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“I think that’s enough for tonight, Nobuo.” The young boy’s father had stood in the doorway for thirty minutes, moved by his son’s unwavering focus and diligence. He knew he would have continued through the night if he was allowed. “Just one more, daddy,” he responded, his tone respectful but determined. Nobuo turned his head to give an almost pleading look; his father simply nodded.  ...Read On

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As We Were

A long road is ten years

Ten years. Yes, almost exactly. Biking to school I, all big-mouthed and cocky, sped past her on my racing bike, grasping at her jet-black plait. Me, away laughing. At fifteen, a tinge of jealousy when she held hands with Norman? I would vehemently deny that. Then those birthday parties. All joking and kissing games. Our first kiss was at one of those parties. Just a game, wasn’t it?...Read On


Spewing My Coocoo With Algorithms

Night bears witness, with the dark of the eyesores. Dripping from webs of pale cataracts. In silence as the oysters of rainfall. Like a mist. An invocation of madness to my mind's pendulum. With metaphors of rum, done right, and the profane jesters for poet's daily bread. In my hand's deformity as I dot my I's. Before the ink dries and coagulates. As I cork the bottle of rum's night...Read On

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How Much Is The Doggie in the Window?

How much is the doggie in the window


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The Visitant

Who (or what) is in Halston's field?

The call came in over the scanner that sat on the corner of Sheriff Rockwell’s desk. It was a little after 2 AM.  “Tank...this is Sam…you got a copy?” Sheriff Tank Rockwell was pushed back in his chair. Thick hands were folded over the perfectly bulbous belly that his wife always said looked like a swallowed watermelon. His eyes were shut and his chest was raising and lowering in the...Read On

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While waiting at a train station, a man contemplates the state of not just his nation but the world.

As Sam sat at the bench in the train station, reading his newspaper, waiting for the 6PM train, he thought about how ridiculous it felt to be sitting all alone yet wearing his face mask. He had a mind to slip it down his face which was hidden behind the pages. The fact that the mask was fogging up his spectacles only served his motivation further. But Sam fought the urge as he stared at...Read On

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A holiday, or a horrorday?

“‘Pop quiz!” The teacher announces while handing out sheets of paper; covered in those dreaded questions.  “Scariest thing I've seen all day,” I mutter under my breath as my palms sweat.  “You haven't seen anything yet.” The voice was soft. Looking around, everyone was focused and the teacher was back at his desk.  “Psst! Down here.”  A shiver runs along my neck as I look down.  ...Read On

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The Competition

I reread my story for the umpteenth time.  It's good , I think. Publish. Wishful thinking assures me I will win. The days crawl as I await results. Finally! My fingers click click click keys to the competition page. Heart racing. Palms sweating. Eyes scanning. Then, pain in my gut - not even in the Top Ten.  Sigh . My story sucks.  Eyes close, pondering. Hurt tells me to...Read On

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Father Winter Treats

With a smile as large as the valley below.

As the dark clouds swirled, the forest gnomes busied themselves. For since time recorded, they have been tasked with waking Father Winter. Jimmy's task was to bring the sugary treats this year.  At first light, the ten gnomes gathered their belonging and waited for Jimmy.  Jimmy, with a smile as large as the valley below, arrived.  He was out of breath due to his running back from the...Read On

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After Me...

After him would be nothing

"Attention! May we have your attention?" the voice whispered hoarsely. "Can you hear our thoughts? We are here. We must reach you. Greetings. We are friendly." The man started up from his dead sleep. "What! What the hell! Who's yelling at me?" He jerked his head around and saw nothing, just the glow of the security light coming in through the grill in the door.  "Did you hear us? We are...Read On

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R(a)ising Son

They will remember his son

The living room television plays in the background as Sol inspects his son, Mikhail, one final time. He kneels down to polish his boots with the cuff of his sleeve till they shine. As he stands, he ensures the belt is secure and then moves around to the back. He attaches the cape and unfurls it. A shimmering golden cascade flows down almost to the ground. Sol turns Mikhail to face him...Read On


Hallow's Eve [S2] – A Fuel Story

Series: Stories of the Fuel Speedway

Amandla's Rebellion continues as the scariest time of the year approaches the Formula-X series

25th of October –  Season 2 Belinda Baartjies woke up with a start. She'd just had a nightmare. For a second she didn't recognise where she was until she looked next to her in the bed and realized where she was and instantly rolled her eyes, resisting the urge to slap herself on the forehead. Upon realising how big a mistake last night was, Belinda slipped out of the bed, eager to...Read On

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Danny turned and ran, hiding behind his father. To a three-year-old, it was all rather frightening.

Little Danny was excited as he stood and stared at the locomotive and its rake of nine carriages. He thought it looked like a dragon with the plume of steam rising from its chimney and from the cylinders either side of the front wheels. Suddenly, there was a loud hiss as another blast of pressurised steam shot upwards from the safety valve on top of the long boiler. Danny turned and ran,...Read On

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Something was outside her new house

Something flew past the bedroom window as Shannon closed it for the night. The dark shape went by quickly, so quickly that Shannon could not really see what it was. Startled, she jumped back. “Probably just a bat or bird,” the young woman muttered as she quickly closed the window and curtains. She did not quite believe that. The shadow passing through the night had seemed too big for...Read On

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The Apology

After a humiliating experience, a son has to face his father and the impending consequences.

I'd always found it odd seeing my brother as a father. I still remembered when we were kids, running around on the playground acting a fool. And now,  he  had a kid. When John had asked if I wanted to come with to pick him up, I'd said yes. Any chance to see my favourite nephew. Unfortunately, the storm brewing up above seemed to have found its figurtive counterpart as both John and J.J....Read On

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The Wild Irises Were in Bloom

Welcome to camp. Now let's get it done.

