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My Enemy

Anger is never your friend.

I have seen the enemy My foe, my cause to stop They are evil, no doubt irrational violence unending Their acts are heinous My anger hot as magma desirous of apoplectic revenge blackening my heart I cannot mirror their hatred Condemning my own soul Patience is my providence I will not mirror their evil Moving against my nemesis Determination as my sword The enemy is vanquished My...Read On


Spring Will Always Come

Winter's alluring angel beckoned me, offering me freedom and comfort. I willingly went to her, my wants lay bare.  Strangely, the bitter cold did not sting. Her fingertips set my flesh ablaze. What was dormant now sprang to life. She enveloped me, whispering, "A new spring awaits. Do not fear."  I found sanctuary within her cradling arms. The snow melted on the ground beneath us,...Read On


Deepest Dreams-with Gwendoline

Into the sails of twilight Over and beyond dreams With a kiss on the horizon Sweet silence of the breeze Adrift in docile slumber Two hearts bewitched as one Transfixed within a spectral gaze They put to bed the sun Evermore across the bow Of the wide-wending seascape With a new glory crowning midnight Fathoms deep in sleep Transcending- ever bending time Souls rise in tidal waves Then...Read On


Bobby's Place

Forty-six years ago, Bobby opened the doors and let us in. Battered and peeling even then, it was our sanctuary of truth. We learned fast to come and go in groups on its sketchy street and did we ever. The music was loud, the drinks cheap, and the light low enough to mantle the next morning's regret. Going to the ladies  was a euphemism you learned quickly and wasn't for the faint-hearted....Read On


How I Broke My Nose While Playing Chess At A Church Summer Camp

The inside story of how I managed to get my nose broken while playing chess at a church summer camp.

  Way back when, a friend and I were sitting behind the wired backstop to the church camp’s dusty softball field, playing chess on a small travel board, while waiting for the game in progress to end. We had cleverly positioned ourselves so both of us could watch the softball game while playing the grand game of chess.  Then it happened.  Later investigations revealed a misplayed softball...Read On



Sunday evening, the lost, pale fragments of Saturday night.  This is the place where excitements go to die, last night’s adrenalin rush of a mirror ball cascading its light, the overplayed enthusiasm of a spontaneous, drunken moment in the middle of a high street, a vision of a momentary lover, who fell through the gaps of nowhere, sometime in the early hours.  You come here on a Sunday...Read On


Night Of The Jugular

A thousand years or more sweet to the tongue the jugular...  silencing the lutes of the nightingales as another shadow passes... upon the stairs but no one is there  just quotes...   a lame poet am I  hairy and horrid  eyes hollow of madness...  ...Read On


Fuel Season 2: Episode 25 – The Lady in Gold

Series: Stories of the Fuel Speedway

With a big time title race coming up, the Duchess of Drag goes all out to outshine her opponents...

12th of April – Season 2 Penny Potgieter was not new to being the center of attention. As a teenager, she'd done some modeling with some mild success. In fact, her mother had high hopes that she could make good money from that even as a side job but Penny had passed. While she liked the idea of wearing an endless selection of clothes, she didn't like the objectification factor of...Read On


Deathly Love

Sometimes love is death

My heart slumbers in chains Which leave out the light- And suck in all the night     Dark and dismal   Let it be   ... can I ever be free?   Rising from ash   I crawl and grip the green earth   Savaged and beaten   I plead to be heard     Desperate to see   A little light for me   ... can I ever be free?      Challenging my own strength I am hell-bent on not giving up I’ll free myself...Read On


Blonde But Not Forgotten - Chapter 1

“Blonde but not forgotten. That sums her up in a way. Yes, I knew Cindy George. We all did. It was hard to miss her if you went in the bars round town in those days. It was like she saw it all as her playground, a stage on which she could dance and preen and strut her way through life. I need hardly say that this isn’t the story of her life. It’s the story of a short period in her life,...Read On


Insomnia's Twilight

In uncharted darkness of my mind's demons and insomnia's twilight dripping...  through a veil of osmosis  of ghostly translucent withering in the maze  screaming... the origin of the species  adrift in my cup hanging by a string  steeping... with varicose veins of tentacles grasping inking the night squeezing......Read On


Sharing Passionate Journeys

Shall we travel together, hand in hand




Greg and Sam had never met prior to the day they accidentally collided with each other. There had been no malice, intent, or even any real force in the collision but for something which had been so accidental, it had been enough to knock both men off their feet. Sam felt quite woozy, but he did, however, manage to get up quite quickly while quite oddly there was absolutely no movement at...Read On


The Little Pianist

There's more than one way to skin a dictator

  The rain outside only made her isolation more draconian.  She had been placed under house arrest by her country’s vicious dictator, Klaus Heinrich, after she had attempted to pass military secrets to the enemy.  Her homeland had been at war for four years with neighboring Mueslichstan.  She had watched as their leader had imprisoned and murdered thousands of her fellow citizens.  She had...Read On



I once bought a bag of chips A big ol’ bag all bright and yellow I opened the bag with a pair of snips So little inside I was one unhappy fellow.   I saw a pie I really wanted A nice big box to hold it all I ripped it open completely undaunted And found a pie so pathetically small.   I ordered a tool from an online shop It took forever to come in the mail What I got made my jaw drop...Read On


