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Victoria Desperado's Mansion of Despair

Her boldness blinded her, and she paid the full price.

About 1900 words   Victoria Desperado's Mansion of Despair by James Foley   In Annapolis, Maryland, Andy Bannock stood on a sixty-four-foot ketch, watching the night get wetter and wilder. He was under contract to move this boat to Baltimore before tomorrow noon. And Andy's one-man crew, Michael Ward, had retired. Actually, Roger Wang, Andy's partner in their yacht delivery business,...Read On



I have walked the path of the ancient ones. Each step made me stronger. Wiser. Fearless. I don’t suffer the antics of fools. Nor do I tolerate the pretense of substance. Heavy is the granite of my principals. Cracked by forces meant to weaken me. Wedges are afforded to few family and friends. Flexible to blood and love. Yet firm in my resolve to stay the course. The ancient ones...Read On


Sweet Thoughts of You

Sweet thoughts of you came unbidden today, Chased my melancholia away, Sunbeams reigned and the blues fell away, When sweet thoughts of you came unbidden today. Oh, the sun was the same, same was the day, Same was the work, and the time frittered away, But somehow they were different in no discernible way When sweet thoughts of you came unbidden today.  ...Read On


One Less Day

One Less Day As another day wakes With you to protect Till the day you fly Into my arms Forever mine As I am yours Heart Being Soul Aphrodite Goddess of love Smiles and kisses Your sweet forehead Words gifted to you Love Respect Adore Surge thru you Etched to your core Goddess Aphrodite Rides her chariot East to West As your eyes close You hear my voice Love Respect...Read On


Just Your Smile

It's really just the smile

It's really just the smile That tells it all. A smile that seems transcendent To our core. Complete fulfillment,  Existential bliss  For every beating heart that feels its Glow. A happy smile of joy and sweet delight That spins our moods from blueness   Into glee. To utter satisfaction with this life. Such smiles Are bringers of a glowing light. Of sunshine,  Exultation for  Each life. ...Read On



I saw you. I saw all of you. Walking in the sunlight. Without cover. As if you were immune to harm. Believing that bad things only happen to others. All the while from the shadows danger lurks. Lying just behind the line between light and dark. Where I am. Waiting. The shadows are my home. The night is my friend. While others sleep impervious to thoughts of threat, I survive in...Read On


Black Dog - Chapter 38

Olivia ran down the stairs. Her vague suspicions had coalesced, the message from her dreams loud and clear. With a quick glance to check that nobody was about, she pulled herself into human form and grabbed her coat. Draping it across her shoulders, the briefest sop to modesty, she sprinted barefoot out onto the grass, her breath clouding before her face in the dark, her skin burning...Read On


The origins of Rahab's Red Book

How the Red Book was written

Getting the contents of the Red Book back to London was exciting, as it gave the experts at the British Library a chance to order them. There were ten volumes in all. The leaves had been bound in red Spanish leather, and to judge by the state of the bindings, had hardly been read. The curators said it was likely they had been bound after each section had been written and then put away by...Read On


A Sailor's Counsel

Some men plan their lives like they plan for a trip, The destination is chosen, the direction is clear, The traveling goods are loaded, the course is set, They select the weather to sail, stay in port when rough.   I steer by integrity and set my course by honesty, I tack against the winds of immorality and clear the rocks of shattered ethics, I hold the lanyards of men with respect...Read On


Over Moonlit Channel

Echoes of Tullamore reigning in the ghost In seance with a whiskey label   Two fingers, up neath so sayeth my host With words of book worn my journal scorn Of my consequential of a harlot I boast As her acorn squash fife's my lot And her footsies troll over my chest On a poet's bedside scroll Parlaying her hips on an ottoman Echoes of Tullamore reigning in the ghost Clouding my mind...Read On


My Wife's Lovely Drawers

My wife is perfect as you can see; An upturned nose, very pretty. She cooks, she cleans, she rings my bell, But it’s her drawers that I love so well.   My wife’s drawers are a sight to behold, A tale to you that must be told, Of things so secret and forbidden, The contents of which are usually hidden.   My wife’s drawers are like a menagerie Of playing cards and gold jewelry; Gum...Read On


Little Scamp

Little scamp has fun.



Standing Strong

Strength like the mighty oak tree There he stands For all to see Standing tall and strong Firm hands to hold Love in his laughter Compassion in his eye From dawn to dusk And back again Nerver changing  He never fails Standing firm for all to see He bends with the wind But never breaks Tall and strong Sharing the power  Watching over little ole me                    ...Read On


Kiss You Brew

It was the kiss you brew on dawn we lay    That I felt the evermore of Spring As your eyes invoked the rites of love   With wings of an angel's sing And as the dew was on the grass We sipped a jasmine tea aphrodisiac Neath the awning of the sky While windmills blew sweet ale In a glider of the forest Of truffle saffron That I felt the evermore of Spring...Read On



Looking up to the Gods

Proud man Strong man wait Brought low One call wait To his core One word wait Clouds form Sun gone wait Looking up to the Gods Rumours wait Text message Shaking hand wait Push play Listen again wait Teary eyes Pierced heart wait Tired man Old man wait On the banks River Styx wait   ...Read On


