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Today is our thirtieth anniversary. For thirty years he has been my lover, my best friend, my rock. He has always been there for me. He picks me up when I’m down, makes me smile when I’m sad. I love him now more than ever. I don’t mind that he can’t buy me a big house, nice dresses or fine jewellery. He’ll never take me on that once in a lifetime holiday. He keeps me happy, and that’s all...Read On


When You Spoke My Name

Say my name.

You said my name, it felt so intimate as if you spread some jam upon my lips and then you licked it off. The loving way you said my name had felt as if you'd kissed my center of deep sensuality. As if the simple act of naming me had been seductive, lustful, and unleashed. And all the time it came so naturally, no pretense, clean and true, just giving me completely of your heart and...Read On


Why We Don't Eat Our Young

From a few years ago, but the sentiment still holds true today...

The Boy Able to take advantage of a much-ballyhooed birthday gift, my son successfully completed an introductory snorkeling class. We then went shopping. Standing at the mercy of an empty big box sporting goods store, not comforted by the proper diving specialty shop we should have visited, I quickly realized my mistake. The sales associate was young and kind, but ultimately...Read On



Before the statue of the warrior, she weeps

Voldar knelt before the statue of the great warrior and wept. Around her were the ruins of the city she had once called home. Foes had swept over it weeks before. “How could you let this happen?” Voldar cried, “You swore to protect them.” But the statue remained silent stone. “My family, my friends, my lovers. They were all here. Now they are nothing.” Voldar rose and drew her blade. ...Read On


The Last Days

Series: Diary of a Fabulous Dreamer

Tuesday 8 June - Grass So what do you do for the last few days of college, when the exams are over?  Have a ball, of course.  You might not have much money to spend, but when did that ever stop you?  These are your salad days, after all, the last before you go out into the big wide world and face what they all call reality.  Best to make the most of it while you can.  Right now,...Read On


The Target

The assassin's target was more than he bargained for

The killer looks down the scope at his target. He neither knows nor cares why The Boss wants this woman dead. That is not the killer's problem. The woman is undressing. Her dress slips to the floor, then her underwear. The killer watches with delight. Then she pulls off her hair and turns to the window. Her eyes are solid black. Her mouth is studded with pointed teeth. “Fuck,” the...Read On


Brainwashing Backfires

How a washed brain can become dirtier?

Many years ago, I was a woman teacher in Iran. The following story happened in the early 1990s. As any teacher or student has experienced, there is always some noise in the classroom. There is no way to achieve absolute silence, and I don't believe any attempt should be made to change that. Students need to talk, and sometimes talking helps them to understand better. I tried to keep...Read On


The Salt Made

A story of a woman with child who have unusual fantasies and a nefarious appetite.



The Long Road Home. Chapter 32.

“I... I'm sorry, I thought you said that Matron Langsdorff was your sister?”

Berlin, February 15th, 1945   Maria woke suddenly. The room she occupied was filled with the eerie wailing of an air-raid siren. She had been in a deep sleep, bourne from exhaustion, and the sound echoed and screeched in her ears. The room was no larger than a cupboard, just big enough to accommodate the bed she was lying on and a coat stand. High above in the wall was a small, fixed...Read On



They have to leave the house, the house painted so lovingly, they carry their cat with them, they already placed their dog In a kennel, till they find a place, they don´t complain, they go on, just seeing all is taken care of. And the child follows them, shaken for a minute at first, at their rapidly changing station, comforted then at their new one. They would change hotels,...Read On


Just Me

Kinda stream of consciousness, kinda not. I dunno, it's my first poem in almost two years y'all



The Wish

If you had one wish, what would you wish for?

Three men had been friends for most of their lives, from elementary school through college. They had even been working at the same firm since graduation. In their late twenties, they decided to go on vacation together to a remote tropical resort. Their names were Dave, Jimmy, and Roland. On the third morning of their vacation, they decided to go jogging on the beach. As the three friends...Read On


An Educational Leap

How I stopped my students from becoming child soldiers

My name is Leila. I'm a lesbian from Iran. I migrated to Britain a few years ago. I was a teacher in my country and the story that follows happened in the summer of 1986 when I was in my twenties. In order to make my story understandable for a foreign reader, I should explain the situation of those years. Shortly after the 1979 revolution, a theocratic dictatorship began which harshly...Read On


Notes From The Greenhouse Diary

My mind is filled with poisons      hemlock cork-stopped knackered bottles      snakeroot each filled with words that burn      mandrake and smother and sharply bite       foxglove what once was pure and live      monkshood that's dying now between us      belladonna as sure as my garden grows      ...Read On


Even If...

