God’s Tears (Part One)

Forgivness is just a decision away

God’s Tears (Part One) Long after the sticky drab of an all day late August rain, the trees still spit on me. The fog rolls in, like a thick blanket, smothering the hustle and din I’ve grown accustom to. Only the expectancy of a passing cop car can cut the smothering. There is more than just the eerie quiet that shakes me to my core. Can you feel the dank air, eating you from within, like...Read On




Everything is as it should be

Crossings   and remembering a school of fish, calm and lazy, and of wanting their serenity so bad I ALMOST jumped overboard, remembering that everything was as it should have been, … as these thoughts drift through me like forgotten snowflakes blowing ‘cross the highway   and panic as a deer leaps in front of me, Kamikaze reflex check, stupid doe… and how graceful is her sprinting...Read On


God’s Tears (Part Two)

It’s morning after the night before. The heavy smothering fog is giving way to the dew tickling my toes. The crickets and birds meld with the crashes and bangs, with the hustle and bustle of a city eager to get the new work week over with already. God takes a moment to smile at me in the twilight, and promises new sunlight just over the horizon. Freeing my mind, I stop to see that the world...Read On



Learn to enjoy the life you lead

      Chaos strikes without a warning Decisions made were silently storming Lost house, car, and job in a single morning So I cast my bootstraps on without glee Time to prove I'm still alive, still me Discovering myself on a rebuilding spree And this is the home I've made, for better or worse Have I set myself free or cast my own curse I became full of joy and endless wonder She was...Read On



Laurie, Laurie, lay your locks down low, (and smother me with cream soda kisses). Let us skip away the day, wearing only an August sunset, and dance on the Lilly pads. We’ll make love to the harvest moon, for life, is beautiful.   Laurie, Laurie, gather seeds to sow, (and get me drunk with amaretto kisses). Let us build a bonfire that burns deep, and scream each other's name into...Read On