Just Live in Fairyland

Seek the land of Fairies

She lives there in your Fairyland of Dreams.  She'll be there when you seek her, never fear. Don't worry, you are playing love's sweet games, the ones that keep you living life's pure joy. We realize the trust we give to those we love returns to us in manifold degrees. So keep the partnerships we have sincerely touching in communion now. No doubt we understand the differing hopes out...Read On


Now and Then

What was now is  now and then a dream... a collection of candles burning at both ends with no clock... just your hairpin and a golden lock  now and then...  of trippers and slippers  a wafting tea  in shadows of evermore...  ...Read On



The first time I saw her, she was crying while sitting on a wooden bench by the brick work entrance to the local town park. Being as large as it is, the park has five points of entry, the largest of which is that brick work entrance, also known as the Village entrance, as it is the closest the park comes to the town village. Ten feet to her left stood an old-fashioned streetlamp no taller...Read On


Grows Deeper

The dark grows deeper. Resembling black tea under the shadows of negativity. The water is stained life. Decaying with a bitter harvest. Standing on the brink of mortality. I don't have wings, listening to preachers cry. Drowning in life's symphony. Just add water and drink. Storing the rest in fatal black with faded-out tattoos.     ...Read On


If You Ever...

If you ever remember our story, just don´t look for me in any place we shared, don´t try to find me again in sunlit flowery gardens, don´t hope to see me in the human tides of avenues. It is no use looking for me, I waited for you too long a time, kept the torches burning in a temple you had forsaken and I was left to see crumbling. Still, there are traces of myself in the...Read On


The Proper Way to Eat Spaghetti in Edinburgh

Americans need training to dine out properly

Dining out in Edinburgh would not present an overwhelming challenge I did not think. We had left our hotel on Prince's Street and strolled down the hill towards the harbor. My lady was on my arm, a spring chill in the air, so we both wore long coats. Mine was a tan trenchcoat and matching Trilby. My wife wore a raincoat in anticipation of dampness from the evening skies. As we passed two...Read On


On The Shelf

On the shelf of my mind's memories   of dust and petticoats in shadows     like wainscoting in my dreams  my beautiful Mohogany  of yesterday's crimson wood sweet to the grain lost in time and soft as satin  on the shelf of my mind's memories   ...Read On


Walking with Elephants

Can Anna find new meaning to life in the African savanna?

As I walk through the front door, a cold, empty home greets me. I plop down on the couch and frown, realizing I never really liked this couch—just an uncomfortable reminder of yet another thing I did for him. My tears finally stream down my face. I am lost - unsure of my purpose now. No idea which direction to turn. All I know is I need a way to take my mind off him. But everything in this...Read On


Prairie Suite

Let the wind lift you up on your dreaming wings

Eyes open slowly, the horizon spreading out. Awaken with joy. Bird songs whistle and fill our ears triumphantly. The prairie is alive. Blue skies above us, scarlets and ambers blending. Blossoms have appeared. Viewing the landscape as we share the atmosphere. Breathing perfumed air.  Hands entwined warmly feeling the moisture mixing. Sharing our heartbeats. Breezes carry notes; winds...Read On


Journey of the Heart Through the Loom of Life

A poem of love for Emma - my wife and companion through the years...

It began at sunrise On that Cretan Isle Playful seductive glances From the very first moment By sunset I was caught forever In the weave of your silken net My wild, gorgeous temptress   Captured by mischievous eyes Deep sumptuous pools That reeled me in and Fiendishly stole my heart Snared, I never had a chance You chose me, and I was yours My crazy, delightful girl   That...Read On


A Good Life

Silence me a rainbow  of its breath infinity  on top of the pillow  and golden laurel for your hair  scented of the dawn  of yesterday's tomorrow  wearing a smile.  ...Read On


The Old Couple

An old couple meet at a coffee shop. “Harry! How are you doing?!” “Hilda! I’m doing well.” They hug and Harry pulls Hilda’s seat out for her, removing his hat and putting it on the table. “Can I get you something?” Hilda asks. “Just my usual two cents,” Harry smiles, the love obvious in his eyes. The old woman calls out for two coffees and a slice of bitter lemon cake for both of...Read On


Giving Up

I don’t see colors anymore. Everything is black or grey. I don’t hear music or laughter as before. There is no difference between night or day.   The air I breathe Seems heavy and thick. And now I believe It was all just a trick.   They held the carrot just out of reach. Always running and never gaining. Sculptures washed away in the sandy beach. Endless winters constantly raining....Read On


The Monster Within

We seated ourselves on a bench. He scribbled away in his notebook, noting the Gothic architecture. Then the word "vampire" caught my eye. I chuckled at the absurdity of it all. The monster he was eager to create was seated next to him.  I glanced at the throbbing vein in his neck; my fangs descended. As if on cue, a heavy fog rolled in from the harbour with the veil of white mist offering...Read On


Back In Time

What once was ... will again be ...

Baby… Oh, baby… My sweet baby… You’re the one… To understand the way forward, the road to the future, one must go back in time… It can be said that love can sometimes be strange as it can also be said that love is eternal though what can be stranger or more strange than anything ever associated with love is to be caught in a loop with a part to play to keep love in order, for one...Read On