How I Lost My Way -Part 2

My story of losing my way and returning

How I Lost My Way - Part 2 Fall of 1971 At the time not knowing I was starting 11 months of hell on earth. At first you are looked on as the reason for the next trooper death. This was where I was to meet both my Dark Angel and mentor SSGT Wilson from Chicago. A thick black man with dark pools for eyes, chain smoking hard ass of a man. Student meet your Master. This was where I heard for...Read On

Flash Fiction(13)


Lest We Forget

Those who about to die I salute you

We all have sat in our history classes as children. and studied and read about D-Day. June 6th  1944.To honour the ones that climbed into their landing crafts, rode across the channel to drop behind enemy lines, and ferried troops and equipment ashore.  Images that have been burned into my soul.  Here is a short  story to read    As the weather broke on June 5th, we mustered with our...Read On


The Square

As the drums and pipes played on

As the drums and pipes played Tribal King we stood our ground.  We the fresh and young troops of our King stood and watched the foolish French below.  For today we have been told it shall end here, end today.  The shout goes up and down the line, "Form right."   Our old man paced to the front, proud of his lads.  Stopping here and there to tap a shoulder, a word of courage to his green...Read On


Brightest Star

You the keeper of my internal flame that shall forever burn bright

Ever since man looked to the heavens, they have tried to understand the mysteries that surround them. To make sense of the unknown and to label the mysteries. Look to the heavens and you shall see Sirius, the brightest night star. But to me the brightest star is you.  Yes for you are my pillar and my celestial guide. My Nephi you became my Angel. When I stumble with my day to day life, I...Read On


Distance Dream

Tease the red hair lass

As the old man sits with his afternoon tea.  Pipe tightly between teeth, he nods off. Dreams flood over his old bones of the moors The moors of his childhood.  Happy days with his family.  The sounds of his youth good and bad The soulful sound of pipes move his dream along.  First a grand memory, dressed in his uniform teasing that beautiful red hair lass. A smile breaks free as his pipe...Read On


The King Returns

The Myna sang in the heat of the day. Warm breeze blowing through the tall Maasai grass.  The hunter crept quietly toward his prey.  Stopping nose in the air.  Slow step by step.  His movement fluid and determined.  Low grunt, tail twitched. His nose filled with his prey scent.  Eyes flash. Muscle tense.  The King.  The mighty African Lion.  Charges his prey.  Rolling with huge paws...Read On

Happiness in the Village

Picture prompt 1 — The villagers woke with the spirit of the holidays

Happiness in the Village The geese woke the villagers on this crisp fall morning. Honking all in a perfect V flying south the new sun on their wings. The villagers woke with the spirit of the holidays. One after another a plume of smoke curled up from the houses, rising to meet the new fall day.  Another day, another adventure awaited the children. Laughter filled the paths to...Read On



It was a blustery day in March

Badge It was a blustery day in March. A northern snow storm dumped 6 inches of fresh snow. Waking up to a chilly room, the Sheriff set about to light a fire. He heard the soft singing from the kitchen, and the shrill sound of tea His wife Maggie of six wonderful years making breakfast for the three of them.. Dressing in the mirror, he watches this older graying man pin on a badge. ...Read On


Crow a Love Story

miss guided love

Crow a Love Story A friend told me about all the noise by the flocks of Indian house crows. Of how the British had brought them from India to their colonies in Africa, to be scavengers, and like most man- made solutions that can backfire, it did with the crows in eastern Africa. Crows are known bullies and will, given the time, run off all other. They will eat the local birds...Read On


The Pass

As we came into the valley

The Pass This was an extreme winter for the small village tucked away in a valley. All the old farmers knew in the fall by looking at the horses growing thick coats, squirrels gathering nuts running to and fro looking into the sky. Day after day wagon after wagon loaded with firewood snaked thru the pass. The elders gathered the villagers and had them bend on one knee to pray. "We give...Read On


Dark Knight Lost Soul

As his heart turned to black stone

Dark Knight Lost Soul Once there was a young knight from the Spanish countryside. On one of his many journeys he did meet an exotic maiden, her hand promised to a great warrior from the isle of mists. He did so plot and coax this exotic maiden with grand stories with one goal in mind: to claim this exotic little flower as his own. As the tongues wagged at court, the knight grew emboldened....Read On


The Mystical Pool Part III

Under the full moon, the old lion drank from the pool

The Mystical Pool Part III 100 fires dotted the hills. As they rested before the gates. Kingdom of Jewels lay before them. The pious gave up offerings to the Gods. Others ate and drank the fruits from the hills, not caring for what lay ahead for them. On this night the banners of the Golden Lion and the Grey Wolf fluttered in the wind. The Golden Lion paced through the camp, stopping to...Read On


The Dream Maker from Oz, Part 2

He gave his heart and soul to his love

Before the rest of this tale, a little history of this Dream Maker from Oz... Long ago, eons some would say, a young man was born on the Isle of Man. His father and his father's father taught this young man the way of a warrior in the use of sword and battle axe. Many a battle did he wage, and songs were sung of his valor and might as a warrior. Then one day, as the mist cleared, he...Read On


The Dream Maker from Oz

sit and tell me your dream

This tale begins with warm western breezes pushing thru the land called Oz. The land of Oz was well known for the mystical people who call it home. People would come from afar to take consult from a ancient wise man.  This man a true ancient in Oz, with dark twinkling eyes, and a beard the colour of deep north snow. Each day he would sit in the warm sun in front of the local tavern. ...Read On



Promise Kept

Today is going to be tough on me as I collect Marcie's clothes. All of my local friends say it's time, and I keep telling myself to donate so others will get needed clothes and coats. They asked if I needed friends to help, but foolish me said, "No, I'm good." Really, I'm good?? Starting in our upstairs bedroom, yes ours. Opening her dresser. Stacking clothes on the bed. Our bed. Casper...Read On


Dance of flies

they came and danced

What did I  see first . It was the flies, as they danced in the pools of blood. Nurses hurry about they are the final hope for the wounded .  And the flies wait to start the dance once more. As foolish children we played war.  Funny as I think back there was no flies.  Maybe the flies knew  playing war  brings  no blood. Each hour each day blood spilled pooling on the floor.  And each day...Read On


A Veterans Memory

yellow smoke swirling ahead

A Veterans Memory  the wop wop of rotors in the clearing up front  yellow smoke swirling ahead the sing sing of lead flying around you  and your mates  welcome to a firefight as you bring out your wounded ....... never leave anyone behind  God Bless all that have worn a   Country's uniform...Read On

Micro Fiction(7)

Father Winter Treats

With a smile as large as the valley below.

As the dark clouds swirled, the forest gnomes busied themselves. For since time recorded, they have been tasked with waking Father Winter. Jimmy's task was to bring the sugary treats this year.  At first light, the ten gnomes gathered their belonging and waited for Jimmy.  Jimmy, with a smile as large as the valley below, arrived.  He was out of breath due to his running back from the...Read On


Tale of Howankan

When we were young children, our grandfather would takes us to camp. As we sat cross-legged around the evening fire, he started his tale of our past. Slowly he poked the fire, sending embers floating into the sky.    We waited for Grandfather to continue, restless on our colourful native blankets. He started again, telling one of my favorite stories: how we gained our family totem. The tale...Read On


The Letter Epilogue

On that cloudy day, she watched as a black sedan pulled into her driveway.  Her heart dropped as two dressed soldiers walked up to her front door.  Little Jake all but a year old on her hip, she knew to good would come from this visit.  Both soldiers polite and talked in a soft low voice.  Giving her the news she had always feared.  With a wail, she slumped to the floor.  Even at a young...Read On


The Letter Finis

His mind goes to a sunflower field

Three times they probed the base.   They came during the darkest of the night.  Mortars falling inside, kicking up dirt and random sandbags.  The chatter of our heavy weapons returning the favor.  Pushing their first wave back.  Once then twice as we poured our fire into their broken lines.  Then to our centre, heavy movement as their third wave broke through our wire.  Pushing deep they...Read On


The Letter

Soon my love

Just the start of another day.  Your song comes on the radio. Sly & the Family Stone. "Thank You". As you wiggle in your jeans. You think of your boy, far far away. Sitting on the corner of your bed, you read his last sentence. "I'll be back in your arms, soon my love."   ...................... Just the start of another day. You unfold her letter, putting it to your nose....Read On


The Letter Continues

love knows no distance

Laying under the night sky, counting stars and thinking of you. Sound of Patches, in her paddock. Dreaming of your soldier boy. You feel life is good.   Driving home from work,. passing by the protesters. Screaming how evil the war is, soldiers are killers and murder babies. You turn your radio up louder, My Imagination by The Temptations, play on. Bringing calm back to you. ...Read On


Flower of Youth

The Flower of Youth stood as one.

The Flower of Youth  The great ancient oracles spoke of grand battles by mere men, mere mortals as their Gods watched on. This is but one short tale. The people sat in their cottages and spoke in whispers not to offend their King.  Not knowing when the Kings guards would come for their young men. The Flower of Youth to don armor and protect the King and his lands.  For war had lasted...Read On



Cupid Hand

Believe in love.

We can not choose who we fall in love with.  For love with the help of Cupid chooses us.  Love, as the arrow from his bow, enters your heart.  It does not matter if it is the right time or not.  If she is half your age or not.  If she is a woman of another man or not.  Even if she lives halfway around the globe, or down the street from you.  For she is the one for you.  Listen to your heart.  ...Read On



Those three over used words "I love you".

