There Be Draguins

A young boy's destiny.

This is the first chapter of a book I am writing for my grandson. Let me know what you think. Prelude June 16, 1611 was a dark and rainy day in the tiny Irish village of Cluain Tiobrad. Its lush green pastures made its Gaelic name of “Well of the Meadows” appropriately given. On most days with less rain it was often a pleasant resting place for travelers between Monaghan...Read On

Flash Fiction(2)




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Last Note

My friend Alan...

“What is this place?” he thought to himself. He carried only his beloved Gibson Les Paul guitar as he kept stumbling forward. His watch read 4:20 but he didn’t know if it was A.M. or P.M. A booming voice echoed through the cavern. “Step forward boy!” A figure rose from the ground. He watched as the figure stood 10 feet tall. It was grotesque in appearance with horns of a ram and a...Read On



One Bite

Surviving one day at a time

The old bear lumbered slowly along the tree line, his body tired and sore from the many battles that ensured his royalty. The sun barely warmed his exhausted soul anymore as he lay in the daylight between the branches. He closed his one good eye for the briefest of moments. In the world he lived in, domination often meant sacrificing pieces of himself for each victory. His broken left leg...Read On



Thrice Mice

Some twenty plus years ago, I was standing on the tee ready to hit at a charity golf tournament when a commotion behind me caught my attention. A small feral kitten, probably less than a couple of weeks old had run out of the bushes and been run over by a golf cart. After the obligatory "Oh gosh" comments, they picked it up and tossed it back into the bushes. I could see it crawling...Read On


Unread and Dead

Where stories go to die..

“Owwww!!! What was that?” I yelled. “That was a reader,” someone close to me said. I looked around at the clusters of loose paper scattered all around the room. The floor was completely covered and in some places stacked with the typical 8.5” x 11” printer paper. “Oooompfff!! Yikes!!” I blurted out as I felt a sharp pain in my margin and watched as a 5” spike heel left a mark. “What is...Read On


The Apartment

A humorous tale..

The Apartment The Magnolia Arms was a dilapidated structure of six apartment units sitting on the corner of Venus and Envy Streets. Today it’s one of those dead end streets where every morning you step over beer cans, Smirnoff bottles and rubbers. Someone with a propensity for large orders of fries from McDonalds had lined the curb with the bright red cardboard containers like tulips. ...Read On

Micro Fiction(5)



Red Dot. Always a red dot. Fortunes crossed by the fate of a given moment. There was no escape for either of them. Both had a job to do, But only one would pull the trigger....Read On


Challenge - Linda Ronstadt - Dreamcatcher

As I leaned back against the bar, the crowd hushed as she walked out into the light. Finally, she spoke. “Hi. I’m Linda Ronstadt.” The crowd stood and applauded. Her smile glowing as she gazed back into the audience. Then, they sat down, leaving only me standing in the back of the room. For only the briefest moment, our eyes caught and held. It was all I needed. I turned and walked to...Read On



I saw you. I saw all of you. Walking in the sunlight. Without cover. As if you were immune to harm. Believing that bad things only happen to others. All the while from the shadows danger lurks. Lying just behind the line between light and dark. Where I am. Waiting. The shadows are my home. The night is my friend. While others sleep impervious to thoughts of threat, I survive in...Read On



I remember the night when it started. The dark mass that haunted me in my room. My friends and I were playing tag along the edge of the woods. It was becoming dark, and the noises in the forest began. Crickets chirping. Toads bellowing. Owls hooting. The fireflies lighting their paths in flight. As we walked home, the brightest one flew close, and that's when I grabbed her. I held her loose...Read On

Holiday Travel

He really hated the Holidays. She woke up ecstatic and asked, "You got what for my mother?" The Christmas present ticked under the tree, giving away his plan to relocate the old bird about a block away in one satisfying ka-boom! He smiled and said, "I got her a travel package, air fare included."  As it turned out, moving his bowling trophies and his precious beer mug collection to a...Read On



More Doc Johnson-isms...

Why is it that when you order items to be delivered from your local lumber yard for a home project, the missing item is always the one you needed most to do the project. Does anyone else think that porch pirates work in conjunction with certain drivers of package delivery services? Why is it that when the instructions say “No Tools Required”, you always need tools? Do you ever wonder why...Read On


How Deep Is Lonely

Do ghosts feel lonely? Everybody knows by now that all of the Toys R Us outlets have been closed. The Toys R Us in Sunnyvale, CA was and still is haunted. The occurrences in this outlet have been well documented and even had a live TV ghost hunt for the nation to watch. Amazingly, the cameras actually filmed a shadow of a man leaning against the shelves watching the ghost hunters do...Read On


So You Wanna Be A Writer

Inspired by Rebellious_Soul...  Rebs   We live in an era of over-abundance right now. Too much of everything. It’s a candy store with endless glass counters filled with chocolates and caramels and sugary what-nots. We don’t even have to take a number. Just walk in and help ourselves. The internet has laid the entire world at our feet. I can be in India or Kenya or the Philippines in a...Read On



“I am Mother Nature, and I hereby call to order the first annual meeting of the Bureau for Oversight and Observation of Beasts In Existence. Our mission here at B.O.O.B.I.E. is to design and implement the types of animals that shall roam my earth.” “Well, I for one think it’s about time. The plants have taken over this place. There’s not any place to walk anymore.” “Shut up Clyde. You’re...Read On


Christmas, My Ass

Christmas. Twinkly lights. Bright colored wrapping paper. Curly-Que ribbons. A tree taking up valuable space in your living room. Now, because of greed and sucker marketing, it lasts for two months instead of one. I hate this time of year. I also hate Thanksgiving, birthdays, weddings and funerals. Usually, anything involving people. I know. Hard to believe I’ve been married to the same...Read On


Ghost Hunter

I never jerk awake. I open my eyes and listen before I move. Without going into the reasons why I forced myself as a young boy, to not be afraid of noises in the dark. My door was always closed and I never slept with a nightlight. I relish the dark. As I lay there, my head still on the pillow, my mind was trying to replay why I woke up. The room was dark. The only light in the room came from...Read On


Just In Time

Time. A valuable commodity to some. Not so much to others. You, for example. Clock-watching your work day. Each hour creeping by as if in a time warp. Rushing home for dinner. Spend time with the kids. Must get to bed because tomorrow is another day. Hump day. Payday. Weekends. Vacations. Doctor appointments. Taxes. All controlling your life through time. Me? I’m a retired empty-nester....Read On



This reminiscent story was inspired by the forum thread, “What kind of car did you drive in high school?”   When I was a young lad in Texas, my dad made me work weekends and summers for his construction company. He used to “pay” me a dollar a day to help my uncle clean up job sites in the hot Texas sun. At the end of the week, he would deduct all my lunches and drinks. There were times...Read On


My America

I hate what has happened to my America. Where a rancid political system works for the few and not for the many. Where a foul media keeps coloring the news instead of just reporting it. Where class distinctions are proudly touted to divide society even more. America has become a "me first" nation where honor and integrity are second to "what's in it for me." We use suffering as a battering...Read On



I have walked the path of the ancient ones. Each step made me stronger. Wiser. Fearless. I don’t suffer the antics of fools. Nor do I tolerate the pretense of substance. Heavy is the granite of my principals. Cracked by forces meant to weaken me. Wedges are afforded to few family and friends. Flexible to blood and love. Yet firm in my resolve to stay the course. The ancient ones...Read On


Gun Entitlement

Every horrible act of violence is only exceeded by the endless media hyping that inundates every moment following it. The constant competition for ratings and trying to “outdo” each other for viewers is overshadowing the main issues that need to be addressed. Gun control leaps from the mouths of those involved. Take away all guns leaps from others. While the NRA and its hardline supporters...Read On


Is It Just Me?

