young child...

***I want to add something, as an edit, because it has been brought to my attention by a friend on here that this prose-poem could be taken badly. I do not mean,  at all  that people with manic depression (bipolar disorder) are bad people or should be held accountable for, or punished for, their actions while off meds. I realize it is not their fault. The child in this prose-poem, however,...Read On



It's so hard to watch when you can't do a thing...

I hate this, I hate how I look. Look at how fat I am, How ugly. How could  anybody like me? "Did you see her? "She's so beautiful !" "She's so skinny !" "Damnit, why can't I look like that?" See? Look at them stare. I'm a fat ugly pig. Need to eat less, less, less . Be pretty. Be skinny. "Are you eating enough, sweetie?" "Are you okay?" "You're so beautiful,...Read On


Are You Proud?

I'm sorry, Dad, that I'm such a disappointment. This is me.

I'll never be the perfect girl, Never be the one to get straight A's Never the one to go and go until I'm defeated I guess I should be sorry, But I can't say that I am, I'm doing my absolute best, Why can't you see that? I'm tired, my feet are dragging on the ground I'm worn, too many... too many emotions, grades, words, thoughts, things to-do... ...Read On


As The Sun Sets..

The ways of life death...

"And the shadow of the day will embrace the world in grey and the sun will set for you..." ~Linkin Park, Shadow of the Day. The hospital walls, They surround her, all white, no color, all pain. The smell of death lingers in the sheets in the pillows in the air She can't escape fast enough But there was a reason she was there, to say something of love to help...Read On


At Any Cost

Remembering my little kitten...

Pit pat pit pat pitter patter pit pat Little paws across the floor, Those little mews I don't hear anymore, Picked you up with just one hand, You were so tiny, five inches from the ground you did stand. Him back then is now his head, The dog he chases now used to scare him til he fled, We put him on a leash so he wouldn't get lost, And now he must be in my lap at any cost....Read On


Ava: All These Scars

One of my newest characters... maybe you'll see some of her other works too...

Don’t look at me. Please. They cover me, puckered and pink, Some fresher than others, Some old and fading. They burn when emotions overrun me, Letting me know they are still there Under my clothes. Don’t tell me it’s wrong, And you don’t have to tell me I’m ugly- I look in the mirror, I see it, I know, But it really isn’t wrong. It’s certainly not right But it...Read On


Back to Sleep

You aren't alone..

Lay down, Ignore the pain, Close your eyes, Imagine it again- You aren't alone, There's someone with you, Don't be lonely, I am here. Curl up close, Careful- it hurts, I'll hold you tight, but gentle enough that it won't hurt you. Tight hugs, tight enough for closeness; safety, soft enough it doesn't squeeze, Are you okay? I breathe I leave I go...Read On


Back to the Dreams

"Just didn't drink enough to say you love me..." Evanescence, Lithium. He gets home, Staggering to the bedroom, Expects her laid out, Ready to please him. She is asleep, Laying on the bed, Escaped to dreams and hopeful happiness, The land of love. He shakes her, Sending her to a new dream, A nightmare of swinging fists, And angry, drunken words. She knows...Read On



He calls her beautiful...

He calls her beautiful- so often those words are on the screen, waiting for her to say thank you for the compliment. She does- blushing on the other end, giggling, but doubting so often. If you saw her, you'd think the doubt was fake- she struts about, confidence showing in every step, but that's all pretend. She thinks- if I pretend to be confident for long enough, ...Read On


Beneath The Mask

You wanna know why I stand as tall as I do? Why I look so proud? Why I have this stupid mask up? Why, even with all that, I look away when you look me in the eyes? Because I don't want you to see the real me. Because I don't want you to know how much I actually slouch. I don't want you to see how ashamed I am. I don't want you to see how broken I am underneath all...Read On


Black Hole

Falling off the damn boat and sinking sucks... literally.

Oh just let me be the black hole, Suck up all your happiness And teasing words, Spit them back out as a  bitter apology, a worthless, desperate cry of help... Stars die and plants shrivel, and as far as your smiles go, they're just depressing reminders  of how far I've got to go....Read On


Blast Your Music


Blast your music, just blast it, Block out the thoughts Block out the disappointment, Block out the emotions, Bring on the numbness, I'm used to that,  bring it back, I don't want these feelings anymore. Blast your music, just blast it, Block out the violence Block out the death Block out the world Bring on the imagination, I know this, I write it, give it to me, ...Read On


Blissful.. Dreamless Sleep

Trying out some new, randomly thought of descriptors... I may have made up a couple words.

The drums beating at my brain like rain onto a window, soft yet stabbing into the silence of these 3 rooms. One, a mall filled with clown faces, false expressions of undying love and the bogus perkiness  to be compared with that of a young pup. Two, a room of eccentricies and sunshine brightness. the innocence of a newborn child, in the arms of her mother with the ...Read On



Cover photo may be triggering... lyrics are from Weightless by Mi

i'm fine you want me to let her go? she's my friend my only friend she's helping me be skinny skinny beautiful fat ugly * help me she won't let go help me i'm stuck help me she's killing me * no i'm fine i'm okay i'm winning no longer a failure * (("so just be a good girl and please follow my rules don't forget i'm taking over ...Read On



particularly horrible nightmare...

