Science Fiction(2)


Five Minute Adventures Presents: Mister Sunshine

Continued from the pages of Raccoons Robbing Rail City

He was a tinkerer ever since he could remember; plastic bricks, tiny fake logs, that’s how it all began. Since then, he had graduated to bigger and better things–they weren’t actually very big things in any literal sense of the word, but definitely much better, definitely more serious, definitely more important. It sparked and sizzled out between the cold, steel tongs holding it in place....Read On


Five Minute Adventures Presents: Raccoons Robbing Rail City

Is Captain 12AM a hero, or something else?

It was an evening like any other in Rail City, which means an incredible amount of crimes were going on. One such crime was a bank robbery on the corner of Blank and Generic Street. Our fearless hero was on the scene in record time. When the Captain arrived, he found three raccoons robbing a bank. No kidding, they were really raccoons--not just burglars with bandit masks. Raccoons!...Read On



Five Minute Adventures Presents: The Flying Ballerina

A short story from Five Minute Adventures

The plane had only been off the ground for about fifteen minutes when it hit turbulence. He was shaking; his white knuckled-hands gripped the arm rest, and his stomach tightened as he resisted the urge to vomit. It was only his second time flying. The first time was on his way to Novus Angelus--the place he was now leaving--and that trip didn't go too well. At least he managed to grab an...Read On