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Dandelion Days

The school bell sounded for the end of term. Richard rose and slung his satchel across his broad back. The summer of 1914, the last of his dandelion days of youth, stretched ahead like an endless shimmering dream. Strong as a heartbeat, his boots clipped a rhythm on the road, while from a field, an old bay horse lifted its heavy head to watch him pass. Impulsively, Richard flung his tie over...Read On


Out of the Shadows, Part Three

It begins … SIGHT We can’t always see what may come our way and that is if we can ever truly foresee anything coming that might actually one day come our way whether that one day be imminent or it be one that is a long way off. We can work towards a goal, acquire wealth and admiration and even attain success though nothing in life is certain, except death that is. There can be times...Read On


Tilda Green

Sometimes things are not what we think.

It is surprising how much changes in a lifetime. Cars, airplanes, refrigerators, telephones, electric stoves, big highways all over the country. All sorts. And people. Gosh, what changes. For instance, there was a little baby girl born in Tennessee and named Annie. Now, the parents of Annie’s daddy said they didn’t want that baby girl to go with her mother when she went to Washington, D.C....Read On



A desire so deep Knowing the hunger can only be calmed As flames burn higher The burning deepens Until the soul is smothering The only thoughts of fire And how the flames control...Read On


The Canvas

The canvas was blank. Like a brilliant shining light in his mind, it was blank. Piercing and constant it stared at him, begging to be transformed. Like so many times before, beauty and vibrant color longed to be placed. It cried out to him, but he was empty. Reports of success and victory streamed in, yet it was all empty. Day after day the generals talked of greatness and victory. Day...Read On


A Postcard From Moscow



Once There Were Gods

Now ghosts are the blessed ones Where once there were gods Along the Euphrates Now but sand dunes   Wearing shrouds of memories Of the breaths, we spoke On streets of gold Only the ghosts knew   Of the dark full green Rushing toward the Spring As young lovers, we played Where once there were gods Along the Euphrates Now ghosts are the blessed ones  ...Read On


Theo's Happy Memory # 1

Theo Loves His Family

0430 Military time, 8 year old Theo would wake up, clean up, put on his dungarees, and fill up with whatever Mama bought that week.  By 0515 get to the corner for the farm truck to come by. Everyone there was speaking another language, yet they came to know him well. Theo was from an old mold, they said. They all remembered starting work so young in "the Old Country." Some never spent a day...Read On


My Sweet Marion

She's always warm at night and she wasn't mad at me anymore so I was half-asleep next to her for hours, just happy to be in bed and warm again. I wanted to tell her I was sorry for everything but I can't ever find the words. The feeling's there and so is the sound but there's just a dark unfathomable gap between me and the words. But she eventually said it was okay. Her face had searched...Read On


Formally Coming Out

Going from a regular straight guy to a groom at my gay wedding in very short order.

I spent my entire life dating women, some very beautiful women. None of these relationships led to marriage. They'd last for a year, maybe two, and then end, pretty much always them dumping me. Working in banking, I was daily dressed to the nines, typically in three-piece suits, heavily-starched shirts, usually but not always white, and bow ties. I'd been wearing bow ties exclusively since...Read On


The Haunted Asylum

College Roommates Halloween surprise to never forget

Katy was always bored. She came from a wealthy family with a lawyer father who had given her everything. Spoiled was an understatement.  She had been to every amusement park and had done every roller coaster and thrill ride in the country. She claimed there was nothing she had not tried that was exciting, including bungee jumps and zip lines across canyons and rivers. She had even...Read On


Man Friday



Beyond Normal Living

Living Life Beyond Normal Living

My heart beats for a bright-eyed maiden. by loving example she teaches me the art of living. I will share a glimpse of her view, an experience she shares of how to exist beyond normal living: “While on a morning walk in nature, I saw the beautiful things I love: the birds, the flowers, and all God’s gifts to us. Their beauty my eyes sought out and my soul cherished. I was full, I thought,...Read On


Out of the Shadows, Part Two

From out of the shadows … a darkness emerges …   ‘… You can’t fight me. You are of me. You are of my flesh and you are of my blood. I am your father and I have given you life. I have given you and each of your sisters a gift, a gift worthy of an immortal soul, a gift that many others would kill for, die for, love for. Some of your sisters have been with me since the moment life began and...Read On


