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What story should we tell? Ideas are everywhere around us. Just step outside on any given day; a story waits for us to see and show it more than tell it.

17 Jan 2016 04:06

17 Jan 2016 04:02


You Knucklehead Pinocchio
You'll never be a real Boy!
Your brain is full of sawdust
Like every other wooden toy

Let your thoughts go blank
Just empty out your mind
And as you knock on wood
It's just a waste of time!

26 Sep 2012 03:24

I hope that seeing my first friend’s name here is a sign of more friends to come. But then it's a new year and I'm very new here. Now everyone will think I'm a Poet, which I am. Next to Storytelling, it's my favorite time well spent. Cheers!

Where eagles fy, Don (Greywolf).

22 Jan 2012 04:57