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Topic: This or That
Posted: 04 Nov 2014 18:40

Crab cakes.

Sunset or sunrise?

Topic: The Most Cerebral Forum Game Ever!
Posted: 04 Nov 2014 18:38


The Netherlands.

Topic: Ask and Answer
Posted: 11 May 2014 21:27

Worst chat up line I've had used on me that worked...
Haha, okay, so one time this guy approached me at a club and he said "How much do polar bears weigh?" and I said "I don't know" and he said "Enough to break the ice, hi I'm Jared"
It took me about a minute to get it, but when I did, I was laughing so hard he had to sit me down. We ended up hanging out that night, but it didn't really go anywhere after that, but he was nice and whatever, so I guess that's a point for that line.

How many cookies have you ever eaten in one sitting?

Topic: what would you like to hear first after waking up tomorrow morning?
Posted: 03 Apr 2014 21:19

"It wasn't your fault"

Topic: Ask and Answer
Posted: 11 Feb 2014 21:21

You mean swearing i presume. You know i actually do because I think that swearing helps express emotions and kind of really show the way you're thinking. I mean, wars weren't lost to the sound of "Oh, marshmallow." Just putting that out there.

If you could create a utopia, what major problem would you address first (of the world today?)

Topic: End of the Line
Posted: 11 Feb 2014 21:18


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Gasoline Rainbow

She was ironically beautiful, like a gasoline rainbow. I have found this to be the truest truth: beauty comes in all forms, but the kind of beauty that changes you somewhere inside always comes in the shape of a gasoline rainbow. The kind of rainbow you see in a gas station at two o’clock in the morning with your heart weighed heavy with secrets and loss and your soul burdened with regret....

Added 20 May 2015 | Category General | Votes 2 | Avg Score 5 | Views 1,926 | 2 Comments

Recommended Read I Am The Way The Story Ends

I am the way the story ends. I am the blackness before dawn and the midnight rage of sleepless dreamers. I am the bleeding soul and the homeless god and the condemning of an angel. I am a virtuous sinner, a story without words, the blood on the pavement, the razor blade in the bathtub, hatred without reason and love with logic; I am. I am the words of a poem they forgot to write and the ink...

Added 26 Jan 2015 | Category Micro Fiction | Votes 15 | Avg Score 4.87 | Views 1,548 | 8 Comments

Open the Door

lying awake light flooding from under the crack in the door voices starting at a whisper, slowly growing louder till they escalate so much I can hear them in my fevered dreams midnight already, but the storm hasn’t even begun woken up by another fight that I have not partaken in “open the door isabelle” “please, for the love of god, open the door” “open it or I’ll kick it in” ...

Added 12 May 2014 | Category Poetry | Votes 5 | Avg Score 5 | Views 1,010 | 4 Comments


Can you miss something you have never had? Do the pigeons desire the thumbs, the hands, we swear by, that have gotten us so far? Do they feel its absence as strongly as they feel the sun on their back? Do the fish miss the lungs that allow the animals to roam Earth’s bountiful jewels ever more beautiful, whilst they perish in the filth of their vices? Do the good long to be bad, ...

Added 21 Feb 2014 | Category Poetry | Votes 5 | Avg Score 5 | Views 955 | 3 Comments


“Would you like me to leave?” she asks, face turned towards mine, eyes hidden underneath a pair of Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses like she’s afraid of seeing what’s really out there. Some days I wonder if she dreams in sepia-tinted images, light filtering through her drug-addled mind in the same way sunlight falls on plastic screens. “That’s all right, Maddy,” I say slowly, but at the same time...

Added 12 Feb 2014 | Category Flash Fiction | Votes 7 | Avg Score 5 | Views 959 | 6 Comments

Survivor's Guilt

Underneath my exterior that tries to convince the world that yeah, I’m tough as fucking nails, there lies that same frightened child, who still hears her screams and pleads for mercy, the same time, every night, begging for him to leave her alone. But every night he haunts her nightmares, her fevered insomniac dreams, which threaten to consume her in their flames. She can still taste him...

Added 05 Feb 2014 | Category Flash Fiction | Votes 3 | Avg Score 5 | Views 1,047 | 3 Comments

The Kid

Curls of red and holes instead Lay where eyes should be; Glasses hid the shame of the Kid Who’d never been able to see. Kid was small, the shortest of all The ones in high school that year So they chuckled and leered and he trembled and feared The wrath if they saw his tears. Dreams of sight filled him ‘til morning light In his nightmares he was Lord; But waking hours and...

Added 19 Jan 2014 | Category Poetry | Votes 5 | Avg Score 5 | Views 1,020 | 6 Comments

I Don't Wanna

I don't wanna go to bed I'm playing the Sims 3 I don't wanna go to bed I'd rather attack a tree. I don't wanna go to school. I'll have to sit and listen! I don't wanna go to school. I'd rather go be christened. I don't wanna do my homework. Why can't I go to bed? I don't wanna do my homework. I'd rather hide my head. I don't wanna go to soccer. I can't play to save my life. I...

Added 14 Jan 2014 | Category Poetry | Votes 7 | Avg Score 5 | Views 908 | 7 Comments

Recommended Read Confess

There was kid who always hid From his parent's furious yells He stayed at places where he knew no faces And his alarm clock was the bells. His name was short and gave him a fort From the troubles day to day When children teased he always thanked and pleased Never knowing what else to say. His hair was brown and he had a frown  From the worries he had to commence His eyes were blue –...

Added 28 Dec 2013 | Category Poetry | Votes 12 | Avg Score 4.5 | Views 1,071 | 6 Comments

A Vicious Cycle

the rich are getting richer the poor are getting poorer sorrow is a field of dead gems contrite as you walk away they fall out of sight snatch away the light as you rise to greater heights and you forget from whence you hail the memories become stale your childhood was never a fail; it was just another tale. wealth is not everything, Pride Before The Fall, in fact, it is nothing...

Added 15 Dec 2013 | Category Poetry | Votes 7 | Avg Score 4.57 | Views 902 | 4 Comments

Stories Coauthored


I have a weakness for pretty girls named Isabel. Not Isabelle, with two l’s slashing through words like paper cuts, nor Isabella, who’s softer sound makes me think of meek and doe-eyed children. Isadora is acceptable, but not preferable. Isabel is the perfect blend of all of these, a gentle tongue-caressing name that swirls around my mouth like pink candy, leaving the taste of sweet sugar on...

Added 10 May 2015 | Category Flash Fiction | Votes 11 | Avg Score 5 | Views 961 | 11 Comments

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