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I came to the blue site and sister site in 2009. I was more active early on but got distracted by life in general. I am retired now and have more time on my hands so it is my intention to energize my mojo and try writing again.

I have a short but amazing list of friends and I am grateful for their kindness to an old man. Hopefully, they won't mind me stalking them now and then for ideas.

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Only my friends know..., California, United States
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18 Dec 2018 09:55
Ghost hunting.. Bigfoot hunting.. Paranormal/Cryptid events.. Poker.. Antiques.. Golf..
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Highlites with my grandson..
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Stories Space authors
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Picnic.. Good, Bad, the Ugly.. The Rock.. The Last Samurai.. Black Rain.. Shane...
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Major Crimes.. NCIS.. Elementary.. Grimm.. Oak Island Mystery.. Search for Bigfoot.. Ghost Hunters.. Ghost Adventures.. Walking Dead.. Ray Donovan.. Animal Kingdom...
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Classic oldies.. 50's-60's-70's..


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15 Mar 2011
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For giving Carl sweet treats and giving me lemon wedges...

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You want rhyme?
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It's mine.

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So You Wanna Be A Writer

Inspired by Rebellious_Soul...  Rebs   We live in an era of over-abundance right now. Too much of everything. It’s a candy store with endless glass counters filled with chocolates and caramels and sugary what-nots. We don’t even have to take a number. Just walk in and help ourselves. The internet has laid the entire world at our feet. I can be in India or Kenya or the Philippines in a...

Added 14 Dec 2018 | Category Musings | Votes 9 | Avg Score 5 | Views 101 | 6 Comments


“I am Mother Nature, and I hereby call to order the first annual meeting of the Bureau for Oversight and Observation of Beasts In Existence. Our mission here at B.O.O.B.I.E. is to design and implement the types of animals that shall roam my earth.” “Well, I for one think it’s about time. The plants have taken over this place. There’s not any place to walk anymore.” “Shut up Clyde. You’re...

Added 05 Dec 2018 | Category Musings | Votes 8 | Avg Score 5 | Views 207 | 7 Comments

Avatar Christmas

Here we are once again I thought I’d let it go, but then It’s Christmas time on Storiesspace And so many characters hang around this place.   Maggierascal keeps rowing the boat While Gav does his best to keep us afloat Sherzahd is back, though her time is sparse And Ariesdragon still thinks I’m an arse.   Fuzzy retired and still writes tiny tomes While Molly edits all his work...

Added 02 Dec 2018 | Category Poetry | Votes 8 | Avg Score 5 | Views 231 | 6 Comments

Christmas, My Ass

Christmas. Twinkly lights. Bright colored wrapping paper. Curly-Que ribbons. A tree taking up valuable space in your living room. Now, because of greed and sucker marketing, it lasts for two months instead of one. I hate this time of year. I also hate Thanksgiving, birthdays, weddings and funerals. Usually, anything involving people. I know. Hard to believe I’ve been married to the same...

Added 30 Nov 2018 | Category Musings | Votes 19 | Avg Score 5 | Views 324 | 17 Comments

Ghost Hunter

I never jerk awake. I open my eyes and listen before I move. Without going into the reasons why I forced myself as a young boy, to not be afraid of noises in the dark. My door was always closed and I never slept with a nightlight. I relish the dark. As I lay there, my head still on the pillow, my mind was trying to replay why I woke up. The room was dark. The only light in the room came from...

Added 23 Nov 2018 | Category Musings | Votes 14 | Avg Score 5 | Views 320 | 8 Comments

Just In Time

Time. A valuable commodity to some. Not so much to others. You, for example. Clock-watching your work day. Each hour creeping by as if in a time warp. Rushing home for dinner. Spend time with the kids. Must get to bed because tomorrow is another day. Hump day. Payday. Weekends. Vacations. Doctor appointments. Taxes. All controlling your life through time. Me? I’m a retired empty-nester....

Added 17 Nov 2018 | Category Musings | Votes 11 | Avg Score 5 | Views 289 | 8 Comments


This reminiscent story was inspired by the forum thread, “What kind of car did you drive in high school?”   When I was a young lad in Texas, my dad made me work weekends and summers for his construction company. He used to “pay” me a dollar a day to help my uncle clean up job sites in the hot Texas sun. At the end of the week, he would deduct all my lunches and drinks. There were times...

Added 16 Nov 2018 | Category Musings | Votes 16 | Avg Score 5 | Views 291 | 13 Comments

My America

I hate what has happened to my America. Where a rancid political system works for the few and not for the many. Where a foul media keeps coloring the news instead of just reporting it. Where class distinctions are proudly touted to divide society even more. America has become a "me first" nation where honor and integrity are second to "what's in it for me." We use suffering as a battering...

Added 05 Oct 2018 | Category Musings | Votes 12 | Avg Score 5 | Views 277 | 11 Comments

Recommended Read Last Note

“What is this place?” he thought to himself. He carried only his beloved Gibson Les Paul guitar as he kept stumbling forward. His watch read 4:20 but he didn’t know if it was A.M. or P.M. A booming voice echoed through the cavern. “Step forward boy!” A figure rose from the ground. He watched as the figure stood 10 feet tall. It was grotesque in appearance with horns of a ram and a...

Added 22 Sep 2018 | Category Flash Fiction | Votes 23 | Avg Score 5 | Views 369 | 23 Comments

Cries Within

Symbiotic acceptance of surroundings Within a walkabout of my precursory life No longer hindered by foolish intention Yet buoyed by new relevance Witnessed not with eyes But with humility   Majestic trees of the forest Tall spirits they stand Whispering unknown melodies As the boughs transcend Leaves caressing my soul As my ink compose Like moaning cellos forgot Hearing...

Added 10 Sep 2018 | Category Poetry | Votes 6 | Avg Score 5 | Views 178 | 4 Comments

Stories Coauthored By Dreamcatcher

I, Vampire

Up the lattice and down the stairs my Scarlet awaits midnight kisses, as she sleeps beneath satin sheets, until waking to an eternal dusk.   I Vampire, Lord willing me my thirst, in shadow of the pale moonlight as an ensemble of cellos bow, strings of resin snow.   Touching your warm breasts with my lips of cold magenta, a frozen December, my love, as your eyes fear not me.   Come fly with...

Added 09 Dec 2018 | Category Poetry | Votes 8 | Avg Score 5 | Views 205 | 9 Comments


I wake I walk I dream I hurt I eat Alone. Friends talk. Watching my shuffle. Counting the days, Till my fog lifts. Heart bleeds anew. As I shuffle alone. I wake. I eat. Still alone.    ...

Added 22 Jan 2018 | Category Poetry | Votes 7 | Avg Score 5 | Views 284 | 8 Comments

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