Tiny Little Letters

I remember the days when colouring inside the lines was the hardest part of school life, then when it was spelling the simplest word right and everything lies in these tiny little letters. When everything was so simple but seemed so complex. you could be anything you wanted and you could do anything in the world... Now its so different, and everything lies in the same tiny little letters...Read On




I wrote this for my brother 03/07/1990 - 17/11/2011

Why did you have to die? I didnt want to say goodbye. My only brother was you, But you took place of my dad too. I know you were too special to keep here on earth, Your heart was pure gold from the moment of your birth. I can only carry your memories with me, And the life lessons you always taught me. Though we are now heavens apart, You still stay in my heart. And...Read On