Solstice Story Competition

Solstice Competition

It’s finally time for a new competition here on Stories Space.

Competition Theme

Your submission needs to either be under the Children’s, Flash, Poetry or song category. All other ones will be rejected. Ensure you read the restrictions under those options before submitting. As well, we want the stories to take place during the December solstice. Use your imagination and show us how you would interpret this. All stories need to be under 1000 words. Site rules still apply and only one submission per member. No collaboration allowed. As always, it has to be a new story and nothing you have previously posted. Competition will run from Dec 16th 2015 until Feb 16th 2016. Thank you and happy writing!


Congratulations to all our winners.

Competition Entries

Title Author
The Pick-Up Line HelmetHat31
The Turn Around SindhuriSathiyaraj
Winter Solstice Ceremony and War Akizuki
The Lighthouse dcdan2
A Hundred Breaths Paperboy
Fade to Black magnificent1rascal
Broken Wings Shotgun011
In the Dark incaendo
Kyaamuya meredith
Fire and Ice TooShy678
In My Mind, You Matter dgford
The Copse Survivor
Guardian of the Light LloydOxton
December 22 Fewniks
Solstice: midnight enchantment Rebellious_Soul
The Longest Night An_occasional_writer
The Gathering AnnaMayZing
Change Welshdreamer42
22 December HappyIdiot
Shortest and Longest Day of the Year for Me gillianleeza
My 25th Beer Anniversary alanriehl