The wild irises are blooming in the woodlands as you follow your compass bearings while orienteering. Don't lose your way. Not today. You can do this. The day is lovely. The end of spring. Summer is soon here. Enjoy the beauty of the riparian landscape.  You've waited years for the chance. You can't let it slip away. Just do it. Getting your body into shape was hard enough for someone of...Read On


Typewrite Repairman

A true story.

One of the first jobs I held after quitting school was working at a TV antenna manufacturing plant where I worked with a very tech minded man named Jim. Despite holding a degree in electrical engineering he was unable to find work, so we wound up together helping to build design and test outdoor TV antennas. These antennae were usually mounted to the chimney and were a necessity back in the...Read On

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A young girl befriends the unexpected.

It was Thursday, early morning in mid-July, opening day of the Lake Arrowhead county fair. Dana MacMurchy sprang from her bed with an enthusiasm equivalent to that of a child on Christmas morning. She was up and dressed so quickly one might have thought she had actually slept in her clothes. Braiding her hair was going to take too long, so her tousled chestnut locks were pulled into...Read On

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Commuting To An Unplanned Future

She reflects on her past and present while heading into an unplanned future.

  “...and in local sports, the Mets and Yankees both dropped road…” Debbie Morris automatically switched off the alarm radio she’d carefully set last night to turn on later than usual and glanced at her wristwatch.  Satisfied she was now, as planned,  exactly ten-minutes behind schedule,  she nodded and went back to re-checking her hair and make-up. As usual, she didn’t like what she saw...Read On


Midnight Insomnia

From the wardrobe my mom eternally sleeps, as she thimbles my midnight insomnia. The door squeaks open on tarnished hinges of echoes. Rusty hangers. Hungry moths and frayed clothes. No light, no candle. Just dark and me in my all alone. As a silence of a sleeve touch my cheek. Cracking open my bladder, as the eyes of a canine seek. I spill my M&M'S.       ...Read On

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The Night the Humans Came to Dinner

Who are the real monsters?

"Daaarrrling, they were utter monsters! Monsters, I say," she shrieks, burying her ashen face against Dracula's shoulder. "There there, Lovey, Frankie is carrying them out now." oooooOOOOO Seventy-two hours ago... The townsfolk file into the town hall, anxious to hear what the mayor has to say about the latest happening. He paces at the head of the room, with the pastor calmly...Read On


Fuel Season 2: Episode 8 – Celerity Rush

Series: Stories of the Fuel Speedway

After becoming first in the line of succession, Jim Kieck tries to win Brenda's affection again...

27th of October –Season 2 He didn't know what had come over him but he couldn't take his eyes off of her. Jim Kieck was currently standing in the middle of a crowd of people dancing at a party on the beach. Naturally, there were many a beautiful woman there but none that Jim was interested in right now save for one: Brenda Koek. It had been tough to get her to the party but it was...Read On


The Therian-Chapter Ten

"No, he's an Alpha, not a president. Besides, I have a feeling he'd happily make time for you."

Two days had gone by. In a matter of hours, the third day would be gone. She blinked in surprise as she double checked her cell phone. She wasn't even aware that much time had gone by. She'd spent the entire time curled up in a ball of tears and self-pity.  She felt gross like she definitely needed a shower, but she also felt clarity. Klaus and Damon would be coming for an answer soon....Read On


An Open Letter: Arte's Thoughts

I'm just a visitor, but even I can see what's wrong here.

Dear Humans, You're all so weird! Sorry, let me start that again. I've been on your planet for 35 years. I've witnessed some things that I wouldn't want anyone else to, yet people do. I've seen the world through the eyes of a baby, growing up to become an infant, child, teenager, and finally adult. When I was a baby, things were simple: Cry for attention, sleep most of the time, play for...Read On


Kismet (Part 3)

Annabelle has a choice to make...

My first thought of the day is of Damian. How I have longed for this day; to meet a man so special he is my waking thought! I feel his warmth. Snuggling back against his heated body, spooning, I replay the night before in my mind. We made love. And it was the best night of my life.  He knows I am rousing. His hands gently move my hair to the side so he can plant soft kisses on the back of...Read On

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The Night

There is something utterly mesmerising about the River Thames at night.

The water flowed swiftly beneath my feet as I looked down from the parapet. There is something utterly mesmerising about the River Thames at night. The lights of the city reflected in the fast-flowing water have a beauty all of their own. Even on a wet night such as this. No, especially on such a wet night. The reflections are brighter, more widespread, somehow. When darkness falls, the...Read On


The Therian-Chapter Nine

Is my Father still alive?"

She was making her way back home from Amara's cottage, having been assured she was safe to go to her cabin now. Her mind was oddly calm given everything she just learned. She lived in the wilderness with werewolves.  First thing was to find out what happened to her father. The next thing was to get the hell out of dodge and go back to America, get a job, and move on with her life. There was...Read On

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Letting Go



Early respect

A parade of olive green made an impression

I was maybe four? Fifty-plus years later, the images remain distinct. Between my parents on the front seat of their Oldsmobile, I stood mesmerized by the convoy of passing U.S. Army vehicles. There must have been at least 100 of the olive green Jeeps, tankers and all manner of show of force. “Where are they going?” “How many are there?” “Do they have guns?” I peppered my parents...Read On


A Perfect Match

"I'm so fed up of being single." Jill and Sara were eating lunch. "What about Mike," suggested Sara, indicating a young man who'd just entered the canteen. "Mmm, he's cute, but I think he might be a little weird." "Oh really, how so?" "He always wears odd socks." Just then Mike passed their table. "Hey Mike," called Sara, causing him to stop. "How come you always wear odd socks?" ...Read On