Running through each and every hall, Dead ends, Friends have been killed, One is tied up, stuck, Little kid, murdered. Eyes wild, Knife in hand, He chases me. "I'm going crazy without you... it's hard to believe, but I'm having fun." Alesana, The Murderer. He killed her brother, why not me?...Read On


By Your (Grave) Side

Cancer is the most feared murderer...

Trembling hands, Shaky body, Watering eyes, Whirling thoughts... as I stand by your graveside....Read On


Cancer Sticks

I have no clue why anyone chooses to pick up these cancer sticks...

Sure, I'll just walk behind you, breathe in the smoke blowing my way, that's bad for you, ya know, and even worse for your asthma, but you don't really care, do you? Why did you pick up that habit?  Why did you start smoking? And I don't mean just the cigarette kind.  Did it seem cool to you? Was it interesting to you? Were you curious and just got stuck?  Yeah, so I...Read On


Can't Stop

I'm so tired of reality and worrying and writing about this stuff over and over and over again...

Play yourself like a piano, fill the rooms with the screams and the choking sounds... fill them with pain fill them with hunger fill them with anger and hatred of... me. But what will I do? fill them with love fill them with care fill them with joy and hope for you. I want you to get better, I want you to be healthy, I want you to eat, but you...Read On


Close Your Eyes

Close your eyes, open your mouth... Gossip spreads,  The rumors whirl around their heads, They laugh at her, Pay more attention than she'd prefer, To the things that everyone said. She was skinny as could be, So skinny that you could see, Every single bone, The concave of her belly shown, But all anyone thought about was "me" ....Read On



Ah the random inspiration I get...

She shakes, blade to her wrist, tears in her eyes, heart on the floor, stomped on like a doormat, flattened and frail, hidden from view, so as not to be hurt. The blood drips to the floor to the towel laid down. She shakes, She falls, She escapes, but in the end she is still cold....Read On



Quotes are from The Murderer by Alesana.

“You should know I’m dangerous…”   -Alesana, The Murderer.  His stare pierces her, Embedding itself in her mind. The knife was hidden somewhere, He told her that much, Didn’t tell her where, Just if she found it, she would live. He found it, Dripping red from his past, Shining in the light from the one lamp, Slicing the air… “It’s hard to believe, but I’m… ...Read On


Death by Disorders

No, you wouldn't understand ~ Understand by Christian Blevins.

"Help is on the way... but it never came!" - Help Is On The Way by Rise Against.     It began as a trickle, a wee stream, but it's growing now the river  looks more like a lake and the lake like an ocean.   and you stand on the shore awaiting help that never comes.   [drowning in depression]   And it began as a word, a wee breath, but they want more now the breath ...Read On



The worst part? I hop between drowning and breathing... and then I fall off the boat again...

Laughing with friends. Smiling and happy. Joking for fun. Bouncing about, Nothing wrong. Denied. Going to parties. Dancing the night away. Walking with my head up. Singing, free-spirited. Denied. Crying happy tears instead of sad. Looking in the mirror, Loving myself instead of hating. Awaking instead of sleeping. Breathing instead of drowning. Denied. Living instead of dying to be okay....Read On



An old poem from an old account in the voice of the old me...

You can't see me, You can't see my teary eyes, Or the tracks down my face, Or the blood slowly trickling from my wrists. Not much left. Almost gone. You can't see me, You can't see my pale face, Or the fear in my eyes, Or the scars all over from his assault. Mind going blank. Almost gone. You can't see me, Not here. He made sure of that. He made sure I was in the dark When I...Read On



I bleeped out her name except the first letter... 'cause y'all don't need to know her name.

Drugs don't make you cool, And if your boyfriend does them, that doesn't mean that you have to do them too. So let the drugs go- and the boy, and rejoin your friends, I promise- we can bring you joy. We miss you, You aren't the same P------ we once knew... Don't you miss us too?...Read On


Edith: Inside

Everyone thinks it is me who's to blame for what happened that night, but all I wanted was a kiss. Innocent fantasies infiltrated my mind that night-- Holding hands on the beach, or soft loving kisses on each finger before a kiss goodnight and a 'see you tomorrow'. I thought you loved me, thought it was what parents call 'puppy love'-- How wrong was I, Alaric? Was I wrong enough to...Read On



If I could erase anything... this is old, from another account elsewhere...

Pick up the pencil, Now swap the ends, Eraser faces the paper. Erase... The hips. Erase... The stomach. Erase... The thighs. Erase... The behind. There, Now swap it back around, Draw what you want to look like. Erase... The fat. Draw... Perfect. ...Read On


Escape the Plague

But until then... give her a break.

She's so ready for Spring Break, so very ready to have...  a week,  she thinks,  off-  off,  and away from school,  and pressure,  and overly emotional moments in one particular classroom. Away from worry, and fear, and pain, and anger, and everything else, everything else that seems to pop up. Maybe she'll stay off the web too, just speak with select people, ...Read On


Fat, Ugly, Stupid

"I don't know the first time I felt unbeautiful, the day I chose not to eat... I need you to know I'm not through the night. Some days I'm still fighting to walk towards the light..." -Superchick, Courage She would tell herself, fat.. ugly.. stupid.. so she didn't eat, that was her reason not to touch that food. They would tell her, fat.. ugly.. stupid.. and so she didn't dress up,...Read On


Frightening Thoughts

Another from a different account..

trembles shakes shudders eyes open wide in fear, a scream at her lips, looking into the blue eyes of the monster... he haunts her dreams at night doesn't let her rest in every single one it seems he does something bad being an unwelcome guest. the terror grips her every time and she feels her heart stop in her chest. She wakes up in her room...Read On


Give Me A Minute, Okay?

