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A Game of Life

Life is both a serious and fun game.

Life is a special game. Sometimes it's fun, like playing jacks or marbles. You had a talent for some competed on the sandy school playground. Some more than others. Such as tetherball and hopscotch. She walked towards you along a street during freshman orientation. On the sidewalk was a hopscotch court. You tossed the keychain from your pocket to a square, hopped on one foot,...Read On


The Warrior Princess. Chapter 2

"Take her alive! He wants her alive!"

As I lay on the thick straw mattress, sleep would not come. I listened to the sounds about me, the creaking of the timbers of the great hall, the faint sounds, beyond our chamber, of the soldiers sleeping and guards moving about as they changed watch. I could hear sounds in the forest outside, birds fluttering between the trees and animals scurrying through the undergrowth but mostly I...Read On


The Choo Choo

Such dark thoughts imprison my mind With my healing lips lies But what is love without carnal pain Or dreams to give rise To come to you in peaceful sleep Of passion in a momentary bliss And kissing cataracts over your eyes Stealing you away from the sublime   And the demons in your dreams Exercising the angels that smother Drowning in their own hokum   As we make love on the devil's train  ...Read On


Memories Of First Love

An old man remembers his first love

Standing on the cliff edge early on that spring morn He watched the sun rise over the rim of the world, Painting the cliffs golden in the clear light of dawn. How he envied the sea birds who with wings unfurled Left their craggy roosts to soar up into the sky,  To float unrestrained on unseen cushions of air, Free as the gentle zephyrs that carried them high Above his stooping form burdened...Read On



The darkness dressed in sable beneath a pale shadow of night tallow of love drips from your lips as the piccolo winds blow touching you where my fingers go In patterns of twilight rising with eyes of laurel green like a tiara crowning your pale with a hoary veil disguising in our amorous daze   As the trees whisper the quiet with a vesture of wintergreen in seance with the dew...Read On



As I dither here in prose looking from velveteen as I am hung in escrow on walls of serpentine  over a mantle in juxtapose with an ax to grind in my bronzed shoes and Dr. Scholl's wary of the lifts in my arch supports...Read On


The Letter

Soon my love

Just the start of another day.  Your song comes on the radio. Sly & the Family Stone. "Thank You". As you wiggle in your jeans. You think of your boy, far far away. Sitting on the corner of your bed, you read his last sentence. "I'll be back in your arms, soon my love."   ...................... Just the start of another day. You unfold her letter, putting it to your nose....Read On


The Chambers of Your Heart

Resonating in your heart

May it resonate within When I touch your trembling skin, Echo deep inside the chambers of your heart; Deep within the giggly chambers of your heart. Like a schoolgirl you may clap When I hold you in my lap, Hear my singing spreading rapture in your heart;  Deep within the frisky chambers of your heart. As your lover have no fear That I'll keep you ever dear, I will whisper in your...Read On



Somewhere in the darkness of night In the shadows of a swan moon Pale strangers will arabesque While cellos bow a mutant violin   With sounds of the Victrola As lust looms a waxen quilt Securing love as dawn breaks   In shade of a candle wake Consummating wedlock And conjugating flesh Until the mist rises      ...Read On


Impressions of the Big Easy



Crossing the Bridge to the Past

If we had it to do all over again

"I sometimes think it would have been a better life if I'd stayed in the Navy." A slight pause then she echoed my wish. "Yes. We would have met differently and stuff. But we would have had a great life. I've thought of it as well. We didn't have children. Would have been lots of fun. Traveling around the world. I've daydreamed about it, too." Her vision of living another lifetime. Her...Read On



With rhymes of the cello as darkness has fallen Leaves glide with petals of wings In woods where time has no pendulum swinging And fireflies glitter like sconces of flames     As a zephyr whispers your name   Like a piccolo's breath touching In a night's phantasm of worlds beyond As boughs of trees play baton   Touching me where my soul play's cello   ...Read On


Stainless Steel Rain

Underneath the rain...

Life sometimes throws you a painful joke. You must laugh out loud to hide the tears. Some days, when the pain is too much to bear, tears uncontrollably overflow from your eyes. You can't hide it anymore from the brightly shining sun outside. Silent tears roll from your eyes. You want a garbled scream to be released with the utter pain. The agony that can only hide in the shower with...Read On


Challenge: Linda Ronstadt -- RdW

How the singer turned the office skkeptic into a believer.

“You guys are nuts.” The Skeptic was in rare form as the four men studied the petite singer flitting around on the dim stage.   “I mean, sure she’s cute, but in a small-town high school cheerleader sort of way. No way is she this smoking’ hot sex object you guys keep raving about. But…”   The Skeptic stopped as the singer approached the microphone stand. Waited for A bright spotlight...Read On


Act II

It was only a memory ago that I recall a dream I had of yesterday. Yesterday, several autumns past when the trees shed their wings of leaves poetically gold and mahogany brown. It was when the world stood still. Listening to angels with strings and harps. And we danced as I whispered prose in your ear. It was when the world was a quieter place and we fell in love with no bounds or fences to...Read On


The Wall

This dark, icy cold place is suffocating me to death.

