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the wait continues

down by the river your lover waits dreamed of you finger in the water ripples pass thru his soul and time wait been told wait burns his heart as the ripples move down by the river the wind whispers soon my love wait for me   ...Read On


Vampire Justice Part 34

Carlo gets captured again and the trials start for Molly and Sebastian

Leona sat on the bench and called court back in session. There were three cases on the docket for the evening session. The VJS had all cases decided by the presiding judge. Leona sat stiff and formal, as she scanned the courtroom. Molly with Raven, her lawyer, sat on the left side wall of the bench. Sebastian and Carlo waited in a holding cell behind a closed door to the right of the bench....Read On


Fade Away

I was always scared    I never knew what direction to go in   Fearing what lies ahead and how someone would treat me    Scared of love and passion    It could be from past experiences    Well it is from past experiences but I hate to admit that    I’d like to say I’m strong, that I don’t let it bother me    Truth is, I’ve missed out on plenty of relationships due to it    ...Read On



One enchanting night...

  They are standing by the window wrapped in each others arms. Enjoying the view of the enchanting super blood blue moon, brightly shining in the starless night sky. Fireflies are like stars below. Flying around the lovers as they kiss, surrounded by the magical glow. Storm is brewing between the lovers as their kiss turns to one passionate kiss after another, ignites a fire within...Read On



Our eyes can be deceptive when viewing oneself

I have been at war with my body for as long as I can remember. My mind always asking the body, "Why can't you just be what I want?" and my body asking, "Why can't you love me as I am?" If this was a relationship between two people, it would be seen as abusive. The endless diets, overexercising, pills, corsets, and body wraps is my punishment for the reflection in the mirror. Only to cry...Read On



We all need more time

We all watch time as it drags as it slips we are not the master of time at a young age count the time till your 16 then 21 time walking down the aisle the sound of your child at birth time happy and sad good with the bad walking together hand in crippled hand toward your setting sun time holding his hand pleading don't leave we aren't finished we just need more time.    ...Read On


The Autumn

Changing seasons...

On his morning walk into the woods He saw his bench  A girl sat alone on it Looking at nothingness. His heart felt heavy Taking a seat next to her He smiles and says hello And offers her his coffee jug Why is autumn sad? She says looking at the falling leaves He looks at the leaves blowing in the wind It is not sad It is the most colorful season Next to Spring Autumn is my favorite Except...Read On


Girl Fears Ghost Girl

Once so wonderful. And so alive.

Night on the beach. Awakening suddenly, David felt Jamie’s dark hair tickling his cheek. He stirred on the towel. “How long was I asleep?” “Only for a few minutes,” Jamie said. “You must be beat.” Easy night, peace. The sky clear above a sea dark as itself. The eastern stars were ushering up the aging half-moon, still clinging to the ocean’s edge. This old ocean that could take one...Read On


The Lion, The Wolf, and The Fox

The lion strode proudly from the bush into the open tundra. Unafraid of being seen. The shoulder high grass failing to hide his massive mane. He canted his head as a scent in the air told him she was near. A small throaty growl gives notice that he is aware. She weaves her way through the dense undergrowth. Darting in and out of cover. Her thick bushy tail held low as she prowled and rising...Read On


When The Last Leaf Falls

Who wil be there


The Rabbit Hole

She climbs out of her dark chamber  Searching for warmth and light Tired of the cold and darkness  Ready for a brand new sight    Inching her way onwards Determined to find freedom  She sheds her old skins  Yet remembers where she’s from    Facing the days and nights alone  Fearing only herself again  Will she continue to conquer her mountains  Or has she finally reached hell’s...Read On


It starts with a kiss

Whatever honey  drips from my lips  would taste infinitely sweeter  if pressed into a kiss So kiss me with abandon  and hear the song my heartstrings play  that I might hold you tight  and let the beat take our breath away Until I can finally wake  to your beautiful face pull you tight  into my embrace  Look at you  through eyes unwaveringly adoring  kiss you deeply  and bid you good...Read On


Kiss from a rose

I receive a kiss from a rose

A kiss from a rose, On a beautiful sunset night As the sun casts down, It’s golden rays of light. Upon the cotton candy clouds, Turning them bright red; fire red As they dip into the sea, Disappearing over the horizon. As the waves crashing, Upon the cliffs  Breaking the silence, As my English Rose kissed me. As we held each other, In a lovers embrace Locking lips as we kissed, Sealing...Read On


Every little thing

  You've touched my heart  to my very soul. You came into my life  and made me whole.  I wish I could lie down beside you  when each day is done,  and wake up to your face  in the soft light of the rising sun. I've held you tight in my arms and kissed your lips in a dream, I'll love you from morning till night  and every fraction of a second in between. It's not because you're...Read On


Will You Wait For Me

Will you wait

Will you wait for me. It was the question Spoken in a whisper in the dark. The answer was yes, I'll wait for you, No matter how long I'll wait. She dried her tears after the call Telling her the news. She knew. He was gone. Before the call She felt her heart slowly breaking. But she smiled Through the pain Recalling the special memories. The nights of love, The passion they shared. ...Read On



  I picture you dressed all in white a veil on your head  and unspoiled  as a freshly fallen snowdrift. My heart catches in my throat, As I gaze at your ethereal silhouette through the Vaseline glaze of tears in my eyes. Frozen in place  and not daring to move. Afraid I might wake and find everything has vanished from this dream place. Dare I tempt my heart  with these images? Stoke...Read On

