Eaters of All, Pt 1

Humanity becomes the feeding ground for the Eaters of All

The day Dave Outlaw learned 'we are not alone' should have been a cool day. Growing up lower class had taught him early that life was not a bowl of cream to be licked up slowly and savored. His life had only recently changed. Slowly climbing up from the dredges of being a flunky. He worked as a nurse aide during the day and helped do a little of this and that for "Uncle" when he was needed. ...Read On

Flash Fiction(1)



One girl pushed too far

Knowing she would die that day put no comfort in her heart. In just a few hours she planned to take away the pain forever. Dusk was falling, weak rays of sunlight painted orange flames on her and the wall behind her. She turned towards the mirror that hung behind the door of her small closet. Chubby body and limp mousey brown hair were the least of her worries. At 12 years old she had...Read On



Wick House

One. Wicked. House

Halloween was tomorrow night but would be cancelled. Why? A mandatory curfew because word on the street there is a virus that could raise the dead. ‘This sucks!’ Cara had spent the night at Sara's house. Sara was babysitting her little brother because her folks were out of town. ‘I mean have you even seen anyone that's sick, undead, whatever!’ Cara punched the pillow in her lap....Read On


If you go into the woods...

Be careful what you wish for

She wiped another tear from her face. Alone in the woods she let them fall freely. Her weeping soft but her pain felt harshly. Leaves filtered the sunlight that dappled the path. Tisha loved the fact no one and nothing else was here, but her. Tucking a piece of her dark hair behind her ear Tisha reached in her pocket and pulled out the note. It was a break-up letter from her long...Read On



A short story about a group of friends and a monster among them.

She was a scientist. 30 years old, female. Correction. A Geneticist. Studying the effects of cross breeding. Experimentation they told her. Then she found out they were successful. A hybrid. They incubated a half wolf, half human zygote until they could no longer keep it stable in the chamber. It was not completely formed but once they released it, no one could control it and it escaped. She...Read On


Crab Legs: Pt., 1

A mental ward filled with weird occurrences.

They tried to kill me again. I did not eat, because they dose the food. I did not drink the beverage because they laced the drink I am sure. Forget sleeping. They make rounds like every hour. So easy to smother and not make a sound, yeah? Getting a chance to sit outside and breath in the fresh air, feel the sunshine warm my skin. It has given me time to think. I hear traffic noises coming...Read On


Crab Legs: Pt., 2

The dark corridor

It felt like tiny fireworks were exploding inside my skull. My skin was crawling and my mouth went dry. I scanned the room for a weapon. Anything! Something! I needed to move. I ran to the far side of the room away from the door were I heard the scratching. 'Roberts, come on, think!' I muttered to myself. A faint odor of sulfur crept into the room. I gagged and covered my mouth and nose....Read On


Crab Legs: Pt., 3


The smell of earth and dust made me cough and sneeze. Shifting my body I noticed I lay on a hard, gritty surface. When I opened my eyes I saw motes of dust in the shaft of light above me. It was coming from a small hole in the ceiling. It did not look like sunlight. It just illuminated the darkness with a soft glow. I struggled to a sitting position. I felt a heavy throbbing ache in my upper...Read On


Crab Legs: END

The way out

I turned left following the path that led away from the corridor outside the dusty room. The walls were tinged red and cast a ghostly glow. Walking further down the path the faint odor of vinegar grew stronger. When I reached another turn I was surprised to see something within the walls pulsing. The walls quivered and stretched. I knew I should run, or at the very least stay away from...Read On



Rush of Blood through the Vein


Who's there? Voices murmur, winds stir. What's that? Diagnosis "crazy", once was never were. How come? No one's fault, born [that way] like that [as is]. Now what? Plunge the needle, take the pill. Push the drug, "Have the will." Numb the mind, dull the pain, Mix the fix with a rush of blood through the vein....Read On




loving hard is hardly love. Taken by, Shattered by, Broken by love. Wanting, needing, making, love. The prick, The sting,  The art of love. Skin. Forever. Hide, The shame, Swallow the burn of the tears, Of love. Got to learn the fear of love. Be defeated, before completed by, love. No... Just know you are a creation of LOVE. Perfect imperfection....Read On




Love kills

The claim to fame for Texas may not be haunted history. The roads stretch on for miles, inspiring minds to conjure up ghostly sights on any given night. Pilar Lopez was on such a road traveling to her new home, but her mind was not visited by grisly images, at least none imaginary.  Sighing, Pilar tapped the steering wheel and willed her mind to focus on the road ahead. Both literally and...Read On