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A True Account of the All-Girl Catfight

Who fought, what about, who won, and why was he there?

It was a real hair-pulling, clothes tearing, head knocking, rolling in the dirt, screaming and hollering catfight between two high school girls. At issue was which one would get to be the, let’s just say, the latest flame of a guy by the name of Sonny Barnhill. It’s what they thought, anyway. That’s why I sat in a front row seat, enjoying the show but worrying about what might happen...Read On


Tight Place

I pulled out the note from my pocket and looked at the address my colleague had jotted down. It turned out that I’m about twenty meters from the place. The building was old, with crumbling stucco walls and a richly graffitied entrance. It was obvious though that it had once looked beautiful and memorable, probably sixty or seventy years ago. The entrance door creaked pitifully as I pressed...Read On


Happy Ending

A man receives his first massage, and finds a happy ending (not THAT kind).

I generally do not like massages. There is something about a fully clothed stranger touching me while naked that resonates weird in my mind. It brings to mind the clinical setting of my doctor’s office instead of a relaxing environment. Masseuses also ask awkward questions; “What do you like?” and “What do you want me to work on?” in a coy manner. These inquiries remind me of the strip...Read On



Acceptance, tolerance and forgiveness, are life-altering lessons.

T enability, being fair and rational. O pen-mindedness, receptive to new ideas. L eniency, love, mercy, forgiveness. E mpathy, understanding another's feelings. R esilience, rebounding, springing back. A cceptance, believable and true. N on-judgmental, never finding fault. C ompassion, warmness for another. E asiness, creating refreshing tranquility....Read On


My Fantasy First Date

This is what my fantasy for a first date would be after meeting on the internet.

It is Saturday and the day dawned full of promise. I was in a very romantic mood, which lately has been very frequent. I have been seeing a young lady who is a student at Stanford University. We had been emailing each other for a long time and had met for coffee and lunch. Her name is Lisa, 22 years old and a cute petite blond, with sparkling eyes and a wonderful smile. School was on...Read On

Editor's Pick

Neon Sign

A bit dark...I know, I is in part the precursor to Elizabeth Duncan...

I guess I really can’t blame them. How could they be expected to know the truth, When all they see is some well-rehearsed smile, That I have been putting on in the morning, Like a clean shirt. I think I have it down to a science, I’ve been doing it for so long. I’ve polished my act to where I almost fool myself sometimes, Yet at times the sadness slips through to the world. My mother asked me...Read On

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Editor's Pick

We Shall Never Forget (9-11 Tribute)

Recalling the better aspects of humanity on that day...the heroes...

Let the world always remember, That fateful day in September, And the ones who answered duty's call, Should be remembered by us all. Who left the comfort of their home, To face perils as yet unknown, An embodiment of goodness on a day, When men's hearts had gone astray. Sons and daughters like me and you, Who never questioned what they had to do, Who by example, were a source of hope,...Read On


'The Road' - Analysis

An analytical essay about Cormac McCarthy's 'The Road'

The prompt for this essay was, "Literature is often defined as any work that rewards a reader with some insight into an objective truth. Based on this definition, do you believe that The Road  is a piece of literature?" *********************************** Works which we, as a collective, remember with the most clarity are those that impart a new truth or truths to us. Be it profound...Read On


The Facebook Poem

Admit knew this had to be coming...

I’d heard about social networking, And how it was the next big thing, So I just had to take a look, And ended up on Facebook. It only took me a little while, To fill out most of my profile, But I have spent many a night, Figuring out the rest of the site. I never realized I had so many friends, The friend requests never end, All the people I can’t stand at work, And now the biggest high...Read On

Editor's Pick

The Birthday Party

An aging woman throws a birthday party for her husband...

She did this every year, so the call came as no surprise. In fact, I had been expecting it for the last few days. The only surprise was that it took so long. I was sitting with my wife having our coffee after dinner when the phone rang. As I got up to answer, my wife gave me a knowing glance but did not say a word. It was as if we both knew instinctively. “Hello.” I started into the phone,...Read On


Punctuation Puns

A proposal for a new form of humor.

I will state one unequivocal thing about my colonic: I hated it! Please note that we have a colon used in a sentence referencing a colonic. I humbly suggest that usage like this henceforth be called a punctuation pun---just a thought that dashed through my brain. “What are other examples of punctuation puns?” you might question markedly. How about: “There is no doubt. She missed...Read On


Under Darkness Of Night

Something a bit darker...but, not too dark...

Sounds of yelling from a row house blare, No one hears, does anyone care? The yelling soon turns into a fight, But no one hears under darkness of night. A teenage girl works the street, Hoping to pay for something to eat, She knows in her heart it just ain’t right, But no one notices under darkness of night. A young man sits on a bench all alone, His clothes are all he can call...Read On


Love Yesterday Tomorrow

I saw you you claimed me  That night was the start  In the moment I met you  I gave you my heart  Ours was a true Love  Born pure sweet and new  And so my young footsteps  Were following you We strolled through your woodland You gave me your hand  And walked me through Life  So that I'd understand  You taught me so much  I thought we'd never part  As flowers catch the sun  So...Read On


Ice Cream

Ice Cream can be as addictive as cocaine.