Is it just me… or has anyone else noticed that our sneaky ass markets went from 12-ounce cans to 10-ounce? So now when a recipe calls for a 12-ounce can of weasel nuts, our calculations are all messed up and the recipe is screwed. Is it just me… or has anyone else noticed that paper towels don’t absorb as much anymore? They just don’t wick up liquids like they used to. I find myself...Read On


All You Can Do Is Laugh

I remember sitting in class in high school watching the other kids socialize and grab-ass. Their laughter ringing in my ears as if life was a plate of oysters, each one filled with pearls. I was the oldest of eight kids with parents who were selfish, self-centered abusers, but they aren’t the subject of this tale. Each morning I would have to get my brothers and sisters up, feed...Read On


More Ponderin's

Why is it… The kitchen trash always needs to be emptied the day before trash pick up… The manufacturer always recommends a maximum 60w bulb in a fixture, but you need 3 of them… That every battery required between AAA and D cell are 1.5 volts… That when I was a kid we never had expiration dates on foods and we survived… That people decide to use a card to pay for everything, yet look at...Read On


Air Rage

So many recent headlines about air travel lately and none of them have been good. When I was a boy, air travel was special. People used to dress up in their finery and look forward to getting from here to there in hours instead of days. Planes were never full. There was a flight to wherever you wanted to go. The stewardesses would bring you hot meals and cold drinks. They walked up and down...Read On


Broken Parts

A few weeks ago I had to go into the doctor's office for my bi-annual epidural in my lower back. A cocktail of lidocaine, cortisone and various and sundry magical concoctions that let me maneuver my manly bulk with less pain. As I jumped up on the table to wait, I got a severe twinge in my right shoulder from my torn rotator cuff from my too many sports days. My left is torn as well, but...Read On


The Old Oak

She stood regally for fifty plus years I am told. The last 10 years on my watch. Guarding the front southwest corner of our garage. Towering a majestic 70 feet into the air with a drip line 20 feet in all directions from the trunk. Home to many of nature's creatures. Squirrels, birds, a hawk on occasion, and two different raccoons would climb her silently at night causing my motion...Read On



He didn't think I saw him but I did. Out of the corner of my eyes I just caught sight of him as he turned the corner. He had the stealth and quickness of a cat. I took off running. He wouldn't get away this time. It was always the same. He cut and slithered through the crowd as he tried to escape me. Younger and faster he traveled at the speed of light. But my old age gave me wisdom...Read On


Doc Johnson's Rules of Life

No matter where you stand, anything dropped in the kitchen will always kick, bounce, twirl, and roll under the refrigerator. The amount of sugar, creamer, salt or pepper in those little paper containers will always be just a tad less than you need. No matter how much battery you have left on your cellphone, it will always die 10 minutes before you absolutely need it. Whenever you need...Read On



"I love you." "I love you back." "I'm in-love with you." "ILY." "Love you." "Luv ya'." So many ways to express love. So many ways to say the same thing and make it mean so many other things. Subtle differences that change the entire meaning of what they said and what you heard. My girlfriend and I used to say "I love you." But then we would add "Forever and always... and a day." It...Read On



"Where are you?" "I'm here." "Where? I don't see you?" "Can you hear me?" "Yes." "Then how can you hear me if you don't see me?" "I'm confused." "Don't worry, I will lead you." "How?" "I have always led you." "Will you hurt me?" "Probably." "Will you ever let me down?" "Yes." "Why would you do that to me?" "It's what I do." "Then I don't want to follow you." ...Read On



I'm not saying I'm old as dirt, but the Dead Sea was still alive when I was born. During that time I've seen umpteen number of Olympics Games and have watched the games turn from athletic splendor at its best to a hodge-podge of spandex wearing cereal box models. It feels like I went to a hockey game and instead of fighting, they do rock-paper-scissors. Of course during prime time they make...Read On



For the last few weeks, I've had the opportunity of having several clans of my family visit for various lengths of time. As most of you who know me are already aware, I am as fun to visit with as a wounded bear. Yet somehow I persevered, put on my human face, and answered when my name was called. It's always the same routine. "Hey, how are you? Long time no see. Glad you could make it."...Read On



From a very early age, my father told me he was part Cherokee. Which meant I was part Cherokee. How much was always up in the air but there was some comfort in knowing whether it was a quarter, an eighth or even a sixteenth, I was a native American. Hell, I ate corn all the time. My father told me many things as a boy. Of course, I had my own memories. I can actually remember looking out...Read On



"Shhhhhh.. we must be quiet." The father leaned in close to his son and whispered, "You must watch. You must remember." His young son looked quizzically at his father and asked, "Why?" Standing at the edge of cover, the father looked around for any other predators. The cities and streets had given away to the dense jungle overgrowth many years before. What once were massive structures...Read On


Oysters In The Desert

True story. I am retired and usually spend my days mentally assessing the state of world affairs while watching Court TV and channel surfing looking for shows with shower scenes. Alys, on the other hand, has a life of friends and family and an occupation and spends most of her time screening my calls and texts. Still we find time to visit each other a few times a year. I will either fly...Read On



I had to go to the airport to pick up my son yesterday. I've made that trip at least a hundred times, so I was in my robotic brain-dead mode where my 50+ years of driving and my subconscious muscle memory were taking me from point A to point B in a comfortable stupor.  To get there I have to thrust myself at 60ish miles per hour down a substantially crowded expressway with few...Read On




Back in 1971, there were no text messages or emails or even pagers. If you wanted to talk to someone you had to find a pocket full of change and a pay phone that worked. Or wait until later. I was stationed in a barracks with a couple of hundred men give or take a few. We had two pay phones on the floor and when it rang it was like a bunch of outhouse parrots all squawking the name of...Read On



44 Another year. More baggage. More questions. More everything. How does one sift through the collection of memories and belongings and tangled connectivity accumulated over forty-four years? Why is it always so easy to hang on but so hard to let go? We cleaned out the storage shed last week. A premium aluminum 10' x 10' gable roofed double doors Sears model with a raised floor....Read On



I had a long talk with someone very close to me the othernight. She told me of events and stories of her life from when she was a little girl. Then she told me of her mom's life. Growing up in another country. Her struggles to come to America as a young girl. How she survived once she got here. It was a very bonding moment and one I am grateful that she shared. We met online in the fall of...Read On