Reaching The End

How does one know when it’s time to face eternity.  Do you feel a tug deep within your soul. Is there a feeling that reaches beyond sensitivity. That tells you, that you’ve reach the end of the road.   Will the angels sing your heartbeats song.  Tugging at every nerve within. Brightly letting your soul shine past the fog. As your heart  feels it’s own end.   Do you see the world...Read On


In My End Is My Beginning

In the days of my hedonistic youth I set my sails to cross the wine dark seas To find the lands of the lotus eaters, There to sate my sybaritic desires On the luscious fruits just waiting for me To pluck and gorge in a carnal orgy Of untrammelled depravity and lust, Living only for each new sweet climax. For a decade or more I spent my life In search of yielding luscious bodies To conquer...Read On


Black Dog - Chapter 11

An icy breath awoke Verity. She lay still, her eyes closed. "Would you like a cup of tea, dear?" asked a familiar elderly voice in the dark. Verity opened her eyes to see Imogen looking down at her. The cheerless watery light of morning shone through big French windows. Verity sat up, wiping her bleary eyes and trying to remember why she'd gone to sleep curled up on the sofa in the icy...Read On


Another Life Lesson From Dad

Supporting evidence for the importance of a father's presence in their young daughter's life...

“What’s that now?” I first swallowed then spat, before explaining again. “Trap the pointier edges between your upper and lower front teeth.” “Like this?” "No." I showed her again. "Like this?" “Kinda.” I then spat. “Like this?” “Better.” “This?” “Yes. Perfect.” I spat again. “Now, bite down until you feel it split.” I waited for the snapping sound before I spat again. “But not...Read On


Vampire Justice Part 33

The trials start with Molly and Sebastian first.

As the sun set, Leona awoke from her sleep, ready to take on the role of judge and jury in the cases of Carlo and Molly. It was a position her brother usually held, but he was in Europe on vampire business with Andrei. Leona went to the other casket and woke her consort and creation, who was formerly Slade's police partner. The women entered the VJS squad room looking for Slade and Eran...Read On


This Moment

Her faith is all she has left...

The tears stream down her face  as she remembers the detailed news  The doctor gave to her  She lays on the bed Curled up tightly into a ball  Her knees hugged to her chest.  As she begins dealing with her nightmare  The memories of her past flash before her eyes  And she realizes she has never been as alone as She feels right now, in this instance.  Her family are all too caught up in...Read On


Vampire Justice Part 32

Carlo gets captured with Molly staying in the background.

Carlo drove around the city, thinking of where to go and what to do. He knew he was alone now and any fae who helped him would face the same punishment that he would get. He needed a place to hide and gather his thoughts for the future. Carlo thought, "All my things are in my special area at the tavern. If I can get there, I can plan my departure from this city. I can take a few faes with me...Read On


To The Eternity

We regret, repent and remorse only when we have lost exhaustively.

I gaze at you taciturnly all of a sudden. Expecting to see the geniality eyes again with which makes me feel so warm. The day before we reunite in the endless journey, I will evermore cherish the memory of you. The reminiscence of the difficulties we had gone through together. That was faded away gradually. I just remember the laughter which was caused by you majority. Only if the...Read On


A Bank Savings Account Book

A harmonious relationship is built on the true love.

My mother presented me with a bank savings account book on the eve of my wedding. There was $1000.00 in it. My mother smiled and said, ‘You both are going to deposit some money in it from time to time, when something is worth for memorable. Besides the money, you both learn that there will have the unlimited happiness as you both grow old together!’ My husband deposited $500.00 twice later...Read On


Holding hands

Sunrise or sunset, blue skies or rain one thing will always be true I simply want to be able  to hold hands with you There will always be time for passionate kisses and gazing deep into your eyes but nothing can replace the intimacy of walking hand-in-hand, together through our lives It's not quite holding you close but it certainly strengthens our connection our fingers laced together...Read On



TRIGGER WARNING The following contains information about assault, violence, suicide, bodily arm, ho

The small drops of blood had now dried up from my wounds as I lay down on the cold floor of our basement. It had been over an hour now and I was tired from all the crying.  The pain was unbearable and yet this wasn't even the worst.  There had been worse times. When he would tie me up in our basement and beat me up while he mouthed all sorts of profanities until I was unconscious.  I...Read On


Never Without You

There you are I’ve found you. I knew you wouldn’t be far. For a moment there I thought I had lost you. Tears welled up in me and my emotions – uncontrollable. In a brief moment of time I saw you lying there; my whole body in denial and the doctor’s shaking their head. One nurse didn’t give up. “One, two, three - breathe.” The doctor led me into a waiting room. Then when I hit the...Read On


Middle Men

What is the meaning of life

We walk the path of life, With death waiting at the finish line. The beginning and end are the same, What matters is the middle. Tis the path of the middle men…   What if life and death made transactions, And we were nothing more than the middle men. Our plans, our dreams, our future, Doesn’t really matter once the transaction expires.   Like the famous expression, #YOLO. You...Read On


Black Dog - Chapter 10

By evening, Imogen had fallen into a doze in the chair by the fireplace, her nerves worn out, and Eli had vanished without a word. This left Verity practically alone, to examine her surroundings at her leisure. At the mantlepiece, she investigated the curious assortment of ornaments: a collection that ranged from ugly worthless knick-knacks to objects of considerable beauty and...Read On