Micro Fiction(1)


Challenge : Linda Ronstadt - CuriousAnnie

Blue Bayou

"I just recorded this," the woman in a lived-in Betsey Johnson dress shyly said. Then she sang the opening line, "I'm going back someday..." How dare she sing Roy Orbison, I thought, she is not worthy. But my ears betrayed my instant judgement. Blue Bayou soared with new emotional depth, the voice rich and sonorous. I knew I was privileged to be there, to hear Linda Ronstadt sing Roy for...Read On



Falling In Love

For Pixie and Mel

Eyes lock A thrown switch Magnetic flows Drawn to you   Stepping out Over cynical cliffs A leap of faith Potentially us   We do click That seatbelt sound Falling safely Protecting us   Soft splashdown In love's sea Fatalism banished I'm loved by you    ...Read On


Love rejoices with the truth

1 Corinthians 13: 6-7

Lightening's strike Unexpectedly, out of a clear sky Lies laying waste Love's delights?   No, honesty is our key Your words set us free To rejoice in God's truth Rightous love is our humanity   For he looks kindly on our choice to love Trusts us with his gift of love And hopes that we will patiently  Persevere in love's labour won      ...Read On


The seasons of love

For Melody and Pixie

The days and seasons cycle rhythmically Patterns determined at time’s first dawn The tapestry of hearts wasn’t then written in stone Its left to us weavers to spin love’s silky threads   As you two weaved the first stiches of love The golden summer warmed your spinning fingers Yet I worked on our pattern in winter’s gloomy light That your stiches matched mine heated my heart   ...Read On