"I am old," said the sea. "I have been here for millions of years." The mountain rumbled, "I am older than you. Before you, there was me." "Ha!" laughed the star. "It is I who am oldest. All time has been lost for me." "But I was the bringer of life," said the sea. "Without me your lands would be but arid wastelands. Useless and uninhabitable." "And I am the sustainer of life," roared...Read On


The Question

The enigma of love

She said “Do you love me?” For some reason I just looked at my shoes. How could I possibly answer that question. Anything I say would be at best a pathetic attempt to explain something words alone could never express. Would she even know that I can barely breathe when she isn’t near? Or that I wander endlessly until she takes my hand and grounds me? How could I express the ache in my...Read On



My appreciation

I have grown tired of the process of competition, and judging from the paucity of readers and comments my work gets anymore, the process has grown tired of me. I have many authors on SS and Lush that I admire greatly and shall continue to read and comment as always. Some are friends. Some choose not to be. Sometime toward the end of my ninth year of age I started writing. My life was always...Read On



Can't sleep..

The 1” high bright red numbers of the clock read 3:38am. Another night when the pillow feels like a cinderblock. I turned the TV off at midnight. My brain must be a complete catastrophe inside with all of the churning and endless clamor.  The small nightlight attached to my emergency flashlight plugged into the wall gives off just enough glow to let me distinguish the contents of the...Read On



Finding purpose..

There were good moments. There always are. Those luck of the draw blind date moments. Those longing for someone even though they are with your best friend moments. Those ‘accidental’ brushes of the hand when you think no one else will notice moments. Those rushing out the door and throwing your arms around their neck moments. Those kissing them because if you don’t you are going to lose...Read On


Drache Reiter

Search for a soulmate

How do you explain destiny? Random luck based on time and place? Universal chaos within mathematicalparameters? Providence? Or is it a bonding of life-forces inseparable by any other force of nature.  In order to believe in destiny you have to believe in the improbable. The unlikely. The law of infinite attraction. You have to allow that bad luck or good fortune or the pain of loneliness...Read On


Empty Pillow

Love lost and found again..

My king-size bed is centered on the wall, directly beneath the window. It has a very hard mattress out of choice. The drapes are an odd shade of green. The bedspread and pillows are a deep maroon. There are two hanging reading lights over each side of the bed with a sort of buttercream glass shade. Each side of the bed also has an antique side table with two drawers that have a collection of...Read On



life, learning, metaphor

Growing up in the 50’s and 60’s, and that’s the 1950’s and 1960’s for you smartasses, the doors in most homes had keyholes. These keyholes were made to be operated by large bulky skeleton keys. Usually one key would open nearly every door, so if you got one it was best to keep it hidden as your passkey to untold secrets and fortunes. As you might imagine, these skeleton keys required...Read On



Just an old man's thoughts..

Old guys always start every story with “When I was a boy.” It’s a standard, sorta like “Once upon a time” or “Happily ever after.” It has been my experience that it causes one of two reactions. People will either listen intently for each pearl of wisdom.. or.. roll their eyes and whisper “fuck!! Not again!” While I never presume that my ramblings are akin to duffel bags filled with such...Read On


I'm Arnold Palmer

My compliments..

As a young man I loved to play golf. I scuffed around the course. Strong. Wild. Took pride in hitting the ball farther than others. Still do. Yet it took the wisdom and humor of an old timer one day after playing a round of golf with me to put things into perspective. After slamming the ball all over creation and scrambling on every hole, I proudly set my clubs down next to his and waited...Read On



phony people

Preople. Pretend people. Where do they come from? Who are they? Sometimes even they don’t know. Yet they consciously pretend to be who they aren’t. They lie about their age. They lie about where they are. Sometimes they even lie about their gender. Preople. Cutesy names and avatars are their facade. They catch your eye. Then they reel you in with deceit. The pics...Read On


Back of the Hand

What are you going to do?

Hi.. Doc Johnson in the house.. pull up a chair.. take a deep breath.. and listen.. I’m talking to you. You know who you are. Yeah, YOU! What the hell did you think would happen when you consistently plan your private quiet time so that you can log onto a chat site? Did you think you were safe hiding behind a keyboard? That your fears and unhappiness and emotions wouldn't be sitting there...Read On


A Letter To Her

love letter

I don't know when it started. This losing you. How did I miss it? Too busy. Too careless. Taking for granted the hard work of a relationship. The negotiations. The sacrifice. Once I held you in my arms and all your warmth and desires flowed through me and filled me with you. You rushed through my bloodstream like a virus. Infecting me. Addicting me. Now we have drifted ever so slowly...Read On


The Art of Making A Manwich

Fine food at its best...

As a young boy growing up in the poorer section of Indianapolis I can remember many meals that consisted of just soup and a sandwich. Keep in mind back in my day we didn’t have supermarkets. Only local neighborhood corner stores usually not much bigger than a two car garage. There were no pre-packaged meats and cheeses like today. You had to go to a butcher for that sort of thing and they...Read On


The One No One Ever Talks About

Just some thoughts..

Everyone has them somewhere in their family tree. You know. The great-great grandfather no one will talk about because he was hung as a “hoss thief”. Or the distant cousin who died penniless because he had a drinking and gambling problem. Then there’s the early pioneer who came west and no one is quite sure how he was related but he may or may not have killed his partner over a gold...Read On



Just a bunch of thoughts..

I go to a therapist once a month. When people hear that there is such a strange connotation that gets attached to it. "Now, there’s a guy who must have some major issues." Whatever could they be? Addictions? Fetishes? Anger? Obsessions? Some or all of them if I had to come up with a checklist. I’m an imperfect vessel. A plane that won’t fly. A ship that won’t float. At least I have to...Read On


The Mirror

Just me growling..

I find myself looking in the mirror more often lately. Not in some vain way but more of a retrospective review of how far I’ve come. It used to be I would look just to see how hot I was before I head off into the night with all of a young man’s fantasies and hopes. Now I look just to take stock of a lifetime of wrinkles and scars that have replaced those fantasies and hopes. I wonder silently...Read On


My Friend

Being a friend

My friend says my perception of things has become warped over time. She says any changes in feelings or closeness have been all by me. It’s hard to know when I talk to my friend. I respect her. How can we both be right? My friend is a butterfly full of color and light as air. She brightens a room. Her pollen binding those close to her. I, on the other hand am stoic and joyless....Read On



just a few thoughts

Salt can be found everywhere. In the earth. Our oceans and seas. Our air. Even in our bodies. It was such a valuable commodity in our early ages that wars were waged just for the power and control salt would afford its owner. Only the rich could afford salt. It was a sign of prestige and honor to be able to possess it in even minimum quantities. It was often traded for fine silks and jewels....Read On


What I Know About Love

Learning love..

Every child remembers their first puppy. Their first kitten. Their first goldfish. Their first experience at loving something without really knowing the word or what it meant. It came so natural and without strings. A lick. A purr. Watching a turtle do nothing for hours. Or simply tracing your finger along the glass of the aquarium. In the short span of years following that revelation a...Read On


An Old Man's Thoughts

How it used to be...