Bless you for you have awakened the imp, the brat in me. The small brat that I have hidden away for so, so long. You my love, have taught my soul to dance once again. You know I call you my oxygen, for without you, I surely would  be dead by now and without your love I would not be the person I am.  From your laughter to the look, that only I know, that melts my heart.  Your pure love...Read On


Promise Kept

Carry On

Today is going to be tough on me.  As I collect Marcie's clothes.  All of my local friends say its time.  Telling myself to donate to the less off. They will get her clothes and coats.   They asked if I needed friends to help.  But foolish me I said I'm good. Really I'm good?? Starting in our bedroom, yes ours. Openining her draws.  Stacking clothes on the bed.  Our bed.  Casper watches for...Read On


God's Plan

Rejoice in his plan

by Fuzzy 1954 God has a plan that we mortals know nothing about.  As we go about our lives learning the true meaning of life, touching others as they touch you.   Know Gods hand is on your shoulder, trust in him.  For he trusts in you. When he calls one of his angels to his side, don't despair.  Rejoice in the time you had together.  The memories are forever, for that is God's gift to...Read On


Christmas Story

As the fallen leaves swirl in the street and a northern wind blows tis the season. Once again it's the season of "brotherly love." Santa helpers ringing their bells and wishing one and all a Merry Christmas. The local children pressing hopeful faces at the Olde Toy Shoppe, watching the displays knowing only good thoughts and deeds. Parents hustling about loaded with packages their thoughts of...Read On



Listen to the wind

They came from the east, two young lovers on their journey. First by train, then by steamboat. Standing on the bank of the Mighty Mo with the sun to their backs, they set off. In his left pocket, a letter and deed for 50 acres in Kansas. First generation to conquer the prairie. Much work and trials lay ahead. Build a home out of rolling prairie grass. A place of theirs, a place to put...Read On



Dragons Dragons flying in and out of clouds. I am the son of man.  Fearful of the unknown. Winds blowing breaking trees.  Fingers of fire light up the dark.  Roar of beasts roll across the plains. Dragons flying in and out of clouds. Old witch tossing bones.  Women scratching the ground covered in mud.  Hunters tighten their grip on spears. All eyes looking up.  As the land catches fire. ...Read On


Route 66 Stormy

dark clouds in the distance

Route 66  Stormy  As the wind changes from the east to the north. The road trip continues, the journey continues. Black clouds forming, touching the road ahead. In the last three miles, the temperature drops ten degrees.  One, two, three bolts of lightning dance across the road ahead. "Next Gas 3 miles Ahead"  As you pull into the station hail comes down. Pounding the windshield...Read On



looking to the east

Where Today is like any other day. The sun comes up in the east. By chance the sky is a pale blue. As your mind clears, your thoughts float to "where are they?" Friends come and go but ... Where are they? Do they also think as I do. Will they reach out, or just go about their day? Looking at the sky as I. Across the great void the sun comes up in the east as it does here. But where have all...Read On


Route 66 Open Road

Over the rolling hills the landscape ever changing

Route 66  Open Road Driving down Route 66 with the sun to my back. Spring cool breeze blowing, though, nose picking up sweet scents of flowers.  Looking down the Speedo at 65.  Road sign read Gas 20 miles Visit Irv's.  Talking to myself time to stretch my legs and get a Coke.  Never a rush Never late as you travel Route 66.    ...Read On


Route 66

on the open road wind blowing on Route 66

Road Trip  What a beautiful day, the sun warm and a cool breeze from the north.  You have talked about a weekend trip for months as the snow melted.  Up early coffee in hand as you pack the family wagon.  Pushing the kids to get in the back.  Baxter circling the wagon, barking, tail wagging as he hops in back with the kids. First right at the 4 way stop, past Andersen's feed store. Up...Read On

Recommended Read

My Angel

Bright Eyes/ My Angel over tater tots you stole my heart two from different worlds become one love can do many things carefree what could happen then the sound and then louder the cough and the word none wish Cancer life spins out of control my Bright Eyes grew wings 6 years ago today now she guides my journey now she is secure in my heart ...Read On


Westward Ho

wrapped in a fresh sheet father was finally at peace

Westward Ho Farm land as far as you could see bending west to the river Summer was very hot this year, 1869 in Ohio 30 acres filled with corn and wheat. Feeling blessed, but for our poor Father. Came back to us late in 65, not the same since the war. Saw and did much to preserve our Union. His newest friend a brown jug. The three of us already orphans. Hot July...Read On


A Wonderful Year and Life

what a wondrous circle of friends I have

A Wonderful Year and Life October 2012......... As I continue on my journey, I am reminded of my wondrous circle of friends that watch over me. Just last year I was with a dear friend, I jokingly call her my sister and she said "let stop by the local dance club". And on top of asking me it was Halloween night. I had not been since my Debbie became ill in 2009. I must say...Read On


Seven Wishes of a Lover

love can be found in the smallest places

Seven Wishes of your Lover Warm sun on your shoulders Happiness in your heart Sparkling dark eyes ablaze Gift of music on your lips Mystery await your every turn Calm to stay in your soul Love forever .....Read On


Lonely Heart

My mind tells me you have gone

Lonely Heart My heart dreams still of you. As I sleep the night. My heart afire for you. As I wake tired and confused. Alone Where are you my mind calls. Where have you gone. Why did you have to leave me alone. My mind tells me the truth, you have gone. Yet I believe, I believe. For you still live in my heart. All these terrible hard years. My lonely heart, ...Read On


Pillar of Love

this was written to my soul mate on 20 November 2012 and it still rings true

My journey as a young man and now as a elder brings me pause.  For all the good deeds done, I have dark terrible deeds too. Sad to say all warriors do. On a late July night my angel and my best friend came to me,  she asked and wanted nothing in return, a wee bit of a smile,  wanting happiness for me. And with everyone she comes into contact with.  Vani is a caregiver to any one and...Read On


Curse the Devil

tired I stand my shield ablaze

Curse the Devil It has been written a smart man asks but one thing. When he finds himself in Hades as the Irish saying goes, Give me the time to get though Hades before the Devil knows. This is what a smart man wants as death takes him. But this bent scared warrior is not so smart. Warriors have been taught of the five rivers of Hades. Acheron the river of woe. Cocytus...Read On


Lovers Hearts

Smile as you gain the courage

 Lovers Hearts When two people meet. Which will say hello first. Smile as you gain the courage . Ah the dance starts again. Two lonely hearts coming together. The first words building the bond. On the first date, walking hand in hand. The bond strengthen, friendship found. Finally the first kiss. Oh that first kiss, your heart melts. Together in Love. All day you think...Read On


To Teach a Lark

To Teach a Lark For any of us here that have grown up in the country. Being blessed and raised on a farm. This is a short muse on my early life. Living in the country you may say we grew up fast. Up early doing chores. Chasing the hens for our daily eggs. Talking as we milked our cows. Watching your back... that damn ram! Busy but not to busy to see our new family. Late spring...Read On



Silence is golden

Silence  Go to any public library You will see the sign Silence is Golden We are taught to be silent Punished for breaking the Golden rule Many a day I stood with my nose in the corner For I did not embrace this rule Bless my Mother for teaching me well Her shame of family pushed her So she taught us to never be silent As she and my family was in the dark days Six million...Read On



the smoke curled to the ceiling

Waiting Moose gone at 9. Sean right along at 9. Jon missing at 12. Tiger cold at the corner at 14. Sitting in your chair shotgun on your lap. Nose running, smoke curling to the ceiling. Steps coming up the stairs. Waiting......Read On


The Mystical Pool Part II

As the mist cleared the full moon, the old lion drank from the pool

Six raiders and two ancient Triremes sailed from the Isle of Man. With the sun to their backs rows slicing the waves making for the Kingdom of Jewels. Under the banners of the Golden Lion, and the Grey Wolf, 600 strong warriors with thoughts of exotic lands and fabled jewels filled their hearts. It was dark times as evil rolled from the East consuming all that lay in its path. Fed by...Read On


The Mystical Pool

As the mist cleared the full moon, the old lion changed back to being a young irish warrior

The Mystical Pool first in a three part muse. Throughout man's time there are stories and myths of lovers and soul mates.This is but one story, that distance lovers still to this day dream of undying love of another. This tale of love starts back during the great wars of the middle ages here on Earth. A great warrior prince from the East was blessed with a daughter. At the same...Read On


One Love One Life

Can we fall in love with but a single person

One Love One Life Are we so different than the other animals on this earth? To list but four, Gibbon Apes, wolves, barn owls and swans. What do they have and which we humans strife for? One love and one life together, yes they find a single mate. We call our mates lovers, soul mates what a beautiful word indeed. We are blessed to find our one. Our soul mate. To walk together...Read On


Devil Pool

drink from the blacken pool

Devil Pool Another sleepless night. Soaked sheets, empty bottle of pills. Dark recess of your inner mind. Your demons call to you. Drink, drink from the pool. Quench your thirst. Go to bent knee, sip till your full. Look into the blacken pool. As by magic it clears, you see a young soldier. You know the face for it is you. Demons laughing calling names to the surface. One...Read On



10 hours on the Paseo

Chance Born and raised in the wheat of Kansas. Fell in love with the cute city girl. Time flies for the new lovers. Married on the sixth month called June Full moon the bane of those that wears the blue. 10 hours on the Paseo. Call after call to serve and protect. Early morning 12 pass 4. Texted from his sweetheart pancakes please. Junior just kicked he must be hungry too. The...Read On


Breakfast in the Village

up and down the isles I push my cart

Breakfast in the Village It's another lovely day in the Village. Birds are singing and butterflies are floating. Waking I get this notion to fix breakfast for my love. Bouncing down my stairs, Parker and Bailey leading the way. In the kitchen to my dismay, nothing in the fridge or cupboards they are bare. I am blessed for three blocks away sits my local grocer. Lucky beagle,...Read On



The full moon danced on the tall grass as they lay in wait.