Even if our shaken world crumbles into nothingness life goes on in the Universe. Even if the generous sun does not find us tomorrow light goes on in the Ether. Even if we cease to be our energy circles other orbs and blends into Time and Space.  ...Read On



Cancer, the one word that put me off him. Cancer, a small word with so much meaning. That one word tells me I can’t invest any more time in him. Why waste my time when I know things won’t work out. It’s no good you judging me, telling me to grow up and accept him for who he is, I won’t. It’s his fault, five dates we had before he told me. It’s best to end it now, before it becomes too serious....Read On


The Cabin In The Woods

The winter of 1597 was particularly harsh. It started snowing in late autumn. Most, if not all were unprepared for the long, cold winter to come. Jacob was such a man. He lived alone in a small cabin in the woods. The autumn was a time to stock the larder and fill the log shed. The early snow had left him with a near empty larder and log supply. Most of what little he had were taken by...Read On


My New Man

I’m going to tell my husband today. I’ve been putting it off for weeks. How do I tell the man I love that I’ve found someone else? I still love my husband, I really do. I’ve spent most of my adult life with him. In all that time we never argued. Well, we’ve had our disagreements, of course, nothing bad though. I made a vow to always love honour and obey him. I didn’t take that vow lightly....Read On


Computer Jargon

Frustration of computer language!

Is there anybody out there, who finds it hard like me, To understand computers, each time I press a key?   It asks me silly questions, like would I like to sync? Or would I like to clear my cache? If so, then click the link.   Can anybody tell me, what is a terabyte? Is it something that will bite me? It sounds as though it might.   Every time I go online while waiting to connect. ...Read On


The Second Formula-X Grand Prix – A Fuel Story

Series: Stories of the Fuel Speedway

The biggest night in Formula-X where the stars are shining bright and eternal glory is in the air!

30th of May – Season 2 When Angela Moodley had seen the sheer amount of people when she arrived, she was shocked. The streets were packed with people arriving for the event. While she'd seen crowds before at previous pay-per-views and even at the Fuel Speedway, this was different. These people could have easily numbered in the thousands. It took her almost an hour to find parking for...Read On


Growing Old

Oh my, as I put my makeup on, I don’t recognise the woman looking back at me. When did she get so old, when did her hair get so grey? Not like you Albert, you never seem to change. Your hair is still light brown, your eyes still sparkle like the first time we met. I really don’t know where all the time has gone. All the lipstick and eye shadow can’t hide my wrinkles. Who is that old lady in...Read On


Have We Met Before

Surely we know each other



In Memory of Tot

Losing your best friend.

When we got him as a puppy, he was angry and afraid – a little mutt with attitude that didn’t make the grade. He wasn’t born with papers, didn’t have a pedigree, refused to follow orders – wouldn’t go outside to pee. Rescued from the system – being passed from hand to hand he needed a forever home – a final place to land. It took some time to settle in – to learn his way around, to revel...Read On


Us, now.

Bound to schedules and shifting hours, in an ever-changing background, grinding minutes for all they are worth In a shaking world of multiple duties, struggling to reach now-not-so-clear goals falling into some devouring marshes we had always managed to overlook, we go on, holding onto scraps of reality, those pitiful reminders of the life we knew.    ...Read On


The Hotel

My poor husband, it really wasn’t his day. It’s wrong to gloat, I know that. I just couldn’t help myself. Think of me what you will, but I was going to relish in his downfall. As he arrived at the hotel I was laughing. He’d lost everything, his final roll of the dice never paid off. I was overjoyed, his loss was my gain. You see, that was my hotel, I put it there. I don't often win at...Read On


Had I known

Funny how I come back to poetry to sort my thoughts

Had I known your friendship had conditions I would not have been your friend. Had I known you would not ever try to listen I would not have put effort to speak. Had I known you would use every excuse  I would not have expected more from you You want to say I lead you on You want to say I used you You want to say I'm wrong You want to say that I should talk to you And yet all I...Read On


The Poppy Field

I woke to the sound of bird-call. The clock told me it was eight-thirty, that’s late for me. I turned to see an empty pillow, he’s up. I had better get up, he’ll be waiting for me in the kitchen no doubt. He must have snuck out of bed, he usually wakes me. Oh well, I was getting on a bit, I deserved a lie in now and then. I’d had a good sleep, I was feeling happy, today was going to be a...Read On


Fuel Season 2: Episode 30 – The Crown Jewel

Series: Stories of the Fuel Speedway

In the last episode of the season, the F-X King's mystery opponent scouts her rival...

24th of May – Season 2 When Devì Pandey woke up, she immediately felt regret. She looked over to the man sharing her bed and sighed. While she'd always found Rao handsome and always enjoyed spending the night with him, their on-again-off-again relationship was becoming exhausting. It was all because of the press. They'd seen them out together last night forcing them to play to...Read On



Headache, that’s all he’s been saying all day. I can’t help him, this is his problem. How on earth am I supposed to find a solution? I’m not a doctor, it could be anything. “Headache!” he shouts, there he goes again, blooming headache. If he doesn’t stop he’ll be giving me a headache. And then, a moment of inspiration; I shout out, “Migraine, it’s migraine.” I can hear the excitement in...Read On


Stay At Home Mum

light hearted view of myself

I should have seen it coming, when work began to slow. A downturn in the market, so they had to let me go.   I’ve hung up all my work clothes, embraced my new career. My new job’s sort of different, I’m a domestic engineer.   In charge of child development, on duty day and night. With my Ph.D. in tantrums, I always get it right.   The pay is non-existent and the hours can be long....Read On