As a boy growing up I didn’t know any different. Do other families move as much? How many schools now? 10? 15? More? A kid once said to me his folks said we were white trash. I hit him. But I knew he was right. It is what it is. There is truth to the adage ‘you can run but you can’t hide’. I didn’t have a cornucopia of good things in my life. Abusive parents. No friends because we moved...Read On


The Dark

just some thoughts

A friend of mine once asked “How come everything you write is so dark?” I said they weren’t completely dark, you just had to see the light between the words. Which is true in all writing. There is intent and there is interpretation. What did I mean? What did you read? We spend our whole lives relying on pitch and tone of voice. Body language. Eye movement. The emotion of the moment....Read On




It wasn’t that long ago A few years or so When mane of hair was thick and long And sparrows bowed to the peacock’s song.   The years slipped by but not the reign Skills and endowments still remain Impetuous youth replaced by grace No longer willing to run the race.   A mislead journey from here to there There turned out to be anywhere Leading the way with each tread All the...Read On

Recommended Read


Relentless. The undergrowth of beginning. The endless overgrowth without a finale. Twining and vining imperceptively, Yet, interlocking in a stranglehold for life. Creating its own atmosphere in a limitless terrarium. Providing sustenance while feeding upon itself. Nature in consort with planetary purpose. Adapting to each assault. Flexing but not breaking. Surviving even...Read On



My life began in decades passed Nearly seven if I’m not mistaken My head was bowed and my eyes downcast My future I thought forsaken   My crying eyes ran out of tears Fists clenched in open defiance No longer would I be controlled by my fears It was up to my own self-reliance   Changes made came without tribute Nor did I lay claim to rewards As years flew by I became more astute...Read On


Day After

Christmas is over Hip-hip-hooray! Now burn down the tree Put the wrappings away!   Now everyone get outta my home You ate all my food and drank all my booze I try and be nice, it’s not easy for me And now I’m a bomb with a very short fuse   The house is a mess with scraps all over The same ol’ tie and the same ol’ cologne We could skip this day if it was up to me Now it’s time...Read On


Writer's Lament

I’ve been read, once or twice. A few more times would be quite nice. How dare my work go ignored. Or even hinted that you were bored.   My poems reek of reason and rhyme To not read them is just a crime. Tap, tap, tap, I type my words of wit. All for naught, because no one reads it.   Stories abound inside my head, But they just lay there stone cold dead. I give them life and...Read On


Avatar Christmas

Here we are once again I thought I’d let it go, but then It’s Christmas time on Storiesspace And so many characters hang around this place.   Maggierascal keeps rowing the boat While Gav does his best to keep us afloat Sherzahd is back, though her time is sparse And Ariesdragon still thinks I’m an arse.   Fuzzy retired and still writes tiny tomes While Molly edits all his work...Read On


Cries Within

Symbiotic acceptance of surroundings Within a walkabout of my precursory life No longer hindered by foolish intention Yet buoyed by new relevance Witnessed not with eyes But with humility   Majestic trees of the forest Tall spirits they stand Whispering unknown melodies As the boughs transcend Leaves caressing my soul As my ink compose Like moaning cellos forgot Hearing...Read On


Sweet Love Train

The speakers crackled as the booming female voice announced, “Sweet Love Train leaving in five minutes.” The doors clacked open As the conductor stepped outside.   “All Aboard!” he bellowed in his deepest baritone. I watched as the passengers lined up to board. I stood helplessly without a ticket, As each handed him their golden pass and boarded.   Young couples. Older couples....Read On



I used to read books once It had a beginning, a middle, and an end Now I just type a bunch of letters Then hit send.   I used to carry photos They made my wallet fat Now I just slide back and forth on my phone I guess that takes care of that.   I used to have lots of change And hunt for phone booths to call Now I just call wherever I’m at I don’t have to have change at all.   ...Read On


Top Gun

I’m a six-banger Hammer-fanner Rapid fire lover.   I’m fully loaded On the prowl Looking for action under covers.   Target defined Weapon drawn Gunsmoke and powder.   Bullseyes amassed Handle is notched Cries getting louder and louder.   As chambers turn And shells ejected My prey has been fully shot   What’s that you say? Oh, boy I say “Kind sir, is that all you got?”  ...Read On


More Stupid Love Stuff

Someone asked “What is Love?” As if the answer would make it real. Love isn’t words or phrases said. It’s just simply what you feel.   Lessons in love are painfully clear. There’s no books or homework given. You win, you lose, a prize is claimed. It’s what we call real life livin’.   Other words are just as important. Respect, trust, loyalty, and honor. Honesty and fairness come...Read On



More often than not I deserved what I got. For shadows are meant to protect.   I wandered at times And missed all the signs Too many boxes I neglected to check.   The light hurts my eyes The hero always dies A lesson I tend to forget.   It’s best in the shadows A life I have chose To suffer from all my regrets.   Once bitten you learn Even embers will burn Each wound will...Read On



I opened a can of beans As paper towels unfolded Cats under feet Spoons dropped in musical note   Doorbell rings Disturbing sublime lazy Yet curiosity blooms To be disappointed   Wall to wall carpeting Beneath socked feet Pathways marked By traipsed bi-peds   Clock chimes by hours lived Reminding of sun in sky Moments memorialized By media on colored screen   ...Read On


Stormtrooper of Love

There is no magic in the things I do A look, a smile, and lowered eyes I make the dream all about you Payment received from your moans and sighs.   There’s nothing special about me at all A model or movie star I’ll never be Yet, late at night, I’m the one you call Whenever you crave your true fantasy.   Others bemoan my special powers They don’t understand a simple fact It...Read On



I searched behind the harbor mist Where craving lips had once longed to kiss But fate was hiding one last twist That pillowed moment did not exist.   Dreams are meant to take you places Your mind unpacks familiar faces Grasping at the barest traces Against wakeful moments your body braces.   Each dusk begins the rushed elation To once again begin creation Head to pillow...Read On



Here’s a poem I just wrote It doesn’t matter about what or who There’s nothing here for you to quote I just needed to get to 132.   I’m number 12 on the SS list And looking up Mysteria27’s (148) dress Then Adagio (173) and Fuzzy (176) can’t be missed Frogprince (187) keeps writing at his best.   Circle_Something (197) is number 7 in line With Maryruth (199) and Shotgun011 (230)...Read On



It was your nature. Walking to the edge. Lifting your foot into temptation. Always pulling back at the last minute. This time was different. Stepping forward instead of back. The rush of excitement. The exhilaration of taking a chance. Too late the danger recognized. Falling. Unable to halt the descent. The darkness swallowing you. Tumbling into the endless blackness. ...Read On


This Place

There is this place. Magical. Mythical. Legendary. A place where, The breeze is warm. Where the scent of lavender fills the air. A place where, When you close your eyes, Only the hum of bees, And the chirping of birds is heard. There is this place. Where troubles are cast aside. Where pain is forbidden. Where anger and hate is denied. A place where laughter is your only response....Read On


Too Dark... Not!