Ambush Each full moon they stream out into the grass. Sixteen men veterans all move under the moon. Not a word spoken, they know the job at hand. Back in camp they call for the copters. Silence is there friend, their savior. In the distance they hear grunts. Lead man smiles and gives a blessing to his forefathers. Three klicks to the water hole, On the south rim they will wait. ...Read On



Evil even in the brightest of man's days

Evil Dark even during the bright sun evil lives. Tell me how does it grow in sun and darkness. Did the first cane beating make Pol Pot evil. It was written that Count Drac laughed at his evil ways. When did baby Adolf embraced evil to his breast. On the world stage we talk and study the evil ways of man. Shake our collective heads during the evening news. The sane avert their...Read On


The Burning of the Golden Eagles

As the men passed they threw the Golden Eagles into the fire

The Burning of the Golden Eagles. The Grande Armee on the move. Oh what a mere 6 months would make.  450,000 strong marched to the sound of drums and buglers. Move east men for the empire, for the glory of our Emperor. The folly of men and countries to stand in his way. On we marched. City and towns fell as rain in the summer. Before long we camp on the Nieman. One last white...Read On


Loss of Faith

Loss of Faith First a little of my background... I was born to parents of German and Irish stock, by right of my father, Irish Catholic faith. Even today, after so many years, I can still hear the Latin of the church of my youth. This is a tale of losing my faith on my journey. As I sit sipping my cup of tea allow me to guide you. As a youth, being an altar boy, those were the good...Read On


A Prayer

Dear God, do you know our pain?

A Prayer I got a call yesterday from my love. She said she ran into my boss and he asked her why I was a grump. In the last couple of weeks I had not smiled. She smiled wanly and agreed with him; she too had not seen a smile from me in awhile. Was it her, she asked. Was it my job? "Please tell me," she asked. "Will you just smile?" she pleaded. Then this early morn I was blessed...Read On


Morning Muse

Day pushes the darkness away

Morning Muse Note: Written as I sit with my morning coffee... As the day pushes the darkness away, I stir in my quaint home. My eyes flutter open. A blessed new day awaits. This foolish Irish lover does not realize our hearts never sleep, never stop loving. I feel your love pumping thru my heart, warming me, yes, all the way to my core, as the day pushes...Read On


If I die before I wake

as I rest my head on my angels lap

If I Die Before I Wake we as children of christian faith all know this passage knees bent at your bed before sleep as I sit with my morning tea in my graying years my thoughts drift as the winters snow to places long forgotten asking myself between sips was I a good man a loving man if my angel came to me today was I ready was I really ready ...Read On


Blood Oath

what we do in life,echoes into eternity

BLOOD OATH upon the field of honour we do stand tall and unwavering true to our one God banners whipping in the wind of discontent shields and battle axes at the ready to defend swords drawn as if waiting to draw evil blood a cry of FAHNENEID echos off the great walls tis time to beat back the darkness the evil before us will light extinguish the dark as the sun does the moon ...Read On



As I sit with my tea

when rain comes in January on the plains I sit with my favorite tea reflect on my past you may say on past deeds this humble soul the good the funny and yes the bad with the cold wind from the north and place another log on the fire watching the flames dance and mock telling this tired soul you have been bad but good outshone your deeds of old listen to the rain hitting the metal...Read On

The Gate

Let not the Gate be breached

The Gate as the sun turns red evil masses rumbling screaming for blood and souls drums beating flags waving all fall to a knee for HIM pledges of evil and lust for blood horns blare all turn to see warrior princess dressed in purple standing atop the Gate calling all to mass forward axes pounding on shields swords drawn golden light shone waiting for the onslaught...Read On



tomato soup with grilled cheese

Warmth as a child walking to school in the winter bundled from the cold walking home missing my mittens o what to do what to say staying close to the open fire dog at my feet a bowl of tomato soup and grilled cheese to me... warmth college days running always rushed this class then across the quad found starbucks keeps me warm keeps me awake sip sip after class meeting friends...Read On



my pledge to you

Pledge my solemn oath pledge you may call for you have let our love grow from friendship to lovers to soul mates we did become started with two hearts and souls now there is but one heart one soul built on love and respect she beats strong being a mortal words comes easy love respect honor compassion and .... soul mates bless you for you came forth first a...Read On



A new day

Happiness with a new day all things are possible bright shadows dance across my windshield a love ballad on my radio smile on my face as I think of being so blessed from the end of last July when my angel appeared bringing the most special of gifts to this tired soul calm, respect, carrying of this ravished soul of mine as the days turned to weeks and weeks to months our...Read On


Broken Rampart Tattered Golden Banner

With first light the view was horrific

Broken Rampart Tattered Golden Banner evil is on the march from the east from the north and even from the west darkness covers the land evil everywhere he who calls upon darkness holds sway evil men flock to his banner of red .. blood red simple pawns in his bidding of murder and rape drinking from the dark pool He standing on a hill laughing at the destruction we...Read On


Pillar Of Love

You are my pillar in these troubled times

Pillar bless you my love ... my all we all are living in troubled times in your country and mine as well darkness is swirling around all good people evil is on the march I call all angels to our just cause for freedom and honor for all my rally cry join me in my quest to meet evil and beat him back to hell the battlefield shall be covered in blessed honored blood but we must ...Read On


A Mother's Wish

this is what all mothers wish of their children

A Mother's Wish A cry at 1:34am Small pink hands grasping Beautiful brown eyes looking up Mothers love cradled in her arms Two Years Later Sitting on Mothers lap Whispers of dreams to come Be strong Be true to one self Be humble my child A Mother's...Read On


Broken Heart of a Lion: A Tale of Love

A story of love

Love of a Blue Eyed Lion and his Warrior Princess Note this story is an epic of love 2026 AD Princess Vani is walking with her daughter on the girl's 16th birthday, in a field of white and red wild roses. Dancer, which is her nickname as a child, looks around the field and asks, "What is this place, Mother?" Smiling, the princess tells her that this is "sacred ground," for this was...Read On


Love Thoughts on a Sunday morning

random thoughts on a Sunday morning

Love Thoughts on a Sunday Morning waking to a quiet bed my mind races to you wishing hoping for a call from my lover I turn to you begging for a call a minute is all my heart with feel as a minute turns to eternity to hear your sweet voice as if church bells ringing warming my heart and soul so I sit my animals looking on wait I must for I know you will happiness will once more...Read On


Love Thoughts

a lovers thoughts

Dear Darling my Love my shelter bless you as I was blessed the day you came into my troubled life your constant wiliness to give of yourself to me leaves me speechless you always here talking to me never a harsh word. at times pleading for me to return to a calm rational state of mind. saying I love you seems cheap for that your give to me I LOVE YOU. I RESPECT YOU. I CHERISH YOU my...Read On


How I Lost My Way - Part 1

My story of losing my way and returning

How I lost my way - Part 1 This is about myself. I've never written a story, let alone about myself. I grew up in Michigan in the 50's with my older brother and parents. Grew up with a strong German mother and a workaholic Irish father. You could say we were a religious family, God fearing Catholics. As I write this I can say I had a wonderful life growing up, in want of nothing and plenty...Read On


Black and White

waking to black and white

Black and White you still hold court in my dreams always you shall be my bright eyes still coming and touching me holding my heart and painful soul on the evening breeze soft whispers heard "our journey was cut short" sad my dreams are in black and white my soul screams out where has the colour gone I am left to beg for a sliver of red or yellow waking to black and white ...Read On



Proud of kicking Hitler's ass 70 years ago

 Dreams Just another fading town along the railroad line Thousands dotted the way west Once a proud centre of commerce Over 3000 souls called it home Now 68 hang on to their dreams Rusting rails, empty buildings moan in the wind Some come to the Coffee shop each morning Talk of weather, politics and lost dreams Coffee now a $1.00 a cup They moan with the wind saying I...Read On



Kingdom Of Heaven

As we call you the star of love

On your return  As we call you The star of Love To brighten the sky  Blessing given to all Mere mortals below Some looked up Seeing your wonderous sight Most continued On their bustling ways As your first gift fell Covering all  With a blanket  Of pure white snow Children came out Filled with magic Hearts soften  Your gift to us Love Peace  From the Kingdom of Heaven   ...Read On


This Is War (Sneeze)

As they sneeze on you

On the subway home Don't sneeze  On me Stay calm Been told Keep your distance Wear your mask Fear the infection Lock your doors Hide downstairs Sound the alarm As it comes for you No flowers Or family As it takes you Let them grieve alone For they too Have been warned Wait your turn For we will come For you Now you too have been told    ...Read On


As The Oceans Burned

Do you care?

As The Oceans Burned   No One noticed No one cared Fish belly up Birds cover in oil Not a tear Do you care? To stop and think As you drove away Tossing your empty cola can Hurry before you are late Can't be bothered by the news  As the oceans burned ...Read On


Scots Greys Forward

Wake to fire and thunder. As the earth trembles. Coffee and hardtack. Light blowing rain. Bugles calling. Rattle of drums.   Orders barked. Mighty mounts. Hoofs pawing. Saddles await. Cheering troopers. Look to the sergeants.   Shakos pulled down. Power kept dry. Sabres flashing. Horses at the walk. Greys wheel right. Churning mud.   Sound of battle. Time to be joined....Read On


Spooky Night

Black cat hissing

Full Moon Crisp fall night Leaves swirling Jack-O-Lantern Eerie grinning Owl hooting Black cat hissing Goblins and Ghosts Cowboys and Princesses Laughter and wonderment Kit Kats Baby Ruth's Peanut Butter cups Dragging bags of treats Door to door Children screaming Trick or Treat      ...Read On



Laughed at the Corporal

End of another warm summer. Puffs of cotton clouds. Warm breezes off the Channel. Cow bells clanging. Peace.   Dark clouds forming. Fear and Hate reclaimed. Stars sown. Synagogues lit the night. Still people went quiet. Fear.    Demi Gods spoke. "One cannot shoot with butter, But with guns." Swords rattled. Jack boots echoed. Hate.     Neighbors tired. Turned a blind eye....Read On


Screaming Horses

Galloping hooves

Battle joined. Thunder. Smoke and grape. Galloping horses. Pride of France.   Wave upon wave. Silver blinding. They rode. Crasing upon Red sticks waiting in the sun.   Flashing steel. Rattle of musketry. Friends and foes. Tangled. In deaths throes.   As I wrote this. The sounds. The images. Screaming horses. Haunt me.  ...Read On


Choose Love

You are my Angel

In my dreams. I am in your arms. Holding me. Quieting me. Saving me. Healing my broken heart. Teaching me. To love again. Your divine love. Humbles me. You are my Angel. Sent from above. I choose love.  ...Read On


A Soldier's Life

Bully boys all

I took the Bristish steel On Bunker Hill. I sent grape shot On Lake Erie.  I fixed bayonets  On Little Round Top. I felt the knife At Greasy Grass. I moved up the hill Bully Boys all. I bled red Feeding poppy fields.  I swatted mosquitoes On the deck of Yorktown. I froze white At the reservoir. I rode a green horse Over the lush jungle. I drove though The hot sandbox. I am...Read On


Open To Love

Tell me your fantasies

Tell me your fears So I can relieve them. Tell me your pains So I can ease them. Tell me your doubts So I may wash them away. Tell me your dreams So I may fulfill them. Tell me your fantasies So we can live them. Show me your heart So I can love you. Open your soul So I may reside there.   I love you. Like no one has.    ...Read On



Battle within Despair Not worthy Raging Heart blacken  Emptiness Soul lost Pain Standing alone Darkness Goating spectors Numbness Midnight gongs         ...Read On



Morning Mist burning off Soulful sound of  loons in the distance. Two young friends, about to find love. Oars in the water, making ripples to the shore. Her brown eyes so bright, bouncing off the water. Water splashing her arms, balled up fists. As you laugh, your heart melts. Two friends, on their lake. Now two lovers, finding themselves. Falling madly in love.  ...Read On


Land of Milk and Honey

In the Land of Milk and Honey.