My closed fists keep banging on the wall. My lungs hurt so much from losing air. It's becoming hard to breathe. I never stop pounding even as I can see blood flow out from my bruised hands. My mind is in a panic and the fear starts to creep up through my whole body because I don't know how to swim and the wall is giving me no respite so I can get my breath. I have begun to feel weak...Read On


Monsters Are Among Us

In the real world there are Monsters That look like you and me, They performed horrible deeds Throughout our history, You will not find them By peeking beneath your bed, They are all around you though, Trying to get into your head. Their purpose is to frighten you, To make you feel unsafe, Hinting at conspiracies, You can scarcely keep apace. The Monsters feed upon your fears, And scare...Read On


The Hippopotami Adventure

It's an adventure when you return unharmed...

The dugout canoes were overloaded as they were paddled up the Niger River by the two guides. The freeboard of the canoes was minimal. They weren’t meant to hold three Americans. I was the heaviest and rode with one guide while two of my daughters rode with the other. I was preoccupied with the thought that I was nuts and we were in over our heads. We were being taken to a place where we...Read On


The Long Road Home Chapter 2.

Something large and heavy landed on her, knocking her to the deck...

The Mediterranean. January 17 th , 1943 As the setting sun began to dip below the horizon, SS Aegean Sea reduced her engine revolutions to slow. The frothing, white water that had hitherto washed along her flanks disappeared as her speed reduced to almost a standstill. Captain Konstantinos Theodopolis opened his bible and read.   “ The Lord is my shepherd, there is nothing I...Read On


Drip, Drip, Dripping Away

Always remember, never forget, from dusk till dawn



Feathered Friends

Sometimes rivals can be dealt with from the inside.

"....well my chaffinch has been looking rather off-colour lately, I'm sure it's caught a bug. The other day I saw a fly buzzing near the cage, and you know how many diseases they have". "Millions. Well, a lot. I'd get it checked. Take it the vet soon as you can". "Yes, I think I will". I listen with interest to the bird-fanciers around the tables that have been pushed together in a...Read On


Challenge: Linda Ronstadt - Steffanie

He requested Linda Ronstadt, but times change. What he really wanted was something more ethereal, with symphonic, sampled soundscapes building layer over layer. And so by the time my choice took the microphone, he'd be sold on her already. He requested Linda Ronstadt. I got him Grimes. ~ The End            ...Read On



It didn’t fit. It was the right style and cupped her left breast like a glove, but the right side gaped. “Everything alright?” Angie twisted, checking all angles in the mirror. “I’m going to try it with the blouse,” she said, bending to extract a small square of folded white cotton from a blue plastic bag. “Call if you need me.” “Will do.” Angle shook the blouse, tags flapping. She...Read On


My Gothic Violin

At times in prose my words wither With a pretentious fleeting Lacking oxygen of this bard's love As the valance of day shawls Then back to wither without a trace As a specter shakes my Gothic violin And as candlelight flickers in shadows   A breath of your presence breathes life On the walls of my sacred space As your kiss pollinates my soul With your lips of sweet resin As a specter...Read On


The ducks are on the water

The ducks are on the water At twenty-three below. They are so intelligent, Are you saying you don’t know? Its fifty-five degrees warmer, Than being in the air, The water’s above freezing, Ducks swim without a care. ‘Course we’re talkin’ free rivers, Not some flat and large calm lake, Where the ice is twenty-inches thick, For Pete’s and Goodness’ sake! So when you see an ice hole, With...Read On


My Friend the Gangster

We called him Don Magill which was not his real name. Short of wearing a sign that read "Cosa Nostra" he couldn't have been more obvious, well at least to me. He was always impeccably dressed and barbered. He had a deep gravely voice with just a trace of an Italian accent. His car was a long black Caddilac. He held court every afternoon at one of the local twenty four hour restaurants. If...Read On



I've been alone in this frigging box And I could scream a thousand times I think I will. “Aaagh!” Even vampires get the blues Hello! Is it you I'm duking it out for Are you within range of TV signals Or my frigging halitosis Even vampires soak their teeth in jars I sometimes have the hungries And see you passing with Botox Hello! Do you taste like fried chicken I can see it in your thighs...Read On


Story to tell

Which one do you think it was, God, or Fate?

Everyone has a story to tell, about who they are, where they came from, what their names mean. Not to boast (okay, I’m boasting a tad) I happen to believe there’s something extra magical about mine. While I don’t believe in organized religion, you might even say it was God’s doing; I happen to believe it’s fate. In order to know my story, you first have to look before me, even before my...Read On



You're laughing at me ...

I know, I can feel it. I can almost hear your laughter as I slowly walk in the stationary section of my favorite bookstore this morning. The new arrival display of journals and notebooks, along with the colored pens. Itching my way to start browsing the section, touching the hardbound cover of the journal and feel every texture of every page. I thought to buy two sets, I choose the red for...Read On


Parenting is for Life

A father nurtures those he loves...

She came to me crying after the Holidays. Literally crying.  She said she never felt so mistreated in her life. It felt like all she did was cook and clean the entire time the girls and their families were here. I spent so much time taking care of them that I didn't have time to enjoy them. They were never like this when they lived with us. Why are they doing this now? This was my cue to...Read On