I’ve been told I write too dark. Just my way of saying life isn’t a walk in the park. Some say I have no humor. That’s just a rumor. I laugh now and then. There was this one time back in 2010. It was way more than just a smirk. I’m not a complete jerk. Although, I am a piece of work. With at least one quirk. I always try to write from the heart. Which may not make me very smart....Read On


Dark Heart

Wait! I said wait! Don’t go. I’m not ready yet. I’m never ready. Every time someone leaves they take a piece of my heart with them. I only have a tiny piece left. What happens when that’s gone? What fills the void where my heart once was? No check and balance for my mind. Just empty thoughts without feeling. Darkness. Too great a risk. I must defend what’s left. Block entry to...Read On


I Wish...

For my friend Ravenpearl. Marcie forever in my heart.   I wish… we had met long ago. Running through the fields as children. Giggling at butterflies tickling our noses. Grass so high it brushed our cheeks as we ran. All those fences climbed on the shortest journey home. I wish… we had held hands on a hill and watched clouds morphing into familiar shapes. Our friendship becoming seamless...Read On



Sadly, As I pen this tome, I once again, Find myself alone.   When I was young, I had such dreams, I wasted them all, Falling apart at the seams.   My life was lived, In parceled moments, The ones I loved, Became opponents.   The joy within, That young boy’s laughter, Became cries to the man, Losing what I sought after.   What chance had I, Being the likes of me, For...Read On


As The Crow Flies

I’ve never been a man who wandered… Or lost my focus and lazily sauntered… My paths may have been twisted and broken… They often lead me to places best left unspoken… As I walked between spaces both light and dark… The man that I am tried to leave his mark… More often than not the sand washed away… All my efforts for naught just cast astray… Each stumble and fall left me battered...Read On


Ol' St. Dick

Good Old St. Nick, (Who is a bit of a dick), Thought this Christmas, He would just play a trick. It didn't matter how nice you were, Or who you hugged or who you kissed. Santa was changing the game, And using only his naughty list. Ironic or inevitable, How you see it depends, But isn't it odd, that Santa's naughty list, Is a perfect match to Dreamcatcher's friends? ...Read On



Who invented this language that we speak? Does a bucket leek or leak? Why is there a K in knife or knee? And who the hell spelled psychiatry? English is spelled just how it sounds. Yet everything else is meant to confound. I before E except in weigh? OK, fine, but end in GH you say? An ' contracts but a … omits? Who's to say what punctuation fits? Does a person have a sole or soul? Maybe...Read On


Soups On!

Boil your hen, cut up in pieces Legs and wings and breasts and thighs Add crushed garlic so the flavor increases Eight cups of broth brings a smile to your eyes While you wait let's chop some stuff Carrots and onions and mushrooms are nice Celery and brussel sprouts are never enough Even a cup of brown or white rice Set your hen aside to cool And add your veggies to the broth Intense...Read On



"I love you," she said "Forever and always and a day" But she meant that for another instead I was so easy to betray. She took all of my hopes And played with all of my dreams I was sliding down her slippery slope Just a pawn in all of her schemes. It wasn't done in anger or spite Her heart just belonged to another When discovered she was so contrite Between my love and his, she still chose...Read On



Am I not a man? Am I not allowed my imperfections? My simple needs. My voracious wants. Shall I camouflage my desires Behind closed doors? Do I set boundaries Only to violate them? Am I not given to trumpet my victories And disguise my failures? Do I not tout the greatness of me While minimizing others? Why should I not be me? Is my countenance so wickedly unsuitable That I...Read On


No More Foghorns

"Mmmoooooob" Every sixteen seconds Even with the patio door barely cracked open The subconscious countdown of moments. "Mmmoooooob" Feet entwined in the darkened room Laying silently in spoon fashion Neither awake nor asleep. "Mmmoooooob" Their annual trip A hotel on the coast Ending sad and silent. "Mmmoooooob" Somewhere in the distance A seagull screeched Calling to its mate. ...Read On


Culinary Catastrophe

I made a cake. I figured what could it possibly take? But as soon as I started to bake, I knew it was a big mistake. For my grandson, it was supposed to be. Maybe an hour or two. Or three. Thirteen hours later I wanted to flee. What the hell was wrong with me? A Star Wars cake is what he wanted. "Sure," I said as if undaunted. And now I will be forever haunted. By talents perceived that I...Read On



This little ditty is my hundredth post So have a little pity and give me a toast. Here's to me and all I have written A whole lotta time on my ass just sittin'. I know.. I know.. not all my work was good But win some, lose some, that's always understood. Some writers here have hundreds of followers or more I have a few.. Hmmm.. lets me see.. carry the one.. Four! When I started writing,...Read On



It begins each morning at wake The endless battle of foes Both sides press the will to win Casualties mount without regard. Victory claimed and lost simultaneously So many opportunities wasted Each warrior valiant Yet lay sullen in defeat. Blood flows from each new wound Scars from the past are empty reminders Yet each charge is continuously met Each side snuffing out hope. The...Read On


T-Shirt Guy

I'm a t-shirt guy through and through At last count I had seventy-two. It doesn't mean I'm better, that's true But it does mean I get laid more than you. Women love a t-shirt guy with tats Bad boys with beards and hats. No hard body with a six-pack Just a good ol' boy beer belly fat. Boots are scuffed from kicking rocks Surfer shorts with black knee-high socks. A battered...Read On


We'll Just See

I'm writing this piece just to see, How many people will take the time to read me. I don't expect a lot, maybe just a few. Or quite possibly it will be only you. So many stories have come and gone. So many writers posting from dusk til dawn. Every topic covered from head to toe. What's left to write about, only you know. So here I sit in a writer's quest. ...Read On


When You See It

Suppose I told you it was an issue for me  Everything is based on trust  Could it be you don't possibly see  Relegating our love to simple lust  Each time you repeat from what once was past  Tomorrows become harder to live  Sometimes our gaps grow deeper and vast  And forgiveness becomes harder to give  Never doubt my love is everlong  Don't stop believing I'm there for you  ...Read On


Curse of the Flat Surface

Set-abouts. I hate them all. Knick-knacks and funky junk. Cutesy frames and cheesy dolls. They all leave me in such a funk. Dust collectors and web attracters. Who cares if Aunt Dizzy gave them to us. A bowl of nuts and a nifty cracker. All of this crap is like a fungus. A trophy, a picture and two candleholders. A doily, a lamp and several magazines. Eclectic at best in the eyes...Read On



Crying in the night A warm breast Wailing wet and cold Bright colors fluttering above A painted ceiling chipped and cracked Hushed voices, muttering tones Slamming doors and epithets The smell of soap on your clothes Diapers and dirty knees Eyes raised to smiling faces Head bowed to escape scowls Meals served on plastic trays Cheerios on the floor The whisper of...Read On