Across the tracks, dusty homes line the streets. Zoey the ally cat, soaking up the July sun. Watching the fat robins, fly from fence to trees.   Day by day, turns to years. Scratch and scrap, scrape and scratch. Turning nickles to dimes. Old Glory waving, in the early morning. Gold star hanging. faded in the front window.   Old lonely Hank. bented shuffles off to work. First...Read On


On the frontier

Sturdy Jake harnessed

I packed my kilt away. Hung my trusty bess, on the wall. Drank deep from the well. Sturdy Jake harnessed, Joe, loyal Joe by my side. Thirty acres wait. Wheat to wave in the wind, Corn to give cover. Work to be done, on God's beautiful earth.   ...Read On



Sleet hitting the windows, nothing stirring. Drifts of white powder, blanket your door. Your heart heavy, thoughts of what ifs. Close your eyes, quiet so deafening. Wash over you, begging to end the pain. Dreaming of dying, final release and peace. Drifts of new snow, sparkle like so many stars. Blanket your life....Read On



Waiting for you, at our river spot. Under the wintery moon, to the hoots of snow owls. Stars so bright, to guide my way. Down to our special place, where I stole my first kiss. My heart burns hot, to touch you. And hold you tight, just once more. My lips turning blue, as ice forms. Wading in deeper, not waiting. Calling your name.                  ...Read On


Only the good die young

At the age of nine, lying in the children's ward. Rheumatic fever, burning though me. Nuns and Doctors come and go, tending a full ward of eight boys. Across from me lay a new boy, no more than five years old. Sadly for he had survived, his family fire. All day long crying between moans, begging for his mother. Nuns being quiet but still they knew, he would be with his...Read On



find a piece of peace

find a piece of peace look inward not outward nothing big never to small reach out touch your neighbors plant the seed allow the sun deep in ones heart for we all are one people let peace grow this Thanksgiving  amen....Read On



you are my disease with no cure

You are my disease, with no cure. A  Kansas flower, blooming in the sun. Wisps of vapors across July skies. Rarity of a Mexicali  emerald.  Lonely wolf, telling his story. Under full harvest moon, Love won and lost. Trace your steps, on prairie fields. With a dry smile, stoop for that last prairie flower. Held to one’s lips, my drug, my life. My love. You are, and...Read On



  Drinking my coffee, trying to remember. ... your voice ... your touch ... your laughter. As I sit, looking out our window. You come back to me. Deep from my heart. You gave me a squeeze. ... why ... why Have you left me. Drinking my coffee, looking out our window. Still I am looking, for answers. ... why ... why Have you gone?  ...Read On


Wake Up

Wake Up Wake Up Open your eyes .. Do you see ..A dirty face ..A hungry belly A child in need .. Do you care? Wake Up Wake Up Open your heart .. ..Show a smile ..Hold the door Allow love to bloom .. Do you take the time Wake Up Wake Up Become better .. ..Think of others ..Not only for the holidays Wake Up Wake Up ...Read On

Recommended Read


We lived and died on Flanders fields.

Sun-dried mud on youthful faces. Waiting for the shrill sound of whistles. Rolling thunder, foot by foot. Sending earth tossed to heaven. Drips of crimson foam splash mates, along the trench lines. Orders barked with the shrill whistles. "Over the top boys!" Being met with rat a tat from the bloody Hun guns. O what a grand sight as the Black Watch moved. Once more the youth of...Read On



On bowed knee, eyes raised to the heavens. Heart deeply filled, with love and respect Searching darken skies, for glimpses of angels. One’s heart softens, due to love in one’s heart. Invisible walls crumble, to the sound of singing angels. Returning to the abbey, filled with knowing. Love brought by, angels in darken skies.   ...Read On



When you appeared, as a vision of beauty. That hot summer day of 75, did either of us know? Our first meeting, you captured me with your beauty. Your deep brown eyes, stirred lust in my loins. Your body to worship, to explore and hold tight. As I questioned, my worthiness. I walked that night, and listenened to my inner voice. This lost soul found, angels singing pure love. ...Read On



There is something haunting, of a full October moon. The lonely howl of a cur, deep on the moors. Leaves blowing helter, making skelter designs. Waxy eyes thirsty, for Autumn final fling. Wind rattling windows, as abandoned spirits roam. Free to dance, the dance of bones. To the hoot of owls, and screeching cats. Clock strikes midnight, for the witching hour is upon us.   B O O...Read On



Wind blows east, as if one never existed

Dagger to one's heart, pierced deep. Words so strong, stunned from where? Not enough so, twisted with poisoned tongue. Take notice, one's world crumbles. Flame consume all, heart turns to ash. Leaving one to wonder, and stumble. One last stab, deep to one's soul.  Wind blows east, as if one never existed.    ...Read On



happiness and wonder

First time, you conquered  and stole my heart. That day, my soul  found yours. First night, you recieved, but gave more. My heart, over filled  with love. My soul, taught to cherish and adore.    ...Read On



The world around, bustle and noise. People running, never slowing. You are taught, smile and press on. Day to weeks, then turns to years. One's darkness slowly creeps, as the drapes drop down. O it may be high noon, but darkness feasts. All around people hurry, will but one stop and ask? To pull the drapes up, allowing the bright back in. So the battle continues, today darkness is...Read On



To become spring, one needs to risk winter. To become summer, one needs to embrace spring. To become fall, one needs to revel summer. To become winter, one needs to cuddle fall....Read On


Two Lovers

As everything does, so does love. Brick by brick. That wintry day, you came into my life. Conquered my soul, as you won my love. With one short sentence, you layed my heart asunder. Life became good, spring through fall. Two grew becoming one, love in full bloom. Waiting hand in hand, two tickets for the next train. With a pen, he writes, on the brick floor. Kansas City to...Read On



back when times were slow

You came into my life. Taking a piece of my heart. Back when times were slower. Lazy days chasing butterflies. Quiet nights watching fireflies. Summer days standing in waving wheat. Sunflowers welcoming reach. Lightning in the distance. Racing to the barn. Huddled though the storm. Stealing that first kiss. Picking straw from your curls. Walking hand in hand. Two young lovers. ...Read On


Old Jake

with a crack and a roll

With a crack, and a roll. Lightning strikes, the plains awake. Stars winking. With a crack, and a roll. Eyes roaming skywards, total awe of natures glory. Fury and beauty, on the plains. In the distance, old Jake stands. Proud some threescore, plus more. Reaching higher and higher. Touching the bottom of heaven. A lone sentinel, defiant on his plains. Giving shade on his,...Read On



you found and saved me

You saved me, with your touch. You awaken me, with your first kiss. You excite me, with your mind. You drive me, to do and be better. You taught me, to savor life. You scold me, with your dark brown eyes. You bless me, with your love. You love me, as I love you....Read On


Burnt Toast

The morning sun rises, In the horizon. Sit by the window, Looking outside. Birds chirping happy songs. Thinking if she is awake.   Images of her stretching, lazily in bed. A smile forming, on her sweet lips. As she opens her beautiful, brown eyes.   Start the day of her, morning routine. Prepares her coffee before, She carefully picks a dress. Humming as she gets ready. ...Read On


Phoenix Love

Not two but one

As we walked through the flames of time Searching for  Our true one  Love    Hand in hand  Coming through Stronger Renewed Pure Not as two  But as one Love    Phoenix sings Wings spread wide Warmed by  Your love As one we rise Song of love  Sung to the Gods  Mortals giving praise Circle completed  Love    As we walked through The flames of time Soulmates reunited...Read On


First Kiss

all only saw an old man, but you saw so much more.

