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I am back, been gone awhile, it was needed.

Ok, Let's see .... I am a retired chef, a guitar player and a singer, my college time was spent in several bands and loving the thrill it gave. I was in Ohio at the time, 1975, and prior in high school in Indiana some small time garage band gigs. The band I was in in Ohio, Lickity Split, did a lot of work around Columbus as well as a couple of regional small tours. We opened for Edgar Winter Group, ZZ Top, and Grand Funk in 1975. I will never forget that time of my life. Now I play an acoustic mostly and sing for my grandkids, but if given the chance the road would take me away again.

I was also Military. A Ranger in a LRRP unit (Long Range Recon Patrol) and enjoyed that as well. Yes I know, two sides of a coin, but they have both made me what I am today. I ended my career in the Army as a helicopter (Cobra) pilot. I spent my career in places we never were. If you have a military background you will understand the meaning of this, if not, let's just say the United States Army is never NOT at war. They are just not all declared.

I am was a chef at a Wolfgang Pucks, now retired. I love Italian cooking and love to see peoples faces when they taste my food, always amusing.

Now I am studying to get a CEH cert and start my own business. As well as doing some recording and writing.

I have rambled on long enough. I am looking for friendships and conversations that will help with my writing. As far as other writers, I would be honored to hear from and relate to you. I am an open book, looking for a new life to explore and relish. The old one ended. Time for me to fly.........

Gabriel Sweet
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Shelbyville, Indiana, United States
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28 May 2018 03:06
Open to almost anything, just ask and see
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The Keep, The Prophecies of Merlin.
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Steven King, Anne Rice, Carlos Casteneda, F Paul Wilson .
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Strangeland, Reefer Madness, Uncommon Valor, The Keep, Executive Action, The Green Berets, Navy S.E.A.L.s, Blazin Saddles, Young Frankenstein, Multiplicity, Absence Of Malace, The Shinning, August Rush, Old B & W Horror Movies.
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Kansas, Yes, King Crimson, Reo Speedwagon, Jefferson (Airplane, Starship), Emerson - Lake and Palmer, Aerosmith, Santana, Grateful Dead, Rush, Starcastle, James Taylor, Edwin McCain, Larry Craine, Shawn Philips, Dire Straits, Dan Fogelberg, Eagles, CSNY, Eric Clapton, Pink FLoyd, Leo Kottke, Michael Manring, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Joss Stone


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    Lifting the receiver she dials, waiting as each ring seems to take an eternity, then he answers. "He doesn't suspect a thing. I promise." "But he seems to look at me like he knows. I keep waiting for him to say something." "Don't lose control, he has no idea; I would bet my life on it." "If you're wrong, you already have. You know what he'll do. You've seen him in action." ...

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Holding Sweet Dee

After I finish the chores, the drudgery that is each day, I prepare for my time with Dee. She is simply the longest, most loving relationship I have ever had and tonight needs to be special. I light candles and turn down the stereo, wanting the mood to be perfect. It is our first time in such a long time. We used to have these little get togethers every day, now they are becoming far to rare...

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Merlin's Tale - A Pair of Wolves

Hello...My name is Ramos, a very old man and one full of tales. I have heard that you were asking about the wolves from the forest surrounding Palamar. Palamar used to be known as Camelot. That is a very old tale, I am so glad you wish to hear about my favorite beasts of the night. Well, let's see... This is the story of Merlin, no not the one you have already heard so much about. The Merlin...

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Next Time

That sound. I know it’s the same sound. But am I dreaming or is it really there? I don’t really know anymore. Now what? Do I lay here and consider it last night's pizza giving my imagination something to do? Do I get up and let it happen again? I wonder, if I stay here and don’t check it out, will it start again or is that the trigger? It doesn’t matter, I can’t just lie here. I already wish...

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A Letter To My Boy

Letter To My Boy  This is a letter I wrote to my son Joshua, he left us on Jan 11, 2002, he was 22. I have had a terrible time coping with his loss every year on his birthday and his last day. I am usually usless on these days. I was having a bad time this year and someone I talk to on this site was going through their own loss and suggested writing my feelings down in a letter. My wife...

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