catch your breath

Breath take one take another do they not make you feel good scientists tell us its oxygen good for your heart great for your lungs best for your brain take one take another you know you want too breath but for God's sake exhale...Read On



An open letter to Stories members

Welcome Hello all on Stories I thought being new here I would extend my hand My name is Frank and I live in these great United States I enjoy reading poems and short stories which is what brought me here I hope to overcome my fears and also submit stories here So please welcome me Frank...Read On




It creeps into everything

DUST welcome to the sand box fine grit on your face in your shirt on the march from post to the river march on brothers over the next hill scarfs over noses and mouths march on brothers march stop in the dunes find shelter drink up you blokes tip to your sun cracked lips dust wet dust in your throat old mustache move lads march one foot ahead the other dust fine grit covers ...Read On



follow the leather

 Leather for an old soldier of the line thick with cracks from war just one too many battles look around their eyes to the young age just age watch over a cup of tea a packed pipe of smoke listen to the far off rumble as they stand up shoulder arms whistle to the right up lads goes the shout follow the leather follow me lads over the top save the Queen goes the...Read On


The Queen's Hammer

pillars of smoke in the distance

The Queen's Hammer Queen's Royal Hussars our challengers jump to life bringer of death to thy enemy new blokes welcome to the sand box sitting in my turret cup of afternoon tea a song comes across the radio I'm a soldier in the Queen's Army I'm a galloping Queen's Hussar I've sailed the ocean wide and blue I'm a chap who knows a thing or two Been in many tight corner ...Read On