Love & Affection challenge: Visiting Hours

There can be untold and surprising depths of affection from random encounters between strangers



That Night

I remember that I'd been called to Mr Lockwood's office. 11pm seemed an odd time, but I assumed it must've been urgent. I bumped into Matthias Sandström on the way. Apparently he'd been summoned too.  He said I was an idiot for not putting a coat on, and he gave me his. The fabric was thin, and wasn't really much help, but I suppose my arms weren't bare anymore. His keys and phone were in...Read On


Out of the Shadows, Part One

Nine times over nine days the Devil lays his touch, when nine months come to pass there will be nine daughters. Each will have a unique ability gifted by their creator. When eighteen years come to pass he will bring them all together and unleash a true Hell on Earth …   Evil … it hides in the shadows, waiting, ready to pounce, ready to put into motion what it has been building towards...Read On


Shadows Of Daffodils

In meadows and shadows of daffodils As they runneth over sweet nectar Of melodies and forever tomorrows As my spirit walks through light And angels choir of golden sunsets Like swans, we dance with arabesque A classical romance of love In valley high touching clouds As my heart swells In meadows and shadows of daffodils    ...Read On


Karmic Reflections


  One day we met We felt the connection Deeper, deeper, deeper It is a memory that has happened before A lesson needs to be learned for each of us We didn't understand  The lesson was to believe in each other Because you were broken you couldn't see me I wanted too much, but I had to walk away So we could both grow separately With this Karmic Reflection we will meet again for a...Read On


Crew Cut



No tears falling

The tears I not let fall As I look at your pictures The smiles Our laughter Your song of love Never leaving my mind Touching tenderly My heart cries for you Souls forever one No The tears I not let fall...Read On


Fishing For Salmon



Love & Affection Challenge: Ruby

You could give me roses, the most beautiful of flowers...



Universal Shredder

This shredder is actually a long- term friend and bandmate of mine named Bruce.  He doesn’t describe himself as a shredder but rather a good hack. I have used artistic license to call him a shredder instead because it is not so complimentary to call someone a hack. He has played in numerous alternative campus rock pop-punk bands. Once, at Christmas time, his band was asked to play a...Read On



Alone in the dark

Darkness and silence surround me like rope binding me to a hospital bed. I can't move! Why can't I move? I want to scream but can't.  I can't even feel my tongue.  Physically, I just feel numb, and my thoughts won't stop!  Am I alive?  Maybe I died.  If I died, where is the bright light to follow?  Is this it?  I just exist in this darkness, unable to move for eternity?  Please - is there...Read On


Love & Affection Challenge - 1 Hour Person

Inspired by something seen or heard but can’t remember where or when. Valentine’s Day is a prehistoric day of celebration monopolized and monetized by Hallmark. So much so that presumably intelligent humans are willing to spend vast amounts of time and money shuffling and stuffing Valentine cards in display case slots surrounded by hair care products and tweezers. Each looking for that...Read On


Davy, Who Couldn't Finish Anything

A unique boy and his best friend try to answer the big question

And he was in the principal’s office. Strange offices principals had there – strikingly orange furniture with mostly sky blue accents. Even the carpet. As if the interior designer fashioned Gulf Livery into an architectural style, turned up the Mid Century to eleven. “How did you become a pri-” Davy trailed off, in his abbreviated language. Really, the worst part about his affliction was...Read On


Everybody’s Bitchin’ ‘bout Somethin’

Like most things, it all started when I got cut off on the way to Costco...



A Prologue

  The dull, methodical beeping of the medical equipment was enough to send anyone to sleep. But Gerard's milky blue eyes remained open, staring intently at one of the screens. He had only watched the other projections when instructed to, but he would always return to keep an eye on hers. He'd seen his own face appear a handful of times, yet her main focus seemed to be the man from the...Read On


My Norfolk Princess

I wrote this poem in local dialect for my friend Naomi, who lives in Norfolk, England.

Oi’ve met this gal from Norfolk Noamy is er name And if yew waz to meet er Yew’d never be the same   We kin hev a good ol’ mardle She on’t do yew no arm Once yew larn er lingo She’s really full o charm   Er friendship on’t corst yew much She won’ give yew jip at night Yu’ll av a tidy friend in er Long as yew treat er ryte   I never erd er slaver sorft A hoolly fine ald sossidge...Read On