Sometimes you just have to dismiss a dis. Dissatisfied? Is something amiss? What's so good about D.. I.. S..? I think getting rid of it would be for the best. Displeased could be changed with such ease. From sad to happy would be just a breeze. Discontented would mean so much more, If you dismissed the dis and this I implore. Discompose lets chaos reign. But just shortening that...Read On


Avatar Nights Redux

What if all you knew wasn't really true? What if your avatar was really you? What if at night when our screens shut down, Our avatars come to life and play around. Whom would Sherzahd go and find? DirtyMartini's dirty mind? Would Entangled_Fate seek her Jay? Would Joker even dare to play? Alys knows just where to go. A broken down old man she happens to know. Rebellious_Soul...Read On


Was It Me

I don't remember a childhood spent Nothing like Leave It to Beaver It seems my boyhood came and went Feeling like an underachiever Was it me? I ran with scissors down the hall After eating I always swam Other rules broken I don't recall No one really gave a damn Was it me? Girls in school were easy for me It was the other stuff I hated I was so busy I just couldn't see My...Read On



I never stood a chance you know. As badass as I used to be. I'd snap my fingers and say "C'mon let's go." And they would all go home with me. A pied piper of love I once was, When I played my melody. But time flew by as it always does, Now I'm past my prime you see. Love and play did battle for hearts. Often through trickery or deceit. I was the sum total of all my parts, My...Read On



Her ears rang with his constant shouting. Drained and exhausted. Her body betraying all natural instinct. She doesn’t know how much longer she can hold on. His voice sent shudders throughout her. Screaming at her endlessly. Her head nodding side to side in silence. Why won’t he stop? What does he want? What does he expect? She failed. She let everyone down. If only he would...Read On



Prisoner of love..

It’s always the same. Lock the doors. Set the furnace back. Glass of water. Shut the TV off. Then lay there. Until the courage comes. This is the part I hate the most. The dark. The small click of the light turning off. That’s when you come. When I am defenseless. Alone in bed. Without the distractions that armor me. Taking me prisoner each night. I reach for you in the...Read On


Stolen Moments

Love finds a way...

In the eyes of another I would be thief. It matters not to them of my own hearts grief. Or the emptiness that dwells inside, A hidden heart that long since died. Lives half-lived with others twined. Trophies set proud, polished and shined. Yet something missing, an aching hunger. A desire unfulfilled from a heart much younger. Homes and lives left alone each night. But the yearning...Read On


My Place

Infinite love..

There is this place I go. It’s in my head I know. She’s always there for me. It’s where I want to be. My place is safe and warm. It hides me from the storm. She keeps me calm inside. Her love is my faithful guide. She tolerates my endless flaws. Builds me up with her applause. Holds me tight when I am weak. And frees me from my havoc's wreaked. Her stunning presence inside my...Read On


Pale By Comparison

I fancied myself a man of words, A spinner of yarns and dreamer of tales. It seems my place is at the back of the herd, Rowing my boat while others have sails. Ravenspearl writes of love and loss, Her storms assail you as they blow across. Entangled_Fate reaches inside her heart, Her intense words often tear her apart. Rebellious_Soul struggles to keep in touch, But she always...Read On



A mind in constant panic..

A frantic mind can hurt the calmest heart. Rancid thoughts will tear you apart. True or not, nothing is what it seems. Nothing makes sense in your insane dreams. Guilt and doubt fill every cranny and nook. A missed call, a forgotten text is all it took. What was love a few hours ago, Now causes you to question all that you know. Your wandering mind has you replaced by others....Read On



What if I wrote what nobody read? If nobody read is it completely unsaid? Is what I said better left in my head? These thoughts leave me with nothing but dread. If I sang a song that nobody heard, Would the silence you heard be completely absurd? Is the rhythm and rhyme so obviously deterred, Why do these things always leave me disturbed? What is a dance that nobody sees? Arms and...Read On



The strongest love keeps you young forever.

The smallest ember can start a fire. Flames will leap hot and higher. Engulfed in passion and desire. Her love’s warm glow I will never tire. What begins as the softest breeze. Becomes a tsunami of lustful tease. Her smile lulls me to peaceful ease. And leaves me begging for more.. please? The gentle ebb at ocean’s shore. Will rush the beach in passions roar. She fills my soul to...Read On


I Am

I am Your precious dream Your greatest fear Your harshest foe I am The air you breathe The gasp for more The struggle within I am Your happiest minute Your saddest hour Your endless agony I am The purest cleansing rain The scorched earth beneath The blind road ahead I am The sun, the moon, the stars The thickest fog on darkest night The ray of light between the drapes ...Read On


To My Friends

A poor friend..

I’m sorry if I appeared to be aloof or cruel. I didn’t mean to. I’m sorry if I often acted a fool. I didn’t mean to. I’m sorry if something I did was so bad. I didn’t mean to. I’m sorry if I often make you so sad. I didn’t mean to. I’m sorry if I caused you pain. I didn’t mean to. I’m sorry if I drive you insane. I didn’t mean to. I’m sorry if I responded slow. I didn’t mean to....Read On


One Word

What can you say..

I struggle and search for just the right word, So many fall short and mean less than intended. A magical collection of letters written or heard, Given from the heart and never rescinded. I wasted so much time thinking more is better, Yet simplicity can be such a powerful presence. In my mind I build it letter by letter, To make sure I capture every ounce of its essence. Love...Read On


Give It A Rest

Time to move on..

On and on the words do flow, A broken heart that will not heal. It doesn’t matter if she knows, If it isn’t the way that she feels. Sometimes it’s best to just move along, A one-sided love isn’t worth the telling. It makes no sense to sing the same old song, When it’s obvious she isn’t buying what you’re selling. There comes a time when the door needs to close, Waiting in vain...Read On



Sarcastic irony

Here’s another crappy poem.. A few verses and words that no one heeds.. I guess this will fix ‘em and really show ‘em.. Or just be another shitty piece that no one reads.. Which lately it seems is usually the case.. There are some writers who can just drop a turd.. Then stand back and watch the chase.. Always being followed by the same old herd.. Puke on a page has become an art.....Read On


Avatar Love

A lonely man's imagination..

What is this crap I put myself through? Falling in love with pics that aren’t you. Damn little things, maybe 2 x 2? What the hell am I supposed to do? Beautiful face with long wavy hair. Eyes that say come here if you dare. All I can do is sit here and stare. I’m so weak, this just isn’t fair! Led to slaughter just like a lamb. I think I’m safe.. then wham! Bam! They lure me in...Read On


Finding You

For all of you who have made it into my life.. you know who you are.

