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Scamp's Adventure #7 : A Spaceship Adventure

What will the animals do today ?

It was a quiet day at the farm...  Scamp, the monkey, heard about the local space shuttle building contest open to all ages and told Sparky, the pup. The contest was to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Apollo 11. They thought it would be great fun to enter. Miss Emily had just had a new refrigerator delivered and the box was in great shape and all they would have to do is find things...Read On


From A Rocking Chair

Home is where my inkwell stood on the promenade of my desk with its echoes of the past and dark roses in her hair of memories we shared so silently from a rocking chair So silently, would you be there? if I closed my eyes in dreams as the dawn awakes with a song from heaven's blue sky in the dew of the mist and rainbows of love With its echoes of the past and perfume in the breeze a brocade...Read On


The Worry Stone

A chance meeting at a county fair helps to heal a young man's broken life

My life fell apart when I was ten -- and that night will stick with me forever. It was mid-summer and Mom and Dad wanted a weekend to themselves. I was spending it with my grandparents -- Dad's parents. We'd had a good time with a quiet day -- just Grandma, Grandpa, and me. That evening, one of their friends, Gene, came by to visit. We were sitting in the kitchen, drinking tea and nibbling...Read On


The Way You Are

You find so many people are bruising But you, you are mostly amusing I like the way you love. You do it like a foxglove. I like the way you dance. You do it like a stance. You find so many people are runny But you, you are mostly funny I love the way your hair flows, Spreading your style everywhere. You're like a style fountain. Enough zazz for a whole mountain. You find so many people...Read On


The Lavender Town Dare

A high school kid dares to climb the Lavender Tower at night.

  "Go into the Lavender Tower at night," they said.   "We dare you," they said.   Obviously they'd never had the courage to try it for themselves. For the fourth time the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end as something in the cold, dark room flitted amongst the headstones commemorating countless deceased Pokémon. Shaye tried to ignore the dark shapes he saw―or thought he...Read On


The Optimist

Optimism isn’t always impractical

A misfit character,   A misunderstood hero,   ' All is well ' was never his motto. Sadness never abstained from him.   Bitterness was a frequent flyer.  The biting sting of heartbreak,   Drenched often in his pool of thought. Cynicism was obvious,   He chose a smile instead. Perspective helped. With death he realized,  Came the value of existence. Mind traversed in new dimensions, ...Read On


Dream On

January 16, 1989, Tomatlán, Mexico. I was sitting on the left side of a second-class bus two rows behind the driver. No one bothered to get off for the ten-minute stop in Tomatlán. The driver’s assistant stood at the front of the bus ready to collect tickets from any boarding passengers, but there were none.  As we sat parked in the street with the engine running, I took in the view from...Read On


The Fun And Glorious Chocolate

Whose chocolate is that? I think I know. Its owner is quite happy though. Full of joy like a vivid rainbow, I watch her laugh. I cry hello. She gives her chocolate a shake, And laughs until her belly aches. The only other sound's the break, Of distant waves and birds awake. The chocolate is fun, glorious and deep, But she has promises to keep, After cake and lots of sleep. Sweet dreams...Read On


The Boogie Woogie In My Gin

Clinging to me as darkness falls, with a clatter of echoes, as a shadow crosses your eyes, like a prism on a carousel. For it's just the twilight, of angels calling with sweet tea, brought to you, by Heaven Inc., or the boogie-woogie in my gin. With love's harmony and kisses, beneath cherry blossoms of Spring,   and butterflies with wings of gold, forever in my arms, I hold. For it's...Read On


A lifetime of memories

Early in the morning  I wake Something seems wrong I have no idea why Very slowly I get up Not making a sound Checking and listening  I find nothing has changed I try to shake it off As I snuggle under the covers Memories come of you Knowing they will take me away I smile once more A lifetime of memories  Of you      ...Read On


The Oak Street Inn

A well renown tavern on Oak Street finds itself hosting a dangerous necromancer.

  The evening, as it always did, brought revellers and merrymakers of all sorts to Oak Street. Locals and travelers alike could never resist experiencing the famous Oak Street Inn for themselves. Even the wealthy scions of Thursk, the great city shadowing the humble town of Sylva, managed to steal away from their uptown lives for an evening of conviviality and pleasure.   Maylin...Read On


Let's Go Liners

Once a Liner Always a Liner

Twas the night before the big game  And all through the town  All the people were cheering For their team to win the crown   Which side of the river  Will be the big winner  Whose gonna go home  For the best tasting dinner    Rovers of Easton   Black and red to the end Will the trophy go with them  Or will they be on the mend   The Liners of Pburg  Bleed garnet and gray ...Read On


Four doors down

An angry postman starts opening the mail. Perhaps it would be better not to do that.

The letter-box slammed shut, the sound reverberating throughout the road, and inside the houses in the vicinity. Geoff Howell turned and stalked back along the path to the gate, not bothering to close it behind him. He walked to the next house, angrily posting their mail, and rummaging in his bag for more.  He was 46 years old, lived alone in a third floor flat, was five feet six inches...Read On


The Long Road Home. Chapter 13.

They could see the tiny clouds of smoke bursting in air. The guns at Brenner were no longer silent!

Innsbruck, December 15 th 1943   The night wore on. Huddled together for warmth in the now freezing carriage, Katarina and Maria dozed fitfully. The hours seemed to pass by so slowly but, eventually, the cold, grey dawn began to push away the darkness. As the light grew in intensity, a few white snowflakes began to fall past the window. Maria wiped her hand across the...Read On


An unbroken bottle

I found a note in a bottle. It must have floated halfway across the sky. Who knows the wonder in such a journey. I have been alone all my life. Try to understand how my hands trembled as I uncrumpled the edges. Return to sender was all it said. It was agony to realize it was my handwriting. One thing kept me from going insane. My signature was...tier stained    ...Read On


First Date Set-Up

Teenage girl questions her father about the early onset of romance



In The Beginning

A life experience that will happen only in my dreams ...

