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Our Story Competitions

Welcome to our competitions page. The list below shows our current and past competitions, click through to see the results.

Competition Closed Result
A Survivor’s Story 22 Jul 2021
Winner: -
Second place: -
Third place: -
Cheers to 10 Years Flash 31 Oct 2020
Winner: The Goddess Dances by Mendalla
Second place: Fading by Welshdreamer42
Third place: Dragons! by Tams
Cheers to 10 Years Ultra Short 31 Oct 2020
Winner: As We Were by redwriter
Second place: Autumnal by Tams
Third place: Insensitive by Paperboy
Cheers to 10 Years Full Length 31 Oct 2020
Winner: Froggie by Tams
Second place: The Last Train by Welshdreamer42
Third place: The Siren by AnnaMayZing
Stories Space Summer Word Bank 06 Sep 2020
Winner: Folds by blackdog
Second place: Of Presidents and Butt Sharks by Wordpusher715
Third place: The Berry Girl by Mendalla
Stories Space Dirty Martini 420 07 Oct 2018
Winner: The Right Tonic by Paperboy
Second place: Good Time Blues by Welshdreamer42
Third place: -
Solstice 16 Feb 2016
Winner: Guardian of the Light by LloydOxton
Second place: A Hundred Breaths by Paperboy
Third place: The Copse by Survivor
Stories Space Drabble 15 Jan 2015
Winner: The Annual Gift by Elliotlacey31
Second place: Declan by
Third place: Settling In by gypsy
A Picture Worth A Thousand Words 29 Nov 2013
Second place: Katie's Cat by umbriel
Third place: To Fly Like a Hawk by An_occasional_writer
Stories Space “Darkness and Light” 27 Feb 2013
Winner: Savages by steffanie
Second place: Carried Too Long by CKAcres
Third place: Lynette's World by Rascal
Stories Space “Summer Vacation” 14 Sep 2012
Winner: He Had Blue Eyes by Tiula
Second place: The Fantastic Voyage of Bellingham Sam by magnificent1rascal
Third place: Grand Canyon Homecoming by Douglas_Daleray
Stories Space “New Beginnings” 12 Mar 2012
Winner: Of War and Peace and Mary Beth by Rumple_deWriter
Second place: Larry’s Second Chance by rantingsenior
Third place: True Inheritance by lifedancer2
Stories Space Anniversary 30 Jul 2011
Winner: The Birthday Party by DirtyMartini
Second place: Celebration for the Damned by
Third place: The Celebration of sound by Louise