Ni Shagu Nazad! Not One Step Back! Chapter One

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I trembled as the barge set off, all of us soldiers were packed onto it, but not one of us had a rifle. Over on the other side of the Volga River - which we were coming so perilously close to - the Germans were pushing hard to reach the riverbank, and over the gunfire and explosions, we could hear, and see, that men were dying. Other soldiers who had made it across the river, were dying. ...Read On


Ni Shagu Nazad! Not One Step Back! Chapter Three

Sasha and Viktor survived the harrowing beginnings of the push for Red Square. Though unarmed.

I shut my eyes as I swiped a blob of blood off of my forehead. The maddening roar of the German machine-guns was robbing me of my sanity as I sat there in the blood-soaked mud behind the truck, watching Viktor as he glanced about the battlefield. I could almost hear the voices of those dead men calling out to me, tempting me to gawk at their mangled remains and take it all in. To understand...Read On


Ni Shagu Nazad! Not One Step Back! Chapter Two

Unarmed and terrified, what will the unsung heroes do?

I ducked my head to my knees as four bullets pinged on the truck. More men screamed and wept as the machine-guns ruthlessly tore into their bodies. "God dammit!" Viktor shouted. "We need weapons!" "We can't get any weapons without getting shot!" I shouted back. "I know that!" More men kept screaming, the guns kept firing, and I vaguely remembered the Commissar's words. ' They have...Read On

Flash Fiction(1)


Good Bad Cop

A recap of the night's story shared by my excellent father who I have and still underlook

So we were watching the news, my family and I — three younger siblings and my parents — on a news channel whose name I couldn't be bothered to remember, when an interesting story of cops abusing a citizen came on. It seems a Tim something was at a gay strip club, apparently enjoying himself, and touched an employee on his chest. The employee wasn't too gracious about it, and they got into...Read On



Vendettas (maybe this is a part one?)

Here in the Cayman Islands we do things a little differently, down here you do your final exams for high-school in the eleventh year, and if you pass you can choose to do A-levels (something about the U.K.) dual-enrollment (finish high-school and work for an associates) or go to C.I.F.E.C. ( Cayman Islands Further Education Center) to get more passes. As it goes, I passed my exams and am now...Read On



I am the villain.

Let him who has ears to hear.

"Repent for your sin against your brother!" But what brother have I sinned against, for surely he and I are no longer brothers. Or so I didn't say, for of a truth I held little quarrel against him. "If 'twas another man, you would've been of a gentler tongue with he! 'Tis the truth! Unadulterated and pure, of the like you cannot deny!" I'll remember how you seized my words and beat...Read On

Science Fiction(3)


Foreground: Operation New Moon (Lucy)

Another excerpt of Foreground: Operation New Moon, mostly dialogue, enjoy!

Lucy hops around the sapphire blue fire, occasionally flapping her tiny wings to get a good feel of them. I load my magazines with ammunition and watch her as she dances around the flame. Here on Cordial, most firewood stored enough energy to turn the flame blue, and the one branch I found did exactly that, and it lit up the area around the crashed gunship very well tonight, there isn't a...Read On


Foreground:Operation New Moon (battle scene)

"Shit!" I spit as I trip. I spin around as I drop, rifle raised and finger on the trigger. I lay there panting, scanning the bloodied walls of the colony houses. God knows what happened to the people who once owned all that blood. Blood on the streets, the walls, and hell, I'm sitting in blood! Lucy coos uneasily in my left ear. Say what you want, but this lil' blue bird which...Read On


The Primal: Blood Eden Compound excerpt

An excerpt from my religious war novel, do mind that it is an excerpt and not a chapter

Leonid tapped his foot impatiently, Mickey had forced Triton squad to stay behind and not fight because they were rookies, and Leonid was getting real pissed. First they told them they were gonna die, then they didn't tell them the briefing had started while they were gearing up. And now they were ultimately leaving them out of the action. The life of pure adrenaline and life or death...Read On

Young Adult(1)


Focus: True Shades Chapter One

When you comment please be honest on how it reads, if there are any mistakes, cliches, or rough edges please point them out, and this was rushed so thanks for reading! Chapter One  I looked at my tattooed left shoulder and arm. A flaming black cross with a scroll under it reading, ‘Blessed are they who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.’ I...Read On