I'm here, okay? Gimme a minute and I'll try and help...

"...What I do know is how it changed my life forever I know I should know better..." Look. Listen to me, Just for a moment? Just for a minute, please. Okay... I haven't gone through this, not to a high extent, because I had people there that stopped me. I know a lot of you don't, but listen, okay? Listen to these words alone, Don't listen to your brains, Don't...Read On


Golden Dirt Road

"Stay with me, baby stay with me. Tonight don't leave me alone. Walk with me, come and walk with me to the edge of all we've ever known... You know I could not want you more than I did right then as our heads leaned in..." -Parachute, Kiss Me Slowly. Under the moon, Hold my hand, Skip with me Down this golden dirt road, Don't run, Allow me to lean close, into your warmth ...Read On


Happy Days

Just something happy to cheer a fellow SS member up...

I know the ways, Of these rainy days, And I realize what the clouds like to say But I promise you, Those clouds will go away, And you'll have happy days. ***So I don't rhyme well, and this poem's not that long, but I hope I cheered you up some, with this short semi-song*** ...Read On



Another from a different account..

I just ... Just want you to hold me. To hold my hand as we walk through the park. To hold me tight when I wake from a nightmare. Just want you to hold me. ... wish ... Wish for time. Time to talk. Time to laugh. Time to smile and breathe and be . Wish for time. ... you were ... You were okay. Not sick. Happy. I want to hear that laugh I love so much, see you...Read On


Heroes and Victims

My words are fill-ins between song titles

Over the Hills and Far Away, Alyssa Lies to her friends, says the bruise is from a game, she was the Hero with all the Courage, her younger brother the victim. Her friends, with their little-kid imagination, ask what it feels like to fly. Her answer is that it feels Much Like Falling, but Better because you're saving someone. That night In The Dark though, she wishes she...Read On


He's Gone...

This was a dream I had awhile back... or maybe a nightmare...

Scream and hold Onto a stomach of coals He runs to my side And to my requests, abides. We rush, to the hospital, Through corridors of white, Blood drips between my thighs, Laying down didn't help, not quite. I didn't know I passed out, Not til I woke later that night, I shouted for him, called, He showed with a face like he was ready to fight. Then he found me, and I turned my eyes ...Read On



"Do you feel like a man when you push her around? Do you feel better now as she falls to the ground? ... A new life she has found, face down in the dirt,   She said this doesn't hurt, she said,   I've finally had enough..."   Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Face Down. A shove, A word, A phrase, A curse. She looks up at him from the ground, A steely look on her face, "We're over," ...Read On


Horror-Film Reality

From my other site, a child abuse awareness piece...

Some nights, are calm. No shouting, No screaming, No pain. Most nights, though, are just like tonight. Painful. Loud. Twisted memories, Horror-film dreams. Mother at work, Father drunk, Fists flying, Words stinging. A child's history being made. Why? Why Daddy? Why do you do this to me?...Read On


I am a Coward

Big girls don't cry...

So I'll sit here, bite my bottom lip. Lean on me, I'll hold you, you cry, I don't have the guts to. I am a rock, My tear ducts are locked, at least, until I'm alone in my room I'll cry for you, Because otherwise I don't have the guts to....Read On


I Cannot See The Sun

open mind, sinking heart shaking hands where have I gone? I cannot see the sun. lay down, sleep forever wake up can't get back to sleep what's happened to me? I cannot breathe. sick stomach, crying eyes bitten lips what is this? I feel like giving Death a kiss. this is not me what is this? what's happened to me? where have I gone? I cannot find the sun....Read On


I Love You

You know who you are <3

All of it was true- What I said in the letter- But you already know that, Don't you? There were some rough patches, Amidst all the randomness, And sweet words, But we talked about those- Your words had mine caught in my throat. You do that to me so often- leave me speechless or with a happy little frog in my throat I say happy, because, really, you've never made me cry except in happiness...Read On


I Tried to Help

I feel like I've been picked up and thrown.

------------------------------------- This work, within its first few lines, contains language or other material which some readers may find offensive. In consideration, Stories Space has hidden the preview of this selection. By choosing to view the piece in its entirety, you agree that you are 18 or older and do not object to such content. ------------------------------------- She comes...Read On


I'm Gonna Be Brave

Allowing oneself to fall takes the greatest bravery of all...

I’m gonna be brave, Because I do crave To be held by you, so I shall fall, Hope you catch me, give my all, And ride the love...Read On


I've Imagined... But

Originally thought of it as an improv'd song... now it's just a poem.

I've imagined... An apartment, Pet friendly, College in the afternoon, Work in the evening,  Snuggling at night, and spending time with you... Sleeping in the morning, doing it all over again. I've imagined... A career as a midwife, Possibly a nurse, Hours will be harsh, Long, Tiring, but I'll come home to you, make dinner, spend time, curl up, and sleep...Read On


Jennifer: Doc

"You'll never know the heartache of lookin' a grown man in the eye, and he asks am I gonna make it..

"...and you've gotta lie. They call me Doc, but I ain't got no degree. When it hits the fan, they're callin' for me." ~They Call Me Doc, Walker McGuire. "Thanks for serving" ,  they say to the obvious heroes,  the ones on TV, the combat vets,  the ones with all the medals,  but the ones that really  make a difference to us out there? The ones that make sure  those heroes survive  ...Read On



They thought he fell... she knew he jumped...