I ncredibly rich sweet C reamery dessert treat E xtremely cold neat C reations cakes cones or drippen' dots R arely disliked by adults or small tots E cstasy maybe sometimes spots A ggressively eaten ties brain in knots M arvelous emulsion are my thoughts ...Read On


Love's Shadow

Love is but a shadow In the shadow of evening Where sunlight sinks  Drowning  In reflecting silver  Of moon and stars  Their light  A beacon for Lovers  To begin Are you her?  She who follows  Silent  Through cloister hall passage  To my door?  Not a knocking enter  Just a knowing glance  Drawn in by our fire  No words Eyes greet  My blush grows brighter  Than the...Read On


Hand in Hand

Love and support shown by friends

Walking hand in hand you and me Forgiveness given the only key Allowing love into our heart Gives us both a brand new start Things from our past cast away Today can be a brand new day Trusting ourselves can set us free Walking hand in hand you and me Glancing into each others eyes Feeling happiness lets us rise High above the pain and guilt As one our lives can be rebuilt I...Read On



My first poem, written for that special person we are all destined to meet.

You cannot kill Love  but it can die I nurture mine each passing moment I feed it memories of soft kisses gentle touches intimacy With a lover gone I know not where or why my Love grows stronger hardier with each day that passes It knows no bounds as it grows in search of her My hope ? Should my lover ever return or even pass by she might kiss a leaf from me to make...Read On


Halloween Humor

A True Story

This is a true story. The year was 1996 and I decide it was time to retire the Dracula costume and makeup that I had worn for so many years. Why the change? It seems whenever the topic of an upcoming Halloween party arose in conversation no one bothered to ask what I was going as. "Let me guess, you're coming as Dracula," they responded in bored voices. So I decided it was time to...Read On


This Could Be Love

Be careful who you open the door to...

This Could Be Love  In hindsight, I should probably have just turned her away there and then. However, you know how it is – no matter what sort of day you have, you just can’t turn away a devastatingly attractive woman on your front doorstep. Even when you know that she’s a professional assassin – and the reason you know this is that you hired her to kill your business partner less than...Read On


Love's Dream

As morning light my window breaks  Warm sunbeams dance and wash my face  With fairy fingers fine as lace  My only thought is you  Was it just a dream supposed  Above us moon lit silver rose  As blood red lips firm kisses showed  The needs of our embrace Your body alabaster white  Hair flowed bright orange in that light  Soft full breasts so milky white  Firm fondling in my hands ...Read On


Lonely Heart

It's true that every young girl is a dreamer  She dreams each day to give her heart away  For Love so true it takes her to the heavens  Love's aching loneliness she'll kiss away I've known the best that Love can surely offer  Been past the joys of Love's extremities  I've been around the stars so many times now  I quite forgot how lonely one can be I sit and watch the rain lash on...Read On


When Friends Betray Friends

And yet another poem...who would have guessed?

When friends betray friends, With words less than kind, It tears apart the friendship, And all the ties that bind. When friends betray friends, It hurts you to the core. All the trust and love, It all goes out the door. Like an ice cold sword, That tears through your heart, When friends betray friends, It will tear your soul apart. All the love and friendship, Built up from...Read On



A musician turns an evil force into benevolent beings.

WHOOSHING 18/08/2011 Whooshing down the icy mountain   flew the mighty crows towards the small town where people were going about their business happy that the holiday was going to begin. Arthur took out his fiddle and tuned it looking around at the children’s happy expectant, upturned faces. Primed to give them music full of vitality and colour, he looked up and saw ...Read On


Aunt Swapping

Aunts Replace Wives in Swapping Scene

A new fad is sweeping England , and it comes about as the institution of marriage falls in popularity. Because fewer couples are opting to get wed it consequently means that there are fewer opportunities to indulge in wife swapping and this is proved by the membership numbers of the UK ’s Confederation of Wife Swapping Societies which have fallen by 52% since 1984. With this healthy...Read On


My Stepdaughter

she was just 16 when we first met

Although I never got to give you life I will love you for all my life I never got to see your first smile But your smile brightens my world I never seen you take your first step But you stepped into my life to stay I wasn’t there for your first day at school But you have taught me what love is all about You were barely sixteen when we first met We talked and became fast friends You welcomed...Read On


An Informal Prayer To Honey Toast

This poem only available on Stories Space. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. Dear honey toast, my happy toast, I need you in my tum. You're something sweet and wholesome When the world's run out my bum. The Norovirus is a pain Suffusing my whole being. My tummy hurts and groans a lot, With legs and back agreeing. I'm at the other end of it, In more ways than just one;...Read On


Is The Human Gene Pool Being Invaded?

Invasion of gene pool

Is The Human Gene Pool Being Invaded ? Is the human race tottering on the brink of an all out gene pool invasion? It would seem so, yes! When greatly respected Harvard Professors take the worldwide phenomenon of alien abduction seriously, and when these highly decorated researchers cite up to 3% of some populations being involved in unexplained paranormal seizure, and when they voice...Read On


NightClub Stories

Some tales from the clubs I have worked

My stories about working nightclubs are sometimes too fantastic to believe, but as with all my stories they are from personal experiences. Working as a bouncer in a popular nightclub is not as glamorous as one would think Imagine that you are the only sober person at a large party. You can't drink or dance because you are at work, and every little altercation has the potential to escalate...Read On


My First Time

A poem about my first time.

I was nervous, As you might expect. When he reached for me I was shaking. I wanted to back out, But he wouldn't let me. He, being a man, Wanted me to do it. Needed me to do it. Deep down, where my passion Lies, I wanted it too. All he had to do was Gently nudge me along. I confessed to him, "I've never done this before". And it showed, it showed All over my body....Read On


Mirrors and Demons

There was a demon in my bathroom mirror, watching me...

There was a demon in my bathroom mirror. This was not one of those cartoon imps, with their chubby faces, and tiny horns. It was not the kind that waves its cute little pitchfork at you as it capers off to some daring, childish mischief. No, this one was a demon of the first degree. Its blood shot eyes stared through the glassy surface of the mirror, sharp teeth like tiny knives visible...Read On