I hung on the wall incomplete and forgotten. Collecting dust in a battered frame. My paint had long since faded, My past and my present always the same. Unnoticed I hung, As others walked by. With finer art around me, I never caught anyone’s eye. What was I? A draft at best, A sketch unfinished, Then left to rest? Not even straight, My frame hung aloof on a nail. No light...Read On

Recommended Read


life, learning,

I’m that child. Born to him and her. Who grew too soon. Walked while others crawled. I’m that child. Who heard their words. And somehow knew. I’m that child. Whose pain came all too often. Who lived with rage. I’m that boy. Who dressed himself each morning. And then his siblings. Who had no role models. I’m that boy. Who fought in school. Who never had lunch money. Who...Read On



Life seaching for love

It seems the older I get, the more I reflect, Taking stock if you will of life’s pantry. A storeroom filled with faces and names, The loves and lies that made up every relationship. Emotional deception was never a cause. Failure was always a result of perception. Theirs or mine. Usually mine. Salvage became a specialty. Sad are my thoughts about that now. How unfair...Read On


One Heart Missing

Choosing lust and finding love

There isn’t a place I haven’t been, Or a place I wouldn’t go. There isn’t a path I’ve never taken, I chased my dreams both high and low. I thought I knew each journey chosen, Each fantasy I sought to explore. Lines were crossed so many times, Rules were broken and signs ignored. I lived and loved each moment chosen, Not thinking about the pain or cost. The plans and schemes...Read On


Love In Waiting

Love from afar

She was there all along, Like the rhythm within a song. Her melody playing behind your eyes, Hummed in silence without knowing why. Patiently waiting for you to see her, The pain of loving you she would willingly endure. She consoled herself with your voice from a distance, Leaving no doubt she suffered by her resistance. Each moment stolen twixt night and day, Left...Read On


Crowded Heart

Misguided relationship

Friend me she said, I remember the day. So many months ago, But seems like just yesterday. Chat me she said, You seem like a nice guy. I don’t have many friends, So I gave it a try. Kiss me she said, Come closer to me. Trapped by her charms, She led me so easily. Touch me she said, Her body was mine. How could I not? Even if only online. Fuck me...Read On



Eternal love

Never to hear your voice again, Never to see your face. Never to know your touch, Or the taste of your lips on mine. Never to look into your eyes, Or feel your heart beat against mine when we dance. Never to turn in bed and find you there, Or know the depth of your wetness. Never to make you laugh, Or hear you cry for me. Never to share your thoughts, Or catch your...Read On


First Love

Heartbreak of first love..

1962 seems like forever ago.  1963 and 1964 flew by in a rush. So much love and so much need, left a heart so barren and crushed. My life was filled with you, A mind full of never ending bliss. If only I had known then, you had already given me our last kiss. Never again to hold you close, never again to whisper in your ear. Those moments were taken and given to another. ...Read On



Inner strength

Rising once again despite my wounds, the first step is always the hardest. The mist of many battles grasps my feet, whilst fighting my own ambivalence and depression, and casting aside the derision and oppression of others. Healing they want not. I bare my scars and they turn away, not in the anguish of all my ugliness, but in fear of an unstoppable force. I trod forth,...Read On


Mojo Missing

My friend needs her mojo back

I have a friend who says she lost her mojo. Where it went she says she doesn’t really know. She swears she has looked high and low. Now where the hell could a mojo go? I asked her if she looked under the bed. Or maybe in the back of the closet instead. Then again maybe it’s still inside her head. In a place where her thoughts rarely tred. Mojos are strange and hard to describe. ...Read On



Life in review

Guys like me just take up space. Disconnected and standing apart. I knew long ago there is no place. There is no warmth of home or heart. Looking in beyond the glass. Always outside in the cold. The note is due for a careless past. Left holding stone that once was gold. Vagabonds move in silent stealth. Looking for a place to hide. Our pockets carry our worldly wealth. ...Read On


Candles.. Again?

silly jingle

Here it comes, the moment I dread. When everything comes true from inside my head. Droning on and on as I heard what they said. Now the singing and laughing, I wish I was dead. Such a lousy tradition, who thought of this stuff? Isn’t just growing old and tired punishment enough? Parties and cakes and presents and fluff, I’m a man for christ’s sake, I like things rough and tough. ...Read On


The Eighth Color Of The Rainbow

Life's colors

What is a rainbow but a colored arch, With dreams at each end to wish for. Seven hues and shades from a color chart, Just one of many beauties from nature’s store. Each rainbow the same made from the grandest plan, Arching high and far in colored rows. Like a fireworks show or a peacock’s fan, Our hearts are filled with the awe it bestows. Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain, ...Read On


My Place

Old thoughts from an old man..

My place is filled with happy things, It’s where I keep thoughts and wishes. Norman Rockwell scenes and summer nights, A place I seek for the safety it brings. In my place all things are alive and well, Like Wally and Ward and June Cleaver, And they really did Leave It To Beaver. Even the TV ads back then had good stuff to sell. Remember Alka Seltzer and Brylcream for your hair?...Read On


A Thousand Thoughts

Just some thoughts..

Here and there and everywhere, A thousand thoughts invade my mind. Some are private but most are shared, As each one is released there are many more behind. I wonder at so many things, In awe of simple life. What’s with spider webs and Saturn’s rings, And why is there a ‘k’ in knife? Who’s to say the long necked giraffe, Is weirder than the horse. I only know that one...Read On


The Marble

Never ending love

Just sixteen, her birthday had, Her friends all gathered around. Gifts she got from mom and dad, Were most special to be found. A ring, a pearl, and her first car, Then friends gave her even more. Prom queen and cheerleader she was a star, What else could she possibly ask for? In school the cliques kept others apart, The haves and have-nots were seen. She knew it was...Read On


Letting Go

Everything in its time..

On feet of cat silent at night, These thoughts of mine escape the light. Moments remembered of distant youth, Bliss and sadness entwined in truth. A boy so young and searching for love, Her eyes found his like a light from above. The days and nights he spent loving her, He thought she loved him but now not so sure. True love doesn’t stop by closing a door, It ebbs and it...Read On


The Age of Fantasy

The comedy of growing old

At 10 your life begins and you don’t seem to have a care. You soar to heights with your first kiss and fly where eagles dare. Then you notice different friends who have so many curves and curls. And wonder at these thoughts you have about so many girls. At 20 just less than man and skilled in social arts. You work all day til the sun goes down and that’s when your life...Read On


Four Letter Words

Loss of love

Where is this place where all my smiles have hidden? Where all my laughter is banished to a place forbidden. What is this loss I can’t quite name? Where all my days and nights look just the same. And what is this need that confuses me so? Wasn’t it her who said she must go? What of this hurt in my heart and my mind, Where anger dwelled and turned me so blind. What is...Read On


Always Two

Ill-fated love

Hearts near through feelings shared, Voices silent but our minds held our hearts. For hours and hours we often stared, Hoping soon that our love would start. A love so pure and a bond so strong, We knew it was meant to be. But our love didn’t last so long, And someone else took you away from me. He was one and I was two, Your heart you had given away. And though I had...Read On


That Look

Eternal love

How easy it was for you to claim me. Your eyes snaring me. Holding me in your gaze. My will only to be with you. Just you. You gazed at me and my life ended as I knew it, And a new life began. More pain. More agony. More love than I had ever known. How could I hurt so much at the thought of you? And yet, Seek only your attention. Your approval of me. You made me...Read On