You promised me forever, But that became never when I got the call... You'd had a terrible fall, But they came to know That fall wasn't a fall at all. You had jumped....Read On


Just to be With You

I love you too, Kitty

Just to be with you, Just to speak with you, laugh with you, 'happy cry' with you... Just to be with you, Just to hear your chuckle  and listen to your voice. To imagine with you- meeting you, To think of you- and know that, yes- You're actually thinking of me too. Just to see that smile, in that picture as we chat- as we Skype, Just to know you're there, and...Read On


Kiara: Blood

From the point of view of Kiara Alma Aurora, my most recently created character.

Kiara, the character speaking in this particular poem, is very, very mentally unstable. She is extremely depressed and the poem may trigger if you have a history of self-harm, or you have severe depression. If you do not wish to read such material, turn away now. I am not joking or exaggerating when I say that this poem is very harsh, very realistic, and extremely triggering. I am also...Read On


Kiara: Heaven Instead

"Then she closed her eyes, found relief in a knife, the blood flows as she cries..." The Way She Feels by Between the Trees. silver blade porcelain skin life fades oh what a state I'm in red blood black hole what person would think this is my goal? knife to wrist empty heart remember when a wound kissed brought together what was apart? childhood teenage years ...Read On



To be called Kitten, his  Kitten- it's not just a pet name, it's not an ownership thing It's a love thing It's a cute thing It's a couple thing It's an unexplainable-feelings thing. I feel protected treasured safe secure comfortable visible beautiful. I feel loved when he calls me his Kitten. Which is why he'll always be my K i t t y...Read On


Lay With Me

Lay down here with me, lay down. I'll lie on your shoulder and you'll rest your head on top of mine in our very own king-sized bed. Lay with me, Andrew,  And we will see the world together, two of the few to find someone true. True Love....Read On


Life Isn't A Movie

In the movie, She walks away and he chases after her. In real life, She walks away, and he goes on with life. In the movie, He breaks up with her, then realizes he was an idiot, and they're back together. (Happily Ever After) In real life, He breaks up with her, then gets together with someone else, and they try the friend thing. (It doesn't work out) In the movie, He gets cancer,...Read On


Light//I See the Light

From another writing site, if you notice, every stanza has a 5-7-5 rhythm-thingy, like haiku...

Heaven's angels can wait. I know now- I'm not ready to die yet. I know I'm bleeding out, but how did my wrists get slit? It's all over me... The blood is... it is everywhere. All around me- shallow pools of red. But there is a knock- at the door. Who could be there- at my bathroom door? "Sweetheart, are you o- kay?" he says softly through the door. Opens it so slow- ly, like it...Read On


Lighting a Blue Candle

writing on something that happened this time last year... and stuff.

I imagine it happened, something like this- though I've no clue whether it did, or it did not... Parents are gone, just brother and sister home, teasing each other like siblings do, not thinking of what would happen to both... in just a few.. He walks outside, to her apartment he knows- past knowledge- don't think he was in his right mind, still isn't- never will...Read On


Little Angel

What happens behind closed doors can really be shocking...

little angel with the blonde curls and blue pools little angel an innocence unscathed little angel... Ignorance is Bliss. little angel so kind little angel so polite little angel  abused, Yet I've never seen a bruise... but i'm not ignorant. the worst things happen behind closed doors and Hiding is Secret's best friend. little angel. I hope I never see a...Read On


Little Box

Little box on the ground, Broken box, will you ever be found? Inside me, you sit and wait But it's so dark here lost forever, sadly, is your fate. I cannot find you I cannot see I cannot find this box; the old me. You are lost, you'll never be found so get comfortable there on the ground. But I suppose, it's not that bad, My friends- we are close and I...Read On


Live Like You're Dying

"We'll go up, up, up, but I'll fly a little higher." ~Zach Sobiech, Clouds (RIP) He's inspirational.

It starts with a doctor's appointment- nothing bizarre, just something routine.  And then they walk in  and there's this look and you know, you know something is wrong. It begins with another doctor's appointment- something odd, a new routine. And you close your eyes and you wake up and you live, you live , because you're going to die. And you find a smile spreads like a disease- if...Read On



It was in micro... I edited, now it's a poem.

Lay on my bed, Hug a pillow, curl up to the wall, I just want to...Read On


Look Right Through Me

Song quotes from Mad World ~ Gary Jules. I'll show you my clown mask...

"Sit and listen, Sit and listen..." That's all I'll do, I'll sit here, in this seat, Listen to you drone on and on. No, I don't mind, but when you ask me if I'm okay, and I say yes, Can you ask again? Maybe then I'll tell you the truth. "Look right through me, Look right through me..." I'll stand, present this to you, tell you the basics of myself, you...Read On


Magical Tea

Vanilla tea really helps me to sleep...

Vanilla tea, down the throat, warm in the belly, helping me cope... Lay in my bed, closing my eyes, dream a sweet dream about you and I... I'm in your arms, safe and sound, too bad when I wake up you...Read On



Maybe... Have you ever thought... Maybe it just happens...

Maybe I can't tell you what's bugging me, Maybe I can't describe it, Maybe I'm bad with words and can't tell you, Maybe you just have to wait and see . Was up 'til two last night-- Certainly, I was tired way before then, but that doesn't matter when emotions overtake, running through you like an electric current-- curling you in on yourself, until there's no more curling to...Read On


Meghan - Hair

Cancer is the most feared murderer...

