Science Fiction(1)


Strange Goings On

You are to expect danger on a daily basis. The world we live in is a dangerous place, but Ealing...

Strange Goings On Chapter One:   Making Sense of it all  By Nathan Mullins There are strange goings on in Ealing. Only, the ordinary is less so, for what is going on, behind the scenes, is a mystery. - David bought the paper for its usual ninety five pence. He paid the shop keeper, who took his money and pocketed it. David was leaving, when the shop keeper called him back. ...Read On




There are the Rare Kind, and then there are the Hunters, and they both live among humans...

Hunters: By Nathan Mullins There was something coming. The girl could not describe what it was, for there was nothing to see, nothing solid painting a single picture able to convey just what was being spoken of by the boy, of whom was now screaming, screeching. His mum was standing beside him now, her hands on his shoulders, in an attempt to comfort him. This neither worked, nor had...Read On


Hunters: Chapter Five

'It is the end, but the moment has been prepared for...'

Hunters Chapter Five: The Hunt is over By Nathan Mullins "Why did they not eat us, or at any rate, prevent us from escaping?" Whisper asked, wanting a proper explanation. "Because I'm the only key to them ever finding the will to cooperate with me in thinking I'd give them access to Space Time," Shimmer told her, sounding most pleased with the outcome of them being spared. "So you...Read On


Hunters: Chapter Four

The Adventure continues, and as Shimmer and Whisper flee, the Hunters aren't far behind them...

Hunters Chapter Four: For the Record By Nathan Mullins “Where are we heading Shimmer?” Whisper asked him, as they continued on their journey. “You know well enough where we’re heading!” Shimmer’s voice was rough, as he was breathless, and so tired. He was being so harsh, because he was keeping some things well under wraps. “You sound so upset, so angry, so… well, you sound a...Read On


Hunters: Chapter Three

The Hunters have returned, and Shimmer has failed in his attempts to protect himself and his friend!

Hunters Chapter Three: The Hunt Is On By Nathan Mullins The sun had risen high in the blue, tranquil sky. Whisper had awoken earlier than her friend, and sat on the boxes she had slept on, thinking. She had been doing a lot of this lately. She'd been frightened, put through hell, but Shimmer was always by her side, always there to watch over her, and never the other way around. Never had...Read On


Hunters: Chapter Two

The Hunters are closing in, and Shimmer feels that it is his duty to protect Whisper...

Hunters Chapter Two: The Grieving By Nathan Mullins Shimmer was afraid. He had lost his adoptive mum, the one person who cared for him who was human, never mind what Whisper thought, this wasn't about her. This was about Shimmer's chances of survival. Already, the one asset whom he truly cherished had now perished. He was on his own from this day forward. Whisper greeted him in...Read On