  From the first, You captured me. Placing a love hex, Around this old heart. First night, As you gave. Making my heart sing, As never before. First kiss, Needing so much more, From that first kiss. Bringing us together. After that kiss, We both knew. Our love shall never end.  ...Read On


Atropos (Fate)

With the modern age, the Greek Gods returned to Mount Olympus. From time to time they still interfered with our daily lives. This is but one.   Atropos As the day starts. Mortals stumble awake. As their day starts. Fresh coffee dripping. Fast kiss and off they go. Atropos looks down, With mischief in her heart. Who shall I play with today? Shall it be Steve's thread, Or young...Read On



With the sound of distnce hueys

Lambs As the news from today, Sink into my soul. Sound of Hueys to the west, Bring back memories. Hot August day so long ago. New green lambs, stumble out all of 19. Look at this latest batch. As you spit, Thinking one thought. Lambs for slaught. Returning to task at hand, Clean, oil and reload. As Hueys settle, No time to ask. Take a lamb with you. Store your thoughts trooper,...Read On


Did You See Me Part Five

Did you see me, As I walked numb though life? I saw you. Did you see me, While the world spun out of control? I saw you. Did you see me, Sitting at my desk slumped form? I saw you. Did you see me, As the cool steel of my 45 came up? I saw you. Did you see me, As at the right moment, the phone rang? I saw you. Did you see me, As my angel talked quietly? I saw you. Did you...Read On


Did You See Me Part Four

Did you see me, Sitting in the corner? I saw you.   Did you see me, As you ordered your olive cheese buger? I saw you.   Did you see me, As your friends talked to me? I saw you.   Did you see me, As I was playing pool at Brothers tavern? I saw you.   Did you see me, Ride by on my way to Kansas State ? I saw you.   Did you see me, As you walked down to receive your degree? ...Read On


Did You See Me? Part Three

Did you see me at Ireland Army Hospital, Having wheelchair races? I saw you. Did you see my deep and burned head wounds, Laying next to the dying? I saw you. Did you see me on the T.W.A. flight, Flying home tired, scared, depressed and alone?  I saw you. Did you see my parents in the crowd, Proud and happy to to have their boy home? I saw you. Did you watch as the mailman came, ...Read On


Did You See Me? Part Two

Did you see me?

Did you see me on the bus, At the first stop four run north? I saw you. Did you see us being sworn in, Standing ten rows back? I saw you. Did you see the late night crying, Empty beds in the morning? I saw you. Did you see me puke,  On the 20 mile force run? I saw you. Did you see me leaving the plane, Tan Son Nhut  Air  Base? I saw you. Did you see me standing listening, As...Read On


Did You See Me? Part One

3:15am took my first breath

Did you see me in the middle row, Wearing my cotton blue cap? I saw you. Did you see me with my broken arm, Being pushed off the school slide? I saw you. Did you see me in Calculus, Cute redhead coping my test? I saw you. Did you see me on the bench at homecoming, As we won the game? I saw you. Did you see me standing alone, During senior prom? I saw you.  Did you see me open...Read On


One Less Day

One Less Day As another day wakes With you to protect Till the day you fly Into my arms Forever mine As I am yours Heart Being Soul Aphrodite Goddess of love Smiles and kisses Your sweet forehead Words gifted to you Love Respect Adore Surge thru you Etched to your core Goddess Aphrodite Rides her chariot East to West As your eyes close You hear my voice Love Respect...Read On



Looking up to the Gods

Proud man Strong man wait Brought low One call wait To his core One word wait Clouds form Sun gone wait Looking up to the Gods Rumours wait Text message Shaking hand wait Push play Listen again wait Teary eyes Pierced heart wait Tired man Old man wait On the banks River Styx wait   ...Read On



sticks and stones can hurt as not hearing from you does too

THAW Winter winds Freeze you in My mind Waiting for a thaw Day and Days go Watching the ice flows Down to the oceans go  Build a fire Warm your heart Think of just only one On our banks With hope anew Above geese form As this old man  Dreams on For a note Or a call Watching ice flow See two robins necking This old man smiles Hoping to hear  Your thaw  ...Read On


Dragonfly and Pixie

Thoughts return Of that first summer On the lake Where dragonflies and pixies Roamed playing matchmakers The sun kissed rooftops As with my heart You walked into my life A smile brighter than the sun I skip a stone across the cove Watching the ripples form As deep into my soul That day in hot July My heart and soul Belonged to her Dragonfly and Pixie Played matchmakers Well done Well done...Read On



In your sleep I shall come We will run As our arms turn to wings Fly away Fly away Two love birds our love songs play Two lover lay Heart and soul Soul and heart  In your sleep I shall come  ...Read On



To be reborn once more.

I am left to loving you silently From a distance shore Where seagulls soar Waves crashing  Salty mist on my lips West where our sun falls Our place where hearts blend My soul screams your name  My heart reaches out To hold you once more Taste your honeyed lips Soul burn red hot Turning to ash  To be reborn once more On our distance shore  Loving you silently  As the...Read On


The Wait

Rolex don't lie.

Birds singing sun up nice bright you wait once again as before will it be by train once you did or shall you fly allow your heart to speak for you you must decide slow or fast steal a glance Rolex don't lie drink your coffee today go slow 7:15 to the city birds singing sun up warming you as you wait.    ...Read On



Give your love to me. If you think I'm going to leave you are crazy. Give your love to me. I'll tuck you in bed kissing you. Holding you tight. Give your love to me. I adore but you. Think you going to lose. Don't be crazy. Give your love to me. I know we aren't easy. If you think I'm going to leave you are crazy. Give your love to me. I need only you. I Adore only you. I love only you....Read On


Turn The Key

Got the music on and I just can't say goodbye been watching you come and haunt me put the key in squeeze my heart turn the key let's be friends but we are more no one knows of our secret squeeze my heart turn the key just friends the music played on....Read On


Was It A Dream

Did I see you from afar? Could that been you Flashing eyes so bright. Smile stopping traffic. As the sun warmed you. Lovebirds singing their songs. My eyes flutter closed. Heartbeat thumping. Soft fingers caress. Your name on my lips. Clouds seperate. Moon lit your way. Into this lovers heart. Taking possession. It had to be. But you are still only my dream.     ...Read On


Blue Moon

Blue Moon found me No love left in my heart Standing alone once more Your voice deep in my soul ... Hold me ... Adore me ... Love me Till the moon turns From blue to gold Blue Moon you left me Standing alone Without a love in my heart Without a love of my own My arms could ever hold But only you No love left in my heart As the moon turned From gold to blue based on the 1934 song Blue...Read On



the wait continues

down by the river your lover waits dreamed of you finger in the water ripples pass thru his soul and time wait been told wait burns his heart as the ripples move down by the river the wind whispers soon my love wait for me   ...Read On



We all need more time

We all watch time as it drags as it slips we are not the master of time at a young age count the time till your 16 then 21 time walking down the aisle the sound of your child at birth time happy and sad good with the bad walking together hand in crippled hand toward your setting sun time holding his hand pleading don't leave we aren't finished we just need more time.    ...Read On


Morning Drug

Wake to my drug next to me  close reach out first touch my drug stirs as I inhale my drug smiles soft kisses as I taste my drug coffee brewing breakfast tray to serve my drug to have one's drug beside you on your journey  ...Read On


Distance Dream continues 3 set

Till his Queen calls

The old warrior returns to his dream Erin sits with her tea watches over him. As the steamer rounded the Cape on its final leg to India.  The veterans looked out over the sea, packing their pipes for a morning smoke. Some thought of home or who they left back behind.  Sean thought of his new bride. Her button nose, curve of her waist and green eyes more beautiful than the isle from which...Read On



Need your voice Need your smile Need your touch Need your hand Need your heart Need your soul Need your scent Need your all Wait Phone Text Letter No more Need YOU now    ...Read On



Warm breeze from the west Dark clouds forming Trees bent east Lightning lights the sky Clap after clap of thunder Farmers look to the sky Mothers gather children Off to the cellar do they fly Rain to hail and back again North to West Funnel clouds forming Black tails dancing Danger Destruction Death Welcome spring to OZ    ...Read On



S is for Senual A is for Angel G is for Goddess A is for Always P is for Proud O is for Orginal you are the one  I turn to you are my  love and guide.   I Sagapo You....Read On


Distance Dream continues

a smiled creased his face

Erin the young granddaughter smiled, the old warrior at peace.  Smile creased his face.   His dream continues. Young and cocky in red and plaid steel to his backbone. Till his eyes fall on her. Angels did so sing. One glace love so did spring. His lass forever. Ringlets of red flowed south. Emeralds for eyes. Her heart pure. Soon to be his. As his smile wanded, the old warrior slept...Read On



looking down at their mortals below

Thor O Mighty Thor The Gods grew bored what next for the mortals below lightening was tossed down heavy roars of laughter heard shake the mountains one said rocks were sent to tumble down roars of laughter as they saw mortals take to their ships all looked to mighty Thor with a wicked glint in his eyes tossed lightening then loud thunder others above just wondered till Thor brought snow...Read On


Death of the King

Darkest of dark Broken soul Taste of battle Deep in his throat Choking  life War forever lost Tattered banner Stomped to earth Shattered sword King he Fist to heaven Curses the Gods Eyes wide Valhalla opens    ...Read On


Angel High Tea

Till the horn blows

as we mortals wake lucky some unlucky some too Angels above watching down boiling water teapot singing Angels gather sipping tea laughing as Angels can till the horn blows white wings flex Angels circle on guard as only they can as we mortals wake    ...Read On


Shooting Star

to renew his heart

to hitch your heart to a shooting star your heart races your love boils ride your shooting star hold on tight as your love sparkled when you see an old man looking to the heavens waiting for his shooting star to renew his heart taking a sliver to his soul love everlasting thanks to his Shooting Star  ...Read On


Have You Seen It Rain

I want to know

I want to know If you ever seen the rain Come falling down As your best friend Jack Calls you back Pull out your Lucky's Sit next to your demons Look down at your glass I want to know Have you ever seen it rain based off a CCR song       ...Read On



To kiss your demons away

in my black and white life you are the only thing that I dream of in colour It's 4 am and I'm awake. Needing you. To quiet you. To hold you close. To kiss your demons away. To worship at your altar. Yes. In my black and white life. You are the only thing that I dream of in colour.      ...Read On



from afar soft whispers feel you tremble holding you tight you live now deep in my heart my soul on fire waiting waiting from afar    ...Read On


A Cupid Tale

Ride as if the devil himself is behind you

She came from Saint Louis way.  Jungle and farmland for me.  From first look knowing she's out of my league. But she stole my heart that hot July day.  What can this fool do?  But to ride my bicycle by every day.  For there was another.  For he too was after her heart.   Pedal as if the devil is behind me.  Stopping at her car's windshield, taking "his" note.  Riding away, Cupid smiling...Read On