Guess you could say, "Why do I care? It's just hair..." But when you lose it, and that's out of your control... You do care. You wish for it back. I used to have my long, dark red hair down to the end of my back... I lost it half a year ago, Now I have a fake wig I put on in the morning. No one knows, No one really cares, really. They don't know, because I...Read On


Meghan- The Ways of Disease

From the point of view of Meghan, another of my characters...

“Fully alive, more than most. Ready to smile and love life. Fully alive and she knows how to believe in futures.” - Flyleaf, Fully Alive. People look at me differently, now, I am something strange, a creature, not a person. I am acute myeloid leukemia, a disease, not a human. I do not have feelings, you can hurt me and laugh, for I will not feel. ...Read On


Meghan- Thoughts of a Ghost Girl

From the point of view of Meghan, my first ever character from 5 years ago...

It's as if I'm looking in a mirror, I see my dark red wig, curls perfect, my eyes closed- by Jason of course- but usually shimmery green, fear upon my face... I've felt a lot of that these past months. Jason is kneeling next to the bed- next to me- tears are streaming down his cheeks and I want to reach out to him- comfort him- but I cannot- unable in my ghostly form....Read On


Missy- Anxiety

Hm... inspired by Psychology... studying anxiety disorders...

She sits in the chair, picks at her nails-  oops!  Now she's bleeding,  suck on it,  clean up the blood- twists her hands together  around themselves.  Her leg bounces,  as if it has a mind of its own.  She bites her lip,  chews until it, too, bleeds. Something in or around her foot pops,  probably her ankle,  she never could get the darn thing to pop  then it...Read On


Much Luck

Just a random spewing of words in poetic format...

You remember the phone calls, All those late nights, (for you, not me) I wrote all those poems, You, all those comments. It wasn't a long relationship, Not by adult standards, We lasted a year, long distance, coast to coast, Washington to Virginia, But it felt like forever-- No, not the first few months, That was Heaven, I was so giggly and happiness bubbled, ...Read On


Musical Escape

Play your music loud, Headphones on, secure on your head. Block the...Read On


My Way Out

Help me

waves crash, I tremble The world around me begins to crumble a volcano erupts, hot lava everywhere The veil between reality and dream melts a gust of wind blows the clouds no more sun, I'm in the dark someone find me, someone come, I cannot find my way...Read On


No Questions Asked

"Stay with me, baby stay with me, tonight don't leave me alone... Well, I'm not sure what this is gonna be... hold my breath as you're moving in, taste your lips and feel your skin, when the time comes, baby don't run, just kiss me slowly." -Kiss Me Slowly, Parachute. I could ask, I could, just to be sure, but why? Why,  when something is  so sweet, so precious, so tender, ...Read On


Not Me

He won't get this... but this is for me anyway... it feels good to say goodbye.

Would you believe me? Would you believe me if I said, Young me-- oh so very young me, Loved you? You were my closest friend, All of elementary school, Helped me with fears of heights And the shit that was gym, Though you probably don't remember any of that. Do you? If you do, You should tell me, Or should have, Too late, now, for that. Middle school was...Read On



And I'll sink so low, you won't see me.

“Every day is so wonderful, and suddenly, it’s hard to breathe, Now and then I get insecure from all the pain, feel so ashamed.” -Christina Aguilera, Beautiful. Imagine if you will, A paddleboat, In a vast, deep blue ocean. You can’t see land on either side, It seems as if you fell off the edge of the Earth. Right now, I’m on that paddleboat. Some days, I stay on...Read On



Inspired by F***in' Perfect by P!nk

Sometimes I wonder... If people would care if I decided I wasn't skinny enough, or I wasn't smart enough or if I just wasn't good enough... Would you care if I... lost so much weight I was nothing but skin and bones? gave up because I obviously am too stupid? slit my wrists jumped grabbed a gun popped some pills drove too fast went down... and didn't...Read On


Philena - Just Numbers

But they aren't just numbers...

too many the number of times she ignores it every day 800 the approx number of calories consumed per day 200 not quite the exact number of scars within the past few years 125 the number on the scale 65.5 my height in inches 50 the minimum number of mean jokes and insults I hear at school per day 35 minutes at lunch I spend in the bathroom ...Read On


Philena- .:Addiction:.

From the voice of Philena, one of my characters...

Stepdaddy, Jack's hurting me, He comes to bed me at night, He punishes me for my pretty drawings, Stepdaddy, please don't give in to Jack. Please, Stepdaddy, don't let him win. No! *** Now to fight my own addiction, It sits in that closet, In a box of cardboard, Atop the highest shelf. To tire me before I get there, Before it wins, This night not so lucky. ...Read On


Philena- .:Just Long Enough:.

They say... time heals everything, but I'm still waiting. -Dixie Chicks.

From the voice of Philena Xanderson, a character of mine... I want to, And you know I want to, But I keep hoping... even though hope hurts in the end, I keep hoping that if I live and I submit those drawings and I show those paintings and I tell the world what I went through ...maybe they can help others. So I want to, And because you know that I want to ...Read On


Philena- The Box

I'm writing more of her story, so she decided I should write this poem...insanity? Nah...Me = WRITER

------------------------------------- This work contains language and subject matter which some readers may find disturbing or offensive. In consideration, Stories Space has hidden the preview of this selection. By choosing to view the piece in its entirety, you agree that you are 18 or older and do not object to such content. ------------------------------------- You locked me up, ...Read On


Philena- The Ways of Emotions

From the point of view of Philena, one of my characters...

