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A Christmas Wish

What is yours....



Cup Of Gin, Bombay

An old broken poet, he has a hungry eye for the darkening clouds coming his way with pen and ink, he whittled a thirst for a cup of gin, Bombay   The gin was bitter, it burned his tongue but the swill made his mind full of song and with a well of ink, he flung a verse for a cup of gin, Bombay Rolling dice in a fast lane called life   he wrote it dark into the dusk of erotic mimes in...Read On


The fight

In a world strength is key.

Naomi opened the gate as she was greeted by the creaking noise of the hinges. The sight of the rose bushes along the cement walkway was an astonishing sight to see and smell. She let her fingertips graze along it as she walked. Feeling the silk-like petals of each flower she passed, she couldn't help but love the feeling.  The moment she had got inside, she murmured to herself that she...Read On


How To Be A Happy Hooker: musings on openings in literature

For the benefit of any unsuspecting reader, let me state now that this is NOT an article about how one might become a contented courtesan or smiling strumpet. Nope, not even a titillated trollop. Sorry about any confusion, honest. Truth be told, this assault on good taste and English letters is concerned with the fine art of creating attention grabbing hooks in the opening lines of your...Read On


Last Minute

He’s been waiting for this day to come for a very long time. Half his life. He’s spent countless hours over the years tracking her down.  She’s married to a wealthy man and lives on the coastline of Massachusetts. She’s a professor of Spanish at a small college.  Ironically, when they were together she spoke no English. But things change. Life changes things. And today the old man will...Read On


Time and Space

For my darlings Annie and Mel

Across the tides and the space in different zones of time we lie separate and yet are ONE.   How can that be? Are time and space but concepts that love can conquer?   They can hold us captive in moral chains but our hearts reach out beyond them in love.   Love knows no boundaries when hearts are one as ours are, three making one together.   So, though dawn may break ...Read On


Re-Gifted Misinformation

We can't always believe what we are repeatedly told (and sing about)...

Santa uses flying caribou, not reindeer. It’s true. Reindeer and caribou are the same species and essentially the same animal. However, and we’ve all seen the pictures and movies, the jolly fella’s sleigh pullers are pretty big. Reindeer are diminutive in comparison, more like a stocky, white-tailed deer. It’s believed that the caribou’s Canadian Arctic diet is the main reason for the...Read On


Falling In Love

For Pixie and Mel

Eyes lock A thrown switch Magnetic flows Drawn to you   Stepping out Over cynical cliffs A leap of faith Potentially us   We do click That seatbelt sound Falling safely Protecting us   Soft splashdown In love's sea Fatalism banished I'm loved by you    ...Read On


Time and Tide

“Hattie!” she shouted out with excitement. “You didn't!”

“Ronnie, I got them!” Harriet Mitchell bounded up the steps to her friend's front door waving a nondescript white envelope above her head. “They came this morning!” Veronica Pickles, 'Ronnie' to her friends stood in the open doorway of her Belgravia town house, a puzzled frown on her pretty, young face. “What came this morning, Hattie?” Harriet's face was flushed with excitement as...Read On


Readers Lament

Last chapter is all done. Too bad it had to end. It was my favorite one. But I still highly recommend. Too bad I finally closed the book. Got to start with a new. What it needs to be a hook. I need find the best too. I need one to make me laugh true. And to make me cry out of happy. Not something that can make me so blue And I wouldn't mind if it was so sappy I want one that can keep me up...Read On


Redeemed by love

Love saves

To fall, once, and for all? Exiled from Eden and condemned by mine own conscience.   And so lost. Willing the good, but not knowing how. Lost in the dark.   Yet there is one spark. One light. Can it be? Hope could not be so bold.   Yet your love is. It reaches me even through my darkness your light finds a way.   In the warm glow of your love my brokenness is mending ...Read On


At War with Myself

for those of us in some kind of war with ourselves

Every day I'm at war with myself. I am fighting a war that I did not sign up for. I don't feel human anymore, just ground up, powered bones. I feel like an invisible ghost that no one can see or hear.  I have nightmares and insomnia and I don't feel safe, even at home. I'm still stuck in my war, fighting by myself against my worst enemy-me. If I hear a helicopter my body tenses up. I need...Read On


World Of Unicorns

With tomes of poetry and words Between lines of gossamer threads In a world of unicorns and puppy dogs   To be read when loneliness prevails   As earth-tones turn to autumn Between lines of gossamer threads   And leaves of umber scatter Neath God's rainbow ladder In a world of unicorns and puppy dogs    ...Read On


Music on the piano

Quietly sitting there, listening. I can here the notes on the piano playing.   A heart aching song you play with a heavy heart. Passion so sweet it was becoming art.   Such simple keys but it means so much. Your voice echoes through the night giving it a wonderful touch.   I can almost hear a cry in your sound. But not even your tears can choke your voice down.   You play like...Read On



Some truths about Christmas that we've always known, but have rarely acknowledged...

