Micro Fiction(1)

Underneath the Missile Toe

A morbid twist on holiday romance.

He woke up ecstatic. Today, Christmas Eve, was the day Johnny and his friend, Steven, were testing their new invention: Missile Boots. "You're sure these have been fully calibrated?" Johnny asked, lacing the boots to his feet. He donned a Santa suit, complete with a hat and beard. "Positive. Let's soar, Santa." Steven declared. He hit the "Launch" command on his laptop. For a...Read On

Science Fiction(1)



Sudden, quickly-written idea opener. I am open and thankful to constructive criticism.

For the past decade now, it seems my life has come to a stand-still; day after day I perform the same routine while fearing my turn for mortality to strike. However, as of late, as the monotony molds my recent acts of madness, I am more looking forward to my eventual death rather than fearing it. To define an "act of madness" - ordering a tall as opposed to a venti; lacing my right shoe...Read On