Pain of Glass

First love

A pane of glass, a window made, My world blossomed looking through. A thousand memories I wouldn’t trade, Looking out of it and discovering you. In my mind I knew our fate, This girl next door and me. I knew my heart was just too late, And it would never be. She held me captive with her eyes, Imprisoned by her smile. I tried to touch the golden prize, Yet missed her by...Read On


Ghost Post

A writer's dilemma

If I write a story should it just be for me? Stored on a harddrive for no one to see? Called up and read by tapping some keys? Just another hidden file is all it will be. My friends said be brave I really should post. There are plenty of sites willing to host. Is my stuff good enough? Maybe? Almost? It’s better I think I stay just a ghost. I write for myself and the...Read On




I waited for you my whole life, I would have waited for thousands of years more. How could I not? There is only one. Sure, there are many in-between, Countless thoughtless acts and random encounters. But always there was only you. The missing piece in my life. Did you know? That fractured forces in our lives would bring us together? I waited for you as each day rose and...Read On




My head full of noises and nowhere to go, My heart full of feelings and no way to show; So I sit here alone in the dead of night, I close my eyes and begin to write.  Protected by my anonymousness, To all my sins I do confess; What need do I have to keep them hidden, In a cyber world where little is forbidden.  A simple man with keyboard in hand, My fingers type what my...Read On


Star Song

first life

There is a tale that when a star burns out, It still sends its light to earth; Through the loneliness of blackest space, It crosses time and the universe.  But did you know the light it sends, Isn’t the only thing it sends along, Within its trail and barely heard, Is the haunting melody of a star song.  Much like the whales in deepest seas, Who call each other with their...Read On


Lost Moment

chat love

I'm sorry I missed our chat again, But then maybe it's not meant to be; Thoughts and words bound and chained, Never the light to see; Silenced by matters beyond our control, These things are never quite said; It's only later in secret moments stole, These visions emerge inside our head; I wished I had said this, Or if only you had said that; And yet we...Read On



unmet urges

I have a hunger inside me. A need.. an urge that never goes away. It is a constant force driving me to you. Wanting to know your every desire and dream. A craving to explore and copulate endlessly with you. Until you whisper.. “enough”. There is no escape for either of us. I don’t know who you are. Yet you are always there. A glance into the car beside me at the light. A...Read On


No Place

Love lost

All this time I failed to see, There is no place for a man like me; My hopes and dreams will never be, A shadowman is my destiny. My late night thoughts are sad but true, What made me think I had a chance with you; You deserved much better than this man you knew, The best I could offer had little value. Each day I faced the hardest fact, That loving me was just an act; ...Read On


Heart Unsure

waiting for love

A heart unsure and clinging to a dream… You were in love with another, or so it seemed… I waited my turn, hoping you would soon see… That the man for you, was always me… That day in the kitchen, yellow you wore… I remember it clearly how my eyes met yours… In only that moment I knew it was you… Never in doubt my love steadily grew… The endless days passed without your attention…...Read On



review of life

When darkness comes and shades my sight, My life is best viewed in dimmest light; I set the bar at its lowest height, And could never climb over try as I might. When young at heart and mind and soul, Desires met daily was my only goal; Never caring the costs I just paid the toll, My bank always empty so from others I stole. In callous mocking alone I would stand, An island...Read On



For all the women in my life...

Hands of woman, the tools of her trade, Dishes and laundry and beds always made. Dialing the doctor while groceries unpacked, Cleaning and dusting and newspapers stacked. Tireless endeavors she must see them all through, Oh by the way she holds down a job too. Many hats she wears as she changes tasks, Be there for her is all she asks. Her days are long and nights even longer, ...Read On


South of Me

Growing old humorously

I wonder at this face I see, Looking back from the mirror and staring at me; This stranger seems to wear my face, Why didn’t I notice he took my place? What happened to my long dark hair? Now flowing grey and so much less there; My eyes once blue like ponds of ice, Turned pale and faded and not so nice; This body once tanned and thought a porn star, Now barely held together...Read On


King of Everything

A perfect world

In my world I am the King of everything, Only fields of roses filled with birds that sing; No wars or strife would haunt my land, Never a fist raised, only open helping hands. In my world amber skies at dusk and dawn, Disease and hunger would all be gone; Men and women would speak in single tongue, Age would never distinguish between old and young. In my world each person...Read On


I Knocked Again

One sided love..

I knocked again upon her door, Knowing that she could hear me. Again I knocked just once more, But an open door would never be. My absence started long ago, In her mind I never cross. Locked outside she has to know, That ignoring me is no great loss. When it comes to me I'm always last, Just another boy she once kissed. What happened with us is all in past, Now I'm at the...Read On

Recommended Read

The Bridge

Strongest love survives

I think I used to know you a long time ago... you were a princess who lived high in a castle.. and I... was an ugly troll who lived under a bridge.. but I used to watch you.. the way the breeze would flow through your hair... the way you laughed.. the way your eyes would make everyone around you glad you were near... and I remember how happy I was... just to hear...Read On



Religion as a control tool

You walk in life upon hardened soil, Not petals of rose and moss; Each day you face life’s woes and toil, And keep score by gains and loss; You’re told each moment is schemed and planned, By He who spoke on the mount; And on that day when Sunday clanned, His hymns are sung and the monies count; Led by a book of blessed verse, As taught by lesser men; Their...Read On


The Key

finding love again

You said "I love you.. what does that mean"? Your voice quivering in doubt. Lost and confused as you ever have been, Not knowing what your love was about.. Sorrow and regret surrounded by guilt, Your feelings unsure and kept hidden. The strongest bond that ever was built, Now weak and broken and held forbidden. Pushing away what once was held dear, An occasional memory stirred....Read On



Relationship questions

Words.. so hard to say? if you don't use them.. do they go away? Never said and left in doubt.. is this what love is all about? The head and heart must always guess.. am I deaf? more or less.. The silence rings inside my head.. nothing said.. is the heart now dead? Words.. so hard to say? you're not using them.. have you sent them away? Are feelings lost.. has desire so faded?...Read On


If I Said

love lost and kept

If I Said.. Why aren’t rainbows everyday? Why do clouds drift away? Why won’t love come and stay? What would you say? If I said.. Who made giraffes so tall? Why do leaves die and fall? Do we really need love at all? Don’t you ever want to call? If I said.. Where do rabbits run and hide? Why are rivers deep and wide? How do we know when a heart has lied? ...Read On


Broken Journey

Life in review

Growing up wasn’t much fun, In a dysfunctional family of the worst degree. But I always knew my life wasn’t done, The world still held much for me to see. School was hard.. no cap and gown, Too many things I worried about. The path isn’t clear with your eyes looking down, My worth I always seemed to doubt. Friends collected from here and there, No pattern in life could I rely on. ...Read On


The End

end of love

I hate the end of a story. The final line of a poem. Or that last piece of popsicle that always falls off the stick. There is such a sadness to being no more. Maybe that’s why we can’t let go. Even when it is long past over. We wait as long as we can. Forever is such a long time. And letting go means the start of forever. We look away like we didn’t notice. We hide. We...Read On