A Letter To My Boy

Written for Joshua Sebastian

Letter To My Boy  This is a letter I wrote to my son Joshua, he left us on Jan 11, 2002, he was 22. I have had a terrible time coping with his loss every year on his birthday and his last day. I am usually usless on these days. I was having a bad time this year and someone I talk to on this site was going through their own loss and suggested writing my feelings down in a letter. My wife...Read On

Flash Fiction(1)


Holding Sweet Dee

The bond they share makes beautiful music .....

After I finish the chores, the drudgery that is each day, I prepare for my time with Dee. She is simply the longest, most loving relationship I have ever had and tonight needs to be special. I light candles and turn down the stereo, wanting the mood to be perfect. It is our first time in such a long time. We used to have these little get togethers every day, now they are becoming far to rare...Read On




Things are not always as they appear

    Lifting the receiver she dials, waiting as each ring seems to take an eternity, then he answers. "He doesn't suspect a thing. I promise." "But he seems to look at me like he knows. I keep waiting for him to say something." "Don't lose control, he has no idea; I would bet my life on it." "If you're wrong, you already have. You know what he'll do. You've seen him in action." ...Read On



Saying Good-bye

Not knowing how to say it

    How do you say good-bye to someone like her What do you tell her What can you say She was there when needed most She pulled you back from a certain end She woke up your soul and supported your return One of the two that kept you from taking that step   What do you say How can you tell her what she did for you Would she understand Would she think you daft Or maybe laugh it off...Read On

Science Fiction(1)


Next Time

Will he remember the next time?

That sound. I know it’s the same sound. But am I dreaming or is it really there? I don’t really know anymore. Now what? Do I lay here and consider it last night's pizza giving my imagination something to do? Do I get up and let it happen again? I wonder, if I stay here and don’t check it out, will it start again or is that the trigger? It doesn’t matter, I can’t just lie here. I already wish...Read On



Merlin's Tale - A Pair of Wolves

Merlin finds his white wolf

Hello...My name is Ramos, a very old man and one full of tales. I have heard that you were asking about the wolves from the forest surrounding Palamar. Palamar used to be known as Camelot. That is a very old tale, I am so glad you wish to hear about my favorite beasts of the night. Well, let's see... This is the story of Merlin, no not the one you have already heard so much about. The Merlin...Read On