Snow Comes to Oz

breaking news breaking news

 Breaking news,   breaking news The bubbly blonde comes on. Breaking news, breaking news. Snow coming back to OZ. Blowing in from up north. Run don't walk. Bread, milk in short supply. Mothers grumble. Children giddy. . The bubbly blonde comes on. Breaking news, breaking news. Snow on the way. Two feet fluffy white. Snow plows at ready. The bubbly blonde comes on. Breaking news,...Read On



I wake

I wake I walk I dream I hurt I eat Alone. Friends talk. Watching my shuffle. Counting the days, Till my fog lifts. Heart bleeds anew. As I shuffle alone. I wake. I eat. Still alone.    ...Read On



my heart is empty

my heart is empty. my heart is stone. not a single crack.   my heart is empty. my heart is stone. not a single crack. nothing ever to grow.   my heart is empty. my heart is stone. not a single crack. nothing will ever grow. no more loss to bear.   my heart is empty. my heart is stone. not a single crack. nothing will ever grow. no more loss to bear. say fuck you cancer.  ...Read On



Hello old friend

Hallways Hello old friend . I see you haven't changed. Dark and lonely. Shall we walk again. Talk softly I've learned. Our past is never far. Yes we met long ago. Red line to follow. Stealer of sleep you are. Bringer of memories. Where are the good. For you reveal only sad. Walk alone once more. No different than before. Where are we going. Memories of those ahead. Hello old friend. I...Read On


White Mother Great Winter

White Mother   Great Winter You come during the night Your white blanket the dark Listen to you laugh as you blow Inches drift to feet Work your frigid game Laugh at the puny ones As you drop another foot Brace you, foolish humans Drink your coffee or tea Pray at the altar of Starbucks Fools All As White Mother gifts you all.   ...Read On


One Week

after one week, here are my observations. The Lord works in his way. We are here as long as he wishes. I see Marcie Smith everywhere. I feel you in my thoughts. You feed my soul. You are my guide now on my journey. Took till Thursday to return to our bed. I drink my  coffee as I talk to the news. Casper still looks for you. Your winter cap his newest toy. Hard to eat for one. Way to...Read On


My Angel

Any day with my Angel.

as I wake I see your face as I stop for coffee I see your face as I drive to my next appointment I see your face as I sit  at the bar I see your face as I finish my dinner I see your face as I unlock my door I see your face as I fall asleep I see your face forever My Angel.  ...Read On



We mortals created from dirt and bone

We mortals created from dirt and bone Free thought and will given From the first day we looked to the stars Foolish we made groups Telling others you are different Colour Size Location Language Around the fires fear curled to the Gods Brick by brick the walls build All four corners of our small world Amerika Asien Europa Russland Afrika Walls build Foolish...Read On



you may be amazed

Door Take a chance Open the door You may be amazed For love is in the air On this day of lovers This Valentine Day...Read On



love burns

Hello hello my love hello my heart hello my soul hello my inner core love burns deep from within...Read On


The Whisper

love can be found in the smallest places

The Whisper Love you. Love you. I whisper. Kissing you. Kissing you. I whisper. Holding you tight. Holding you tight. I whisper. To my heart. To my heart. I whisper....Read On



When a leaf blows on the water

Love Two hearts alone. Thick walls to protect. Two hearts meet. A bond forms. Friendship breeches your wall. Brick by brick tumbles to the ground. Sunshine brighten our sky. Spring turns to Summer. Fear not my love distance is but a word. Many leagues separate lovers embrace. Our hearts grow into one. Our love burns thru Summer heat. As Fall appears on the morn. ...Read On


Frozen Time

bares your heart to the one you love

Frozen Time If a lover bares his heart to his love. And feels love flow in that beautiful moment. Time stands frozen. A smile A giggle A touch Lets time spin once again. This is love....Read On



we have choices

Choices Day in, Day out. News flood into your life. Wake with a headache. Walk to work with the same. Shadows dance in the storefront glass. Mocking you. Voices cooing in your brain. Choices Pat's Bar lights bright, gleaming glasses. Filled with Jack, music pounding. Choices Simon at the corner, want some horse? Hot needle and Moody in the background Choices ...Read On


Fallen Feathers of the Eagle

a high pitch wail from the elder women in camp

Also enjoy the short stories in this series - The Hunt and As the Eagle flies Fallen Feathers of the Eagle The elders beating war drums and chanting around the central fire. Heads tilted to the heavens, as their chants turn to a pitched wail. War has found the Eagle clan on the plains. Eagle clan watched as the long white snake of wagons crossed the plains. Young braves looked...Read On


Paper Cut Bleeding Heart

it bleeds

Paper Cut ... Bleeding Heart  it burns it stings it bleeds as a heart its burns its stings its bleeds all you can wish is for the burns stops the sting stops the bleeding stops...Read On


As the eagle flies

it was a time of great change

As the eagle flies From the times of the ice they lived. Long before the whites lusted for their lands. Old women sang of the first horse on the plains. Some called the wolf their totem, others the eagle. This is about the eagle clan living on the plains. They moved as the game moved. Life was harsh but they are the eagle clan. Known for their herds of ponies. On raids they painted...Read On



Let the rain wash your misdeeds away

  Rain From the distance a rumble.. Then a crash of electrical colour. Darkened skies, wind whipping thru trees. One drop the size of a dime then a quarter. Close the windows, and put a log on the fire. Time to reflect and relax from a hard day. Your life as you have lived it, good and bad. Bless the Lord for his rain washes away your misdeeds. The time you walked by the...Read On



snoop on the radio

Summer Walking hand in hand. Two young lovers. Screach of gulls overhead. Stolen kiss. Giggles looking at the dunes. Love blowing in from out to sea. Blanket and basket in the boot. Top down hair blowing in the sun. Snoop on the radio. Back before dusk. Two young lovers....Read On


Missing You

seven days seven nights

hello my love hello my sunshine hello my moon seven days seven nights seven thousand thoughts of you are you ok are you well are you happy do you think of your irish do you have time to write and do you think of your irish just seven days just seven nights ...Read On


Locked Shields

hand in hand as we stand together

Locked Shields Two lovers, hearts full of love. Nymphs danced the waltz of love. Erato the goddess herself. gave her beauty. Scylla blessed the lovers for they are pure. Melpomene schemed filled with tragedy we call life. Let the worlds come, bringing good and evil. Young lovers stand hand in hand. Locked shields forged from the fires of love. Bare breasts behind...Read On


Wild Rose

God's gift to us

Love is a strong bond. As the wild rose grows. Twists and turns going here, Then it grows there. Always climbing and yes blooming. It's god's way to let us see his beauty. Of love of us. As the rose, we too twist and turn. On our journey. and we are blessed, With a wild rose, a flower called love. Bless you my wild rose. Let love nourish you. As you keep reaching for the sun....Read On



restore us to your heart

Faith Another day and more death. From far off lands others close to home. Mortals stand with heads to the heaven. Scream our hurt, our loss, our pain. With your rain man's hurt burns. Not with water, but with blood. We call upon Jitamitra, Zhu, Elohim, or Allah, even God . Tired of burning villages, raped cities. We are your children, some evil, most good. Lead us from...Read On



dream of your touch

Dreams 12 pass 10 o'clock . I dream of your touch. I dream of your face. I dream of your full red lips. I dream of your kisses midnight I dream of holding your hand. I dream of laughing at your cute jokes. I dream of holding you during the thunder. I dream of your kisses. 6 pass 3:00 I dream of carrying you across our front door. I dream of being with you as you bring...Read On


Flowers of the South

the gray line waved

Flowers of the South form up boys face to the right for the glory of the South swords glisten in the hot sun drums and battle flags to the front gray lines as far as the eye can see sounds of men praying to their Gods the gray block of men moved up the hill on they came what a sight to behold volley after volley met them but they came on banners waved and faltered ...Read On



gentle butterflies

Ripples as the sun dances on the water gentle butterflies float on summer breeze water so cool and inviting time to dangle a toe and watch ripples coast out to the deep blue stay awhile relax thoughts drift with pillow clouds close your eyes and open your mind to mother nature's wonders as gentle butterflies float on the breeze...Read On


The Hunt

as far as an eye can see black dots on the move

The Hunt Great Father the Sun rises from the east sets to the west smoke curling from the lodges women toiling as children ran playing men on ponies riding out for the hunt wise men told of the great herd on the move over the next hill to the north black spots covered the land as far as the eye can see dots on the move as fore told the great herd is here high pitch hoops...Read On



under the full harvest moon

Kansa Under the full harvest moon Next to the river that flowed Thru the land called Oz Wind swirling in trees River and Wood nymphs dancing Bison watching as wolves sang Two leagues from the village of man Dance nymphs for your time is short As the moon waxes before dawn And Kansa returns to the land of man...Read On


Hurt and Pain

watching as the rose whithers in the hot sun

Hurt and Pain from the first gasp of oxygen we feel pain as the doctor or mid wife slaps you into this world pulling you from your mother's breast you form the feeling of hurt crawling to stumble to walking you live with both hurt and pain young year scars as you grow to adult some you wear with pride and some the more deep and dark ones you learn to hide going thru life you...Read On


Bite the Hand that Feeds You

stay on your knees

Bite the Hand that Feeds You when they come in the darkest part of the night will you tremble and hide yourself from his view will you stay on your knees as they take your neighbor will you join in calling them out Why is it they look different than you and yours they speak in tongues foreign to you god forbid they worship different than you or are you like the rest with lust of...Read On


Freedom is Never Free

freedom is never free

Freedom is Never Free short and to the point free in the rice fields of north korea looking at a madman for food free at the local pubs of north ireland looking to their church for prayer free in the villages of the congo looking to their herds for prosperity free to walk the streets of chicago looking to their mothers and fathers free to visit the wailing wall of jerusalem  ...Read On


Summer BBQ

throw in $10 for more beer

Summer BBQ if you were a little bird ......... overheard at my BBQ - isn't he like 60? - are the burgers done? - you hear Uncle Saul moved to Texas? - is she still with that white boy? - damn Royals really suck - she's pregnant, really?? - sad about the tornadoes in Oklahoma - damn it, he's out of beer - he does know how to barbecue pork - looks like rain from the south ...Read On


A Warrior Born Part Two

The elders sat and sang of the white lovers

A Warrior Born, Part Two as the young warrior grew into a man on the plains of Africa people in our times call his tribe the Maasai well know cattle herders and ferocious warriors on the full moon the elders sing and tell their history around the fire all will sit listening and the youth dream of a far off time long ago first one will tell of the tribe settling the Rift Valley...Read On


A New Day in Kansas

the tulips smiling at us

A New Day in Kansas all of us in the middle of america rejoice ol man winter has packed his bags ........ finally its a new day here in Kansas a fresh air blows from the west the horses running kicking up their hoofs around the house Bailey the cat nose to the screen as yellow tulips are smiling at us birds awake in the trees all is green in Kansas once again we humans...Read On



does one stay quiet or ...