The Diary Of The Forgotten Child

Another day in paradise, I woke up to sky’s of grey, unusual, as the weather seemed unforgiving these past few days, guess this was our day off. A calm breeze creeps through the cracks of my walls, almost greeting me with an enthusiastic grin, as though to say with a chipper demeanor,  “Have a nice day”. As I make my way out, the sun’s presence is made known, the clouds, though shielding...Read On


Unwanted Love

Poems written and hopefully sent, Never get a reply. Invitations for romantic events Are almost always denied.   When invitations are not denied They are oft put off… Deferred. “I’m not ready,” is what I hear. “Too soon,” are oft your words.   With patience, I wait and wonder why My advances are not accepted, Is there something about my approach? Or am I being tested?   Are...Read On



I opened a can of beans As paper towels unfolded Cats under feet Spoons dropped in musical note   Doorbell rings Disturbing sublime lazy Yet curiosity blooms To be disappointed   Wall to wall carpeting Beneath socked feet Pathways marked By traipsed bi-peds   Clock chimes by hours lived Reminding of sun in sky Moments memorialized By media on colored screen   ...Read On


Black Dog - Chapter 37

The turning of the moon marked time. Olivia didn't return to Peter's Cross until the autumn, and even then she did so reluctantly, skirting around the graveyard so she could walk up to the vicarage by road, considering it well worth the extra shoe leather if it kept her out of sight of Eli and Verity. Her dread at the thought of unpreparedly running into Eli had obvious roots, crossing his...Read On



sticks and stones can hurt as not hearing from you does too

THAW Winter winds Freeze you in My mind Waiting for a thaw Day and Days go Watching the ice flows Down to the oceans go  Build a fire Warm your heart Think of just only one On our banks With hope anew Above geese form As this old man  Dreams on For a note Or a call Watching ice flow See two robins necking This old man smiles Hoping to hear  Your thaw  ...Read On


Of My Drowsy

Casting out plumed serpents of my mind and the demons of the soured wine, as the dawn awakens a new shine,   of the drought I slept.   As a gauzy silhouette kiss my lips, shadowing my ambiguity, midnight clock, with a poetic soliloquy, of yesterday's pines and acorns.   Forsaking me of my quinine, with talisman arms of the drought I slept, in chambers of my drowsy....Read On


Panther Love

Feral and Carnal

I approach you with a cat-like look… and feline sinuosity, Muscle by muscle, paw by paw…with animal curiosity, I intend to devour you… and your hot, enticing, flesh. There is sexual heat within my loins; passion upon my breath. From deep within my soul…I growl my love's ferocity, Pinning you beneath me…I seek your generosity. Surrender your sexuality…I will take my pleasure, Become a...Read On


Kindred Spirits, Distant Hearts. Chapter 25

He stopped when Katarina put her hand up. “I can't hear you,” she said...

Tripoli. February 03rd 1942   Since having heard the conversation about the counter-offensive, Katarina was once more hopeful that all was not lost. She hadn't heard a single word about Benghazi since Christmas eve, however, more than a month ago and as she considered all the possibilities, her heart once again became heavy with fear. Not even a year had passed since she and her...Read On


Black Dog - Chapter 36

Lost in miserable contemplation, Olivia had no concept of how far the journey took her. High hedges and the grasping bare branches of trees lined the lanes, all alike. Once in a while, signs of habitation loomed and passed, clustered cottages or solitary houses on long stretches of empty road. White signposts marked placenames that Olivia only half-knew, and Grace had fallen...Read On


Life's Fresco

The breath of time waits not a brad In the scheme called life's fresco Of an eternal landscape While dusk turns into a dawn's rust For whom the weather vane spins   And dew of morn mist a rainbow As paint is mixed with Gum Arabic Spread on a canvas of your love With tint of kiss and turtle doves  ...Read On


Mrs Robinson Crusoe

Mrs Robinson's Story

Mrs Robinson Crusoe stood upon her own little isle, Wondering what happened to that cute little smile. She'd not seen her mister since their boat was wrecked. Two years it’d been since Mister washed over the deck.   The boat had sunk beneath her; she struggled to stay afloat. She the sole survivor of their guided fishing boat. She’d survived two years with mussels and abalone, ...Read On


Black Dog - Chapter 35

Putting on her coat, feeling for the reassurance of the small slip of paper in her pocket, Olivia walked out into the early twilight and down to the phone box. She could only pray that Grace might still be with her friends, and she breathed a sigh of relief when the cheery voice on the other end of the line told her to wait just a minute. "What happened to you?" said Grace, skipping...Read On

Recommended Read

The Hotline

Do the tattoo. If you need to. 1-800-273-8255



Forest Of Gemini

Sundown falling as eventide winks And the sparrows take rest   As the moon strikes gold Over the evergreens In a forest of Gemini Over a night's chandelier   As the wind chimes sing Shades of whispering springs With emollient kisses In folds of your warm caress    And the dreams that wind Making love on the truffles With shades of an inglenook In a forest of Gemini Over a...Read On


Snow in Three Poems

If you live where it snows, you will see truth in these poems

Snow Dust Snowflakes falling all around Changes to snow upon the ground. When the wind blows (as it must) It carries aloft bits of snow dust. Snow Bunnies Snow swirls; the wind makes a snow dune. Snow dust dances to a wintery tune. Like dust bunnies underneath your bed, Snow bunnies rise and begin to sled. Wisps and swirls, snow bunnies arise And follow the wind until it subsides....Read On