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The Ghostly Mist

White Mist

I wrote this before but now its more real more real than ever before the white mist came by one night and scared me right to the core   I gulped hard and fear gripped me as the mist went to and fro and before it changed direction I ducked down way below   I looked back up to see it go and then flip around and come back the hairs on my neck stood out outside the night so black  ...Read On


The rains at fall

The rain in furry.  I am solotude. All I do is count the drops as they wind and fall. Lightning and thunder command the sky. I witness the ribbons of wind as they lash the sleeping trees. I am at a place of inner concentration that I can not share but wish to. There is no rage but the coal burns. I am focused. Hands clean my soul hurts and weeps. You see no blood in the storm. I am...Read On


Trick or Treat

Spiders do what they have to do

Nimble digits completed the act. The victim was trundled up and preserved for what was to come. Wrapped up in the webs of woe. For the prey. Not for the spider. This was her life. Her reason to be.  Miss Peckinstaff gazed out her parlor window at the dim courtyard behind her brownstone residence on the Lower Eastside. It was delightful to watch the arachnid complete the chore under the...Read On


Dating, Daughters, and Dads

Oh, yes. I remember drawing myself up as tall as possible and leaning over slightly to peer into his rebellious, anti-parent smirking eyes. I said, "I need to know the color of your eyes for the police report plus I need your parent's phone number just in case my little girl is different when you bring her home." The boy and I connected, for sure…and I knew my daughter would be safe on...Read On


Take from me this poetry

It is meritocracy It is cumbersome. It demands too much of my blood. I don't care about these words any more, nor does anyone. It grinds out like shards of cheese. I cant. I don't want to. All I do is whine and hurt. Drugs are better. ... Perhaps death has one more poem to be written on my gravestone "Here lay pauper and a poet - he loved being nither."    ...Read On


Some Kind

I remember the days of September, so many dreams ago. When the winds began to whistle and the leaves turned brown, before touching the ground. Then grandpa making them mulch for the winter garden of some kind of peas.  It was actually a zephyr. But in my mind it was "The Little Engine That Could," steaming down a railroad track, burning wood, as I heard granny in the kitchen boiling...Read On

The Dark Web

A place where it's dark Nobody knows how to find Information can be marked Criminals lurk behind There's no way to check How do you get there It's really quite high tech All we are is quite aware Sinister people buying information Stealing our identities Causing lots of aggravation They're our number one enemies The dark web is scary Is your information there We're all very wary The dark...Read On


Wishing for Home Chapter Three Troubles grow

Danny sees no way out

For Danny, it seemed that since his mother’s letter about being unable to visit for a while, the Flints’ attitude towards him had hardened. Albin Flint, in particular, became more involved, and not in a good way. Danny was sure that the man had declared his own personal war on him. Threats were constant. Flint was frequently warning Danny about staying away from the woods. Tempting as...Read On


Harmless Fun

A micro-challenge given to me by a friend...



It's The Twilight, Stupid

It's twilight that brings me pain, embalmed next to whatsername, with a splash of thunder in the rain. In the darkness, I'm so vain, six feet from spade to ponder, all alone in the yonder. In a mahogany box of sinful wood, with moths and dried earth, and a case of acid reflux. Dressed in a tux with a boutonnière, embalmed next to whatsername, but she never looked so blue. Because she...Read On


Taste Of Oreos

When silence is nearing the ground, like falling leaves of a glider, swaying in a cradle of love, suspended on strings. With a brush of breath touching,   from the dew of your lips, in the Winter of our Spring, a taste of Oreos....Read On


Five simple questions

Five simple questions can release the insane back into society. Do they walk amongst you?

My name is Dominic Melvyn, and I am a criminal psychologist. Today, I am at a criminal medical institution where of five patients I was scheduled to meet, I have seen three of them. All the inmates are, I suppose insane. They are in here for their own good, kept away from society as they pose a danger. I am helping in their reformation, pointing them in the right direction until they are able...Read On


Raising The Hairs

Embracing desires cold shivers of winter's born, in the darkness of my mind like splintered wood, kindling fires with a Pinocchio nose. Here lies the voice of green eyes in the shade, with a broken heart of permafrost on the pane, of cold fears in my lies. Between dreams, and candle shells of pale, of freezing rain with angel wings, as love never fails. Slowly a shadow departs floating in...Read On



A Halloween photo prompt

It's an old house of history and antiques with a Jane Austin and Bram Stoker feel to it. A bed and breakfast, I could not pass up. It's like a movie in black and white, aged like a fine wine, the creaking floors and the whistling wind are an ambiance to appreciate. I never imagined I would be here alone, nor for a robbery I am not hurt and they are long gone. I am under a sheet looking much...Read On


Spooky Night

Black cat hissing

Full Moon Crisp fall night Leaves swirling Jack-O-Lantern Eerie grinning Owl hooting Black cat hissing Goblins and Ghosts Cowboys and Princesses Laughter and wonderment Kit Kats Baby Ruth's Peanut Butter cups Dragging bags of treats Door to door Children screaming Trick or Treat      ...Read On


The Sacred Words

In the Twilight hours I struggle with my words So wanting to scream them out and let them know what I need to do to live.   Those words are part of me a part of who I am  closing those doors brings pain as those words they need to be   Shutting down that part of me is tearing me apart the part of me that wants to live and never more depart   I am not allowed to write those words...Read On