“Santa works at the North Pole,” the boy told his younger sister. “He lives there with Mrs. Claus, his team of elves, and his magical flying reindeer. “Wrong, big brother,” his sister replied. “Santa’s from outer space.” “Outer space?” the boy gasped. “He is not!” “Is too!” “Is not!” “Is too!” “Shhh,” their father hushed as he entered their kitchen. “I told you two to use your...Read On


Night's high cliff

For my love

The sea is calm tonight, and the moonlight ripples with the tide, as the night engulfs us. We sleep, cuddled and warm.   The storms of the day are passed, the dark welcomes us to her arms, your heart beats next to mine, and we two are as one.   No longer on the cliffs, no more the far horizon, just you and I here, and love to surround us.   With the morning will come a new...Read On


Don't Call Me Beautiful

Don't call me beautiful, it's too cliche.  Don't let words lose their meaning, by overusing.  (DNA comes from my parents.) Please don't see me in such a small capacity.  I am brilliant and bold and equally soft.  Don't call me beautiful even if it's true.  Feel my spirit, touch my aura, love my mind.  I'm not the kind of person to look into a mirror twenty times. Feel the power in...Read On



"Ah, sorry for bothering you again Axel, but I guess you must be really busy huh? Anyway, I was just calling to check if you got any of my messages and I really… I really do want to talk to you, if you could please call me back? We should catch up! It's the same number from high school so-" The answering machine cut her off and Axel stood next to his home phone with a dark look on his...Read On


Every Morning

I am on my way The day about to start To have your words Feelings of love Happiness too Smiles and laughter Bright sunny days Is what you bring Early every morn Around five o'clock    ...Read On


So You Wanna Be A Writer

Inspired by Rebellious_Soul...  Rebs   We live in an era of over-abundance right now. Too much of everything. It’s a candy store with endless glass counters filled with chocolates and caramels and sugary what-nots. We don’t even have to take a number. Just walk in and help ourselves. The internet has laid the entire world at our feet. I can be in India or Kenya or the Philippines in a...Read On


Take A Little Flight With Me

In dreams of yesterday's psalms A crucifix stood at the apse, In shadows divine. Did your baptismal awakening lapse? Do you remember, last September? When you were but a mortal in the flesh Never giving thought to the perpetual twilight, Before the lord of darkness, whispered your name. Take a little flight, take a little flight with me, Night wings are but a coat of ebony, So take a...Read On



Waiting for you, at our river spot. Under the wintery moon, to the hoots of snow owls. Stars so bright, to guide my way. Down to our special place, where I stole my first kiss. My heart burns hot, to touch you. And hold you tight, just once more. My lips turning blue, as ice forms. Wading in deeper, not waiting. Calling your name.                  ...Read On



I'm back with more silliness!



Liverpool Lullaby

Written for my dear friend..

Gabby my sweet darling girl Your dreams they've all been shattered Told you cannot love the one The one that really mattered   You moved away to Liverpool And took your love away You took your ‘Judy’ with you The one that you call Ray   Two loving souls that live as one I know that you’re ‘made up’ You’ve made a life together So drink from life’s sweet cup   I know your...Read On


A whisper in time.



Three in One

Three are One: for Annie and Mel

Only perfect love could make three become one and replace jealousy with the generosity that true love brings.   Love is not love if it shuts down and fails to grow in response to love and its generous extravagances.   In so loving, I am yours, and yours, while you are mine as I become more me.   And so as with another mystery, Three become one, as One remains Three   And I am,...Read On


Asylum- Ch.2

The next morning Eric was escorted to his cell under strict watch after completing his three hour therapy session, with the same results as day one. Not a damn thing had changed in his behavior or his way of thinking. As they neared his cell he could smell an unusual stench, to say the least. He couldn't quite describe it, but it made his nose curl in disgust. The guards stopped their march...Read On


The Lovely Mrs. L at Christmas

... In which I celebrate my wife

  The beauty of Christmas is in her eyes, Sparkling and twinkling and saucer-sized. The love of Christmas is in her heart, Laughing and giggling with kind remarks. The joy of people, on this special day, Who honor the Savior and His true Way, Warming hearts of man, woman, and child, All grievances reconciled. Step up, young men! Be strong in your Faith! 'Tis the Creator who put Christmas...Read On


Asylum- Ch.1

He spat in the guard's face and managed to shove him to the ground before two more restrained him. While he struggled and thrashed violently, he slammed one man against the wall and the other against a filing cabinet. You'd think they would learn not to try and take advantage of him. He may be crazy, but he sure as hell didn't bat for the other team. The warden's voice boomed through the...Read On


Dear Santa

Dear Santa. All I want for Christmas is something for ED, constipation and some Polident. And if you think about it, bring me a broad who doesn't have varicose veins or a goiter. Also, a new blow-up doll of Tammy Wynette. It seems the old one sprung a leak and is now in space, somewhere over Miami.   I understand that I got failing grades on being nice but hemorrhoids give me a...Read On