Fifteen to two hundred million of them swim every time. Only the strongest amongst them will survive to reach their peak destination. Their three days lifespan is spent looking for their one and only life partner that only lives for forty-eight hours till it may be reborn again the following month of their life cycle. If they get lucky they meet and join together. The union of two...Read On


Halls of Amenti

An American fortune hunter finds more than treasure in some ancient desert ruins.

Then for a dwelling place, far 'neath the earth crust, blasted great spaces they by their power, spaces apart from the children of men.  Surrounded them by forces and power,  shielded from harm they the Halls of the Dead.                                        - The Emerald Tablets of Thoth      I was once told by a friend that the desert was a terrible, unforgiving...Read On


Butterfly Tattoo

Now in my ink of suede black where my lusting mind bellows and angels dress in denim like a mademoiselle with a chignon With razor-sharp creases and high heel stilettos with a butterfly tattoo on the inside of an ankle As a scent rises of Christian Dior like almonds and wintergreen as we kiss the night away on the dark side of heaven Before giving in to religion going to heaven's cotilion...Read On


All That Matters

It's really all that matters, don't you know

"I adore you" The words were spoken heard and accepted with gratitude and delight Not always offered aloud in the past even when understood within the trust of a heart in need The adoration of a chorus of friends and lovers from life that passed sincerely revealed The latest to be tendered this approbation in words as the solace of destined sublimity and jubilant embrace The embrace...Read On


Star Wars: Unfortunate Circumstances

Nadska finds that the planet he thought would be safe still isn't beyond the reach of the Empire.

  Nadska knew he was in trouble. He’d had the misfortune to be planet-side when the first of the Star Destroyers emerged from hyperspace above Kashyyyk, now everyone on the jungle world was trapped. The imperials had already jammed global communications and were commencing a well orchestrated assault on the planetary defences. That was all Nadska knew, he honestly didn’t care what the...Read On


What I see in people

I see an old man who does not speak. I wonder what vampire stole his voice. Is his breath next? I bet he was a poet once. Who is to tell, not he nor I.  I see a young lady with the mind of a child. I have no idea if she is cursed or blessed. I have nothing but charity for her. I see a soulless one who has no grace. What can I think of him; save only God knows. Then borrowed deep...Read On


Dressed In Johnny Coat

I'm so sorry, but the morgue is closed, but send in the twilight so that I can see, where has the bouquet of pine cones gone, by way of the cadavers in the breeze. As I lay here on a slab of marble, waiting for a formaldehyde needle, all dressed up in my johnny coat, with a tag on my toes, "Oh Tweedle Dee!" Because I'm decomposing from within, this decor depresses me so, open the...Read On


Two For A Toddy

These living bodies that we wear that in a new dress we appear destined for the skipper in the sky pale the shade in our veins Entombed with a white bouquet so fast we wither in our grave catching the early worms in our darken maze As we sleep in our coffin deep free from the flesh at last no part remains a selfsame part but the pain is gone Let him who loves you think instead you...Read On


Divine Descent Ch 3

If life is a game, it's obvious I'm losing.

Fatima pov Fatima it seemed had no choice in the matter as she was carried out of the trail. Why isn't she fighting back, why not scream and thrash and see if anyone would come. Except no one would come, people would rather avoid conflict and pretend it doesn't exist right in front of their faces rather than intervene. Plus four to one was certainly not a fair ratio and seeing where this...Read On


Musical Differences

The Bee Flats. They'd come up with the name in Paul's dingy basement flat, which always smelled dank and foisty no matter how many Glade Plug-ins Paul threw at it. Jacko always felt a little ill the day after he'd spent time at Paul's, the damp air permeating his already overworked alveoli. The copious amount of weed they smoked obviously didn't help matters. They were proud of the name as...Read On


Scattering Apart

Jin looked out over the city from the rooftop of one of the tallest buildings in Seoul, it was a breath-taking sight. And he hated it. He hated the crowds. He hated the busyness. He hated the noise. He hated the tall buildings. ‘Skyscraper’, such a simple, yet symbolic word – to scrape the sky. Is that our way of letting God know that we’re here and we’re trying our best to touch Him? Or...Read On


The Break

They had planned it as the holiday of a lifetime, but Jen had known all along that it was her final attempt to save their marriage. She'd had very little help from Alex, as usual, other than a few affirmative nods and grunts over his evening bottle of Scotch. Now here they were in San Francisco, in a lovely boutique hotel with a balcony and a magnificent view of the bay. It had cost and arm...Read On


If Only

If only, my dream wasn't loneliness, and the stars were chandeliers, if only, visions of you in my teacup of dreams, if only, for a moment, please.   But dark is a lonely demon, if only, left to fester without psalms, for the truth is in the Good Book, if only, you would come upstairs. If only, in my memory you not age, and my mind doesn't grow cold, if only,   up with the dawn of you in...Read On


The Return

It was much more isolated than he'd imagined. He'd pictured the cemetery by a church. Near a town. Near  something . Not this - just a cemetery, in a forest, with nothing - and no-one - around. The darkness didn't help, or the creeping fog. Despite this, and despite the pervasive atmosphere on impeding doom he felt, he quickly found the grave. A shiver ran through him as he read the epitaph....Read On