Flash Fiction(1)


Pig Man

chuck e cheese horror

The White family munched on pizza and hummed along to the Chuck E Cheese Band. It was Saturday night and Brian White’s birthday. Mom and Dad had been saving up all month for this special night. One new animatronic caught Brian’s eye. It stood about five foot eight and looked like a pig. It wore a black bow tie, a dark tuxedo, and a top hat. The bubbles tickled Dad’s nose. When the singing...Read On



Diary of the Baltimore Child Killer


Reader discretion advised.  The story you are about to read contains mature content that some may find offensive.  In consideration, Stories Space has hidden the preview of this selection. By choosing to view the piece in its entirety, you agree that you are 18 or older and do not object to such content. *** August 24, 1980: Thecarnival was hot. I waved at the man standing...Read On