Quiet quiet is such a small word in type but in the world you live in it's huge quiet of your home at 3am quiet of sitting with a cup of tea and dreaming of pretty things these are the best of quiet quiet is such a small word in type but in the world you live in it's huge quiet as rape and murder swirl head hung low don't want to care telling you it's not your fight quiet is...Read On


Irish Grey

before the birds and tree rats wake

Irish Grey Sweater Hot Tea and Kentucky Fried Chicken spring just won't come to the plains this year north blown winds from Canada before the birds and tree rats wake I lay in my warm bed and ponder winter coat or my favorite Irish Grey heavy starch pinpoint shirt and wool slacks as I pad down the stairs my friend Bailey runs ahead meowing and battling shadows as she goes smell...Read On


I Miss You

every day I miss your touch

I Miss You every day I wake with out you I Miss You every day I turn the corner on my way to work I Miss You every time I close my eyes I Miss You every time I read of your newspaper I Miss You every time I have a glass of wine I Miss You every evening as I lay down to sleep alone still I Miss You our hearts are together with our souls but my body my fingers my eyes...Read On


Country Road Young Love

as I came to stop Sabrina's dog ran up to my truck

Country Road Young Love as a young man I would drive to the next State to see my girlfriend all of 16 I was proud of my 1952 Ford pick up and to this day I think Sabrina liked it too growing up in the country out side of Grand Blanc Michigan we were not privy to "paved" roads just dirt and gravel impassable in winter and heavy rains and pure dust in July but if your "true love"...Read On



you taught my heart to soar

LOVE my darling sweet girl your compassion grew for this old gray lion bless you your openness of your spirit  to hold some one so foreign to your heart  bless you taught my heart to soar to open my soul to the beauty of love  bless you as I go thru life with a smile love burning in my heart my soul in your care bless you sunshine so bright no clouds  in...Read On


Sabia First Dance

calm yourself before you see Sabia in the hallway

Sabia First Dance the first day of spring and Sidney was excited  for he was going to ask his crush, his girl Sabia  to the spring dance. all day long Sidney could not keep his mind on his studies first hour was gym and poor Sidney fell off the rope  what a sight and his friends howled for when was the last time you saw a squirrel fall of a rope?? lunch was no better for...Read On


Spring Swan a song for all

Spring Swan "a song for all" as the north starts to melt a racket does be hear god's creatures come alive from the smallest to the largest even in man's cities you shall see god's wonderment called spring the lakes and rivers shake their coats of ice in the country you would be amazed horses kicking up their heels lonely fox with her new kits mother cat with her 7 kittens ...Read On


Angel Wings

With a bolt of bright white light my angel stood before me

This runs in conjunction with my previous stories  How I Lost My Way part 1 and part 2 - - - - -  from a young age I was taught about angels we sat as the nuns read to us, our little eyes wide pictures swirled around us, all stories from long ago loving angels and warrior angels, white, red and black being of the youngest I sat in complete awe waiting for my angel or at least...Read On


Irish Dreams

may the good lord smile on his irish people

Irish Dreams Irish breezes blowing south thru the hills you see clover bending from an eagles view stone walls in squares smoke from a chimney heaven bound dreams of a far off valley of golden wheat fight for the Queen you were told safe passage to the colonies you shall go freedom to move freedom to speak where to land north or south you think but first you must be a...Read On


Snow Monkey

as you fall into the bank of snow

Snow Monkey at a young age you move off to bed looking out the window as the sky turns pink even at your young age you know there is snow in the sky .. will you.. could you have that special day that snow day? under your quilts you hide with but a nose to be seen prayer on your lips snow we need more snow waking early you race to the window wow you squeal in glee for 20...Read On


Dark Knight Lost Soul Part Three

on bent knee we welcome you back on the path of good

Dark Knight Lost Soul  *please read the first two chapters Angel Uriel and Sariel looked down on the Lost Soul their hearts pounded from the hurt they felt coming from him the dark souls for his master swirled around him many souls since he gave his soul to the Dark One his scared body belying his true age being cursed to never age this knight trying to sleep but his acts his...Read On


Dark Knight Lost Soul Chapter Deux

Dark Knight we beseech you return to the righteous path

Dark Knight Lost Soul chapter deux *please read part 1 of this 3 part story the Dark Knight wandered the world doing the bidding of his Dark Master dipping his finger in pool upon pool of blood pulling the chain on the guillotine lifting heads rode the plains with blood lust in your veins dropped pills in the showers for his little corporal a gatherer of souls for his Dark Master...Read On


One Day One Hour

I beg of you give us one day one hour with out this madness

One Day One Hour pick up a newspaper turn on the evening news drive by shooting at your doorsteps cabin burning rogue cop marked as a murder mother killer goes to school and we sit and wonder a joker visits a movie theatre and we talk and wonder young girl on a bus loaded with bb's and we shake our heads soldier boy just starting to shave guides a drone to a house so we...Read On


A Warrior Born

before the great pharaohs

A Warrior Born the bloodline continues on the fertile plains a baby's cry proud father pacing mother beaming a new warrior child comes to earth village in celebration, horns blowing all going to a knee bless this child's heart on the next full moon lit so bright father and son alone at last holding his heir high to the heavens for all to see this warrior child of his ...Read On


Divine Lovers

sending doves with my love

Divine Lovers lovers apart love grows stronger seeing the sunshine my thoughts fly to you my love, my muse, my soul mate no distance can keep us apart though we are miles miles apart on this day eastern winds I do send doves carrying my wishes of love holding my love for you next to their breast as you sip your evening tea they shall find you giving my wishes...Read On



floating in my mind

EYES your eyes float in front of my mind as my day moves with the sun your eyes dance with the moonlight clouds blowing pass shadows long as nymphs tease steady hearts beats thru distance and time tears rolling watering night lily holding your picture to my heart your last love note with your scent for you are my drug .... my opium tell me shall I drown in your...Read On



time of lovers



Open Letter to My Soul Mate

trust this old scared warrior lion my princess

Open Letter To My Soul Mate bless you never ever doubt  your warrior blood my princess  you are warrior strong  as rivers run underground in the desert  your warrior blood so does flow  lest someone chases your cubs  or wags their tongue about family  watch as your warrior blood surges to the top  warrior blood shall be felt and seen  humbling all before you my princess  bless...Read On


Picnic at the Falls

As the sun danced off her eyes

Sidney and Sabia at the falls Sidney walking to the falls with his new love Sabia birds singing love songs to the young lovers Sabia doing those cute kitten things they do smiling and throwing pebbles at Sidney for effect cooing sweet love lines watching Sidney's face Sidney carrying a picnic basket filled with treats smiling at his new love whistling a tune thinking of her ...Read On


Sidney and Sabia

Sabia is an Irish name meaning the sweet one

with the sun shining so bright all the country birds singing cheerful songs what a beautiful day for friends to duck school Sidney finds his friend Sabia in the hallway let's ditch school he says with a grin let's go to the waterfall and relax in the sun Sabia with a shy little smile knows Sidney's crush on her ... all her friends whispering about this crazy squirrel bushy...Read On


The Sun

Empty bowls with empty souls

coming over the trees you wake looking about for what to take empty bowl what to make feed yourself before the rest think of you being the best not of the complete mess on the plains of the congo on the dying fields of red rice on the shifting sands of the ancients as the sun beats down empty bowls what to make you gather souls to take...Read On



as the spring breeze comes down the mountain to the plains

Spring as the spring breeze comes down the mountain the world ahead of the fresh breeze awake bending virgin grass on the plain  turning winter's snow into rivers of water life life wakes to God's great plan  his birds of wing do soar with spring in there hearts bless his animals too .... the mother bear yawns sun bright in the pale blue sky warming all beneath its glow life...Read On



surrender to your urges

Surrender surrender to my touch your tease is coming to a shattering climax as you surrender your body and soul It shall come fast and hard clothes ripped and torn eyes screaming full of lust waiting waiting to be claimed by...Read On


darkness covering a warrior soul

Darkness Calling me deep from my troubled soul holding me to my past deeds horrible deeds, terrible deeds Mind reeling begging for peace desk drawer open hurting eyes, screaming soul locking on my service piece Dark Angel whispering telling me, coaxing me calling me one click one click and you have peace My Angel howling thru the night crying out N O taking...Read On


Warrior Princess and the Blue Eyed Lion

To kiss a kiss

Warrior Princess and Blue Eyed Lion romance is universal throughout the world come, come to my heart tonight my princess come, come open your heart to my love let love be our kingdom as I vow to you to love and hold you steady and true in times of glorious highs and fearful lows to place a kiss...a kiss upon your forehead, neck and jeweled lips it's you my warrior I desire come sit...Read On


Love Thoughts

This is to honor my true soulmate and love

Love Thoughts a man who treats his woman, his lover like a princess is proof that he was raised by a queen Love is .... running into her open arms colliding with her heart as we become one and exploding into her soul with nothing short of eternity to love each other Love is .... there this place in me where your fingerprints still rest your kisses still linger throughout my soul and...Read On



games learned and games played

Games as a child we are taught many things, some of us learn and play better than the rest of us. games board games card games games of chance as a adult games take on a different twist games of fun games of love games of the mind games of words games of control we all play one or more thru out our lives which one do you play ?...Read On



journey of life

Journey what walks on all 4 in the morning, on 2 at noon and on 3 in the evening we start our journey with a free mind as a child studies and love follows which muddles a mind family and the urge to provide keeps us on track as the sun dims and gray settles in bones creak man ponders on his good and evil deeds asking and yes pleading for forgiviness praying for peace giving hope to...Read On



Look to the future

Future taught from a young age learn my history keep my mind in the past I learned that to grow and be I need to lust for the future fight for my time in the sun leave the past in the past bless my angel for being here guiding me forward sweet hand sweeter heart angelic feathers surround shape my future see it as a beacon open my ears my eyes wondrous vision walking forward a smile...Read On



one moment before ....