A Baby to Love

A baby is a special blessing

A baby to fill your hearts with joy Whether it may be a girl or boy    A baby for you to cuddle and love Little one sent to you from above    Bottles and diapers and so much more With little eyes you know you'll adore    Laughter and crying and sleepy at night Morning smiles that will make it alright   A life you hold in the palm of your hand That helps make your own life so grand ...Read On


Silence Of Chloroform

In our dark place of silence, where ravens don't dare, she calls me.   Calls me to the window, of eternal moors and spirits,   whispering with a face of no name.   In gothic shades of pale, and midnight blue, the moon looks down on her loveliness. In the silence of our Chloroform, laying down to sleep in our tureen, waiting for life to begin. In closed-caption of lullabies, where...Read On


The Long Road Home. Chapter 11.

“Are we in trouble, Maria?” Katarina asked quietly...

Rome. November 28 th 1943   As the sun began to set, Katarina and Maria continued with the task of ensuring that the patients were ready for the big move the following day. According to their orders, ambulances would be provided at first light ready to begin the transfer to the railhead where two hospital trains would be waiting to take them on the long journey back to Germany....Read On



Sometimes life...

People are just like clouds That float above the sky Without real direction But beauteous from afar Winds can push us forward And then may push us back Might even be the ones That scatter us apart Sometimes they blow gently To make us into one Other times much stronger Thus breaking us in twain Sometimes there is darkness It makes it hard to see Even light in slivers Can barely...Read On



on a tightrope with unseen safety net of love below

I tried to tell her to be cautious, to understand it's a dangerous world out there. And with those words to ponder, I let her go. And she flew, cllimbed, and explored, always pushing her limits, on the tightrope, of life. What she and the rest of you can't see, is I am here for her should she fall, should she need a safety net, loving arms extended, just off camera, ready.  ...Read On


Sassy and Sweet

  Some people did not know what to call her she was a mixture of sweet sixteen and a touch of incredible maturity No one knew where she came from but they knew when she left   No one could explain her appearance and her generous sunshine smile willing to be  a help in all ways no matter the time of day or the cost and never asking for things in return   She was a bit sassy and...Read On


Mercenary meet the parents

Mercenary meet the parents

Mrs. Bucannon appeared to be a sensible person. She wore a simple gown and tasteful jewelry. If she wore makeup, I couldn't tell. She was a blond version of Grace, and her icy blue eyes were looking at me strangely.   A pair of screaming females met Grace at the entrance to the parlor and whisked her off for girl talk. I breathed a sigh of relief as they left the room. Contrary to...Read On


Melting Your Mascara

With a breath of blue touched in dreams, as I held a thought in the silence of bliss, from Carmine red lips that brought fires, now melting your mascara. As your pulse recedes from the photograph hung, on my mind's window, and the cloth that we wed, a better bride I could not desire, simply said, now a widower in my bed.   In shadows, a far horizon whispering your name, of Shangri-La and...Read On


The Salty and The Sweet

Fresh Perspective

An Adventure of epic proportion a discovery of wild imagination Comes now to your mind with joy with the salty and the sweet   A day like no other day a moment like no other moment a place like no other place sharing the salty and the sweet   A time like no time has ever been circling the world with newness of breath no one has ever discovered before tasting the salty and the sweet...Read On


Bury the falcon

I don't want to ask any more questions. But I must to find piece. Yet  I don't understand. The pain. The rain. Or a baby's laugh. I can not understand how thick the plots can be. It saddens me that songs live brighter lives than poems. The longest day has the brightest night. The Strongest whiskey won't chase the most jagged afterglow. Women and men are broken bow and an ax left in...Read On


The bridge of death

Onward into the splinter of a frozen rain. In my piety I look into thy limp heart. Tonight the black widows of my enemies stalk me. By the hourglass on your skanks. I smell it is you who are terrified. You feel the heat of my furry coming at you. I have marked the year carefully. In this sentence I declare royalty. By pen and by pastry knife I rise against with discipline.  My eyes...Read On


The Red Dress

One woman, in particular, stood out from the crowd.

Back in the spring, my husband and I went to visit a 1940s Weekend. There were many people there dressed in the fashions and uniforms of those days. There were vehicles and stalls and it really was a wonderful weekend. An escape from the humdrum repetitiveness of my daily life. As I walked, arm in arm with my husband, Philip, I took in the sights, sounds and even tastes of the Forties....Read On


Inside An Earthen Pot

With pockets of stars in eyes raven blue wings flickering bright making love in the pines and the salt beds where nature defines In the moonlight hypnotizing our worlds where crickets now gather in the doorway with a satchel full of shadows Laying in the needles inside an earthen pot   caught in the whirlwinds of man-made sins an asterisk in my mind as we thirst With lightning bolts...Read On


Wishing For Home - Chapter Two Meet the Flints

Danny discovers the hardship of being with the Flints

Approaching the cottage from the long country lane, with the sunlight shining directly on it, it held so much promise. Behind it was an inviting deep wood, and in one corner of the garden hens strutted, clucked and pecked behind mesh. Across open fields, corn gold in the summer lay the farm where Frankie was staying. Rabbits appeared all the time, stoats and foxes could be seen from time...Read On