Cheers to 10 Years Ultra Short Story Competition

Cheers to 10 Years Ultra Short Competition

Stories Space was launched 10 years ago, and saw its greatest influx of members when it "went public" on Oct. 12, 2010. This is one of three writing competitions we're having as part of the celebration.

The "Cheers to 10 Years - Ultra Short" contest has the following rules:

• No entry fee

• All entries must be original, unpublished work of the entrant.

• Members may submit up to three entries, one of each word limit listed below. Each word limit is based on a number of significance to Stories Space and/or its upcoming anniversary:

- Word Limit (significance)
- 40 (seasons)
- 100 (holidays observed)
- 120 (months)

• Entries will be accepted in Micro Fiction, Musings and Poetry. For this event only, entries up to 120 words may be submitted in the Micro Fiction category even if they exceed the usual 100-word limit.

• Bonuses will be given to individual submissions that are exactly the specified limit (according to the counter on the submission screen).

• Each submission must include at least one of the following 10 words:
- Celebration
- Achievement
- Stories
- Space
- Camaraderie
- Ten
- Friendly
- Free
- Cozy
- Supportive

• Please list which word(s) you used in the Note to Moderators section of the submission screen.

Before submitting an entry, please make sure that it has been thoroughly proofread and is the story you want to submit. Entries may not be edited after submission, or deleted and replaced with another entry.

Competition Theme

Stories Space Cheers to 10 Years

All our standard story contest rules apply.

Amounts of the cash prizes are to be determined.


  • Winner: TBD
  • Second Place: TBD
  • Third Place: TBD

Entering the Competition

On the story submission page you’ll find a competition section under the standard story categories. Please ensure you check the button relating to the contest otherwise your story will not be entered.

Important Dates

The closing date for this competition is 31 Oct 2020. The earlier you get your entry in, the more likely you are to get a higher number of story views and votes. Winners will be announced on the 10 Nov 2020.

If you have any questions regarding this contest or rules, please contact us.

Best wishes to everyone taking part. Happy writing!

Competition Entries

Title Author
Letting Go Welshdreamer42
Seasons Change Ayla
The Party AnnaMayZing
Bibliophilia Survivor
Thanks Pal KatarinaTechgoddess
Stop it! AnnaMayZing
Autumnal Tams
My temple Mendalla
My Girl the Petroleuse Fluttered
Insensitive Paperboy
Classified Ad Survivor
What Is Life All About? TheShyThespian
I Wish You Well magnificent1rascal
In The Midst Of Chaos Tams
How Can I Celebrate? Fluttered
Convergence KimmiBeGood
Together Amongst The Stars TheShyThespian
On Guard Duty Survivor
A Picture AnnaMayZing
Abandoned Tams
Picture On My Wall Welshdreamer42