I watched. I slipped. I fell. We unraveled; shattered. Irrepareable. -Ellen Hopkins, Identical. Sometimes families aren't how they appear People hide behind smiles, laughs, lies People hide the truth But I saw and I changed. You took away my...Read On


Philena: Dirty

"I can't get his scent off of me." -Otep, Filthee.

I stand in the shower, scrub furiously at my pink skin. It is burned from the intensity of the hot water. I have scrubbed myself raw, but no matter what I do I can still smell him. I escaped him, why won't he leave? I still feel...Read On



From dA...

Poems are Only  Emotions written on the papers Made of my heart Strings....Read On



What I dreamt of... what's actually probably going to happen...

Purple gown down to the floor silver accents brought out by silver pumps and clutch handsome man by my side opens the door lets me in first first song slow song dance close together kiss dance goes by quickly... homeward bound we are goodnight kiss gushy re-telling to mom angry dad sleep. *** vintage dress to...Read On

Audio version available


rain music is beautiful, I miss it...

Rain on the rooftop hear it? It's playing beautiful music, for you, oh for you, only for you, hear it? You don't have to share this music, no one else will ever hear it, this rain music, you make it, whatever you hear, whatever you feel, it's reflected in this music, played just for you, sprinkled upon...Read On


Raven- The Ways of Violence

From the point of view of Raven, yet another character of mine...

“There’s nowhere to run, so let’s just get it over…”­ -Evanescence, Snow White Queen. I’m strong, a survivor. I can’t understand why I crumble. -Ellen Hopkins, Identical . People won’t look at me anymore I am soiled, an angel fallen, no longer pure. I am broken, shards of glass, no longer whole. I am a survivor, laden with scars, no longer pretty. ...Read On



This is another old one from my other account...

Slice Blood streams. Swipe It drips down her wrist. Sigh The pain is...Read On



You're high up on the tower. Now don't look down. I will be OK here on the ground. -Skylar Grey.

I'm going to tell you a story. Yes, you, the reader. You, dear reader, are going to learn my story. My life. "Rejected?" No college, no future, no reason for me to stay here. I travelled all around the world, met the most wonderful guy. Lost all my money on a house he now owns. Lived in a box, parents laughing from above, thinking themselves clowns. Got a job, saved up some money,...Read On



Inspired by Face Down by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and I Bleed by Halestorm

"A pebble in the water makes a ripple effect..." -Face Down by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. As you yell at me another man looks on and as you push and shove a woman watches  and as you hit me neither does anything, but as soon as I'm down on  the ground and obviously hurt there is someone there- someone other than the two watching on and suddenly there are a dozen people ...Read On



Take it away...

"With these tears, I cried... Lord knows, I tried... And how can I let go when you dwell in the shadows of my heart?" -Shadows of My Heart by Halestorm. This rollercoaster. I'm so tired of it. I'm so exhausted,  I want it gone. It won't leave me alone- why won't it leave me alone? This pain, oh this pain, it hides in the dark depths and comes out when I'm weak, when...Read On


Save You

Another from a different account.. letter to my uncle...

You'll never know it, but I see you and the first thought in my mind is "Oh God, I'm gonna lose him..." You'll never see it, but when you leave I go to my room and I cry, because I wonder... "will I ever see him again, or will the next time be on his funeral bed? You'll never hear it, but when you die a piece of my heart will break off and die with you and ...Read On



Was studying vocabulary, haha...

Gather the ephemera Piece them together, What do you see? Glean the shards, Glue them, Can you see the real me?...Read On


Sick of it All

Inspired by Sick - Evanescence, from character POVs

"Hold on little girl, the end is soon to come... Sick of it all! Sick of it all! They don't understand how sick we are! Sick we are! Of this bottomless pit of lies, behind closed eyes..." -Evanescence, Sick. Philena: You step over me, You shove past me, Like I'm a ball- to be picked up and thrown- Or a door- to be pushed out of your way. I don't deserve this abuse. ...Read On



but cover it...

Tap your toe, Pick at your jeans, Play around-  forums, Text random people, Hum random tunes, Bite your lip, Play with the keyboard- trying to think of what to write- you want to,  but what about? Listen to music- like always- breathe deep, calming yourself, Yawn- but cover it, Gasp- hold your sides- but cover it. Everything ends in silence....Read On


Simple Pleasures

oh, me and my random cheerful pieces :)

My heart speeds, but I force it to slow, and I walk to your door, shivering in the snow, cold. I knock, wait a few, you answer. I don't give any time, I tackle you down, to the ground we go, I giggle, You chuckle. Pleasures of the simplest kind....Read On



What, exactly, hides behind a smile?

"...'cause honestly, I'm not that strong. I'm not alright, I'm broken inside, broken inside... I'm not alright x3. That's why I need you." -Sanctus Real, I'm Not Alright. I sniffle and I tremble under blankets too warm and loneliness too heavy. He doesn't care, Loneliness. He doesn't care if I can't carry him right now. He just piles on top while Anxiety makes me panic on the bus and...Read On



Essentially... a poetic rant. From my other account, here ya go...