Suicide over 1 per day active military rate up veterans as well.... I showed this to Major Stevens, he liked it Darkness calling me deep from my troubled soul holding me to my past deeds horrible deeds terrible deeds mind reeling begging for peace desk draw open hurting eyes lock on my piece darkness telling me one click you have peace my angel howling crying out taking human form...Read On



Gods Great Clock

Time time what is it can you touch time or taste time in your mouth but we all feel time as we grow from young to old we worship time in alls it glory with our love ones beside us as with you my princess my love with every tick of Gods great clock I'm honored to have such beauty you my princess you with love on this mortals lips till eternity...Read On



are we not alone

Alone born at night will die at night family around you friends surround you laughing smiling walking thru life alone love comes and flees angel stops for thee darkest part of the night listen for their breathing inhale their scent where is she alone born alone die alone...Read On


Sidney's New Friend

sidney falls for tina

Sidney's New Friend please read Sidney finds a friend why hello tina you say smile from ear to squirrel ear I see you are new to here walk with me for you will have no fear walking past the lake I see you mirrored such beauty such grace pink nose soft ears oh what a kitten walking you're hard not to hear your heart skip a beat or two for this cute kitten so near poor Sidney ...Read On



may I brew you some

Tea tea in the morning tea in the afternoon tea before you turn in shall I brew us some chai for you my indian princess earl grey for me a tasty biscuit too ginger meets so well with chai lemon and earl grey may I shall I brew us some tea...Read On


Claim Me. Take Me. Love Me

no one belongs to me, I belong to none and that the way it's going to be till eternity

Claim Me. Take Me. Love Me claim me take me love me claim me as you would a school prize take me as you would your final exam love me as you would a new born kitten claim me as your own take me with all my scars love me as an angel loves her charge claim my heart to yours take me into your heart love me thru eternity see my love we all belong you belong to me .... as I...Read On


Sidney finds a friend

finding a new friend

Sidney finds a friend Get up Sidney Get up you hear Your mother calling Rubbing your eyes Yes. mother you call Bouncing down the stairs Your tail twitching a smile As you sit and have your oatmeal Did you know squirrel's love oatmeal Finished you grab your school bag Quick kiss to your mother and off you go Passing the old Davis's house you see New neighbors moving in And what...Read On


White Rose

white rose come to me

White Rose rose is a rose by any colour red yellow blue white rose is a rose by this colour you are my white rose pedals of love stem where your strength flows sun light feeds you moonlight calms you wind tests you lovers give you rose is a rose by this colour you are my white rose love you ...Read On


The Stray

from a homeless stray to being loved

The Stray born at night throw away from first heart beat where is your brother or sister from alley to door step you slink heart cold never knowing love tenderness a smile to keep head held low fur a mess you go brown eye girl walking alone scares inside heart and soul stray and girl lost souls rubbing up to brown eyes purring speaking the tongue of loneliness two hearts...Read On


Kick the Kan

how far can you kick

Kick the Kan time away from school lazy afternoon with your mates spot running barking at that fool can on the ground spinning one two three can play cool kicking laughing pushing all showing off for you the sweet down the lane skipping to fall summer time fun kicking...Read On


The Wait

watching the clock

The Wait Clock ticking All is quiet Clock ticking Waiting Clock ticking Will she come Clock ticking My life stopped Clock ticking Does she still want Clock ticking My love awaits ...Read On



hurt and abuse

Hurt why do we does it make you big or do you hurt for fun do the tears make you feel like a real man bruises seen turn yellow bruises unseen turn to scars of the heart hand raised high with a fist boot coiled to kick did you grow thinking you're a tough man giving hurt...Read On


Hurt and Pain

pain of betrayal

Hurt and Pain Did I fly to high To burn twirl and dive Irish was your all You gave love respect Flowered honor loyalty I gave you pain hurt Broken heart suffering soul When will your heart mend Heart sinking Soul screaming for Time to reset return Love loyalty respect Where more than words With tears you said Irish your free As once again you show Loyalty honor respect Caregiver to sinner...Read On


Rainy Nights

random thoughts on a rainy day

random thoughts on a rainy night rain drops falling thunder booming lighting cracking power flickering dog hiding where are the matches and the candles darkness tripping over furniture no TV talk to my other bring the A game begging to bed finding the dog kissing cuddling making the move lights come on TV comes on dancing with the stars have I told you I hate the...Read On


Forever Love

two lovers become one

Forever Love with this silk of love we bind us as one with this our hearts beat as one with this our souls...Read On



spell her name. thanks to HotStuff it's her format

V A N I V. for Venus, goddess of love A. for Aphrodite, goddess of desire N. for naughty - yes, you know I. for indulgent for your caregiving to all V A N I my love...Read On


Come to Me

long distant love

Come to Me come to your silly Irish love me as only you can you have my heart you have my soul I plead with you please kiss them mark them both love you my princess your...Read On


The Hunter

the hunter returns

The Hunter demons we all have them some sleep some overwhelm this is from my demon a hurried life rushing by bowed old man shuffles by no one looks as they push why should they care if only did you know look into his eyes to his tortured soul this story is but of his first hunt fresh young man future so bright eyes bright with an open heart school, friends all felled with glee then one...Read On



what do we really love ??

L O V E such a small 4 letter word L O V E what does it mean to you what does it mean to me love the colour green do you .... really do you? love of cheeseburgers do you really love love of family most would agree love of new born babies surely we all do that but can you say L O V E for the one that's beside you that holds you during those nights kisses you when you least expect gives...Read On


The Cheat

the cheat but is not really cheating himself

The Cheat listen to the sounds do you hear birds the winds and the cars sing the cheat stop.... listen for I will make this clear you the cheat since that late summer heat tell me cheat where do you come is it easy as a cheat do you only look for easy you the cheat since that summer heat that fateful summer day was she shy was she easy eyes wide the feel of no care you the cheat looking...Read On


Honor turns to Respect

finding respect and honor

This is willingly being posted due to a friend I have found here thank you bless you, Vani. HONOR turns to RESPECT a hurried life as I run through not looking not caring as my grief turns to hate of others... Of HER doctors and yes hate of myself most do not know of that dark path as I freely gave my soul one day turns to night as I surf the net read a short story, my soul growls drink...Read On



Journey of life

as a child you begin push pushing to leave school for some work for your friends school for you of the worst kind taught to hunt your own kind pretty in green mother's pride not knowing you hunt your kind morning comes as night follows new friends beside you all on the same journey rest during the sun as we hunt by the light of moon fresh faces come hard faces leaving few whole, most...Read On



as you work dream

Dreams you wake once more knowing you will go thru the same as before shower shave dress like every other day stop for coffee and chat as your phone awakes is it, can it be the one of your dreams pleasant hellos from both asking of family and plans a dance with youngest smile forms as you sip dreams of past dreams of what could dreams of what should as you work till dreams as you work...Read On


Holding My Heart

Holding My Heart I toss and toss some more Wake with a feeling of wanting more Your love in my heart to the core A simple kiss A simple smile A simple touch Do I ask for more With a smile for me Holding my heart you say I love you...Read On


Phoenix Awakes

From the Ahes

Phoenix Awakes O great one rise Phoenix awake and soar from war torn souls smell and taste of burnt ash eyes wide with hurt feathers awash as Phoenix rises once more cry with the ages as he rises once more wings spread circles again calling for his one with tail of gold her wings full of love for him pressing her heart to his peace and love flows thru her regal form wings fold eyes...Read On


Forbidden Love

the title says it all

Forbidden Love I love you so awake my thoughts fly to you dreaming of our first kiss walking in the rain this is what I miss I love you so seeing you with him laughing and holding hands wishing this was us this is what I miss I love you so your soft kiss your soft smiles as I drift off to sleep this is what...Read On


Angels Take Care

Angels take care Love Angels come down blessing you so love in the air Angels take care begging you to take care you saying love is here love is there hearts not listening souls on fire Angels...Read On


The Fool

played the fool

The Fool as I sit on a bar stool dreams of you asking how am I the fool thoughts of that late fall day laughin smiling at all while being play the fool was it the first I saw you a man dressed as a sailor boy a look. a smile. a stop was that all for the sailor boy while being played the fool heart afire but not for me for that sailor boy as I sit on a bar stool but to know I've been played...Read On



Release You toss You turn You dream of him O you miss him so Your fingers go to work Deeper they go Thoughts of him Ball your fist Fingers fly Stars and light O you miss him so Begging for...Read On


My Love

My Love My love My lover My keeper of my heart My protector of my soul My air that I breathe My world My all My lover...Read On


The Dell

a small puff of smoke from over the hill

A warm summer day with a little breeze, bright blue skies with cotton-like clouds. There was a happiness in the dell. Birds and the small creatures running around, happy as if not a care in the world. Peace and prosperity lived in the dell. Two scores since a mortal walked in the dell. The ugly scars from man hidden from sight. Peace. On the evening sky, a small puff of smoke, ...Read On


Tin Box

what wonderment was stored away

Grand summer Saturday Driving to a friends house Slowing for traffic ahead Cars lining both sides of the street Sign in a yard Estate Sale Today Inner voice says stop and look too Peoples things not needed anymore Furniture, house goods, books and in a corner sat a tin box Dusty forgotten long ago Small lock keeping guard on its treasures How much you call out 15...Read On