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Our Story Competitions

Welcome to our competitions page. The list below shows our current and past competitions, click through to see the results.

Competition Closed Result
Cheers to 10 Years Flash Open Competition is currently open
Cheers to 10 Years Ultra Short Open Competition is currently open
Cheers to 10 Years Full Length Open Competition is currently open
Stories Space Summer Word Bank 06 Sep 2020
Winner: Folds by blackdog
Second place: Of Presidents and Butt Sharks by Wordpusher715
Third place: The Berry Girl by Mendalla
Stories Space Dirty Martini 420 07 Oct 2018
Winner: The Right Tonic by Paperboy
Second place: Good Time Blues by Welshdreamer42
Third place: -
Solstice 16 Feb 2016
Winner: Guardian of the Light by LloydOxton
Second place: A Hundred Breaths by Paperboy
Third place: The Copse by Survivor
Stories Space Drabble 15 Jan 2015
Winner: The Annual Gift by Elliotlacey31
Second place: Declan by
Third place: Settling In by gypsy
A Picture Worth A Thousand Words 29 Nov 2013
Second place: Katie's Cat by umbriel
Third place: To Fly Like a Hawk by An_occasional_writer
Stories Space “Darkness and Light” 27 Feb 2013
Winner: Savages by steffanie
Second place: Carried Too Long by CKAcres
Third place: Lynette's World by Rascal
Stories Space “Summer Vacation” 14 Sep 2012
Winner: He Had Blue Eyes by Tiula
Second place: The Fantastic Voyage of Bellingham Sam by magnificent1rascal
Third place: Grand Canyon Homecoming by Douglas_Daleray
Stories Space “New Beginnings” 12 Mar 2012
Winner: Of War and Peace and Mary Beth by Rumple_deWriter
Second place: Larry’s Second Chance by rantingsenior
Third place: True Inheritance by lifedancer2
Stories Space Anniversary 30 Jul 2011
Winner: The Birthday Party by DirtyMartini
Second place: Celebration for the Damned by
Third place: The Celebration of sound by Louise