"Speak your mind. Like I care. I can see your lips moving, I've just learned not to hear..." Go on tell me what's wrong with it wrong with feeling or acting this way wrong with having a wall wrong with me . Here's a clue: I already know! You think I actually go through life... without a care how I act, how I am, who I am? I know sometimes my poems aren't amazing sometimes...Read On


Sometimes...Fast Forward, Let Go

I feel so horrible thinking this, but...

Sometimes... I kind of wonder. I wonder what he's thinking when he looks at us, and knows that his own mother will live longer than he. Sometimes... It kind of just hits. It hits that he has possibly only a year and then he's gone too, then I lose him too, and I start to shake and I just can't stop and I hate it because when that happens... I can't cry, ...Read On


Special Something

Me trying to be flowery and happy and positive... here...

She smiled around him, Laughed. He stood for helping, happiness, safety, friendship... trust, and around him, she was happy, he was the only one who saw her smile, or heard her laugh, and it was something special, to her, and to him, at least, he hoped so. It was proved to him, one day, she blushed, she giggled, she said, I like you, in that innocent way...Read On


Stand Tall

I don't care what you throw at me...

throw me death  throw me pain  throw me aching sadness... throw me cancer  throw me abuse  throw me bullying  throw me into unfamiliar emotions  and feelings  and situations. into freedom that I didn't think I'd ever get. into pregnancy and unprepared for issues. ...I won't ever back down. I will stand tall....Read On



Another awareness piece

She sits down at the table, Wants to push all the food away, Maybe garbage it, Her stomach growls, hungry for more, But it turns too. She feels so sick at the prospect of eating, And she doesn’t even have an issue, It just pops up, like she needs any more randomness In her jumbled up, mixed up, screwed up life. But she deals, she eats and talks and plays okay. She feels...Read On


Take It Back

"Take it back, take it back, I still believe you can..." Evanescence, Disappear. She said goodbye, told herself he wasn't worth the time the waiting , or the pain . But what if... What if she gave him one more chance to try again to start over , or to take it back ? ...Read On


That Perfect Size

She sits at the table with her friends, No lunch in hand, Said she had no money, Honestly, she's just not hungry. She smells the fumes from the greasy food, Sees it drip onto the plate, Stomach turns and she feels sick, Runs to the bathroom and feels herself deflate. She can't eat, she just can't. They don't understand, If she does she gets sick, Her stomach hurts,...Read On


The Ghost

Interpret as you will...

Half-way across the world, (You guys are so lucky) Is better than gone. (To have them coming home) In Iraq fighting, (I’ll never get to see them) Instead of up in Heaven. (But you have only a few months) Help me (Help me) Find me (Find me) Down in the dark (Can’t find my own way home) Help me (Help me) Find me (Find me) I’m a ghost ...Read On


The Song

From dA...

I'm listening to it now, the thing that brings you to mind, every time. The one I listen to constantly, because I can't do without, because I need it like... ...addicts need their drug ...alcoholics need their drink ...texters need their phones. Because I need it so much, Just to remember you, To know that you're always there... But you're always out of my reach. The song is...Read On


The Tired Machine

Wrote this in math yesterday, haha. Lots happier tonight, I swear :)

Gears creak, They rotate, the structure works and works and works ... Gears creak, Lock up, Steam leaves through holes  in the structure, Her body shuts down....Read On


The Unbeautiful Beauty

Inspired by Courage by Superchick...

She heard the voice, heard it as it told her how ugly,   how fat she was,  how much she needed to not eat, to be skinny.  And she ignored it,  and she lived  and she ate  and she was healthy. And for that,  because she ignored the voice  telling her she was unbeautiful ,  she was a beauty ....Read On


The World Needs More Walters

You will never see your sixteenth and all because your sister's ex was mad she was dating again enough to kill you because you got in his way and kidnap her after choking her into submission. You will never kiss your girlfriend again and I know many say you were too young to understand love that you both were too young to know it, but I hear her sister speak of you two, and I...Read On



From dA...

Tick-Tock. The clock as she  undresses for bed. Tick-tock. The clock as she  waits for him to  come in. Tick-tock. The clock as she hears the door  open. Click. Him coming in. Swoosh. His boxers and Tee as He walks her way. Tick-tock. The clock as she waits for help. Drip-drop. Her sweat, as no one comes, drops down onto the floor. Creak. The bed as...Read On


Tired of Goodbye

Losing them wouldn't be so hard to take, if Heaven wasn't so far away. ~Justin Moore.

Your voice is runnin' through my mind, I can't stop seein' ya behind my eyelids, You've been gone a while now, but it's just sunk in... I'm so goddamn tired of sayin' goodbye, I'm sure you'd agree. *** The sound of your voice has gone from my memories, but the few times I saw you play through my mind, You've been gone so long now, and it sunk in a while ago, I'm so gosh darn tired...Read On


To Sing Is To Be Free

oh just a little randomness while bored in math class....

To sing is to be free. Free from care- free from others thoughts on freedom, free to see and share- your sights with the world, and their sights with yourself. To open your mind and just let everything flow about, To open your eyes and see the truth, and the secrets that lie between the lines, and the lies people hide behind, all the "I'm fine"s. To sing is to be free from expectations,...Read On



From my old account on dA...

Will I find my answers to all these questions in my lifetime? Will I stop what needs to be stopped? Will I do all I have to in the time that I have? Or will I  just be another unfinished half? Did you find you answers in Death, Sirs? Did you stop what needed stopping? Did you do all you had to in the time you had? Or were you just another un- finished soul? Can they find the...Read On


Walking On A Wire

Every day I try to look my best, even though inside I'm such a mess. ~Invisible, Skylar Grey

She climbs up the ladder, lands at the tight rope, her trick of choice. She will attempt to walk it, straight across, without leaning either way. She is fine until halfway through, then her foot slips and she plummets to the left--but she catches herself. She holds onto the wire with one hand, and she works to pull herself back up, but her mind tells her to just give up. She...Read On


What Doesn't Kill You, Makes You Stronger, Right?

Stabbing. Burning. Aching. Tearing. Sides. Ribs. Muscles. Chest. Lay still, Breathe shallow breaths, Don't laugh, Don't yawn, Don't cough, Don't cry. Just deal...Read On


What If

Listening to What If by EmilieAutumn...the 1st song I ever listened to by her,introduced by a friend

What if I hadn't made it through 8th grade What if I hadn't joined Harry Potter club What if I hadn't taken German What if I hadn't sat next to you? What if we hadn't spoken What if we hadn't had anything in common What if we hadn't become friends What if I hadn't cared? What if you'd never said anything What if you never shared with me What if we never passed that notebook, back...Read On



(You can never be too thin)

"Mirror mirror on my wall, ruthless to your victim... skinny, all these voices singing, skinny, all my monsters singing..." -Skinny by Edith Backlund. hunger pains and baggy jeans hiding me from people who would see this ugly me. ana, why are you  doing this to me? too skinny to fit anything too fat to start eating too stupid to see  that ana is the one doing  ...Read On


Wish You Were Here

From when I was still in my long distance relationship... Song quotes by Avril Lavigne...

"I can be tough, I can be strong, But with you it's not like that at all... There's a girl who gives a shit, Behind this wall, You just walk through it." I have walls... They're up at school and in front of my family and some of my friends, but I can't seem to keep them up around you. They're all always down with you, and I'm weak and my heart's vulnerable and when I...Read On


Work and Fun

But everybody's like Crystal, Maybach, Diamonds on your timepiece,Jet planes, Islands, tigers on...

...a gold leash. We don't care... We aren't caught up in your love affair. And we'll never be royals. It's just not in our blood, that kinda lux just ain't for us." ~Lorde, Royals. I cycle down the road, stare at the trailers and mobile homes. People walk about- the kind that work for a living, Nine-to-fives, two jobs, maybe three, just to get by that month. My music blasts in...Read On


Yeah, Right

You're so skinny... but I'll shut up, be quiet, and just watch... I guess.

An empty seat, The back of the class... You're skin and bones, But I say nothing, you'll yell and scream, and in the end... it's no good. It seems to me nothing's being done, But, really, it's none of my business, I'm just a friend, a concerned friend, there's no point for me to worry, to get involved, is there? Yeah. (Right.)  ...Read On


You're So Selfish

"When I said good morning, I was lying. I was truly thinking of how I might quit waking up. He pointed out how selfish it would be to kill myself, so I keep waking up..." Flyleaf, Much Like Falling She looks up at the light, lying in her bed. She closes her eyes again, wonders what lies beyond. Would it be easier? Her eyes travel to the closet, that shelf hides numbness. ...Read On



Could I?

From another account...

Can you, can you See through my disguise? Will you, will you See me in my eyes? Can I, can I Hide my true self? Will I, will I Put my heart up on the shelf? This is a mask that you see, I doubt you could take the real me. Would you, would you Still want to be around me? Could you, could you Just stay by me? Should I, should I Speak up, speak out? Could...Read On



Seriously random poem/song with possible double meanings? Even I'm confused. ..


Audio version available

Love and Hate

It's sad how hateful this world is...

Eyes open to the sky, Rain pours down like tears from clouds dark as night like my eyes. Hair is drenched, Clothes are torn, but I am so alive even as I die. Tossed out on the curb, The cold is my only friend, freezing my heart slowing my mind. Voices stop shouting, Punches stop coming, memories disappear the bruises will too. This pain will not be here for long, ...Read On


Yule Fire (a White Christmas parody)

Wrote and sang this for Creative Writing class... perhaps I'll sing for y'all too.

I imagine a yule fire with all my loved ones gathered 'round All the children singing and lovers cuddling so near, happiness abounds. I imagine a yule fire with every candle that I buy You enjoy your Christmas and I, I'll enjoy my rituals and light. I imagine a yule fire with all my loved ones gathered 'round All the children singing and lovers cuddling so...Read On



Pure Heart: Chapter One

Tonight I've fallen and I can't get up. I need your loving hands to come pick me up...

"...and every night I miss you I can just look up and know the stars are holding you, holding you, holding you tonight." -Tonight by FM Static. The cemetery is empty when she reaches it; silent except for the drone of the town pastor. She grabs the yellow rose and the cassette tape off the passenger's seat and walks toward the grave, her lips already trembling. Nobody showed. Of course,...Read On


Pure Heart: Chapter Two

No one can help you. I walk alone. Every step I take I walk alone. ~Tarja Turunen, I Walk Alone.

Lizbeth gets into her Uncle Thomas's royal-blue 2008 Dodge Avenger, numb with grief for her mom and not remembering anything from the funeral which was only two days ago. She's leaving their little house in Victown with its fading colors and shabby furniture, not knowing what anyone's going to do to it. She hopes they don't tear it down. The house has lots of memories. Most sad, but some...Read On